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Pdf Export Search 34th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Higher-Order Coloured Unification and Natural Language Semantics
[P96-1001]: Claire Gardent | Michael Kohlhase

Pdf Export Search A Model-Theoretic Framework for Theories of Syntax
[P96-1002]: James Rogers

Pdf Export Search Noun Phrase Analysis in Large Unrestricted Text for Information Retrieval
[P96-1003]: David A. Evans | Chengxiang Zhai

Pdf Export Search Morphological Cues for Lexical Semantics
[P96-1004]: Marc Light

Pdf Export Search From Submit to Submitted via Submission: On Lexical Rules in Large-Scale Lexicon Acquisition
[P96-1005]: Evelyne Viegas | Boyan Onyshkevych | Victor Raskin | Sergei Nirenburg

Pdf Export Search Integrating Multiple Knowledge Sources to Disambiguate Word Sense: An Exemplar-Based Approach
[P96-1006]: Hwee Tou Ng | Hian Beng Lee

Pdf Export Search Using Eye Movements to Study Spoken Language Comprehension: Evidence .for Incremental Interpretation (Invited Talk)
[P96-1007]: Michael K. Tanenhaus

Pdf Export Search A Fully Statistical Approach to Natural Language Interfaces
[P96-1008]: Scott Miller | David Stallard | Robert Bobrow | Richard Schwartz

Pdf Export Search A Robust System for Natural Spoken Dialogue
[P96-1009]: James F. Allen | Bradford W. Miller | Eric K. Ringger | Teresa Sikorski

Pdf Export Search Combining Trigram-Based and Feature-Based Methods for Context-Sensitive Spelling Correction
[P96-1010]: Andrew Golding | Yves Schabes

Pdf Export Search Efficient Normal-Form Parsing for Combinatory Categorial Grammar
[P96-1011]: Jason Eisner

Pdf Export Search Another Facet of LIG Parsing
[P96-1012]: Pierre Boullier

Pdf Export Search Parsing with Semidirectional Lambek Grammar is NP-Complete
[P96-1013]: Jochen Dörre

Pdf Export Search Computing Optimal Descriptions for Optimality Theory Grammars with Context-Free Position Structures
[P96-1014]: Bruce Tesar

Pdf Export Search Directed Replacement
[P96-1015]: Lauri Karttunen

Pdf Export Search Synchronous Models off Language
[P96-1016]: Owen Rambow | Giorgio Satta

Pdf Export Search Coordination as a Direct Process
[P96-1017]: Augusta Mela | Christophe Fouquerd

Pdf Export Search High-Performance Bilingual Text Alignment Using Statistical and Dictionary Information
[P96-1018]: Masahiko Haruno | Takefumi Yamazaki

Pdf Export Search An Iterative Algorithm to Build Chinese Language Models
[P96-1019]: Xiaoqiang Luo | Salim Roukos

Pdf Export Search Pattern-Based Context-Free Grammars for Machine Translation
[P96-1020]: Koichi Takeda

Pdf Export Search A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Statistical Machine Translation
[P96-1021]: Dekai Wu

Pdf Export Search SEMHE: A Generalised Two-level System
[P96-1022]: George Anton Kiraz

Pdf Export Search Head Automata and Bilingual Tiling: Translation with Minimal Representations (Invited Talk)
[P96-1023]: Hiyan Alshawi

Pdf Export Search Parsing Algorithms and Metrics
[P96-1024]: Joshua Goodman

Pdf Export Search A New Statistical Parser Based on Bigram Lexical Dependencies
[P96-1025]: Michael John Collins

Pdf Export Search Two Sources of Control Over the Generation of Software Instructions
[P96-1026]: Anthony Hartley | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search Chart Generation
[P96-1027]: Martin Kay

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Portability of Revision Rules for Incremental Summary Generation
[P96-1028]: Jacques Robin

Pdf Export Search Compilation of Weighted Finite-State Transducers from Decision Trees
[P96-1029]: Richard Sproat | Michael Riley

Pdf Export Search Fast Parsing Using Pruning and Grammar Specialization
[P96-1030]: Manny Rayner | David Carter

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Compiler for Weighted Rewrite Rules
[P96-1031]: Mehryar Mohri | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Efficient Tabular L R Parsing
[P96-1032]: Mark-Jan Nederhof | Giorgio Satta

Pdf Export Search Magic for Filter Optimization in Dynamic Bottom-Up Processing
[P96-1033]: Guido Minnen

Pdf Export Search Efficient Transformation-Based Parsing
[P96-1034]: Girogion Satta | Eric Brill

Pdf Export Search Resolving Anaphors in Embedded Sentences
[P96-1035]: Saliha Azzam

Pdf Export Search Functional Centering
[P96-1036]: Michael Strube | Udo Hahn

Pdf Export Search Mechanisms for Mixed-Initiative Human-Computer Collaborative Discourse
[P96-1037]: Curry I. Guinn

Pdf Export Search A Prosodic Analysis of Discourse Segments in Direction-Giving Monologues
[P96-1038]: Julia Hirschberg | Christine H. Nakatani

Pdf Export Search An Information Structural Approach To Spoken Language Generation
[P96-1039]: Scott Prevost

Pdf Export Search The Rhythm of Lexical Stress in Prose
[P96-1040]: Doug Beeferman

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Smoothing Techniques for Language Modeling
[P96-1041]: Stanley F. Chen | Joshua Goodman

Pdf Export Search Minimizing Manual Annotation Cost in Supervised Training from Corpora
[P96-1042]: Sean P. Engelson | Ido Dagan

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Word-Category Guessing Rules
[P96-1043]: Andrei Mikheev

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Structure as Composition and Perturbation
[P96-1044]: Carl de Marcken

Pdf Export Search Generating an LTAG out of a Principle-based Hierarchical Representation
[P96-1045]: Marie-Helene Candito

Pdf Export Search Using Parsed Corpora for Structural Disambiguation in the TRAINS Domain
[P96-1046]: Mark Core

Pdf Export Search Subdeletion in Verb Phrase Ellipsis
[P96-1047]: Paul G. Donecker

Pdf Export Search Using Textual Clues to Improve Metaphor Processing
[P96-1048]: Stephane Ferrari

Pdf Export Search On Reversing the Generation Process in Optimality Theory
[P96-1049]: J. Eric Fosler

Pdf Export Search A Synopsis of Learning to Recognize Names Across Languages
[P96-1050]: Anthony F. Gallippi

Pdf Export Search An Application of WordNet to Prepositional Attachment
[P96-1051]: Sanda M. Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search Towards Testing the Syntax of Punctuation
[P96-1052]: Bernard Jones

Pdf Export Search Using Terminological Knowledge Representation Languages to Manage Linguistic Resources
[P96-1053]: Pamela W. Jordan

Pdf Export Search Transitivity and Foregrounding in News Articles: Experiments in Information Retrieval and Automatic Summarising
[P96-1054]: Roderick Kay | Ruth Aylett

Pdf Export Search The Selection of the Most Probable Dependency Structure in Japanese Using Mutual Information
[P96-1055]: Eduardo de Paiva Alves

Pdf Export Search Incremental Parser Generation for Tree Adjoining Grammars
[P96-1056]: Anoop Sarkar

Pdf Export Search Processing Complex Sentences in the Centering Framework
[P96-1057]: Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Maximizing Top-down Constraints for Unification-based Systems
[P96-1058]: Noriko Tomura