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Pdf Export Search 36th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Volume 2

Pdf Export Search A Freely Available Morphological Analyzer, Disambiguator and Context Sensitive Lemmatizer for German
[P98-2123]: Wolfgang Lezius | Reinhard Rapp | Manfred Wettler

Pdf Export Search Word Clustering and Disambiguation Based on Co-occurrence Data
[P98-2124]: Hang Li | Naoki Abe

Pdf Export Search Identifying Syntactic Role of Antecedent in Korean Relative Clause using Corpus and Thesaurus Informationes
[P98-2125]: Hui-Feng Li | Jong-Hyeok Lee | Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search A Test Environment for Natural Language Understanding Systems
[P98-2126]: Li Li | Deborah A. Dahl | Lewis M. Norton | Marcia C. Linebarger | Dongdong Chen

Pdf Export Search Automatic Retrieval and Clustering of Similar Words
[P98-2127]: Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search Learning Constraint Grammar-style Disambiguation Rules using Inductive Logic Programming
[P98-2128]: Nikolaj Lindberg | Martin Eineborg

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Response Strategies in a Web-Based Spoken Dialogue Agent
[P98-2129]: Diane J. Litman | Shimei Pan | Marilyn A. Walker

Pdf Export Search Formal Aspects and Parsing Issues of Dependency Theory
[P98-2130]: Vincenzo Lombardo | Leonaxdo Lesmo

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Neuro Tagger Using Variable Lengths of Contexts
[P98-2131]: Susann LuperFoy | Dan Loehr | David Duff | Keith Miller | Florence Reeder | Lisa Harper | Qing Ma | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search LiLFeS - Towards a Practical HPSG Parser
[P98-2132]: Takaki Makino | Minoru Yoshida | Kentaro Torisawa | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Bitext Correspondences through Rich Mark-up
[P98-2134]: Raquel Martinez | Joseba Abaitua | Arantza Casillas

Pdf Export Search Discourse Cues for Broadcast News Segmentation
[P98-2135]: Mark T. Maybury

Pdf Export Search Confirmation in Multimodal Systems
[P98-2136]: David R. McGee | Phil R. Cohen | Sharon Oviatt

Pdf Export Search Babel: A Testbed for Research in Origins of Language
[P98-2137]: Angus McIntyre

Pdf Export Search Combining Trigram and Winnow in Thai OCR Error Correction
[P98-2138]: Surapant Meknavin | Boonserm Kijsirikul | Ananlada Chotimongkol | Cholwich Nuttee

Pdf Export Search Deriving Transfer Rules from Dominance-Preserving Alignments
[P98-2139]: Adam Meyers | Roman Yangarber | Ralph Grishman | Catherine Macleod | Antonio MorenoSandoval

Pdf Export Search Feature Lattices for Maximum Entropy Modelling
[P98-2140]: Andrei Mikheev

Pdf Export Search Simultaneous Interpretation Utilizing Example-based Incremental Transfer
[P98-2141]: Hideki Mima | Hitoshi Iida | Osamu Furuse

Pdf Export Search Integrated Control of Chart Items for Error Repair
[P98-2142]: Kyongho Min | William H. Wilson

Pdf Export Search Robust Pronoun Resolution with Limited Knowledge
[P98-2143]: Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search HPSG-Style Underspecified Japanese Grammar with Wide Coverage
[P98-2144]: Yutaka Mitsuishi | Kentaro Torisawa | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Text Segmentation with Multiple Surface Linguistic Cues
[P98-2145]: Hajime Mochizuki | Takeo Honda | Manabu Okumura

Pdf Export Search Using Language Resources in an Intelligent Tutoring System for French
[P98-2146]: Chadia Moghrabi

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Compilation of Weighted Context-Free Grammars
[P98-2147]: Mehryar Mohri | Fernando C.N. Pereira

Pdf Export Search A Stochastic Language Model using Dependency and its Improvement by Word Clustering
[P98-2148]: Shinsuke Mori | Makoto Nagao

Pdf Export Search Dealing with Distinguishing Descriptions in a Guided Composition System
[P98-2149]: Pascal Mouret | Monique Rolbert

Pdf Export Search An Estimate of Referent of Noun Phrases in Japanese Sentences
[P98-2150]: Masaki Murata | Makoto Nagao

Pdf Export Search Automatic Text Summarization Based on the Global Document Annotation
[P98-2151]: Katashi Nagao | Koiti Hasida

Pdf Export Search Japanese OCR Error Correction using Character Shape Similarity and Statistical Language Model
[P98-2152]: Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search Hypertext Authoring for Linking Relevant Segments of Related Instruction Manuals
[P98-2153]: Hiroshi Nakagawa | Tatsunori Mori | Nobuyuki Omori | Jun Okamura

Pdf Export Search Translating a Unification Grammar with Disjunctions into Logical Constraints
[P98-2154]: Mikio Nakano | Akira Shimazu

Pdf Export Search Constituent-based Accent Prediction
[P98-2155]: Christine H. Nakatani

Pdf Export Search An Alternative LR Algorithm for TAGs
[P98-2156]: Mark-Jan Nederhof

Pdf Export Search Prefix Probabilities from Stochastic Free Adjoining Grammars
[P98-2157]: Mark-Jan Nederhof | Anoop Sarkar | Giorgio Satta

Pdf Export Search A DP based Search Algorithm for Statistical Machine Translation
[P98-2158]: S. NieBen | S. Vogel | H. Ney | C. Tillmann

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Parallel Substrate for Typed Feature Structures on Shared Memory Parallel Machines
[P98-2159]: Takashi Ninomiya | Kentaro Torisawa | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Universal Grammar and Lexis for Quick Ramp-Up of MT Systems
[P98-2160]: Sergei Nirenburg | Victor Raskin

Pdf Export Search Integration of Large-Scale Linguistic Resources in a Natural Language Understanding System
[P98-2161]: Lewis M. Norton | Deborah A. Dahl | Li Li | Katherine P. Beals

Pdf Export Search Improving Statistical Natural Language Translation with Categories and Rules
[P98-2162]: Franz Josef Och | Hans Weber

Pdf Export Search Recognition of the Coherence Relation between Te-linked Clauses
[P98-2163]: Akira Oishi | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search On the Evaluation and Comparison of Taggers: the Effect of Noise in Testing Corpora
[P98-2164]: Lluis Padro | Lluis Marquez

Pdf Export Search Learning Intonation Rules for Concept to Speech Generation
[P98-2165]: Shimei Pan | Kathleen McKeown

Pdf Export Search Possessive Pronominal Anaphor Resolution in Portuguese Written Texts
[P98-2166]: Ivandre Paraboni | Vera Lucia Strube de Lima

Pdf Export Search Machine Aided Error-Correction Environment for Korean Morphological Analysis and Part**of-Speech Tagging
[P98-2167]: Junsik Park | Jung-Goo Kang | Wook Hur | Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search A Computational Model of Social Perlocutions
[P98-2168]: David Pautler | Alex Quilici

Pdf Export Search Parametric Types for Typed Attribute-Value Logic
[P98-2169]: Gerald Penn

Pdf Export Search A Procedure for Multi-Class Discrimination and some Linguistic Applications
[P98-2170]: Vladimir Pericliev | Raul E. Valdes-Perez

Pdf Export Search From Information Structure to Intonation: A Phonolo9ical Interface for Concept-to-Speech
[P98-2171]: Hannes Pirker | Georg Niklfeld | Johannes Matlagek | Harald Trost

Pdf Export Search Reference Resolution beyond Coreference: a Conceptual Frame and its Application
[P98-2172]: Andrei Popescu-Belis | Isabelle Robba | Gerard Sabah

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Authoring using Feedback Texts
[P98-2173]: Richard Power | Donia Scott

Pdf Export Search Practical Glossing by Prioritised Tiling
[P98-2174]: Victor Poznanski | Pete Whitelock | Jan IJdens | Steffan Corley

Pdf Export Search An Intelligent Multi-Dictionary Environment
[P98-2175]: Gabor Prbszeky

Pdf Export Search Learning Correlations between Linguistic Indicators and Semantic Constraints: Reuse of Context-Dependent Descriptions of Entities
[P98-2176]: Dragomir R. Radev

Pdf Export Search Statistical Models for Unsupervised Prepositional Phrase Attachment
[P98-2177]: Adwait Ratnaparkhi

Pdf Export Search JaBot: A Multilingual Java-Based Intelligent Agent for Web Sites
[P98-2178]: Tim Read | Elena Barcena

Pdf Export Search Generating the Structure of Argument
[P98-2179]: Chris Reed | Derek Long

Pdf Export Search MindNet: Acquiring and Structuring Semantic Information from Text
[P98-2180]: Stephen D. Richardson | William B. Dolan | Lucy Vanderwende

Pdf Export Search Building Accurate Semantic Taxonomies from Monolingual MRDs
[P98-2181]: German Rigau | Horacio Rodriguez | Eneko Agirre

Pdf Export Search Noun-Phrase Co-occurrence Statistics for Semi-Automatic Semantic Lexicon Construction
[P98-2182]: Brian Roark | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search A Descriptive Characterization of Tree-Adjoining Languages
[P98-2183]: James Rogers

Pdf Export Search How Verb Subcategorization Frequencies are Affected by Corpus Choice
[P98-2184]: Douglas Roland | Daniel Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search An Interactive Domain Independent Approach to Robust Dialogue Interpretation
[P98-2185]: Carolyn Penstein Rose | Lori S. Levin

Pdf Export Search Part of Speech Tagging Using a Network of Linear Separators
[P98-2186]: Dan Roth | Dmitry Zelenko

Pdf Export Search A Generative Lexicon Perspective for Adjectival Modification
[P98-2187]: Patrick Saint-Dizier

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Act Tagging with Transformation-Based Learning
[P98-2188]: Ken Samuel | Sandra Carberry | K. Vijay-Shanker

Pdf Export Search Ranking Text Units According to Textual Saliency, Connectivity and Topic Aptness
[P98-2189]: Antonio Sanfilippo

Pdf Export Search Conditions on Consistency of Probabilistic Tree Adjoining Grammars
[P98-2190]: Anoop Sarkar

Pdf Export Search Maximum Entropy Model Learning of the Translation Rules
[P98-2191]: Kengo Sato | Masakazu Nakanishi

Pdf Export Search Restrictions on Tree Adjoining Languages
[P98-2192]: Giorgio Satta | William Schuler

Pdf Export Search Learning Tense Translation from Bilingual Corpora
[P98-2193]: Michael Schiehlen

Pdf Export Search An Underspecified Segmented Discourse Representation Theory (USDRT)
[P98-2194]: Frank Schilder

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Access to Software Applications
[P98-2195]: Paul Schmid | Marius Groenendijk | Peter Phelan | Henrik Schulz | Sibylle Rieder | Axel Theofilidis | Thierry Declerck | Andrew Bredenkamp

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Syntactic Errors in the Writing of Second Language Learners
[P98-2196]: David Schneider | Kathleen F. McCoy

Pdf Export Search Transforming Lattices into Non-deterministic Automata with Optional Null Arcs
[P98-2197]: Mark Seligman | Christian Boitet | Boubaker Meddeb-Hamrouni

Pdf Export Search Locating Noun Phrases with Finite State Transducers
[P98-2198]: Jean Senellart

Pdf Export Search Segregatory Coordination and Ellipsis in Text Generation
[P98-2199]: James Shaw

Pdf Export Search Similarity Metrics for Aligning Children’s Articulation Data
[P98-2200]: Harold L. Somers

Pdf Export Search A Connectionist Approach to Prepositional Phrase Attachment for Real World Tuts
[P98-2201]: Josep M. Sopena | Agusti LLoberas | Joan L. Moliner

Pdf Export Search DiMLex: A Lexicon of Discourse Markers for Text Generation and Understanding
[P98-2202]: Manfred Stede | Carla Umbach

Pdf Export Search Spontaneous Lexicon Change
[P98-2203]: Luc Steels | Frederic Kaplan

Pdf Export Search Never Look Back: An Alternative to Centering
[P98-2204]: Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Summarization-based Query Expansion in Information Retrieval
[P98-2205]: Tomek Strzalkowski | Jin Wang | Bowden Wise

Pdf Export Search Chinese Word Segmentation without Using Lexicon and Hand-crafted Training Data
[P98-2206]: Maosong Sun | Dayang Shen | Benjamin K. Tsou

Pdf Export Search Keyword Extraction using Term-Domain Interdependence for Dictation of Radio News
[P98-2207]: Yoshimi Suzuki | Fumiyo Fukumoto | Yoshihiro Sekiguchi

Pdf Export Search Tagging English by Path Voting Constraints
[P98-2208]: Gokhan Tlir | Kemal Oflazer

Pdf Export Search Reactive Content Selection in the Generation of Real-time Soccer Commentary
[P98-2209]: Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii | Koiti Hasida | Itsuki Noda

Pdf Export Search Idiomatic Object Usage and Support Verbs
[P98-2210]: Pasi Tapanainen | Jussi Piitulainen | Timo Jarvinen

Pdf Export Search Coherence in Spoken Discourse
[P98-2211]: Heike Tappe | Frank Schilder

Pdf Export Search Automatically Creating Bilingual Lexicons for Machine Translation from Bilingual Text
[P98-2212]: Davide Turcato

Pdf Export Search A Method for Relating Multiple Newspaper Articles by Using Graphs, and Its Application to Webcasting
[P98-2213]: Naohiko Uramoto | Koichi Takeda

Pdf Export Search General-to-Specific Model Selection for Subcategorization Preference
[P98-2214]: Takehito Utsuro | Takashi Miyata | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Computational Semantic Lexicons in Action: The W YSINNW YG Approach to NLP
[P98-2215]: Evelyne Viegas

Pdf Export Search The Computational Lexical Semantics of Syntagmatic Expressions
[P98-2216]: Evelyne Viegas | Stephen Beale | Sergei Nirenburg

Pdf Export Search A tabular interpretation of a class of 2-Stack Automata
[P98-2217]: Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie | Miguel Alonso Pardo

Pdf Export Search Project for production of closed-caption TV programs for the hearing impaired
[P98-2218]: Takahiro Wakao

Pdf Export Search Learning Optimal Dialogue Strategies: A Case Study of a Spoken Dialogue Agent for Email
[P98-2219]: Marilyn A. Walker

Pdf Export Search Automatic English-Chinese name transliteration for development of multilingual resources
[P98-2220]: Stephen Wan | Cornelia Maria Verspoor

Pdf Export Search Modeling with Structures in Statistical Machine translation
[P98-2221]: Ye-Yi Wang | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Using Leading Text for News Summaries: Evaluation Results and Implications for Commercial Summarization Applications
[P98-2222]: Mark Wasson

Pdf Export Search A Pattern-based Machine Translation System Extended by Example-based Processing
[P98-2223]: Hideo Watanabe | Koichi Takeda

Pdf Export Search Diagram Understanding Using Integration of Layout Information and Textual Information
[P98-2224]: Yasuhiko Watanabe | Makoto Nagao

Pdf Export Search Aligning Articles in TV Newscasts and Newspapers
[P98-2225]: Yasuhiko Watanabe | Yoshihiro Okada | Kengo kaneji | Makoto Nagao

Pdf Export Search Translating Idioms
[P98-2226]: Eric Wehrli

Pdf Export Search Head-Driven Generation with HPSG
[P98-2227]: Graham Wilcock

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation using Optimised Combinations of Knowledge Sources
[P98-2228]: Yorick Wilks | Mark Stevenson

Pdf Export Search A Model for Robust Processing of Spontaneous Speech by Integrating Viable Fragments
[P98-2229]: Karsten L. Worm

Pdf Export Search Machine Translation with a Stochastic Grammatical Channel
[P98-2230]: Dekai Wu | Hongsing Wong

Pdf Export Search Structural Disambiguation Based on Reliable Estimation of Strength of Association
[P98-2231]: Haodong Wu | Eduardo de Paiva Alves | Teiji Furgori

Pdf Export Search Combination of an Automatic and an Interactive Disambiguation Method
[P98-2232]: Masaya Yamaguchi | Takeyuki Kojima | Nobuo Inui | Yoshiyuki Kotani | Hirohiko Nisimura

Pdf Export Search Feasibility Study for Ellipsis Resolution in Dialogues by Machine-Learning Technique
[P98-2233]: Kazuhide Yamamoto | Eiichiro Sumita

Pdf Export Search Some Properties of Preposition and Subordinate Conjunction Attachments
[P98-2234]: Alexander S. Yeh | Marc B. Vilain

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Importance of Sentences based on Connectivity to Title
[P98-2235]: Takehiko Yoshimi | Toshiyuki Okunishi | Takahiro Yamaji | Yoji Fukumoch

Pdf Export Search Automatic Construction of Frame Representations for Spontaneous Speech in Unrestricted Domains
[P98-2236]: Klaus Zechner

Pdf Export Search Using Chunk Based Partial Parsing of Spontaneous Speech in Unrestricted Domains for Reducing Word Error Rate in Speech Recognition
[P98-2237]: Klaus Zechner | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Dialect MT: A Case Study between Cantonese and Mandarin
[P98-2238]: Xiaoheng Zhang

Pdf Export Search Word Association and MI Trigger-based Language Modeling
[P98-2239]: GuoDong Zhou | KimTeng Lua

Pdf Export Search Discovering Phonotactic Finite-State Automata by Genetic Search
[P98-2240]: Anja Belz

Pdf Export Search A Preliminary Model of Centering in Dialog
[P98-2241]: Donna Byron | Amanda Stent

Pdf Export Search Embedding New Information into Referring Expressions
[P98-2242]: Hua Cheng

Pdf Export Search How to Thematically Segment Texts by using Lexical Cohesion?
[P98-2243]: Olivier Ferret

Pdf Export Search Optimal Multi-Paragraph Text Segmentation by Dynamic Programming
[P98-2244]: Oskari Heinonen

Pdf Export Search Bridging the Gap between Dictionary and Thesaurus
[P98-2245]: Oi Yee Kwong

Pdf Export Search Neural Network Recognition of Spelling Errors
[P98-2246]: Mark Lewellen

Pdf Export Search Detecting Verbal Participation in Diathesis Alternations
[P98-2247]: Diana McCarthy | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Target Word Selection as Proximity in Semantic Space
[P98-2248]: Scott McDonald

Pdf Export Search A Cognitive Model of Coherence-Driven Story Comprehension
[P98-2249]: Elliot Smith

Pdf Export Search Tree based Analysis of Simple Recurrent Network Learning
[P98-2250]: Ivelin Stoianov

Pdf Export Search Predicting Part-of Speech Information about Unknown Words using Statistical Methods
[P98-2251]: Scott M. Thede