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Pdf Export Search Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge from Text

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation by Human Subjects: Computational and Psycholinguistic Applications
[W93-0101]: Thomas Ahlswede | David Lorand

Pdf Export Search Towards Building Contextual Representations of Word Senses Using Statistical Models
[W93-0102]: Claudia Leacock | Geoffrey Towell | Ellen Voorhees

Pdf Export Search Lexical Concept Acquisition from Collocation Map
[W93-0103]: Youn S. Han | Young Kyoon Han | Ken-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search Internal and External Evidence in the Identification and Semantic Categorization of Proper Names
[W93-0104]: David McDonald

Pdf Export Search Identifying Unknown Proper Names in Newswire Text
[W93-0105]: Inderjeet Mani | T. Richard Macmillan | Susann Luperfoy | Elaine Lusher | Sharon Laskowski

Pdf Export Search Customizing a Lexicon to Better Suit a Computational Task
[W93-0106]: Marti Hearst | Hinrich Schuetze

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Clustering of Verbs
[W93-0107]: Roberto Basili | Maria Pazienza | Paola Velardi

Pdf Export Search Detecting Dependencies between Semantic Verb Subclasses and Subcategorization Frames in Text Corpora
[W93-0108]: Victor Poznanski | Antonio Sanfilippo

Pdf Export Search The Automatic Acquisition of Frequencies of Verb Subcategorization Frames from Tagged Corpora
[W93-0109]: Akira Ushioda | David Evans | Ted Gibson | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Acquiring Predicate-Argument Mapping Information from Multilingual Texts
[W93-0110]: Chinatsu Aone | Douglas McKee

Pdf Export Search Experiments in Syntactic and Semantic Classification and Disambiguation using Bootstrapping
[W93-0111]: Robert Futrelle | Susan Gauch

Pdf Export Search Structural Methods for Lexical/Semantic Patterns
[W93-0112]: Scott Waterman

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Techniques for Automatic Semantic Extraction: Comparing Syntactic and Window Based Approaches
[W93-0113]: Gregory Grefenstette

Pdf Export Search Categorization and Standardizing Proper Nouns for Efficient Information Retrieval
[W93-0114]: Woojin Paik | Elizabeth Liddy | Edmund Yu | Mary McKenna

Pdf Export Search The Long Journey from the Core to the Real Size of Large LDBs
[W93-0115]: Elena Paskaleva | Kiril Simov | Mariana Damova | Milena Slavcheva