Kevin B. Cohen | Dina Demner-Fushman | Sophia Ananiadou | Bonnie Webber | Jun'ichi Tsujii | John Pestian  
WS | BioNLP  
Montrèal, Canada 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search BioNLP: Proceedings of the 2012 Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
[W12-2400]: Kevin B. Cohen | Dina Demner-Fushman | Sophia Ananiadou | Bonnie Webber | Jun'ichi Tsujii | John Pestian

Pdf Export Search Graph-based alignment of narratives for automated neurological assessment
[W12-2401]: Emily Prud'hommeaux | Brian Roark

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping Biomedical Ontologies for Scientific Text using NELL
[W12-2402]: Dana Movshovitz-Attias | William W. Cohen

Pdf Export Search Semantic distance and terminology structuring methods for the detection of semantically close terms
[W12-2403]: Marie Dupuch | Laëtitia Dupuch | Thierry Hamon | Natalia Grabar

Pdf Export Search Temporal Classification of Medical Events
[W12-2404]: Preethi Raghavan | Eric Fosler-Lussier | Albert Lai

Pdf Export Search Analyzing Patient Records to Establish If and When a Patient Suffered from a Medical Condition
[W12-2405]: James Cogley | Nicola Stokes | Joe Carthy | John Dunnion

Pdf Export Search Alignment-HMM-based Extraction of Abbreviations from Biomedical Text
[W12-2406]: Dana Movshovitz-Attias | William W. Cohen

Pdf Export Search Medical diagnosis lost in translation – Analysis of uncertainty and negation expressions in English and Swedish clinical texts
[W12-2407]: Danielle L. Mowery | Sumithra Velupillai | Wendy W. Chapman

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Stepwise Approach for De-identifying Person Names in Clinical Documents
[W12-2408]: Oscar Ferrandez | Brett South | Shuying Shen | Stephane Meystre

Pdf Export Search Active Learning for Coreference Resolution
[W12-2409]: Timothy Miller | Dmitriy Dligach | Guergana Savova

Pdf Export Search PubMed-Scale Event Extraction for Post-Translational Modifications, Epigenetics and Protein Structural Relations
[W12-2410]: Jari Björne | Sofie Van Landeghem | Sampo Pyysalo | Tomoko Ohta | Filip Ginter | Yves Van de Peer | Sophia Ananiadou | Tapio Salakoski

Pdf Export Search An improved corpus of disease mentions in PubMed citations
[W12-2411]: Rezarta Islamaj Dogan | Zhiyong Lu

Pdf Export Search New Resources and Perspectives for Biomedical Event Extraction
[W12-2412]: Sampo Pyysalo | Pontus Stenetorp | Tomoko Ohta | Jin-Dong Kim | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Combining Compositionality and Pagerank for the Identification of Semantic Relations between Biomedical Words
[W12-2413]: Thierry Hamon | Christopher Engström | Mounira Manser | Zina Badji | Natalia Grabar | Sergei Silvestrov

Pdf Export Search Domain Adaptation of Coreference Resolution for Radiology Reports
[W12-2414]: Emilia Apostolova | Noriko Tomuro | Pattanasak Mongkolwat | Dina Demner-Fushman

Pdf Export Search What can NLP tell us about BioNLP?
[W12-2415]: Attapol Thamrongrattanarit | Michael Shafir | Michael Crivaro | Bensiin Borukhov | Marie Meteer

Pdf Export Search A Prototype Tool Set to Support Machine-Assisted Annotation
[W12-2416]: Brett South | Shuying Shen | Jianwei Leng | Tyler Forbush | Scott DuVall | Wendy Chapman

Pdf Export Search MedLingMap: A growing resource mapping the Bio-Medical NLP field
[W12-2417]: Marie Meteer | Borukhov Bensiin | Mike Crivaro | Michael Shafir | Attapol Thamrongrattanarit

Pdf Export Search Exploring Label Dependency in Active Learning for Phenotype Mapping
[W12-2418]: Shefali Sharma | Leslie Lange | Jose Luis Ambite | Yigal Arens | Chun-Nan Hsu

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Joint Modeling of Yeast Biology Literature and Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
[W12-2419]: Ramnath Balasubramanyan | Kathryn Rivard | William W. Cohen | Jelena Jakovljevic | John L. Woolford

Pdf Export Search RankPref: Ranking Sentences Describing Relations between Biomedical Entities with an Application
[W12-2420]: Catalina Oana Tudor | K Vijay-Shanker

Pdf Export Search Finding small molecule and protein pairs in scientific literature using a bootstrapping method
[W12-2421]: Ying Yan | Jee-Hyub Kim | Samuel Croset | Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann

Pdf Export Search Grading the Quality of Medical Evidence
[W12-2422]: Binod Gyawali | Thamar Solorio | Yassine Benajiba

Pdf Export Search Classifying Gene Sentences in Biomedical Literature by Combining High-Precision Gene Identifiers
[W12-2423]: Sun Kim | Won Kim | Don Comeau | W. John Wilbur

Pdf Export Search Effect of small sample size on text categorization with support vector machines
[W12-2424]: Pawel Matykiewicz | John Pestian

Pdf Export Search PubAnnotation - a persistent and sharable corpus and annotation repository
[W12-2425]: Jin-Dong Kim | Yue Wang

Pdf Export Search Using Natural Language Processing to Extract Drug-Drug Interaction Information from Package Inserts
[W12-2426]: Richard Boyce | Gregory Gardner | Henk Harkema

Pdf Export Search Automatic Approaches for Gene-Drug Interaction Extraction from Biomedical Text: Corpus and Comparative Evaluation
[W12-2427]: Nate Sutton | Laura Wojtulewicz | Neel Mehta | Graciela Gonzalez

Pdf Export Search A Preliminary Work on Symptom Name Recognition from Free-Text Clinical Records of Traditional Chinese Medicine using Conditional Random Fields and Reasonable Features
[W12-2428]: Yaqiang Wang | Yiguang Liu | Zhonghua Yu | Li Chen | Yongguang Jiang

Pdf Export Search Scaling up WSD with Automatically Generated Examples
[W12-2429]: Weiwei Cheng | Judita Preiss | Mark Stevenson

Pdf Export Search Boosting the protein name recognition performance by bootstrapping on selected text
[W12-2430]: Yue Wang | Jin-Dong Kim