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Pdf Export Search COLING-02: The First SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Translation Unit from Chinese-English Parallel Corpora
[W02-1801]: Baobao Chang | Pernilla Danielsson | Wolfgang Teubert

Pdf Export Search Some Considerations on Guidelines for Bilingual Alignment and Terminology Extraction
[W02-1802]: Lawrence Cheung | Tom Lai | Robert Luk | Oi Yee Kwong | King Kui Sin | Benjamin K. Tsou

Pdf Export Search Developing Guidelines for the Annotation of Anaphors in the Chinese Treebank
[W02-1803]: Susan Converse

Pdf Export Search Finding the Better Indexing units for Chinese Information Retrieval
[W02-1804]: Hongzhao He | Jianfeng Gao | Pilian He | Changning Huang

Pdf Export Search Categorical Ambiguity and Information Content: A Corpus-based Study of Chinese
[W02-1805]: Chu-Ren Huang | Ru-Yng Chang

Pdf Export Search PCFG Parsing for Restricted Classical Chinese Texts
[W02-1806]: Liang Huang | Yinan Peng | Huan Wang | Zhenyu Wu

Pdf Export Search A Knowledge Based Approach to Identification of Serial Verb Construction in Chinese-to-Korean Machine Translation System
[W02-1807]: Dong-il Kim | Zheng Cui | Jinji Li | Jong-Hyeok Lee

Pdf Export Search Learning Case-based Knowledge for Disambiguating Chinese Word Segmentation: A Preliminary Study
[W02-1808]: Chunyu Kit | Haihua Pan | Hongbiao Chen

Pdf Export Search Corpus-Based Pinyin Name Resolution
[W02-1809]: Kui-Lam Kwok | Peter Deng

Pdf Export Search An Indexing Method Based on Sentences
[W02-1810]: Li Li | Chunfa Yuan | K.F. Wong | Wenjie Li

Pdf Export Search Design of Chinese Morphological Analyzer
[W02-1811]: Huihsin Tseng | Keh-Jiann Chen

Pdf Export Search A Word Segmentation Method with Dynamic Adapting to Text Using Inductive Learning
[W02-1812]: Zhongjian Wang | Kenji Araki | Koji Tochinai

Pdf Export Search Using the Segmentation Corpus to Define an Inventory of Concatenative Units for Cantonese Speech Synthesis
[W02-1813]: Wai Yi Peggy Wong | Chris Brew | Mary E. Beckman | Shui-duen Chan

Pdf Export Search Extracting Pronunciation-translated Names from Chinese Texts using Bootstrapping Approach
[W02-1814]: Jing Xiao | Jimin Liu | Tat-Seng Chua

Pdf Export Search Combining Classifiers for Chinese Word Segmentation
[W02-1815]: Nianwen Xue | Susan P. Converse

Pdf Export Search WSD and Closed Semantic Constraint
[W02-1816]: Jiangsheng Yu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Recognition of Chinese Unknown Words Based on Roles Tagging
[W02-1817]: Kevin Zhang | Qun Liu | Hao Zhang | Xue-Qi Cheng

Pdf Export Search Chinese Base-Phrases Chunking
[W02-1818]: Yuqi Zhang | Qiang Zhou

Pdf Export Search Learning Rules for Chinese Prosodic Phrase Prediction
[W02-1819]: Sheng Zhao | Jianhua Tao | Lianhong Cai

Pdf Export Search A Knowledge-based Approach to Text Classification
[W02-1820]: Jingbo Zhu | Tianshun Yao