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Pdf Export Search COLING 1996 Volume 2: The 16th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Lexical Translations from Non-Aligned Corpora
[C96-2098]: Kumiko Tanaka | Hideya Iwasaki

Pdf Export Search Segmenting Sentences into Linky Strings Using D-bigram Statistics
[C96-2099]: Shiho Nobesawa | Junya Tsutsumi | Sun Da Jiang | Tomohisa Sano | Kengo Sato | asakazu Nakanishi

Pdf Export Search Good Bigrams
[C96-2100]: Christer Johansson

Pdf Export Search Goal Formulation based on Communicative Principles
[C96-2101]: Kristiina Jokinen

Pdf Export Search Towards a Syntactic Account of Punctuation
[C96-2102]: Bernard Jones

Pdf Export Search Coordination in Tree Adjoining Grammars: Formalization and Implementation
[C96-2103]: Anoop Sarkar | Aravind Joshi

Pdf Export Search A Portable & Quick Japanese Parser: QJP
[C96-2104]: Masayuki Kameda

Pdf Export Search Parallel Replacement in Finite State Calculus
[C96-2105]: Andre Kempe | Lauri Karttunen

Pdf Export Search Modularizing Codescriptive Grammars for Efficient Parsing
[C96-2106]: Walter Kasper | Hans-Ulrich Krieger

Pdf Export Search Statistical Method of Recognizing Local Cohesion
[C96-2107]: Naoto Katoh | Tsuyoshi Morimoto

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Architecture for Verb Subcategorization Frame - a Lexicon for a Real-world Scale Japanese-English Interlingual MT
[C96-2108]: Naoyuki Nomura | Kazunori Muraki

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation Semantics for DATR Theories
[C96-2109]: Bill Keller

Pdf Export Search Identifying the Coding System and Language of On-line Documents on the Internet
[C96-2110]: Gen-itiro Kikui

Pdf Export Search Top-Down Predictive Linking and Complex-Feature-Based Formalisms
[C96-2111]: James Kilbury

Pdf Export Search Computing Prosodic Morphology
[C96-2112]: George Anton Kiraz

Pdf Export Search An Underspecified HPSG Representation for Information Structure
[C96-2113]: Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Indeterminacy as a Source of Errors in Tagging
[C96-2114]: Gunnel Kallgren

Pdf Export Search Arguments desperately seeking Interpretation: Parsing German Infinitives
[C96-2115]: Christopher Laenzlinger | Martin S. Ulmann | Eric Wehrli

[C96-2116]: Shalom Lappin | Hsue-Hueh Shih

Pdf Export Search Computation of Relative Social Status on the Basis of Honorification in Korean
[C96-2117]: Done-Young Lee

Pdf Export Search An ascription-based approach to Speech Acts
[C96-2118]: Mark Lee | Yorick Wiiks

Pdf Export Search Automatic English-to-Korean Text Translation of Telegraphic Messages in a Limited Domain
[C96-2119]: Clifford Weinstein | Dinesh Tummala | Young-Suk Lee | Stephanie Seneff

Pdf Export Search TSNLP - Test Suites for Natural Language Processing
[C96-2120]: Sabine Lehmann | Stephan Oepen | Sylvie Regnier-Prost | Klaus Netter | Veronika Lux | Judith Klein | Kirsten Falkedal | Frederik Fouvry | Dominique Estival | Eva Dauphin | Herve Compagnion | Judith Baur | Lorna Balkan | Doug Arnold

Pdf Export Search Saussurian analogy: a theoretical account and its application
[C96-2121]: Yves Lepage | Ando Shin-ichi

Pdf Export Search An Earley-type recognizer for dependency grammar
[C96-2122]: Vincenzo Lombardo | Leonardo Lesmo

Pdf Export Search On the Structural Complexity of Natural Language Sentences
[C96-2123]: Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search Building Knowledge Bases for the Generation of Software Documentation
[C96-2124]: Cecile Paris | Keith Vander Linden

Pdf Export Search Learning dialog act processing
[C96-2125]: Stefan Wermter | Matthias Lochel

Pdf Export Search MULTITALE: linking medical concepts by means of frames
[C96-2126]: Isa Maks | Willy Martin

Pdf Export Search An HPSG-Based Generator for German An Experiment in the Reusability of Linguistic Resources
[C96-2127]: Johannes Matiasek | Harald Trost

Pdf Export Search Reversible delayed lexical choice in a bidirectional framework
[C96-2128]: Graham Wilcock | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Omissions in Translations
[C96-2129]: I. Dan Melamed

Pdf Export Search Learning Part-of-Speech Guessing Rules from Lexicon: Extension to Non-Concatenative Operations
[C96-2130]: Andrei Mikheev

Pdf Export Search An Agreement Corrector for Russian
[C96-2131]: Leonid Mitjushin

Pdf Export Search Zero Pronouns and Conditionals in Japanese Instruction Manuals
[C96-2132]: Tatsunori Mori | Hiroshi Nakagawa

Pdf Export Search Multiple Discourse Relations on the Sentential Level in Japanese
[C96-2133]: Yoshiki Mori

Pdf Export Search Document Classification Using Domain Specific Kanji Characters Extracted by X2 Method
[C96-2134]: Yasuhiko Watanabe | Masaki Murata | Masahito Takeuchi | Makoto Nagao

Pdf Export Search Yet Another Paper about Partial Verb Phrase Fronting in German
[C96-2135]: Stefan Muller

Pdf Export Search Context-Based Spelling Correction for Japanese OCR
[C96-2136]: Masaaki NAGATA

Pdf Export Search Anaphora Resolution of Japanese Zero Pronouns with Deictic Reference
[C96-2137]: Hiromi Nakaiwa | Satoshi Shirai

Pdf Export Search Content-Oriented Categorization of Document Images
[C96-2138]: Takehiro Nakayama

Pdf Export Search Full-text processing: improving a practical NLP system based on surface information within the context
[C96-2139]: Tetsuya Nasukawa

Pdf Export Search GLOSSER-RuG: in Support of Reading
[C96-2140]: John Nerbonne | Petra Smit

Pdf Export Search HMM-Based Word Alignment in Statistical Translation
[C96-2141]: Stephan Vogel | Hermann Ney | Christoph Tillmann

Pdf Export Search Adjectival Modification in Text Meaning Representation
[C96-2142]: Victor Raskin | Sergei Nirenburg

Pdf Export Search A Computational Model for Generating Referring Expressions in a Multilingual Application Domain
[C96-2143]: Elena Not

Pdf Export Search A Constraint-based Case Frame Lexicon
[C96-2144]: Kemal Oflazer | Okan Yllmaz

Pdf Export Search Error-tolerant Tree Matching
[C96-2145]: Kemal Oflazer

Pdf Export Search Analyzing Japanese Double-Subject Construction having an Adjective Predicate
[C96-2146]: Masahiro Oku

Pdf Export Search Zero Pronoun Resolution in Japanese Discourse Based on Centering Theory
[C96-2147]: Manabu Okumura | Kouji Tamura

Pdf Export Search POS Tagging Using Relaxation Labelling
[C96-2148]: Lluis Padro

Pdf Export Search Learning Linear Precedence Rules
[C96-2149]: Vladimir Pericliev

Pdf Export Search Aspect and Aktionsart: Fighting or Cooperating?
[C96-2150]: Allan Ramsay

Pdf Export Search Handling Sparse Data by Successive Abstraction
[C96-2151]: Christer Samuelsson

Pdf Export Search Disambiguation by Prioritized Circumscription
[C96-2152]: Ken Satoh

Pdf Export Search Semantic Construction from Parse Forests
[C96-2153]: Michael Schiehlen

Pdf Export Search Modeling Topic Coherence for Speech Recognition
[C96-2154]: Satoshi Sekine

Pdf Export Search Generation of Paraphrases from Ambiguous Logical Forms
[C96-2155]: Hadar Shemtov

Pdf Export Search Multi-Modal-Method: A Design Method for Building Multi-Modal Systems
[C96-2156]: Hideo Shimazu | Yosuke Takashima

Pdf Export Search A Self-Learning Universal Concept Spotter
[C96-2157]: Tomek Strzalkowski | Jin Wang

Pdf Export Search Anaphor Resolution and the Scope of Syntactic Constraints
[C96-2158]: Roland Stuckardt

Pdf Export Search Decision Tree Learning Algorithm with Structured Attributes: Application to Verbal Case Frame Acquisition
[C96-2159]: Hideki Tanaka

Pdf Export Search Computing Phrasal-signs in HPSG prior to Parsing
[C96-2160]: Kentaro Torisawa | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Positioning Unknown Words in a Thesaurus by Using Information Extracted from a Corpus
[C96-2161]: Naohiko Uramoto

Pdf Export Search A Unified Theory of Irony and Its Computational Formalization
[C96-2162]: Akira Utsumi

Pdf Export Search Sense Classification of Verbal Polysemy based-on Bilingual Class/Class Association
[C96-2163]: Takehito Utsuro

Pdf Export Search A Method for Abstracting Newspaper Articles by Using Surface Clues
[C96-2164]: Hideo Watanabe

Pdf Export Search On Inference-Based Procedures for Lexical Disambiguation
[C96-2165]: Jurgen Wedekind

Pdf Export Search Fast Generation of Abstracts from General Domain Text Corpora by Extracting Relevant Sentences
[C96-2166]: Klaus Zechner

Pdf Export Search The Power of Words in Message Planning
[C96-2167]: Michael Zock

Pdf Export Search "Is Speech Language?"
[C96-2168]: Joseph Mariani | Steven Krauwer

Pdf Export Search DISTORTION OR IMPROVEMENT - Effects of information technology on the development of natural languages
[C96-2169]: Hans Karlgren

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of NLP systems
[C96-2170]: Bente Maegaard

Pdf Export Search Computational Linguistics and its Use in Real World: the Case of Computer Assisted-Language Learning
[C96-2171]: Michael Zock

Pdf Export Search Human Language Technology can modernize writing and grammar instruction
[C96-2172]: Gerard Kempen

Pdf Export Search Yes! NLP-based FL-ITS will be Important
[C96-2173]: Henry Hamburger

[C96-2174]: Dan Tufts

Pdf Export Search The Internet a "natural" channel for language learning
[C96-2175]: Kentaro Inui

Pdf Export Search The Internet a "natural" channel for language learning
[C96-2176]: Kentaro Inui

Pdf Export Search NL Domain Explanations in Knowledge Based MAT
[C96-2177]: Galia Angelova | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search Machine Translation Method Using Inductive Learning with Genetic Algorithms
[C96-2178]: Hiroshi Echizen-ya | Kenji Araki | Yoshio Momouchi | Koji Tochinai

Pdf Export Search The implementation of a computational grammar of French using the Grammar Development Environment
[C96-2179]: Louisette Emirkanian | Lyne Da Sylva | Lorne H. Bouchard

Pdf Export Search Efficient Integrated Tagging of Word Constructs
[C96-2180]: Andrew Bredenkamp | Frederik Fouvry | Thierry Declerck | Bradley Music

Pdf Export Search NKRL, a Knowledge Representation Language for Narrative Natural Language Processing
[C96-2181]: Gian Piero Zarri

Pdf Export Search Formal Description of Multi-Word Lexemes with the Finite-State Formalism IDAREX
[C96-2182]: Elisabeth Breidt | Frederique Segond | Giuseppe Valetto

Pdf Export Search Motivations and Methods for Text Simplification
[C96-2183]: R. Chandrasekar | Christine Doran | B. Srinivas

Pdf Export Search Segmentation Standard for Chinese Natural Language Processing
[C96-2184]: Chu-Ren Huang | Keh-jiann Chen | Li-Li Chang

Pdf Export Search Korean Language Engineering: Current Status of the Information Platform
[C96-2185]: Kim | Seongyong | Choi | Key-Sun

Pdf Export Search Distributing and Porting General Linguistic Tools
[C96-2186]: Damien Genthial | Jacques Courtin | Jacques Menezo

Pdf Export Search GATE-a General Architecture for Text Engineering
[C96-2187]: Hamish Cunningham | Yorick Wilks | Robert J. Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search Corpus-based annotated test set for Machine Translation evaluation by an Industrial User
[C96-2188]: Eva Dauphin | Veronika Lux

Pdf Export Search Using sentence connectors for evaluating MT output
[C96-2189]: Eric M. Visser | Masaru Fuji

Pdf Export Search Prepositional Phrase Attachment Through A Hybrid Disambiguation Model
[C96-2190]: Haodong Wu | Teiji Furugori

Pdf Export Search Spoken-Language Translation Method Using Examples
[C96-2191]: Hitoshi Iida | Eiichiro Sumita | Osamu Furuse

Pdf Export Search Tagging Spoken Language Using Written Language Statistics
[C96-2192]: Joakim Nivre | Leif Gronqvist | Malin Gustafsson | TorbjSrn Lager | Sylvana Sofkova

Pdf Export Search Senses of Polysemous Nouns: Building a Computational Lexicon of Basic Japanese Nouns
[C96-2193]: Wakako KUWAHATA | Minako HASIMOTO

Pdf Export Search A Gradual Refinement Model for A Robust Thai Morphological Analyzer
[C96-2194]: Asanee Kawtrakul | Chalatip Thumkanon | Thitima Jamjanya | Parinee Muangyunnan | Kritsada Poolwan

Pdf Export Search An Overview of the EDR Electronic Dictionary and the Current Status of Its Utilization
[C96-2195]: Hideo Miyoshi | Kenji Sugiyama | Masahiro Kobayashi | Takano Ogino

Pdf Export Search Parsing Plans Situation-Dependently in Dialogues
[C96-2196]: Kiyoshi Kogure | Akira Shimazu | Mikio Nakano

Pdf Export Search An Education and Research Tool for Computational Semantics
[C96-2197]: Karsten Konrad | Holger Maier | David Milward | Manfred Pinkal

Pdf Export Search Learning Morphology: Algorithms for the Identification of the Stem Changes
[C96-2198]: Evelin Kuusik

Pdf Export Search Structured lexical data: how to make them widely available, useful and reasonably protected? A practicalexample with a trilingual dictionary
[C96-2199]: Mathieu Lafourcade

[C96-2200]: Robert W.P. Luk

Pdf Export Search PaTrans- A Patent Translation System
[C96-2201]: Bjarne Orsnes | Bradley Music | Bente Maegaard

Pdf Export Search Word Extraction from Corpora and Its Part-of-Speech Estimation Using Distributional Analysis
[C96-2202]: Shinsuke Mori | Makoto Nagao

Pdf Export Search Morphological Analyzer as Syntactic Parser
[C96-2203]: Gabor Proszcky

Pdf Export Search Constructing Verb Semantic Classes for French: Methods and Evaluation
[C96-2204]: Patrick Saint-Dizier

Pdf Export Search Redefining similarity in a thesaurus by using corpora
[C96-2205]: Hiroyuki Shinnou

Pdf Export Search Processing Homonyms in the Kana-to-Kanji Conversion
[C96-2206]: Masahito Takahashi | Tsuyoshi Shinchu | Kenji Yoshimura | Kosho Shudo

[C96-2207]: Lahcene Si Ameur | Jacques Rouault

Pdf Export Search The Automatic Extraction of Open Compounds from Text Corpora
[C96-2208]: Virach Sornlertlamvanich | Hozumi Tanaka

Pdf Export Search A tagger/lemmatiser for Dutch medical language
[C96-2209]: Peter Spyns

[C96-2210]: Marie-Helene Stefanini | Karine Warren

Pdf Export Search Pattern-Based Machine Translation
[C96-2211]: Koichi Takeda

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Clustering of Words
[C96-2212]: Akira Ushioda

Pdf Export Search Using a Hybrid System of Corpus- and Knowledge-Based Techniques to Automate the Induction of a Lexical Sublanguage Grammar
[C96-2213]: Geert Jan Wilms

Pdf Export Search Author Index

Pdf Export Search Computational Complexity of Probabilistic Disambiguation by means of Tree-Grammars
[C96-2215]: Khalil Sima'an