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Pdf Export Search COLING 1998 Volume 1: The 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search A Quasi-Dependency Model for Structural Analysis it of Chinese BaseNPs
[C98-1001]: Zhao Jun | Huang Changning

Pdf Export Search The production of code-mixed discourse
[C98-1002]: David SANKOFF

Pdf Export Search Towards a single proposal in spelling correction
[C98-1003]: Eneko Agirre | Koldo Gojenola | Kepa Sarasola | Atro Voutilainen

Pdf Export Search A Simple Hybrid Aligner for Generating Lexical Correspondences in Parallel Texts
[C98-1004]: Lars AHRENBERG | Mikael ANDERSSON | Magnus MERKEL

Pdf Export Search Parole et traduction automatique: le module de reconnaissance RAPHAEL
[C98-1005]: Mohammad AKBAR | Jean CAELEN

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Hierarchical Transduction Models for Machine Translation
[C98-1006]: Hiyan Alshawi | Srinivas Bangalore | Shona Douglas

Pdf Export Search Tense and Connective Constraints on the Expression of Causality
[C98-1007]: Pascal Amsili | Corinne Rossari

Pdf Export Search Time Mapping with Hypergraphs
[C98-1008]: Jan W. Amtrup | Volker Weber

Pdf Export Search Trainable, Scalable Summarization Using Robust NLP and Machine Learning
[C98-1009]: Chinatsu Aonet | Mary Ellen Okurowski | James Gorlinsky

Pdf Export Search A Memory-Based Approach to Learning Shallow Natural Language Patterns
[C98-1010]: Shlomo Argamon | Ido Dagan | Yuval Krymolowski

Pdf Export Search Evaluating a Focus-Based Approach to Anaphora Resolution
[C98-1011]: Saliha Azzam | Kevin Humphreys | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search Entity-Based Cross-Document Coreferencing Using the Vector Space Model
[C98-1012]: Amit Bagga | Breck Baldwin

Pdf Export Search The Berkeley FrameNet Project
[C98-1013]: Collin F. Baker | Charles J. Fillmore | John B. Lowe

Pdf Export Search Processing Unknown Words in HPSG
[C98-1014]: Petra Barg | Markus Walther

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic Recognition of Noun Modifier Relationships
[C98-1015]: Ken BARKER | Stan SZPAKOWICZ

Pdf Export Search Redundancy: helping semantic disambiguation
[C98-1016]: Caroline Barriere

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Kernel for Multilingual Generation in Speech-to-Speech Dialogue Translation
[C98-1017]: Tilman Becker | Wolfgang Finkler | Anne Kilger | Peter Poller

Pdf Export Search Consonant Spreading in Arabic Stems
[C98-1018]: Kenneth R. B EESLEY

Pdf Export Search Parsing Ambiguous Structures using Controlled Disjunctions and Unary Quasi-Trees
[C98-1019]: Philippe Blache

Pdf Export Search Trigger-Pair Predictors in Parsing and Tagging
[C98-1020]: Ezra Black | Andrew Finch | Hideki Kashioka

Pdf Export Search Spoken Dialogue Interpretation with the DOP Model
[C98-1021]: Rens Bod

Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Corpus-Driven Model for Lexical-Functional Analysis
[C98-1022]: Rens Bod | Ronald Kaplan

Pdf Export Search Anchoring Floating Quantifiers in Japanese-to-English Machine Translation
[C98-1023]: Francis Bond | Daniela Kurz | Satoshi Shirai

Pdf Export Search Managing information at linguistic interfaces
[C98-1024]: Johan Bos | C.J. Rupp | Bianka Buschbeck-Wolf | Michael Dorna

Pdf Export Search Deriving the Predicate-Argument Structure for a Free Word Order Language
[C98-1025]: Cem Bozsahin

Pdf Export Search Separating Surface Order and Syntactic Relations in a Dependency Grammar
[C98-1026]: Norbert Broker

Pdf Export Search The Logical Structure of Binding
[C98-1027]: Antonio Branco

Pdf Export Search Beyond N-Grams: Can Linguistic Sophistication Improve Language Modeling?
[C98-1028]: Eric Brill | Radu Florian | John C. Henderson | Lidia Mangu

Pdf Export Search Classifier Combination for Improved Lexical Disambiguation
[C98-1029]: Eric Brill | Jun Wu

Pdf Export Search Terminology Finite-State Preprocessing for Computational LFG
[C98-1030]: Caroline Brun

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Scoring for Speech Input
[C98-1031]: John D. Burger | David Palmer | Lynette Hirschman

Pdf Export Search Automated Scoring Using A Hybrid Feature Identification Technique
[C98-1032]: Jill Burstein | Karen Kukich | Susanne Wolff | Chi Lu | Martin Chodorow | Lisa Braden-Harder | Mary Dee Harris

Pdf Export Search Building Parallel LTAG for French and Italian
[C98-1033]: Marie-Helene Candito

Pdf Export Search Error-Driven Pruning of Treebank Grammars for Base Noun Phrase Identification
[C98-1034]: Claire Cardie | David Pierce

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Syntactic Structure for Language Modeling
[C98-1035]: Ciprian Chelba | Frederick Jelinek

Pdf Export Search Proper Name Translation in Cross-Language Information Retrieval
[C98-1036]: Hsin-Hsi Chen | Sheng-Jie Huang | Yung-Wei Ding | Shih-Chung Tsai

Pdf Export Search A Concept-based Adaptive Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation
[C98-1037]: Jen Nan Chen | Jason S. Chang

Pdf Export Search PAT-Trees with the Deletion Function as the Learning Device for Linguistic Patterns
[C98-1038]: Keh-Jiann Chen | Wen Tsuei | Lee-Feng Chien

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Approaches to Improvement of Translation Quality in Web-based English-Korean Machine Translation
[C98-1039]: Sung-Kwon Choi | Han-Min Jung | Jun-Sik Park | Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Management in Vector-Based Call Routing
[C98-1040]: Jennifer Chu-Carroll | Bob Carpenter

Pdf Export Search Machine Translation vs. Dictionary Term Translation - a Comparison for English-Japanese News Article Alignment
[C98-1041]: Nigel Collier | Hideki Hirakawa | Akira Kumano

Pdf Export Search An Experiment in Hybrid Dictionary and Statistical Sentence Alignment
[C98-1042]: Nigel Collier | Kenji Ono | Hideki Hirakawa

Pdf Export Search Alignment of Multiple Languages for Historical Comparison
[C98-1043]: Michael A. Covington

Pdf Export Search Veins Theory: A Model of Global Discourse Cohesion and Coherence
[C98-1044]: Dan CRISTEA | Nancy IDE | Laurent ROMARY

Pdf Export Search Automatic Semantic Tagging of Unknown Proper Names
[C98-1045]: Alessandro CUCCHIARELLI | Danilo LUZI | Paola VELARDI

Pdf Export Search Investigating regular sense extensions based on intersective Levin classes
[C98-1046]: Hoa Trang Dang | Karin Kipper | Martha Palmer | Joseph Rosenzweig

Pdf Export Search Learning a syntagmatic and paradigmatic structure from language data with a bi-multigram model
[C98-1047]: Sabine Deligne | Yoshinori Sagisaka

Pdf Export Search Experiments with Learning Parsing Heuristics
[C98-1048]: Sylvain DELISLE | Sylvain LETOURNEAU | Stan MATWIN

Pdf Export Search Multext-East: Parallel and Comparable Corpora and Lexicons for Six Central and Eastern European Languages
[C98-1049]: Ludmila DIMITROVA | Tomaz ERJAVEC | Nancy IDE | Heiki Jaan KAALEP | Vladimir PETKEVIC | Dan TUFIS

Pdf Export Search Error Driven Word Sense Disambiguation
[C98-1050]: Luca Dini | Vittorio Di Tomaso | Frederique Segond

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Investigation of Proposals in Collaborative Dialogues
[C98-1051]: Barbara Di Eugenio | Pamela W. Jordan | Johanna D. Moore | Richmond H. Thomason

Pdf Export Search Accumulation of Lexical Sets: Acquisition of Dictionary Resources and Production of New Lexical Sets
[C98-1052]: DOAN-NGUYEN Hai

Pdf Export Search A Text Input Front-end Processor as an Information Access Platform
[C98-1053]: Shinichi DOI | Shin-ichiro KAMEI | Kiyoshi YAMABANA

Pdf Export Search Syntactic and Semantic Transfer with F-Structures
[C98-1054]: Michael Dorna | Anette Frank | Josef van Genabith | Martin C. Emele

Pdf Export Search Group Theory and Linguistic Processing
[C98-1055]: Mare Dymetman

Pdf Export Search Constraints over Lambda-Structures in Semantic Underspecification
[C98-1056]: Markus Egg | Joachim Niehren | Peter Ruhrberg | Feiyu Xu

Pdf Export Search Spelling Correction Using Context
[C98-1057]: Mohammad Ali Elmi | Martha Evens

Pdf Export Search Ambiguity Preserving Machine Translation using Packed Representations
[C98-1058]: Martin C. Emele | Michael Dorna

Pdf Export Search A structure-sharing parser for lexicalized grammars
[C98-1059]: Roger Evans | David Weir

Pdf Export Search Combining Stochastic and Rule-Based Methods for Disambiguation in Agglutinative Languages
[C98-1060]: Ezeiza N. | Alegria I. | Areola J.M. | Urizar R. | Aduriz I.

Pdf Export Search Anaphor resolution in unrestricted texts with partial parsing
[C98-1061]: A. Ferrandez | M. Palomar | L. Moreno

Pdf Export Search Thematic segmentation of texts: two methods for two kinds of texts
[C98-1062]: Olivier FERRET | Brigitte GRAU | Nicolas MASSON

[C98-1063]: Sharon Flank

Pdf Export Search Toward General-Purpose Learning for Information Extraction
[C98-1064]: Dayne Freitag

Pdf Export Search Japanese Morphological Analyzer using Word Co-occurrence - JTAG-
[C98-1065]: Takeshi FUCHI | Shinichiro TAKAGI

Pdf Export Search An IR Approach for Translating New Words from Nonparallel, Comparable Texts
[C98-1066]: Pascale Fung | Lo Yuen Yee

Pdf Export Search Splitting Long or Ill-formed Input for Robust Spoken-language Translation
[C98-1067]: Osamu FURUSE | Setsuo YAMADA | Kazuhide YAMAMOTO

Pdf Export Search Automatic extraction of subcorpora based on subcategorization frames from a part-of-speech tagged corpus
[C98-1068]: Susanne GAHL

Pdf Export Search Semantic-Head Based Resolution of Scopal Ambiguities
[C98-1069]: Bjorn Gamback | Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search Vers l'utilisation des methodes formelles pour le developpement de linguiciels
[C98-1070]: Bilel Gargouri | Mohamed Jmaiel | Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou

Pdf Export Search Flow Network Models for Word Alignment and Terminology Extraction from Bilingual Corpora
[C98-1071]: Eric Gaussier

Pdf Export Search Growing Semantic Grammars
[C98-1072]: Marsal Gavaldh | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search One Tokenization per Source
[C98-1073]: Jin GUO

Pdf Export Search Efficient Linear Logic Meaning Assembly
[C98-1074]: Vineet Gupta | John Lamping

Pdf Export Search Separable Verbs in a Reusable Morphological Dictionary for German
[C98-1075]: Pius ten Hacken | Stephan Bopp

Pdf Export Search A Text Understander that Learns
[C98-1076]: Udo Hahn | Klemens Schnattinger

Pdf Export Search Tagging Inflective Languages: Prediction of Morphological Categories for a Rich, Structured Tagset
[C98-1077]: Jan Hajic | Barbora Hladka

Pdf Export Search Improving Data Driven Wordclass Tagging by System Combination
[C98-1078]: Hans van Halteren | Jakub Zavrel | Walter Daelemans

Pdf Export Search A step towards the detection of semantic variants of terms in technical documents
[C98-1079]: Thierry Hamon | Adeline Nazarenko | Cecile Gros

Pdf Export Search Using Decision Trees to Construct a Practical Parser
[C98-1080]: Masahiko Haruno | Satoshi Shirai | Yoshifumi Ooyama

Pdf Export Search Integrating Text Plans for Conciseness and Coherence
[C98-1081]: Terrence Harvey | Sandra Carberry

Pdf Export Search Definiteness Predictions for Japanese Noun Phrases
[C98-1082]: Julia E. Heine

Pdf Export Search Eliminative Parsing with Graded Constraints
[C98-1083]: Johannes Heinecke | Jurgen Kunze | Wolfgang Menzel | Ingo Schroder

Pdf Export Search A Connectionist Architecture for Learning to Parse
[C98-1084]: James Henderson | Peter Lane

Pdf Export Search Memoisation for Glue Language Deduction and Categorial Parsing
[C98-1085]: Mark Hepple

Pdf Export Search Parsing Parallel Grammatical Representations
[C98-1086]: Derrick Higgins

Pdf Export Search Long Distance Pronominalisation and Global Focus
[C98-1087]: Janet Hitzeman | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Evaluation of Probabilistic Lexicalized Tree Insertion Grammars
[C98-1088]: Rebecca Hwa

Pdf Export Search Terminological variation, a means of identifying research topics from texts
[C98-1089]: Fidelia IBEKWE-SANJUAN

Pdf Export Search Information Classification and Navigation Based on 5WlH of the Target Information
[C98-1090]: Takahiro Ikeda | Akitoshi Okumura | Kazunori Muraki

Pdf Export Search A concurrent approach to the automatic extraction of subsegmental primes and phonological constituents from speech
[C98-1091]: Michael INGLEBY | Wiebke BROCKHAUS

Pdf Export Search Exploring the Characteristics of Multi-Party Dialogues
[C98-1092]: Masato Ishizaki | Tsuneaki Kato

Pdf Export Search Robust Interaction through Partial Interpretation and Dialogue Management
[C98-1093]: Arne Jonsson | Lena Stromback

Pdf Export Search Improving Automatic Indexing through Concept Combination and Term Enrichment
[C98-1094]: Christian Jacquemin

Pdf Export Search Combining a Chinese Thesaurus with a Chinese Dictionary
[C98-1095]: Ji Donghong | Gong Junping | Huang Changning

Pdf Export Search Combining Multiple, Large-Scale Resources in a Reusable Lexicon for Natural Language Generation
[C98-1096]: Hongyan Jing | Kathleen McKeown

Pdf Export Search Text Segmentation Using Reiteration and Collocation
[C98-1097]: Amanda C. Jobbins | Lindsay J. Evett

Pdf Export Search Finite-state Approximation of Constraint-based Grammars using Left-corner Grammar Transforms
[C98-1098]: Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Unification-based Multimodal Parsing
[C98-1099]: Michael Johnston

Pdf Export Search Context Management with Topics for Spoken Dialogue Systems
[C98-1100]: Kristiina Jokinen | Hideki Tanaka | Akio Yokoo

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Analysis of Morphemes in Japanese Terminology
[C98-1101]: Kyo KAGEURA

Pdf Export Search Pseudo-Projectivity: A Polynomially Parsable Non-Projective Dependency Grammar
[C98-1102]: Sylvain Kahane | Alexis Nasr | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search A Method for Correcting Errors in Speech Recognition Using the Statistical Features of Character Co-occurrence
[C98-1103]: Satoshi Kaki | Eiichiro Sumita | Hitoshi Iida

Pdf Export Search Use of Mutual Information Based Character Clusters in Dictionary-less Morphological Analysis of Japanese
[C98-1104]: Hideki Kashioka | Yasuhiro Kawata | Yumiko Kinjo | Andrew Finch | Ezra W. Black

Pdf Export Search Know When to Hold 'Em: Shuffling Deterministically in a Parser for Nonconcatenative Grammars
[C98-1105]: Robert T. Kasper | Mike Calcagno | Paul C. Davis

Pdf Export Search Term-list Translation using Mono-lingual Word Co-occurrence Vectors
[C98-1106]: Genichiro Kikui

Pdf Export Search Unlimited Vocabulary Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion for Korean TTS
[C98-1107]: Byeongchang Kim | WonI1 Lee | Geunbae Lee | Jong-Hyeok Lee

Pdf Export Search Role of Verbs in Document Analysis
[C98-1108]: Judith Klavans | Min-Yen Kan

[C98-1109]: Mosleh Hmoud AI-Adhaileh | Tang Enya Kong

Pdf Export Search Large Scale Collocation Data and Their Application to Japanese Word Processor Technology
[C98-1110]: Yasuo Koyama | Masako Yasutake | Kenji Yoshimura | Kosho Shudo

Pdf Export Search Compacting the Penn Treebank Grammar
[C98-1111]: Alexander Krotov | Mark Hepple | Robert Gaizauskas | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search Generation that Exploits Corpus-Based Statistical Knowledge
[C98-1112]: Irene Langkilde | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Methods and Practical Issues in Evaluating Alignment Techniques
[C98-1113]: Philippe Langlais | Michel Simard | Jean Veronis

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Customizable Generation of Hypertext Presentations
[C98-1114]: Benoit Lavoie | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Language Model based on Head-Dependent Relation between Words
[C98-1115]: Seungmi Lee | Key-Sun Choi

[C98-1116]: Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search Characterizing and Recognizing Spoken Corrections in Human-Computer Dialogue
[C98-1117]: Gina-Anne Levow