Chu-Ren Huang | Dan Jurafsky  
Beijing, China 
Coling 2010 Organizing Committee 
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Pdf Export Search Coling 2010: Posters
[C10-2000]: Chu-Ren Huang | Dan Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Towards the Adequate Evaluation of Morphosyntactic Taggers
[C10-2001]: Szymon Aceda\'nski | Adam Przepiórkowski

Pdf Export Search Document Expansion Based on WordNet for Robust IR
[C10-2002]: Eneko Agirre | Xabier Arregi | Arantxa Otegi

Pdf Export Search Cross-Market Model Adaptation with Pairwise Preference Data for Web Search Ranking
[C10-2003]: Jing Bai | Fernando Diaz | Yi Chang | Zhaohui Zheng | Keke Chen

Pdf Export Search Going Beyond Traditional QA Systems: Challenges and Keys in Opinion Question Answering
[C10-2004]: Alexandra Balahur | Ester Boldrini | Andrés Montoyo | Patricio Martínez-Barco

Pdf Export Search Robust Sentiment Detection on Twitter from Biased and Noisy Data
[C10-2005]: Luciano Barbosa | Junlan Feng

Pdf Export Search Benchmarking for syntax-based sentential inference
[C10-2006]: Claire Gardent | Paul Bedaride

Pdf Export Search Query Expansion based on Pseudo Relevance Feedback from Definition Clusters
[C10-2007]: Delphine Bernhard

Pdf Export Search A Formal Scheme for Multimodal Grammars
[C10-2008]: Philippe Blache | Laurent Prevot

Pdf Export Search Composition of Semantic Relations: Model and Applications
[C10-2009]: Dan Moldovan | Eduardo Blanco | Hakki C. Cankaya

Pdf Export Search Improved Unsupervised Sentence Alignment for Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Parallel Corpora
[C10-2010]: Fabienne Braune | Alexander Fraser

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Lexical Formality
[C10-2011]: Tong Wang | Graeme Hirst | Julian Brooke

Pdf Export Search Toward Qualitative Evaluation of Textual Entailment Systems
[C10-2012]: Bernardo Magnini | Elena Cabrio

Pdf Export Search Benchmarking of Statistical Dependency Parsers for French
[C10-2013]: Joakim Nivre | Pascal Denis | Marie Candito | Enrique Henestroza Anguiano

Pdf Export Search Tree Topological Features for Unlexicalized Parsing
[C10-2014]: Samuel W. K. Chan | Lawrence Y. L. Cheung | Mickey W. C. Chong

Pdf Export Search Improving Graph-based Dependency Parsing with Decision History
[C10-2015]: Kentaro Torisawa | Wenliang Chen | Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | Jun’ichi Kazama

Pdf Export Search A comparison of unsupervised methods for Part-of-Speech Tagging in Chinese
[C10-2016]: Jianfeng Gao | Fei Xia | Alex Cheng

Pdf Export Search The True Score of Statistical Paraphrase Generation
[C10-2017]: Yves Lepage | Jonathan Chevelu | Ghislain Putois

Pdf Export Search Acquisition of Unknown Word Paradigms for Large-Scale Grammars
[C10-2018]: Kostadin Cholakov | Gertjan van Noord

Pdf Export Search Global topology of word co-occurrence networks: Beyond the two-regime power-law
[C10-2019]: Animesh Mukherjee | Monojit Choudhury | Diptesh Chatterjee

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Paraphrases and Deferred Sense Commitment to Interpret Questions more Reliably
[C10-2020]: Peter Clark | Phil Harrison

Pdf Export Search Two Methods for Extending Hierarchical Rules from the Bilingual Chart Parsing
[C10-2021]: Martin Cmejrek | Bowen Zhou

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised cleansing of noisy text
[C10-2022]: Tanveer A. Faruquie | Danish Contractor | L. Venkata Subramaniam

Pdf Export Search Improving Reordering with Linguistically Informed Bilingual n-grams
[C10-2023]: François Yvon | Josep Maria Crego

Pdf Export Search Comparing Sanskrit Texts for Critical Editions
[C10-2024]: Marc Csernel | Tristan Cazenave

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Decoding: Decoding with Partial Hypotheses Combination over Multiple SMT Systems
[C10-2025]: Tiejun Zhao | Ming Zhou | Mu Li | Dongdong Zhang | Lei Cui

Pdf Export Search Global Ranking via Data Fusion
[C10-2026]: Wen-Lian Hsu | Hong-Jie Dai | Po-Ting Lai | Richard Tzong-Han Tsai

Pdf Export Search Topic-Based Bengali Opinion Summarization
[C10-2027]: Amitava Das | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

Pdf Export Search Enhanced Sentiment Learning Using Twitter Hashtags and Smileys
[C10-2028]: Ari Rappoport | Dmitry Davidov | Oren Tsur

Pdf Export Search Topic Models for Meaning Similarity in Context
[C10-2029]: Mirella Lapata | Georgiana Dinu

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Medication related Entities in Hospital Discharge Summaries using Support Vector Machine
[C10-2030]: Son Doan | Hua Xu

Pdf Export Search Exploring the Data-Driven Prediction of Prepositions in English
[C10-2031]: Holger Wunsch | Anas Elghafari | Detmar Meurers

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Features for Automatic Readability Assessment
[C10-2032]: Lijun Feng | Martin Jansche | Matt Huenerfauth | Noémie Elhadad

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Shift-Reduce Decoding Algorithm for Phrased-Based Machine Translation
[C10-2033]: Yang Liu | Qun Liu | Haitao Mi | Yang Feng

Pdf Export Search A Novel Method for Bilingual Web Page Acquisition from Search Engine Web Records
[C10-2034]: Jianmin Yao | Qiaoming Zhu | Yanhui Feng | Yu Hong | Zhenxiang Yan

Pdf Export Search Building Systematic Reviews Using Automatic Text Classification Techniques
[C10-2035]: Oana Frunza | Diana Inkpen | Stan Matwin

Pdf Export Search Chinese Sentence-Level Sentiment Classification Based on Fuzzy Sets
[C10-2036]: Guohong Fu | Xin Wang

Pdf Export Search Monolingual Distributional Profiles for Word Substitution in Machine Translation
[C10-2037]: Ralf D. Brown | Rashmi Gangadharaiah | Jaime Carbonell

Pdf Export Search Utilizing User-input Contextual Terms for Query Disambiguation
[C10-2038]: Byron J. Gao | David C. Anastasiu | Xing Jiang

Pdf Export Search Comparing the performance of two TAG-based surface realisers using controlled grammar traversal
[C10-2039]: Claire Gardent | Laura Perez-Beltrachini | Benjamin Gottesman

Pdf Export Search Verbs are where all the action lies: Experiences of Shallow Parsing of a Morphologically Rich Language
[C10-2040]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Harshada Gune | Mugdha Bapat | Mitesh M. Khapra

Pdf Export Search A Semantic Network Approach to Measuring Relatedness
[C10-2041]: Brian Harrington

Pdf Export Search Conundrums in Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction: Making Sense of the State-of-the-Art
[C10-2042]: Vincent Ng | Kazi Saidul Hasan

Pdf Export Search Integrating N-best SMT Outputs into a TM System
[C10-2043]: Andy Way | Josef van Genabith | Yifan He | Yanjun Ma

Pdf Export Search Learning Phrase Boundaries for Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation
[C10-2044]: Hao Yu | Zhongjun He | Yao Meng

Pdf Export Search Learning Summary Content Units with Topic Modeling
[C10-2045]: Leonhard Hennig | Ernesto William De Luca | Sahin Albayrak

Pdf Export Search Learning to Model Domain-Specific Utterance Sequences for Extractive Summarization of Contact Center Dialogues
[C10-2046]: Ryuichiro Higashinaka | Genichiro Kikui | Toyomi Meguro | Yasuhiro Minami | Kohji Dohsaka | Hitoshi Nishikawa | Satoshi Takahashi

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Relation Expression between Named Entities based on Inherent and Context-dependent Features of Relational words
[C10-2047]: Yoshihiro Matsuo | Genichiro Kikui | Toru Hirano | Hisako Asano

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation-based Sentence Similarity
[C10-2048]: ChukFong Ho | Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad | Rabiah Abdul Kadir | Shyamala C. Doraisamy

Pdf Export Search Towards Automated Related Work Summarization
[C10-2049]: Min-Yen Kan | Cong Duy Vu Hoang

Pdf Export Search Negative Feedback: The Forsaken Nature Available for Re-ranking
[C10-2050]: Yu Hong | Qing-qing Cai | Song Hua | Jian-min Yao | Qiao-ming Zhu

Pdf Export Search Morphological Analysis Can Improve a CCG Parser for English
[C10-2051]: James R. Curran | Matthew Honnibal | Jonathan K. Kummerfeld

Pdf Export Search What’s in a Preposition? Dimensions of Sense Disambiguation for an Interesting Word Class
[C10-2052]: Eduard Hovy | Dirk Hovy | Stephen Tratz

Pdf Export Search Learning to Annotate Scientific Publications
[C10-2053]: Minlie Huang | Zhiyong Lu

Pdf Export Search Mining Large-scale Comparable Corpora from Chinese-English News Collections
[C10-2054]: Degen Huang | Lian Zhao | Lishuang Li | Haitao Yu

Pdf Export Search Bilingual lexicon extraction from comparable corpora using in-domain terms
[C10-2055]: Suresh Manandhar | Azniah Ismail

Pdf Export Search A framework for representing lexical resources
[C10-2056]: Fabrice Issac

Pdf Export Search Language-Specific Sentiment Analysis in Morphologically Rich Languages
[C10-2057]: Hayeon Jang | Hyopil Shin

Pdf Export Search Challenges from Information Extraction to Information Fusion
[C10-2058]: Heng Ji

Pdf Export Search Effective Constituent Projection across Languages
[C10-2059]: Yang Liu | Qun Liu | Wenbin Jiang | Yajuan Lv

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study on Ranking and Selection Strategies for Multi-Document Summarization
[C10-2060]: Xiaoyan Zhu | Minlie Huang | Feng Jin

Pdf Export Search Identifying Contradictory and Contrastive Relations between Statements to Outline Web Information on a Given Topic
[C10-2061]: Sadao Kurohashi | Kentaro Inui | Daisuke Kawahara

Pdf Export Search Generative Alignment and Semantic Parsing for Learning from Ambiguous Supervision
[C10-2062]: Raymond Mooney | Joohyun Kim

Pdf Export Search Local Space-Time Smoothing for Version Controlled Documents
[C10-2063]: Seungyeon Kim | Guy Lebanon

Pdf Export Search A Logistic Regression Model of Determiner Omission in PPs
[C10-2064]: Tibor Kiss | Jan Strunk | Katja Keßelmeier | Antje Müller | Claudia Roch | Tobias Stadtfeld

Pdf Export Search Using Syntactic and Semantic based Relations for Dialogue Act Recognition
[C10-2065]: Hans Uszkoreit | Tina Klüwer | Feiyu Xu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Allocation of Training Data for Rapid Prototyping of Speech Understanding based on Multiple Model Combination
[C10-2066]: Kazunori Komatani | Kotaro Funakoshi | Hiroshi G. Okuno | Masaki Katsumaru | Mikio Nakano | Tetsuya Ogata

Pdf Export Search DL Meet FL: A Bidirectional Mapping between Ontologies and Linguistic Knowledge
[C10-2067]: Hans-Ulrich Krieger | Ulrich Schäfer

Pdf Export Search Generating Simulated Relevance Feedback: A Prognostic Search approach
[C10-2068]: Nithin Kumar | Vasudeva Varma

Pdf Export Search Best Topic Word Selection for Topic Labelling
[C10-2069]: Timothy Baldwin | Jey Han Lau | David Newman | Sarvnaz Karimi

Pdf Export Search A Linguistically Grounded Graph Model for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction
[C10-2070]: Beate Dorow | Florian Laws | Hinrich Schütze | Lukas Michelbacher | Christian Scheible | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search A Post-processing Approach to Statistical Word Alignment Reflecting Alignment Tendency between Part-of-speeches
[C10-2071]: Hae-Chang Rim | Gumwon Hong | Young-Sook Hwang | Jae-Hee Lee | Seung-Wook Lee | Sang-Bum Kim

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Multi-lingual Information Extraction via Cross-Media Inference and Fusion
[C10-2072]: Heng Ji | Adam Lee | Marissa Passantino | Guojun Qi | Thomas Huang

Pdf Export Search EM-based Hybrid Model for Bilingual Terminology Extraction from Comparable Corpora
[C10-2073]: Min Zhang | Haizhou Li | Aiti Aw | Lianhau Lee

Pdf Export Search Text Mining for Automatic Image Tagging
[C10-2074]: Rada Mihalcea | Chee Wee Leong | Samer Hassan

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Discriminative Language Model Training for Machine Translation using Simulated Confusion Sets
[C10-2075]: Jason Eisner | Zhifei Li | Ziyuan Wang | Sanjeev Khudanpur

Pdf Export Search Combining Constituent and Dependency Syntactic Views for Chinese Semantic Role Labeling
[C10-2076]: Tiejun Zhao | Qin Lu | Shiqi Li | Pengyuan Liu | Hanjing Li

Pdf Export Search Chinese Frame Identification using T-CRF Model
[C10-2077]: Ru Li | Haijing Liu | Shuanghong Li

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Cues for Distinguishing Literal and Non-Literal Usages
[C10-2078]: Caroline Sporleder | Linlin Li

Pdf Export Search Contextual Recommendation based on Text Mining
[C10-2079]: Yi Zhang | Yize Li | Jiazhong Nie | Bingqing Wang | Baoshi Yan | Fuliang Weng

Pdf Export Search Reexamination on Potential for Personalization in Web Search
[C10-2080]: Sheng Li | Tiejun Zhao | Muyun Yang | Daren Li | HaoLiang Qi

Pdf Export Search Fast-Champollion: A Fast and Robust Sentence Alignment Algorithm
[C10-2081]: Maosong Sun | Peng Li | Ping Xue

Pdf Export Search Tibetan Number Identification Based on Classification of Number Components in Tibetan Word Segmentation
[C10-2082]: Huidan Liu | Weina Zhao | Minghua Nuo | Li Jiang | Jian Wu | Yeping He

Pdf Export Search Collective Semantic Role Labeling on Open News Corpus by Leveraging Redundancy
[C10-2083]: Ming Zhou | Long Jiang | Xiaohua Liu | Kuan Li | Bo Han | Zhongyang Xiong | Daniel Tse

Pdf Export Search Improved Discriminative ITG Alignment using Hierarchical Phrase Pairs and Semi-supervised Training
[C10-2084]: Ming Zhou | Shujie Liu | Chi-Ho Li

Pdf Export Search Visually and Phonologically Similar Characters in Incorrect Simplified Chinese Words
[C10-2085]: Chao-Lin Liu | Min-Hua Lai | Yi-Hsuan Chuang | Chia-Ying Lee

Pdf Export Search Head-modifier Relation based Non-lexical Reordering Model for Phrase-Based Translation
[C10-2086]: Sheng Li | Tiejun Zhao | Min Zhang | Pengyuan Liu | Shui Liu

Pdf Export Search Dependency-Driven Feature-based Learning for Extracting Protein-Protein Interactions from Biomedical Text
[C10-2087]: Bing Liu | Longhua Qian | Guodong Zhou | Hongling Wang

Pdf Export Search A Review Selection Approach for Accurate Feature Rating Estimation
[C10-2088]: Xiaoyan Zhu | Chong Long | Jie Zhang

Pdf Export Search Connective-Based Measuring of the Inter-Annotator Agreement in the Annotation of Discourse in PDT
[C10-2089]: Jiří Mírovský | Lucie Mladová | Šárka Zikánová

Pdf Export Search Opinion Target Extraction in Chinese News Comments
[C10-2090]: Xiaojun Wan | Tengfei Ma

Pdf Export Search Finite-state Scriptural Translation
[C10-2091]: Christian Boitet | M. G. Abbas Malik | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Dimensionality Reduction for Text using Domain Knowledge
[C10-2092]: Guy Lebanon | Yi Mao | Krishnakumar Balasubramanian

Pdf Export Search Varro: An Algorithm and Toolkit for Regular Structure Discovery in Treebanks
[C10-2093]: Scott Martens

Pdf Export Search Instance Sense Induction from Attribute Sets
[C10-2094]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Ricardo Martin-Brualla | Enrique Alfonseca | Marius Pasca | Keith Hall | Enrique Robledo-Arnuncio

Pdf Export Search A Power Mean Based Algorithm for Combining Multiple Alignment Tables
[C10-2095]: Bowen Zhou | Sameer Maskey | Steven Rennie

Pdf Export Search Machine Translation with Lattices and Forests
[C10-2096]: Qun Liu | Haitao Mi | Liang Huang

Pdf Export Search Automatic Persian WordNet Construction
[C10-2097]: Mortaza Montazery | Feshaam Faili

Pdf Export Search Imbalanced Classification Using Dictionary-based Prototypes and Hierarchical Decision Rules for Entity Sense Disambiguation
[C10-2098]: Sophia Ananiadou | Jun’ichi Tsujii | Tingting Mu | Xinglong Wang

Pdf Export Search A Vector Space Model for Subjectivity Classification in Urdu aided by Co-Training
[C10-2099]: Rohini Srihari | Smruthi Mukund

Pdf Export Search Support or Oppose? Classifying Positions in Online Debates from Reply Activities and Opinion Expressions
[C10-2100]: Akiko Murakami | Rudy Raymond

Pdf Export Search Semantic Classification of Automatically Acquired Nouns using Lexico-Syntactic Clues
[C10-2101]: Sadao Kurohashi | Yugo Murawaki

Pdf Export Search A Learnable Constraint-based Grammar Formalism
[C10-2102]: Smaranda Muresan

Pdf Export Search Evaluating performance of grammatical error detection to maximize learning effect
[C10-2103]: Ryo Nagata | Kazuhide Nakatani

Pdf Export Search Kernel-based Reranking for Named-Entity Extraction
[C10-2104]: Giuseppe Riccardi | Alessandro Moschitti | Truc-Vien T. Nguyen

Pdf Export Search Opinion Summarization with Integer Linear Programming Formulation for Sentence Extraction and Ordering
[C10-2105]: Yoshihiro Matsuo | Genichiro Kikui | Hitoshi Nishikawa | Takaaki Hasegawa

Pdf Export Search A Study on Position Information in Document Summarization
[C10-2106]: Wenjie Li | Qin Lu | You Ouyang | Renxian Zhang

Pdf Export Search Evaluating FrameNet-style semantic parsing: the role of coverage gaps in FrameNet
[C10-2107]: Caroline Sporleder | Alexis Palmer

Pdf Export Search Word Space Modeling for Measuring Semantic Specificity in Chinese
[C10-2108]: Ching-Fen Pan | Shu-Kai Hsieh

Pdf Export Search MT Error Detection for Cross-Lingual Question Answering
[C10-2109]: Kathleen McKeown | Kristen Parton

Pdf Export Search The Role of Queries in Ranking Labeled Instances Extracted from Text
[C10-2110]: Marius Pasca

Pdf Export Search Incremental Chinese Lexicon Extraction with Minimal Resources on a Domain-Specific Corpus
[C10-2111]: Gaël Patin

Pdf Export Search Improving Name Origin Recognition with Context Features and Unlabelled Data
[C10-2112]: Min Zhang | Haizhou Li | Vladimir Pervouchine | Ming Liu

Pdf Export Search Filling Knowledge Gaps in Text for Machine Reading
[C10-2113]: Eduard Hovy | Anselmo Peñas

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Parameters for Cross Document Coreference
[C10-2114]: Octavian Popescu

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation Framework for Plagiarism Detection
[C10-2115]: Alberto Barrón-Cedeño | Paolo Rosso | Benno Stein | Martin Potthast

Pdf Export Search Expressing OWL axioms by English sentences: dubious in theory, feasible in practice
[C10-2116]: Richard Power | Allan Third

Pdf Export Search Automatic Committed Belief Tagging
[C10-2117]: Owen Rambow | Vinodkumar Prabhakaran | Mona Diab

Pdf Export Search Realization of Discourse Relations by Other Means: Alternative Lexicalizations
[C10-2118]: Aravind Joshi | Rashmi Prasad | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Designing Agreement Features for Realization Ranking
[C10-2119]: Michael White | Rajakrishnan Rajkumar

Pdf Export Search Web-based and combined language models: a case study on noun compound identification
[C10-2120]: Christian Boitet | Carlos Ramisch | Aline Villavicencio

Pdf Export Search Streaming Cross Document Entity Coreference Resolution
[C10-2121]: Mark Dredze | Paul McNamee | Delip Rao

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Summarization Evaluation without Human Models
[C10-2122]: Horacio Saggion | Juan-Manuel Torres Moreno | Iria da Cunha | Eric SanJuan | Patricia Velazquez-Morales

Pdf Export Search Argument Optionality in the LinGO Grammar Matrix
[C10-2123]: Safiyyah Saleem | Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Log-linear weight optimisation via Bayesian Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation
[C10-2124]: Francisco Casacuberta | Germán Sanchis-Trilles

Pdf Export Search A Global Relaxation Labeling Approach to Coreference Resolution
[C10-2125]: Emili Sapena | Lluís Padró | Jordi Turmo

Pdf Export Search "Expresses-an-opinion-about": using corpus statistics in an information extraction approach to opinion mining
[C10-2126]: Asad B. Sayeed | Hieu C. Nguyen | Timothy J. Meyer | Amy Weinberg

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Translation through Multi-Edge Graphs
[C10-2127]: Florian Laws | Hinrich Schütze | Lukas Michelbacher | Christian Scheible

Pdf Export Search Controlled Natural Languages for Knowledge Representation
[C10-2128]: Rolf Schwitter

Pdf Export Search Informed ways of improving data-driven dependency parsing for German
[C10-2129]: Bernd Bohnet | Wolfgang Seeker | Jonas Kuhn | Lilja Øvrelid

Pdf Export Search Using Clustering to Improve Retrieval Evaluation without Relevance Judgments
[C10-2130]: Peng Li | Zhiwei Shi | Bin Wang

Pdf Export Search A Method for Automatically Generating a Mediatory Summary to Verify Credibility of Information on the Web
[C10-2131]: Tatsunori Mori | Hideyuki Shibuki | Takahiro Nagai | Masahiro Nakano | Rintaro Miyazaki | Madoka Ishioroshi

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Building of Document Keywords
[C10-2132]: Joaquim Silva | Gabriel Lopes

Pdf Export Search Shallow Information Extraction from Medical Forum Data
[C10-2133]: Julia Hockenmaier | ChengXiang Zhai | Parikshit Sondhi | Manish Gupta

Pdf Export Search Bridging Topic Modeling and Personalized Search
[C10-2134]: Sheng Li | Ting Liu | Wei Song | Yu Zhang

Pdf Export Search Notes on the Evaluation of Dependency Parsers Obtained Through Cross-Lingual Projection
[C10-2135]: Kathrin Spreyer

Pdf Export Search Dependency-Based Bracketing Transduction Grammar for Statistical Machine Translation
[C10-2136]: Yang Liu | Qun Liu | Haitao Mi | Yajuan Lv | Jinsong Su | Hongmei Zhao

Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised Semantic Pattern Discovery with Guidance from Unsupervised Pattern Clusters
[C10-2137]: Ralph Grishman | Ang Sun

Pdf Export Search Utilizing Variability of Time and Term Content, within and across Users in Session Detection
[C10-2138]: Sheng Li | Tiejun Zhao | Muyun Yang | Haoliang Qi | Shuqi Sun

Pdf Export Search Word-based and Character-based Word Segmentation Models: Comparison and Combination
[C10-2139]: Weiwei Sun

Pdf Export Search Confidence Measures for Error Discrimination in an Interactive Predictive Parsing Framework
[C10-2140]: Ricardo Sánchez-Sáez | Joan Andreu Sánchez | José Miguel Benedí

Pdf Export Search Learning Web Query Patterns for Imitating Wikipedia Articles
[C10-2141]: Mitsuru Ishizuka | Shohei Tanaka | Naokaki Okazaki

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised WSD in Selectional Preferences with Semantic Redundancy
[C10-2142]: Shiwen Yu | Xuri Tang | Xiaohe Chen | Weiguang Qu

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Models for Cost-Sensitive Active Learning
[C10-2143]: Udo Hahn | Katrin Tomanek

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Multi-word Expressions from Small Parallel Corpora
[C10-2144]: Shuly Wintner | Yulia Tsvetkov

Pdf Export Search Citation Author Topic Model in Expert Search
[C10-2145]: Dan Roth | Julia Hockenmaier | Yuancheng Tu | Nikhil Johri

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Domain Web-Based Algorithm for POS Tagging of Unknown Words
[C10-2146]: Roi Reichart | Ari Rappoport | Shulamit Umansky-Pesin

Pdf Export Search Urdu and Hindi: Translation and sharing of linguistic resources
[C10-2147]: Karthik Visweswariah | Vijil Chenthamarakshan | Nandakishore Kambhatla

Pdf Export Search Phrase Structure Parsing with Dependency Structure
[C10-2148]: Chengqing Zong | Zhiguo Wang

Pdf Export Search Automatic Generation of Semantic Fields for Annotating Web Images
[C10-2149]: Gang Wang | Tat Seng Chua | Chong Wah Ngo | YongCheng Wang

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Cue Phrases for Cross-Corpus Dialogue Act Classification
[C10-2150]: Nick Webb | Michael Ferguson

Pdf Export Search Search with Synonyms: Problems and Solutions
[C10-2151]: Fuchun Peng | Xing Wei | Huishin Tseng | Yumao Lu | Xuerui Wang | Benoit Dumoulin

Pdf Export Search MIEA: a Mutual Iterative Enhancement Approach for Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification
[C10-2152]: Qiong Wu | Songbo Tan | Xueqi Cheng | Miyi Duan

Pdf Export Search Exploring the Use of Word Relation Features for Sentiment Classification
[C10-2153]: Chengqing Zong | Rui Xia

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Translation Rule Extraction with Multiple Parsers
[C10-2154]: Hao Zhang | Jingbo Zhu | Muhua Zhu | Tong Xiao

Pdf Export Search Boosting Relation Extraction with Limited Closed-World Knowledge
[C10-2155]: Hans Uszkoreit | Feiyu Xu | Sebastian Krause | Hong Li

Pdf Export Search Applying Syntactic, Semantic and Discourse Constraints in Chinese Temporal Annotation
[C10-2156]: Nianwen Xue | Yuping Zhou

Pdf Export Search Syntax-Driven Machine Translation as a Model of ESL Revision
[C10-2157]: Huichao Xue | Rebecca Hwa

Pdf Export Search Chasing the ghost: recovering empty categories in the Chinese Treebank
[C10-2158]: Nianwen Xue | Yaqin Yang

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Part of Speech Tagging Using Unambiguous Substitutes from a Statistical Language Model
[C10-2159]: Mehmet Ali Yatbaz | Deniz Yuret

Pdf Export Search Jointly Identifying Entities and Extracting Relations in Encyclopedia Text via A Graphical Model Approach
[C10-2160]: Wai Lam | Xiaofeng Yu

Pdf Export Search Accelerated Training of Maximum Margin Markov Models for Sequence Labeling: A Case Study of NP Chunking
[C10-2161]: Wai Lam | Xiaofeng Yu

Pdf Export Search Semi-automatically Developing Chinese HPSG Grammar from the Penn Chinese Treebank for Deep Parsing
[C10-2162]: Takuya Matsuzaki | Kun Yu | Junichi Tsujii | Miyao Yusuke | Xiangli Wang

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Induction for Deep Broad-Coverage Syntax: A Case Study on German Participles
[C10-2163]: Jonas Kuhn | Sina Zarrieß | Aoife Cahill | Christian Rohrer

Pdf Export Search Fusion of Multiple Features and Ranking SVM for Web-based English-Chinese OOV Term Translation
[C10-2164]: Yuejie Zhang | Yang Wang | Lei Cen | Yanxia Su | Cheng Jin | Xiangyang Xue | Jianping Fan

Pdf Export Search Machine Transliteration: Leveraging on Third Languages
[C10-2165]: Min Zhang | Haizhou Li | Vladimir Pervouchine | Xiangyu Duan

Pdf Export Search Discriminant Ranking for Efficient Treebanking
[C10-2166]: Yi Zhang | Valia Kordoni

Pdf Export Search Extracting and Ranking Product Features in Opinion Documents
[C10-2167]: Lei Zhang | Bing Liu | Suk Hwan Lim | Eamonn O’Brien-Strain

Pdf Export Search Chart Pruning for Fast Lexicalised-Grammar Parsing
[C10-2168]: Stephen Clark | James R. Curran | Laura Rimell | Yue Zhang | Byung-Gyu Ahn | Curt Van Wyk

Pdf Export Search Metaphor Interpretation and Context-based Affect Detection
[C10-2169]: Li Zhang

Pdf Export Search Sentence Ordering with Event-Enriched Semantics and Two-Layered Clustering for Multi-Document News Summarization
[C10-2170]: Wenjie Li | Qin Lu | Renxian Zhang

Pdf Export Search Automatic Temporal Expression Normalization with Reference Time Dynamic-Choosing
[C10-2171]: Xujian Zhao | Peiquan Jin | Lihua Yue

Pdf Export Search Predicting Discourse Connectives for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition
[C10-2172]: Jian Su | Chew Lim Tan | Zhi-Min Zhou | Yu Xu | Zheng-Yu Niu | Man Lan

Pdf Export Search Active Deep Networks for Semi-Supervised Sentiment Classification
[C10-2173]: Shusen Zhou | Qingcai Chen | Xiaolong Wang

Pdf Export Search Dual-Space Re-ranking Model for Document Retrieval
[C10-2174]: Dong Zhou | Seamus Lawless | Jinming Min | Vincent Wade

Pdf Export Search All in Strings: a Powerful String-based Automatic MT Evaluation Metric with Multiple Granularities
[C10-2175]: Sheng Li | Tiejun Zhao | Muyun Yang | Bo Wang | Junguo Zhu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Treebank Conversion via Informed Decoding
[C10-2176]: Jingbo Zhu | Muhua Zhu

Pdf Export Search Imposing Hierarchical Browsing Structures onto Spoken Documents
[C10-2177]: Colin Cherry | Xiaodan Zhu | Gerald Penn

Pdf Export Search Interpreting Pointing Gestures and Spoken Requests – A Probabilistic, Salience-based Approach
[C10-2178]: Ingrid Zukerman | Gideon Kowadlo | Patrick Ye