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Pdf Export Search Companion Volume of the Proceedings of HLT-NAACL 2003 - Demonstrations

Pdf Export Search TIPS: A Translingual Information Processing System
[N03-4001]: Yaser Al-Onaizan | Radu Florian | Martin Franz | Hany Hassan | Young-Suk Lee | J. Scott McCarley | Kishore Papineni | Salim Roukos | Jeffrey Sorensen | Christoph Tillmann | Todd Ward | Fei Xia

Pdf Export Search Alias-i Threat Trackers
[N03-4002]: Breck Baldwin | Bob Carpenter | Aaron Ross

Pdf Export Search DOGHED: A Template-Based Generator for Multimodal Dialog Systems Targeting Heterogeneous Devices
[N03-4003]: Songsak Channarukul | Susan W. McRoy | Syed S. Ali

Pdf Export Search TAP-XL: An Automated Analyst's Assistant
[N03-4004]: Sean Colbath | Francis Kubala

Pdf Export Search A Spoken Dialogue Interface to a Geologist's Field Assistant
[N03-4005]: John Dowding | James Hieronymus

Pdf Export Search QCS: A Tool for Querying, Clustering, and Summarizing Documents
[N03-4006]: Daniel M. Dunlavy | John Conroy | Dianne P. O'Leary

Pdf Export Search Demonstration of the CROSSMARC System
[N03-4007]: Vangelis Karkaletsis | Constantine D. Spyropoulos | Dimitris Souflis | Claire Grover | Ben Hachey | Maria Teresa Pazienza | Michele Vindigni | Emmanuel Cartier | Jose Coch

Pdf Export Search Columbia's Newsblaster: New Features and Future Directions
[N03-4008]: Kathleen McKeown | Regina Barzilay | John Chen | David Elson | David Evans | Judith Klavans | Ani Nenkova | Barry Schiffman | Sergey Sigelman

Pdf Export Search WordFreak: An Open Tool for Linguistic Annotation
[N03-4009]: Thomas Morton | Jeremy LaCivita

Pdf Export Search JAVELIN: A Flexible, Planner-Based Architecture for Question Answering
[N03-4010]: Eric Nyberg | Robert Frederking

Pdf Export Search Automatically Discovering Word Senses
[N03-4011]: Patrick Pantel | Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Semantic Networks from Text using Leximancer
[N03-4012]: Andrew E. Smith

Pdf Export Search pre-CODIE-Crosslingual On-Demand Information Extraction
[N03-4013]: Kiyoshi Sudo | Satoshi Sekine | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Integration of Distributed Semantic Services: Infrastructure for Process Queries and Question Answering
[N03-4014]: Paul Thompson

Pdf Export Search Speechalator: Two-Way Speech-to-Speech Translation in Your Hand
[N03-4015]: Alex Waibel | Ahmed Badran | Alan W Black | Robert Frederking | Donna Gates | Alon Lavie | Lori Levin | Kevin Lenzo | Laura Mayfield Tomokiyo | Juergen Reichert | Tanja Schultz | Dorcas Wallace | Monika Woszczyna | Jing Zhang

Pdf Export Search Monolingual and Bilingual Concept Visualization from Corpora
[N03-4016]: Dominic Widdows | Scott Cederberg

Pdf Export Search Identifying Opinionated Sentences
[N03-4017]: Theresa Wilson | David R. Pierce | Janyce Wiebe