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Pdf Export Search Talking through Procedures: An Intelligent Space Station Procedure Assistant
[E03-2001]: Greg Aist | J. Dowding | B. A. Hockey | M. Rayner | J. Hieronymus | D. Bohus | B. Boven | N. Blaylock | E. Campana | S. Early | G. Gorrell | S. Phan

Pdf Export Search CarSim: An Automatic 3D Text-to-Scene Conversion System Applied to Road Accident Reports
[E03-2002]: Ola Åkerberg | Hans Svensson | Bastian Schulz | Pierre Nugues

Pdf Export Search Controlled Authoring of Biological Experiment Reports
[E03-2003]: Caroline Brun | Marc Dymetman | Eric Fanchon | Stanislas Lhomme

Pdf Export Search A dialogue system with contextually appropriate spoken output intonation
[E03-2004]: Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova | Elena Karagjosova | Kepa Joseba Rodriguez | Stina Ericsson

Pdf Export Search WYSIWYM - building user interfaces with natural language feedback
[E03-2005]: Roger Evans | Richard Power

Pdf Export Search Towards an Adaptive Communication Aid with Ambiguous Text Input
[E03-2006]: Karin Harbusch | Michael Kühn

Pdf Export Search WASPBENCH: a lexicographer's workbench incorporating state-of-the-art word sense disambiguation
[E03-2007]: Adam Kilgarriff | Roger Evans | Rob Koeling | Michael Rundell | David Tugwell

Pdf Export Search Suregen-2: a shell system for the generation of clinical documents
[E03-2008]: Dirk Hüske-Kraus

Pdf Export Search Multilingual adaptations of a reusable information extraction tool
[E03-2009]: Diana Maynard | Hamish Cunningham | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search An Open-Source Environment for Compiling Typed Unification Grammars into Speech Recognisers
[E03-2010]: Manny Rayner | Beth Ann Hockey | John Dowding

Pdf Export Search AGORA. Multilingual Multiplatform Architecture for the development of Natural Language Voice Services
[E03-2011]: Jose Relaño-Gil | Mari Carmen Rodriguez-Gancedo | Luis Villarrubia | Luis Hernández Gomez

Pdf Export Search A Cross Language Document Retrieval System Based on Semantic Annotation
[E03-2012]: Bogdan Sacaleanu | Paul Buitelaar | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Robust Generic and Query-based Summarization
[E03-2013]: Horacio Saggion | Kalina Bontcheva | Hamish Cunningham

Pdf Export Search Event-Coreference across Multiple, Multi-lingual Sources in the Mumis Project
[E03-2014]: Horacio Saggion | Jan Kuper | Hamish Cunningham | Thierry Declerck | Peter Wittenburg | Marco Puts | Eduard Hoenkamp | Franciska de Jong | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search Development of Corpora within the CLaRK System: The BulTreeBank Project Experience
[E03-2015]: Kiril Simov | Alexander Simov | Milen Kouylekov | Krasimira Ivanova | Ilko Grigorov | Hristo Ganev

Pdf Export Search Integrating Natural Language Generation with XML Web Technology
[E03-2016]: Graham Wilcock

Pdf Export Search Question Answering Using Web News as Knowledge Base
[E03-2017]: Zhiping Zheng