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Pdf Export Search INLG'2000 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Natural Language Generation

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Metrics for Generation
[W00-1401]: Srinivas Bangalore | Owen Rambow | Steve Whittaker

Pdf Export Search A Task-based Framework to Evaluate Evaluative Arguments
[W00-1402]: Giuseppe Carenini

Pdf Export Search An empirical study of multilingual natural language generation: What Should a Text Planner Do?
[W00-1403]: Daniel Marcu | Lynn Carlson | Maki Watanabe

Pdf Export Search Document structure and multilingual authoring
[W00-1404]: Caroline Brun | Marc Dymetman | Veronika Lux

Pdf Export Search DTD-driven bilingual document generation
[W00-1405]: Arantza Casillas | Joseb Abaitua | Requel Martinez

Pdf Export Search Towards the Generation of Rebuttals in a Bayesian Argumentation System
[W00-1406]: Nathalie Jitnah | Ingrid Zukerman | Richard McConachy | Sarah George

Pdf Export Search A strategy for generating evaluative arguments
[W00-1407]: Giuseppe Carenini | Johanna Moore

Pdf Export Search Using Argumentation Strategies in Automated Argument Generation
[W00-1408]: Ingrid Zukerman | Richard McConachy | Sarah George

Pdf Export Search An extended architecture for robust generation
[W00-1409]: Tilman Becker | Anne Kilger | Patrice Lopez | Peter Poller

Pdf Export Search Reinterpretation of an Existing NLG System in a Generic Generation Architecture
[W00-1410]: Lynne Cahill | Christy Doran | Roger Evans | Chris Mellish | Daniel Paiva | Mike Reape | Donia Scott | Neil Tipper

Pdf Export Search An integrated framework for text planning and pronominalisation
[W00-1411]: Rodger Kibble | Richard Power

Pdf Export Search Incremental Event Conceptualization and Natural Language Generation in Monitoring Enviroments
[W00-1412]: Markus Guhe | Christopher Habel | Heike Tappe

Pdf Export Search The hyperonym problem revisited: Conceptual and lexical hierarchies in language generation
[W00-1413]: Manfred Stede

Pdf Export Search Generating Referring Quantified Expressions
[W00-1414]: James Shaw | Kathleen McKeown

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Analysis of Constructing Non-restrictive NP Modifiers to Express Semantic Relations
[W00-1415]: Hua Cheng | Chris Mellish

Pdf Export Search On identifying sets
[W00-1416]: Matthew Stone

Pdf Export Search Content aggregation in natural language hypertext summarization of OLAP and Data Mining Discoveries
[W00-1417]: Jacques Robin | Eloi L. Favero

Pdf Export Search Optimising text quality in generation from relational databases
[W00-1418]: Michael O'Donnell | Alistair Knott | Jon Oberlander | Chris Mellish

Pdf Export Search Generating a controlled language
[W00-1419]: Laurence Danlos | Guy Lapalme | Veronika Lux

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Summary Generation in a Speech-To-Speech Translation System for Multilingual Dialogues
[W00-1420]: Jan Alexandersson | Peter Poller | Michael Kipp | Ralf Engel

Pdf Export Search Planning word-order dependant focus assignments
[W00-1421]: Cornelia Endriss | Ralf Klabunde

Pdf Export Search Enriching partially-specified representations for text realization using an attribute grammar
[W00-1422]: Songsak Channarukul | Susan W. McRoy | Syed S. Ali

Pdf Export Search Coordination and context-dependence in the generation of embodied conversation
[W00-1423]: Justine Cassell | Matthew Stone | Hao Yan

Pdf Export Search Generating Vague Descriptions
[W00-1424]: Kees van Deemter

Pdf Export Search Capturing the Interaction between Aggregation and Text Planning in Two Generation Systems
[W00-1425]: Hua Cheng | Chris Mellish

Pdf Export Search Can text structure be incompatible with rhetorical structure?
[W00-1426]: Nadjet Bouayad-Agha | Richard Power | Donia Scott

Pdf Export Search Robust, applied morphological generation
[W00-1427]: Guido Minnen | John Carroll | Darren Pearce

Pdf Export Search Integrating a Large-Scale, Reusable Lexicon with a Natural Language Generator
[W00-1428]: Hongyan Jing | Yael Dahan | Michael Elhadad | Kathy McKeown

Pdf Export Search Knowledge Acquisition for Natural Language Generation
[W00-1429]: Ehud Reiter | Roma Robertson | Liesl Osman

Pdf Export Search From Context to Sentence Form
[W00-1430]: Sabine Geldof

Pdf Export Search The CLEF semi-recursive generation algorithm
[W00-1431]: Rodrigo Reyes

Pdf Export Search Sentence Generation and Neural Networks
[W00-1432]: Kathrine Hammervold

Pdf Export Search Rhetorical Structure in Dialog
[W00-1433]: Amanda Stent

Pdf Export Search RSTTool 2.4 - A markup Tool for Rhetorical Structure Theory
[W00-1434]: Michael O'Donnell

Pdf Export Search Demonstration of ILEX 3.0
[W00-1435]: Michael O'Donnell | Alistair Knott | Jon Oberlander | Chris Mellish

Pdf Export Search A development Environment for an MTT-Based Sentence Generator
[W00-1436]: Bernd Bohnet | Andreas Langjahr | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search YAG: A Template-Based Generator for Real-Time Systems
[W00-1437]: Susan W. McRoy | Songsak Channarukul | Syed S. Ali

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Text Summarizer using Lexical Chains
[W00-1438]: H. Gregory Silber | Kathleen F. McCoy

Pdf Export Search Invited Talk: From lexica-aspectual components to syntax
[W00-1439]: Nomi Erteschik-Shir | T.R. Rapoport

Pdf Export Search Discussion Panel on Evaluation in Generation Research
[W00-1440]: Inderjeet Mani