Claire Gardent | Christian Retoré  
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Pdf Export Search IWCS 2017 — 12th International Conference on Computational Semantics — Short papers
[W17-6900]: Claire Gardent | Christian Retoré

Pdf Export Search Towards Universal Semantic Tagging
[W17-6901]: Lasha Abzianidze | Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search Propbank Annotation of Danish Noun Frames
[W17-6902]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Deep Learning of Binary and Gradient Judgements for Semantic Paraphrase
[W17-6903]: Yuri Bizzoni | Shalom Lappin

Pdf Export Search Living a discrete life in a continuous world: Reference in cross-modal entity tracking
[W17-6904]: Gemma Boleda | Sebastian Padó | Nghia The Pham | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Indexicals and Compositionality: Inside-Out or Outside-In?
[W17-6905]: Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search A Semantically-Based Computational Approach to Narrative Structure
[W17-6906]: Rodolfo Delmonte | Giulia Marchesini

Pdf Export Search Graph Databases for Designing High-Performance Speech Recognition Grammars
[W17-6907]: Maria Di Maro | Marco Valentino | Anna Riccio | Antonio Origlia

Pdf Export Search Bigger does not mean better! We prefer specificity
[W17-6908]: Emmanuelle Dusserre | Muntsa Padró

Pdf Export Search Utilizing Automatic Predicate-Argument Analysis for Concept Map Mining
[W17-6909]: Tobias Falke | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Contextual Characteristics of Concrete and Abstract Words
[W17-6910]: Diego Frassinelli | Daniela Naumann | Jason Utt | Sabine Schulte Im Walde

Pdf Export Search Surprisal and Satisfaction: Towards an Information-theoretic Characterization of Presuppositions with a Diachronic Application
[W17-6911]: Remus Gergel | Martin Kopf-Giammanco | Julia Masloh

Pdf Export Search Incorporating visual features into word embeddings: A bimodal autoencoder-based approach
[W17-6912]: Mika Hasegawa | Tetsunori Kobayashi | Yoshihiko Hayashi

Pdf Export Search Feedback relevance spaces: The organisation of increments in conversation
[W17-6913]: Christine Howes | Arash Eshghi

Pdf Export Search Modeling Quantification with Polysemous Nouns
[W17-6914]: Laura Kallmeyer | Rainer Osswald

Pdf Export Search Textual Inference: getting logic from humans
[W17-6915]: Aikaterini-Lida Kalouli | Livy Real | Valeria de Paiva

Pdf Export Search Situating Word Senses in their Historical Context with Linked Data
[W17-6916]: Fahad Khan | Jack Bowers | Francesca Frontini

Pdf Export Search An Object-oriented Model of Role Framing and Attitude Prediction
[W17-6917]: Manfred Klenner

Pdf Export Search Argument Structure and Referent Systems
[W17-6918]: Marcus Kracht | Yousuf Aboamer

Pdf Export Search Communicating and Acting: Understanding Gesture in Simulation Semantics
[W17-6919]: Nikhil Krishnaswamy | Pradyumna Narayana | Isaac Wang | Kyeongmin Rim | Rahul Bangar | Dhruva Patil | Gururaj Mulay | Ross Beveridge | Jaime Ruiz | Bruce Draper | James Pustejovsky

Pdf Export Search Ambiguss, a game for building a Sense Annotated Corpus for French
[W17-6920]: Mathieu Lafourcade | Nathalie Le Brun

Pdf Export Search The Pragmatics of Indirect Commands in Collaborative Discourse
[W17-6921]: Matthew Lamm | Mihail Eric

Pdf Export Search Are doggies really nicer than dogs? The impact of morphological derivation on emotional valence in German
[W17-6922]: Gabriella Lapesa | Sebastian Pado | Tillmann Pross | Antje Rossdeutscher

Pdf Export Search Compositionality for perceptual classification
[W17-6923]: Staffan Larsson

Pdf Export Search Dual Embeddings and Metrics for Relational Similarity
[W17-6924]: Dandan Li | Douglas Summers-Stay

Pdf Export Search Action Languages and Question Answering
[W17-6925]: Yuliya Lierler | Daniela Inclezan | Michael Gelfond

Pdf Export Search Using Neural Word Embeddings in the Analysis of the Clinical Semantic Verbal Fluency Task
[W17-6926]: Nicklas Linz | Johannes Tröger | Jan Alexandersson | Alexandra König

Pdf Export Search Neural Disambiguation of Causal Lexical Markers Based on Context
[W17-6927]: Eugenio Martínez-Cámara | Vered Shwartz | Iryna Gurevych | Ido Dagan

Pdf Export Search Modeling Derivational Morphology in Ukrainian
[W17-6928]: Mariia Melymuka | Gabriella Lapesa | Max Kisselew | Sebastian Pado

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Metrics for Automatically Generated Metaphorical Expressions
[W17-6929]: Akira Miyazawa | Yusuke Miyao

Pdf Export Search Network Visualisations for Exploring Political Concepts
[W17-6930]: Paul Nulty

Pdf Export Search Distributional Lesk: Effective Knowledge-Based Word Sense Disambiguation
[W17-6931]: Dieke Oele | Gertjan Van Noord

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Induction of Compositional Types for English Adjective-Noun Pairs
[W17-6932]: Wiebke Petersen | Oliver Hellwig

Pdf Export Search There’s no ‘Count or Predict’ but task-based selection for distributional models
[W17-6933]: Martin Riedl | Chris Biemann

Pdf Export Search Role Semantics for Better Models of Implicit Discourse Relations
[W17-6934]: Michael Roth

Pdf Export Search Representation Learning for Answer Selection with LSTM-Based Importance Weighting
[W17-6935]: Andreas Rücklé | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Skip-Prop: Representing Sentences with One Vector Per Proposition
[W17-6936]: Rachel Rudinger | Kevin Duh | Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Handling Multiword Expressions in Causality Estimation
[W17-6937]: Shota Sasaki | Sho Takase | Naoya Inoue | Naoaki Okazaki | Kentaro Inui

Pdf Export Search Vision and Language Integration: Moving beyond Objects
[W17-6938]: Ravi Shekhar | Sandro Pezzelle | Aurelie Herbelot | Moin Nabi | Enver Sangineto | Raffaella Bernardi

Pdf Export Search Can You See the (Linguistic) Difference? Exploring Mass/Count Distinction in Vision
[W17-6939]: David Addison Smith | Sandro Pezzelle | Francesca Franzon | Chiara Zanini | Raffaella Bernardi

Pdf Export Search Sense Embeddings in Knowledge-Based Word Sense Disambiguation
[W17-6940]: Loïc Vial | Benjamin Lecouteux | Didier Schwab

Pdf Export Search LexSubNC: A Dataset of Lexical Substitution for Nominal Compounds
[W17-6941]: Rodrigo Wilkens | Leonardo Zilio | Silvio Ricardo Cordeiro | Felipe Paula | Carlos Ramisch | Marco Idiart | Aline Villavicencio

Pdf Export Search Exploring Soft-Clustering for German (Particle) Verbs across Frequency Ranges
[W17-6942]: Moritz Wittmann | Maximilian Köper | Sabine Schulte Im Walde

Pdf Export Search Towards Semantic Modeling of Contradictions and Disagreements: A Case Study of Medical Guidelines
[W17-6943]: Wlodek Zadrozny | Hossein Hematialam | Luciana Garbayo

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of PredPatt and Open IE via Stage 1 Semantic Role Labeling
[W17-6944]: Sheng Zhang | Rachel Rudinger | Benjamin Van Durme