Sameer Pradhan | Marianna Apidianaki  
Berlin, Germany 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of ACL-2016 System Demonstrations
[P16-4000]: Sameer Pradhan | Marianna Apidianaki

Pdf Export Search POLYGLOT: Multilingual Semantic Role Labeling with Unified Labels
[P16-4001]: Alan Akbik | Yunyao Li

Pdf Export Search Online Information Retrieval for Language Learning
[P16-4002]: Maria Chinkina | Madeeswaran Kannan | Detmar Meurers

Pdf Export Search Terminology Extraction with Term Variant Detection
[P16-4003]: Damien Cram | Beatrice Daille

Pdf Export Search DeepLife: An Entity-aware Search, Analytics and Exploration Platform for Health and Life Sciences
[P16-4004]: Patrick Ernst | Amy Siu | Dragan Milchevski | Johannes Hoffart | Gerhard Weikum

Pdf Export Search Visualizing and Curating Knowledge Graphs over Time and Space
[P16-4005]: Tong Ge | Yafang Wang | Gerard de Melo | Haofeng Li | Baoquan Chen

Pdf Export Search A Web-framework for ODIN Annotation
[P16-4006]: Ryan Georgi | Michael Wayne Goodman | Fei Xia

Pdf Export Search Real-Time Discovery and Geospatial Visualization of Mobility and Industry Events from Large-Scale, Heterogeneous Data Streams
[P16-4007]: Leonhard Hennig | Philippe Thomas | Renlong Ai | Johannes Kirschnick | He Wang | Jakob Pannier | Nora Zimmermann | Sven Schmeier | Feiyu Xu | Jan Ostwald | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search TranscRater: a Tool for Automatic Speech Recognition Quality Estimation
[P16-4008]: Shahab Jalalvand | Matteo Negri | Marco Turchi | José G. C. de Souza | Falavigna Daniele | Mohammed R. H. Qwaider

Pdf Export Search TMop: a Tool for Unsupervised Translation Memory Cleaning
[P16-4009]: Masoud Jalili Sabet | Matteo Negri | Marco Turchi | José G. C. de Souza | Marcello Federico

Pdf Export Search MMFeat: A Toolkit for Extracting Multi-Modal Features
[P16-4010]: Douwe Kiela

Pdf Export Search JEDI: Joint Entity and Relation Detection using Type Inference
[P16-4011]: Johannes Kirschnick | Holmer Hemsen | Volker Markl

Pdf Export Search OpenDial: A Toolkit for Developing Spoken Dialogue Systems with Probabilistic Rules
[P16-4012]: Pierre Lison | Casey Kennington

Pdf Export Search MUSEEC: A Multilingual Text Summarization Tool
[P16-4013]: Marina Litvak | Natalia Vanetik | Mark Last | Elena Churkin

Pdf Export Search Language Muse: Automated Linguistic Activity Generation for English Language Learners
[P16-4014]: Nitin Madnani | Jill Burstein | John Sabatini | Kietha Biggers | Slava Andreyev

Pdf Export Search ccg2lambda: A Compositional Semantics System
[P16-4015]: Pascual Martínez-Gómez | Koji Mineshima | Yusuke Miyao | Daisuke Bekki

Pdf Export Search MeTA: A Unified Toolkit for Text Retrieval and Analysis
[P16-4016]: Sean Massung | Chase Geigle | ChengXiang Zhai

Pdf Export Search MDSWriter: Annotation Tool for Creating High-Quality Multi-Document Summarization Corpora
[P16-4017]: Christian M. Meyer | Darina Benikova | Margot Mieskes | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Jigg: A Framework for an Easy Natural Language Processing Pipeline
[P16-4018]: Hiroshi Noji | Yusuke Miyao

Pdf Export Search An Advanced Press Review System Combining Deep News Analysis and Machine Learning Algorithms
[P16-4019]: Danuta Ploch | Andreas Lommatzsch | Florian Schultze

Pdf Export Search Personalized Exercises for Preposition Learning
[P16-4020]: John Lee | Mengqi Luo

Pdf Export Search My Science Tutor—Learning Science with a Conversational Virtual Tutor
[P16-4021]: Sameer Pradhan | Ron Cole | Wayne Ward

Pdf Export Search pigeo: A Python Geotagging Tool
[P16-4022]: Afshin Rahimi | Trevor Cohn | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Creating Interactive Macaronic Interfaces for Language Learning
[P16-4023]: Adithya Renduchintala | Rebecca Knowles | Philipp Koehn | Jason Eisner

Pdf Export Search Roleo: Visualising Thematic Fit Spaces on the Web
[P16-4024]: Asad Sayeed | Xudong Hong | Vera Demberg

Pdf Export Search MediaGist: A Cross-lingual Analyser of Aggregated News and Commentaries
[P16-4025]: Josef Steinberger

Pdf Export Search GoWvis: A Web Application for Graph-of-Words-based Text Visualization and Summarization
[P16-4026]: Antoine Tixier | Konstantinos Skianis | Michalis Vazirgiannis

Pdf Export Search LiMoSINe Pipeline: Multilingual UIMA-based NLP Platform
[P16-4027]: Olga Uryupina | Barbara Plank | Gianni Barlacchi | Francisco J Valverde-Albacete | Manos Tsagkias | Antonio Uva | Alessandro Moschitti

Pdf Export Search new/s/leak – Information Extraction and Visualization for Investigative Data Journalists
[P16-4028]: Seid Muhie Yimam | Heiner Ulrich | Tatiana von Landesberger | Marcel Rosenbach | Michaela Regneri | Alexander Panchenko | Franziska Lehmann | Uli Fahrer | Chris Biemann | Kathrin Ballweg