Kevin Bretonnel Cohen | Dina Demner-Fushman | Sophia Ananiadou | John Pestian | Jun'ichi Tsujii | Bonnie Webber  
WS | BioNLP  
Portland, Oregon, USA 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of BioNLP 2011 Workshop
[W11-0200]: Kevin Bretonnel Cohen | Dina Demner-Fushman | Sophia Ananiadou | John Pestian | Jun'ichi Tsujii | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Not all links are equal: Exploiting Dependency Types for the Extraction of Protein-Protein Interactions from Text
[W11-0201]: Philippe Thomas | Stefan Pietschmann | Ill├Ęs Solt | Domonkos Tikk | Ulf Leser

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Entailment Detection between Dependency Graph Fragments
[W11-0202]: Marek Rei | Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Learning Phenotype Mapping for Integrating Large Genetic Data
[W11-0203]: Chun-Nan Hsu | Cheng-Ju Kuo | Congxing Cai | Sarah Pendergrass | Marylyn Ritchie | Jose Luis Ambite

Pdf Export Search EVEX: A PubMed-Scale Resource for Homology-Based Generalization of Text Mining Predictions
[W11-0204]: Sofie Van Landeghem | Filip Ginter | Yves Van de Peer | Tapio Salakoski

Pdf Export Search Fast and simple semantic class assignment for biomedical text
[W11-0205]: K. Bretonnel Cohen | Thomas Christiansen | William Baumgartner Jr. | Karin Verspoor | Lawrence Hunter

Pdf Export Search The Role of Information Extraction in the Design of a Document Triage Application for Biocuration
[W11-0206]: Sandeep Pokkunuri | Cartic Ramakrishnan | Ellen Riloff | Eduard Hovy | Gully Burns

Pdf Export Search Medical Entity Recognition: A Comparaison of Semantic and Statistical Methods
[W11-0207]: Asma Ben Abacha | Pierre Zweigenbaum

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Huge Training Data for Bio-Medical Named Entity Recognition
[W11-0208]: Yu Usami | Han-Cheol Cho | Naoaki Okazaki | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Building frame-based corpus on the basis of ontological domain knowledge
[W11-0209]: He Tan | Rajaram Kaliyaperumal | Nirupama Benis

Pdf Export Search Building a Coreference-Annotated Corpus from the Domain of Biochemistry
[W11-0210]: Riza Theresa Batista-Navarro | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Towards Morphologically Annotated Corpus of Hospital Discharge Reports in Polish
[W11-0211]: Malgorzata Marciniak | Agnieszka Mykowiecka

Pdf Export Search In Search of Protein Locations
[W11-0212]: Catherine Blake | Wu Zheng

Pdf Export Search Automatic extraction of data deposition statements: where do the research results go?
[W11-0213]: Aurelie Neveol | W. John Wilbur | Zhiyong Lu

Pdf Export Search From Pathways to Biomolecular Events: Opportunities and Challenges
[W11-0214]: Tomoko Ohta | Sampo Pyysalo | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Towards Exhaustive Event Extraction for Protein Modifications
[W11-0215]: Sampo Pyysalo | Tomoko Ohta | Makoto Miwa | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search A Study on Dependency Tree Kernels for Automatic Extraction of Protein-Protein Interaction
[W11-0216]: Faisal Md. Chowdhury | Alberto Lavelli | Alessandro Moschitti

Pdf Export Search Hypothesis and Evidence Extraction from Full-Text Scientific Journal Articles
[W11-0217]: Elizabeth White | K. Bretonnel Cohen | Larry Hunter

Pdf Export Search SimSem: Fast Approximate String Matching in Relation to Semantic Category Disambiguation
[W11-0218]: Pontus Stenetorp | Sampo Pyysalo | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Building Timelines from Narrative Clinical Records: Initial Results Based-on Deep Natural Language Understanding
[W11-0219]: Hyuckchul Jung | James Allen | Nate Blaylock | William de Beaumont | Lucian Galescu | Mary Swift

Pdf Export Search Text Mining Techniques for Leveraging Positively Labeled Data
[W11-0220]: Lana Yeganova | Donald C. Comeau | Won Kim | W. John Wilbur

Pdf Export Search Parsing Natural Language Queries for Life Science Knowledge
[W11-0221]: Tadayoshi Hara | Yuka Tateisi | Jin-Dong Kim | Yusuke Miyao

Pdf Export Search Unlocking Medical Ontologies for Non-Ontology Experts
[W11-0222]: Shao Fen Liang | Donia Scott | Robert Stevens | Alan Rector

Pdf Export Search Self-training and co-training in biomedical word sense disambiguation
[W11-0223]: Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Alan Aronson

Pdf Export Search Medstract - The Next Generation
[W11-0224]: Marc Verhagen | James Pustejovsky

Pdf Export Search ThaiHerbMiner: A Thai Herbal Medicine Mining and Visualizing Tool
[W11-0225]: Choochart Haruechaiyasak | Jaruwat Pailai | Wasna Viratyosin | Rachada Kongkachandra