Kevin Cohen | Dina Demner-Fushman | Sophia Ananiadou | Jun-ichi Tsujii  
WS | BioNLP  
Baltimore, Maryland 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of BioNLP 2014
[W14-3400]: Kevin Cohen | Dina Demner-Fushman | Sophia Ananiadou | Jun-ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Processing Methods for Enhancing Geographic Metadata for Phylogeography of Zoonotic Viruses
[W14-3401]: Tasnia Tahsin | Robert Rivera | Rachel Beard | Rob Lauder | Davy Weissenbacher | Matthew Scotch | Garrick Wallstrom | Graciela Gonzalez

Pdf Export Search Temporal Expression Recognition for Cell Cycle Phase Concepts in Biomedical Literature
[W14-3402]: Negacy Hailu | Natalya Panteleyeva | Kevin Cohen

Pdf Export Search Classifying Negative Findings in Biomedical Publications
[W14-3403]: Bei Yu | Daniele Fanelli

Pdf Export Search Automated Disease Normalization with Low Rank Approximations
[W14-3404]: Robert Leaman | Zhiyong Lu

Pdf Export Search Decomposing Consumer Health Questions
[W14-3405]: Kirk Roberts | Halil Kilicoglu | Marcelo Fiszman | Dina Demner-Fushman

Pdf Export Search Detecting Health Related Discussions in Everyday Telephone Conversations for Studying Medical Events in the Lives of Older Adults
[W14-3406]: Golnar Sheikhshab | Izhak Shafran | Jeffrey Kaye

Pdf Export Search Coreference Resolution for Structured Drug Product Labels
[W14-3407]: Halil Kilicoglu | Dina Demner-Fushman

Pdf Export Search Generating Patient Problem Lists from the ShARe Corpus using SNOMED CT/SNOMED CT CORE Problem List
[W14-3408]: Danielle Mowery | Mindy Ross | Sumithra Velupillai | Stephane Meystre | Janyce Wiebe | Wendy Chapman

Pdf Export Search A System for Predicting ICD-10-PCS Codes from Electronic Health Records
[W14-3409]: Michael Subotin | Anthony Davis

Pdf Export Search Structuring Operative Notes using Active Learning
[W14-3410]: Kirk Roberts | Sanda Harabagiu | Michael Skinner

Pdf Export Search Chunking Clinical Text Containing Non-Canonical Language
[W14-3411]: Aleksandar Savkov | John Carroll | Jackie Cassell

Pdf Export Search Decision Style in a Clinical Reasoning Corpus
[W14-3412]: Limor Hochberg | Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm | Esa M. Rantanen | Caroline M. DeLong | Anne Haake

Pdf Export Search Temporal Expressions in Swedish Medical Text – A Pilot Study
[W14-3413]: Sumithra Velupillai

Pdf Export Search A repository of semantic types in the MIMIC II database clinical notes
[W14-3414]: Richard Osborne | Alan Aronson | Kevin Cohen

Pdf Export Search Extracting drug indications and adverse drug reactions from Spanish health social media
[W14-3415]: Isabel Segura-Bedmar | Santiago de la Peña González | Paloma Martínez

Pdf Export Search Symptom extraction issue
[W14-3416]: Laure Martin | Delphine Battistelli | Thierry Charnois

Pdf Export Search Seeking Informativeness in Literature Based Discovery
[W14-3417]: Judita Preiss

Pdf Export Search Towards Gene Recognition from Rare and Ambiguous Abbreviations using a Filtering Approach
[W14-3418]: Matthias Hartung | Roman Klinger | Matthias Zwick | Philipp Cimiano

Pdf Export Search FFTM: A Fuzzy Feature Transformation Method for Medical Documents
[W14-3419]: Amir Karami | Aryya Gangopadhyay

Pdf Export Search Using statistical parsing to detect agrammatic aphasia
[W14-3420]: Kathleen C. Fraser | Graeme Hirst | Jed A. Meltzer | Jennifer E. Mack | Cynthia K. Thompson