Martin Kay | Christian Boitet  
Mumbai, India 
The COLING 2012 Organizing Committee 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of COLING 2012
[C12-1000]: Christian Boitet | Martin Kay

Pdf Export Search Multi-Dimensional Feature Merger for Question Answering
[C12-1001]: Jennifer Chu-Carroll | Apoorv Agarwal | J William Murdock | Adam Lally | Aditya Kalyanpur

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Discovery of Relations and Discriminative Extraction Patterns
[C12-1002]: Alan Akbik | Larysa Visengeriyeva | Priska Herger | Holmer Hemsen | Alexander Löser

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Point of View Differences in Wikipedia
[C12-1003]: Hinrich Schütze | Khalid Al Khatib | Cathleen Kantner

Pdf Export Search SpeedRead: A Fast Named Entity Recognition Pipeline
[C12-1004]: Rami Al-Rfou’ | Steven Skiena

Pdf Export Search Experiments with Term Translation
[C12-1005]: Mihael Arcan | Christian Federmann | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search The Floating Arabic Dictionary: An Automatic Method for Updating a Lexical Database through the Detection and Lemmatization of Unknown Words
[C12-1006]: Josef van Genabith | Mohammed Attia | Younes Samih | Khaled Shaalan

Pdf Export Search Contribution of Complex Lexical Information to Solve Syntactic Ambiguity in Basque
[C12-1007]: Kepa Sarasola | Eneko Agirre | Aitziber Atutxa

Pdf Export Search Comparative Quality Estimation: Automatic Sentence-Level Ranking of Multiple Machine Translation Outputs
[C12-1008]: Eleftherios Avramidis

Pdf Export Search Constructing Reference Semantic Predictions from Biomedical Knowledge Sources
[C12-1009]: Demeke Ayele | Jean-Pierre Chevallet | Million Meshesha | Getnet Kassie

Pdf Export Search Translation Quality-Based Supplementary Data Selection by Incremental Update of Translation Models
[C12-1010]: Andy Way | Josef van Genabith | Pratyush Banerjee | Sudip Kumar Naskar | Johann Roturier

Pdf Export Search Text Reuse Detection using a Composition of Text Similarity Measures
[C12-1011]: Iryna Gurevych | Daniel Bär | Torsten Zesch

Pdf Export Search Deriving Paraphrases for Highly Inflected Languages from Comparable Documents
[C12-1012]: Kfir Bar | Nachum Dershowitz

Pdf Export Search Harvesting Parallel Text in Multiple Languages with Limited Supervision
[C12-1013]: Srinivas Bangalore | Luciano Barbosa | Vivek Kumar Rangarajan Sridhar | Mahsa Yarmohammadi

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Statistical Post-Editing Systems Applied to RBMT and SMT Systems
[C12-1014]: Josef van Genabith | Yifan He | Yanjun Ma | Hanna Béchara | Raphaël Rubino

Pdf Export Search Prague Dependency Treebank 2.5 – a Revisited Version of PDT 2.0
[C12-1015]: Eduard Bejček | Jarmila Panevová | Jan Popelka | Pavel Straňák | Magda Ševčíková | Jan Štěpánek | Zdeněk Žabokrtský

Pdf Export Search Deriving a Lexicon for a Precision Grammar from Language Documentation Resources: A Case Study of Chintang
[C12-1016]: Emily M. Bender | Robert Schikowski | Balthasar Bickel

Pdf Export Search Quantifying Semantics using Complex Network Analysis
[C12-1017]: Chris Biemann | Stefanie Roos | Karsten Weihe

Pdf Export Search Improvements to Training an RNN parser
[C12-1018]: Richard Billingsley | James Curran

Pdf Export Search Thread Specific Features are Helpful for Identifying Subjectivity Orientation of Online Forum Threads
[C12-1019]: Prakhar Biyani | Sumit Bhatia | Cornelia Caragea | Prasenjit Mitra

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Generation for Nature Conservation: Automating Feedback to Help Volunteers Identify Bumblebee Species
[C12-1020]: Chris Mellish | Advaith Siddharthan | Steven Blake | Hien Nguyen | Nirwan Sharma | Anne-Marie Robinson | Elaine O’Mahony | Ben Darvill | Rene van der Wal

Pdf Export Search Studying the Effect of Input Size for Bayesian Word Segmentation on the Providence Corpus
[C12-1021]: Mark Johnson | Katherine Demuth | Benjamin Börschinger

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Language Modelling of German Compounds
[C12-1022]: Jan A. Botha | Chris Dyer | Phil Blunsom

Pdf Export Search Can Spanish Be Simpler? LexSiS: Lexical Simplification for Spanish
[C12-1023]: Horacio Saggion | Stefan Bott | Luz Rello | Biljana Drndarevic

Pdf Export Search Identification of Social Acts in Dialogue
[C12-1024]: David Bracewell | Marc Tomlinson | Hui Wang

Pdf Export Search Robust, Lexicalized Native Language Identification
[C12-1025]: Graeme Hirst | Julian Brooke

Pdf Export Search Identifying Urdu Complex Predication via Bigram Extraction
[C12-1026]: Miriam Butt | Tina Bögel | Annette Hautli | Sebastian Sulger | Tafseer Ahmed

Pdf Export Search Native Language Identification using Recurring $n$-grams – Investigating Abstraction and Domain Dependence
[C12-1027]: Detmar Meurers | Serhiy Bykh

Pdf Export Search Analysis and Enhancement of Wikification for Microblogs with Context Expansion
[C12-1028]: Heng Ji | Taylor Cassidy | Lev-Arie Ratinov | Arkaitz Zubiaga | Hongzhao Huang

Pdf Export Search On the Effectiveness of using Sentence Compression Models for Query-Focused Multi-Document Summarization
[C12-1029]: Yllias Chali | Sadid A. Hasan

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Topical Question Generation
[C12-1030]: Yllias Chali | Sadid A. Hasan

Pdf Export Search Adjective Deletion for Linguistic Steganography and Secret Sharing
[C12-1031]: Stephen Clark | Ching-Yun Chang

Pdf Export Search The Secret’s in the Word Order: Text-to-Text Generation for Linguistic Steganography
[C12-1032]: Stephen Clark | Ching-Yun Chang

Pdf Export Search Joint Modeling for Chinese Event Extraction with Rich Linguistic Features
[C12-1033]: Vincent Ng | Chen Chen

Pdf Export Search A Simplification-Translation-Restoration Framework for Cross-Domain SMT Applications
[C12-1034]: Hsin-Hsi Chen | Han-Bin Chen | Hen-Hsen Huang | Ching-Ting Tan

Pdf Export Search A Semi-Supervised Bayesian Network Model for Microblog Topic Classification
[C12-1035]: Tat-Seng Chua | Yan Chen | Zhoujun Li | Liqiang Nie | Xia Hu | Xiangyu Wang | Xiaoming Zhang

Pdf Export Search A System for Multilingual Sentiment Learning On Large Data Sets
[C12-1036]: Alex Cheng | Oles Zhulyn

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Russian Sentiment Lexicon for Product Meta-Domain
[C12-1037]: Ilia Chetviorkin | Natalia Loukachevitch

Pdf Export Search Problems in Evaluating Grammatical Error Detection Systems
[C12-1038]: Martin Chodorow | Markus Dickinson | Ross Israel | Joel Tetreault

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Morphological Analysis for Information Retrieval in the Biomedical Domain
[C12-1039]: Vincent Claveau

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Approach to Finding Phenotype Candidates in Genetic Texts
[C12-1040]: Nigel Collier | Ai Kawazoe | Mai-Vu Tran | Hoang-Quynh Le | Anika Oellrich | Martin Hall-May | Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann

Pdf Export Search Using Argumentative Zones for Extractive Summarization of Scientific Articles
[C12-1041]: Anna Korhonen | Danish Contractor | Yufan Guo

Pdf Export Search Annotation Tools and Knowledge Representation for a Text-To-Scene System
[C12-1042]: Richard Sproat | Bob Coyne | Alex Klapheke | Masoud Rouhizadeh | Daniel Bauer

Pdf Export Search Towards Efficient HPSG Generation for German, a Non-Configurational Language
[C12-1043]: Berthold Crysmann | Woodley Packard

Pdf Export Search A Corpus-Based Study of Edit Categories in Featured and Non-Featured Wikipedia Articles
[C12-1044]: Iryna Gurevych | Johannes Daxenberger

Pdf Export Search A Computational Cognitive Model for Semantic Sub-Network Extraction from Natural Language Queries
[C12-1045]: Suman Deb Roy | Wenjun Zeng

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Domain-Specific Bilingual Lexicon from Comparable Corpora: Compositional Translation and Ranking
[C12-1046]: Estelle Delpech | Béatrice Daille | Emmanuel Morin | Claire Lemaire

Pdf Export Search Twitter Topic Summarization by Ranking Tweets using Social Influence and Content Quality
[C12-1047]: Ming Zhou | Furu Wei | Yajuan Duan | Heung-Yeung Shum | Zhumin Chen

Pdf Export Search S-Restricted Monotone Alignments: Algorithm, Search Space, and Applications
[C12-1048]: Steffen Eger

Pdf Export Search Mining Words in the Minds of Second Language Learners: Learner-Specific Word Difficulty
[C12-1049]: Hiroshi Nakagawa | Yo Ehara | Issei Sato | Hidekazu Oiwa

Pdf Export Search Jointly Disambiguating and Clustering Concepts and Entities with Markov Logic
[C12-1050]: Michael Strube | Angela Fahrni

Pdf Export Search Flexible Structural Analysis of Near-Meet-Semilattices for Typed Unification-Based Grammar Design
[C12-1051]: Gerald Penn | Rouzbeh Farahmand

Pdf Export Search Stacking of Dependency and Phrase Structure Parsers
[C12-1052]: Bernd Bohnet | Richárd Farkas

Pdf Export Search Semantic Cohesion Model for Phrase-Based SMT
[C12-1053]: Hermann Ney | Weiwei Sun | Minwei Feng

Pdf Export Search Comparing Taxonomies for Organising Collections of Documents
[C12-1054]: Mark Stevenson | Eneko Agirre | Samuel Fernando | Mark Hall | Aitor Soroa | Paul Clough

Pdf Export Search Modeling the Complexity of Manual Annotation Tasks: a Grid of Analysis
[C12-1055]: Karën Fort | Adeline Nazarenko | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search Extractive Multi-Document Summarization with Integer Linear Programming and Support Vector Regression
[C12-1056]: Ion Androutsopoulos | Dimitrios Galanis | Gerasimos Lampouras

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Topical Relevance Models
[C12-1057]: Debasis Ganguly | Johannes Leveling | Gareth Jones

Pdf Export Search Structured Term Recognition in Medical Text
[C12-1058]: Alfio Gliozzo | Michael Glass

Pdf Export Search A Dynamic Oracle for Arc-Eager Dependency Parsing
[C12-1059]: Joakim Nivre | Yoav Goldberg

Pdf Export Search Statistical Mechanical Analysis of Semantic Orientations on Lexical Network
[C12-1060]: Takuma Goto | Yoshiyuki Kabashima | Hiroya Takamura

Pdf Export Search Finding Thoughtful Comments from Social Media
[C12-1061]: Swapna Gottipati | Jing Jiang

Pdf Export Search A Distributed Platform for Sanskrit Processing
[C12-1062]: Pawan Goyal | Gérard Huet | Amba Kulkarni | Peter Scharf | Ralph Bunker

Pdf Export Search Understanding the Performance of Statistical MT Systems: A Linear Regression Framework
[C12-1063]: Stephan Vogel | Francisco Guzman

Pdf Export Search Geolocation Prediction in Social Media Data by Finding Location Indicative Words
[C12-1064]: Timothy Baldwin | Bo Han | Paul Cook

Pdf Export Search Readability Classification for German using Lexical, Syntactic, and Morphological Features
[C12-1065]: Detmar Meurers | Julia Hancke | Sowmya Vajjala

Pdf Export Search Walk-based Computation of Contextual Word Similarity
[C12-1066]: Yuji Matsumoto | Kazuo Hara | Ikumi Suzuki | Masashi Shimbo

Pdf Export Search Flexible Japanese Sentence Compression by Relaxing Unit Constraints
[C12-1067]: Sadao Kurohashi | Jun Harashima

Pdf Export Search Approximating Theoretical Linguistics Classification in Real Data: the Case of German “nach” Particle Verbs
[C12-1068]: Ulrich Heid | Wolfgang Seeker | Boris Haselbach | Kerstin Eckart | Kurt Eberle

Pdf Export Search Bridging the Gap between Intrinsic and Perceived Relevance in Snippet Generation
[C12-1069]: Jian-Yun Nie | Jing He | Pablo Duboue

Pdf Export Search A Comparison and Improvement of Online Learning Algorithms for Sequence Labeling
[C12-1070]: Houfeng Wang | Zhengyan He

Pdf Export Search Creating an Extended Named Entity Dictionary from Wikipedia
[C12-1071]: Yoshihiro Matsuo | Ryuichiro Higashinaka | Kugatsu Sadamitsu | Kuniko Saito | Toshiro Makino

Pdf Export Search Statistical Method of Building Dialect Language Models for ASR Systems
[C12-1072]: Shinsuke Mori | Hiroshi G. Okuno | Naoki Hirayama

Pdf Export Search Tailored Feature Extraction for Lexical Disambiguation of English Verbs Based on Corpus Pattern Analysis
[C12-1073]: Martin Holub | Silvie Cinková | Eckhard Bick | Vincent Kríž

Pdf Export Search Method Mention Extraction from Scientific Research Papers
[C12-1074]: Hospice Houngbo | Robert E. Mercer

Pdf Export Search Context-Enhanced Personalized Social Summarization
[C12-1075]: Donghong Ji | Po Hu | Chong Teng | Yujing Guo

Pdf Export Search Tweet Ranking Based on Heterogeneous Networks
[C12-1076]: Jiawei Han | Heng Ji | Arkaitz Zubiaga | Hongzhao Huang | Hongbo Deng | Dong Wang | Hieu Le | Tarek Abdelzaher | Alice Leung | John Hancock | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Improved Combinatory Categorial Grammar Induction with Boundary Words and Bayesian Inference
[C12-1077]: Min Zhang | Yun Huang | Chew-Lim Tan

Pdf Export Search Mining Rules for Rewriting States in a Transition-based Dependency Parser for English
[C12-1078]: Akihiro Inokuchi | Ayumu Yamaoka

Pdf Export Search Coreference Resolution with ILP-based Weighted Abduction
[C12-1079]: Kentaro Inui | Naoya Inoue | Ekaterina Ovchinnikova | Jerry Hobbs

Pdf Export Search $N$-gram Fragment Sequence Based Unsupervised Domain-Specific Document Readability
[C12-1080]: Wai Lam | Shoaib Jameel | Xiaojun Qian

Pdf Export Search Using Knowledge and Constraints To Find the Best Antecedent
[C12-1081]: Dan Roth | Prateek Jindal

Pdf Export Search Towards a Generic and Flexible Citation Classifier Based on a Faceted Classification Scheme
[C12-1082]: Hinrich Schütze | Charles Jochim

Pdf Export Search Semantics-Based Machine Translation with Hyperedge Replacement Grammars
[C12-1083]: Kevin Knight | Daniel Bauer | Bevan Jones | Jacob Andreas | Karl Moritz Hermann

Pdf Export Search Answering Yes/No Questions via Question Inversion
[C12-1084]: John Prager | Hiroshi Kanayama | Yusuke Miyao

Pdf Export Search Improving Topic Classification for Highly Inflective Languages
[C12-1085]: Walter Daelemans | Jurgita Kapociute-Dzikiene | Frederik Vaassen | Algis Krupavičius

Pdf Export Search Generating “A for Alpha” When There Are Thousands of Characters
[C12-1086]: Manabu Okumura | Ryohei Sasano | Hiroya Takamura | Hiroaki Kawasaki

Pdf Export Search A Machine Learning Approach for Phenotype Name Recognition
[C12-1087]: Maryam Khordad | Robert E Mercer | Peter Rogan

Pdf Export Search Improving Combinatory Categorial Grammar Parse Reranking with Dependency Grammar Features
[C12-1088]: Mark Johnson | James Curran | Sunghwan Mac Kim | Dominick Ng

Pdf Export Search Inducing Crosslingual Distributed Representations of Words
[C12-1089]: Alexandre Klementiev | Ivan Titov | Binod Bhattarai

Pdf Export Search Exploring Local and Global Semantic Information for Event Pronoun Resolution
[C12-1090]: Guodong Zhou | Fang Kong

Pdf Export Search Semantic Processing of Compounds in Indian Languages
[C12-1091]: Amba Kulkarni | Soma Paul | Malhar Kulkarni | Anil Kumar | Nitesh Surtani

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Japanese-Chinese Opinion Word Translation using Dependency Distance and Feature-Opinion Association Weight
[C12-1092]: Richard Tzong-Han Tsai | Guo-Hau Lai | Ying-Mei Guo

Pdf Export Search On-line Trend Analysis with Topic Models: \#twitter Trends Detection Topic Model Online
[C12-1093]: Timothy Baldwin | Nigel Collier | Jey Han Lau

Pdf Export Search Learning Compositional Semantics for Open Domain Semantic Parsing
[C12-1094]: Phong Le | Willem Zuidema

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Different Methods for Automatically Collecting Large General Corpora for Basque from the Web
[C12-1095]: Igor Leturia

Pdf Export Search Approximate Sentence Retrieval for Scalable and Efficient Example-Based Machine Translation
[C12-1096]: Debasis Ganguly | Johannes Leveling | Gareth Jones | Sandipan Dandapat

Pdf Export Search Improving Text Normalization using Character-Blocks Based Models and System Combination
[C12-1097]: Yang Liu | Chen Li

Pdf Export Search Update Summarization using a Multi-level Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Model
[C12-1098]: Jiwei Li | Sujian Li | Xun Wang | Ye Tian | Baobao Chang

Pdf Export Search Employing Morphological Structures and Sememes for Chinese Event Extraction
[C12-1099]: Guodong Zhou | Peifeng Li

Pdf Export Search Joint Modeling of Trigger Identification and Event Type Determination in Chinese Event Extraction
[C12-1100]: Guodong Zhou | Qiaoming Zhu | Peifeng Li | Hongjun Diao

Pdf Export Search Integrating Surface and Abstract Features for Robust Cross-Domain Chinese Word Segmentation
[C12-1101]: Chengqing Zong | Keh-Yih Su | Kun Wang | Xiaoqing Li

Pdf Export Search Code-Switch Language Model with Inversion Constraints for Mixed Language Speech Recognition
[C12-1102]: Pascale Fung | Ying Li

Pdf Export Search A Separately Passive-Aggressive Training Algorithm for Joint POS Tagging and Dependency Parsing
[C12-1103]: Min Zhang | Ting Liu | Wanxiang Che | Zhenghua Li

Pdf Export Search Graph-Based Multi-Tweet Summarization using Social Signals
[C12-1104]: Ming Zhou | Furu Wei | Xiaohua Liu | Yitong Li

Pdf Export Search Topical Word Trigger Model for Keyphrase Extraction
[C12-1105]: Maosong Sun | Zhiyuan Liu | Chen Liang

Pdf Export Search Easy-First Chinese POS Tagging and Dependency Parsing
[C12-1106]: Jingbo Zhu | Tong Xiao | Ji Ma | Feiliang Ren

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Personal Characteristics of Readers using Eye-Movements and Text Features
[C12-1107]: Akiko Aizawa | Tadayoshi Hara | Pascual Martínez-Gómez

Pdf Export Search To Exhibit is not to Loiter: A Multilingual, Sense-Disambiguated Wiktionary for Measuring Verb Similarity
[C12-1108]: Iryna Gurevych | Christian M. Meyer

Pdf Export Search Using Distributional Similarity for Lexical Expansion in Knowledge-based Word Sense Disambiguation
[C12-1109]: Iryna Gurevych | Chris Biemann | Torsten Zesch | Tristan Miller

Pdf Export Search Revising the Compositional Method for Terminology Acquisition from Comparable Corpora
[C12-1110]: Béatrice Daille | Emmanuel Morin

Pdf Export Search Is Bad Structure Better Than No Structure?: Unsupervised Parsing for Realisation Ranking
[C12-1111]: Mark Dras | Yasaman Motazedi | François Lareau

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Linguistic Style Accommodation in Online Debates
[C12-1112]: Bing Liu | Arjun Mukherjee

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis in Twitter with Lightweight Discourse Analysis
[C12-1113]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Subhabrata Mukherjee

Pdf Export Search YouCat: Weakly Supervised Youtube Video Categorization System from Meta Data & User Comments using WordNet & Wikipedia
[C12-1114]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Subhabrata Mukherjee

Pdf Export Search Constrained Decoding for Text-Level Discourse Parsing
[C12-1115]: Philippe Muller | Nicholas Asher | Stergos Afantenos | Pascal Denis

Pdf Export Search Incremental Learning of Affix Segmentation
[C12-1116]: Wondwossen Mulugeta | Michael Gasser | Baye Yimam

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Noun Compound Analysis with Edge and Span Features
[C12-1117]: Sadao Kurohashi | Yugo Murawaki

Pdf Export Search Learning Effective and Interpretable Semantic Models using Non-Negative Sparse Embedding
[C12-1118]: Brian Murphy | Partha Talukdar | Tom Mitchell

Pdf Export Search Combining Wordnet and Morphosyntactic Information in Terminology Clustering
[C12-1119]: Agnieszka Mykowiecka | Malgorzata Marciniak

Pdf Export Search Alignment by Bilingual Generation and Monolingual Derivation
[C12-1120]: Sadao Kurohashi | Toshiaki Nakazawa

Pdf Export Search Optimizing for Sentence-Level BLEU+1 Yields Short Translations
[C12-1121]: Stephan Vogel | Francisco Guzman | Preslav Nakov

Pdf Export Search Grammarless Parsing for Joint Inference
[C12-1122]: Jason Naradowsky | Tim Vieira | David Smith

Pdf Export Search Error Mining with Suspicion Trees: Seeing the Forest for the Trees
[C12-1123]: Claire Gardent | Shashi Narayan

Pdf Export Search Structure-Driven Lexicalist Generation
[C12-1124]: Claire Gardent | Shashi Narayan

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Syntactic Reordering Methods for English-German Machine Translation
[C12-1125]: Karthik Visweswariah | Jiri Navratil | Ananthakrishnan Ramanathan

Pdf Export Search Grounded Language Acquisition: A Minimal Commitment Approach
[C12-1126]: Sushobhan Nayak | Amitabha Mukerjee

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Text Segmentation for Index Term Identification and Keyphrase Extraction
[C12-1127]: Timothy Baldwin | Jey Han Lau | David Newman | Nagendra Koilada

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Category-Specific Information for Multi-Document Summarization
[C12-1128]: Min-Yen Kan | Chew-Lim Tan | Jun-Ping Ng | Praveen Bysani | Ziheng Lin

Pdf Export Search Improved Temporal Relation Classification using Dependency Parses and Selective Crowdsourced Annotations
[C12-1129]: Min-Yen Kan | Jun-Ping Ng

Pdf Export Search Accurate Unbounded Dependency Recovery using Generalized Categorial Grammars
[C12-1130]: William Schuler | Luan Nguyen | Marten Van Schijndel

Pdf Export Search Tibetan Base Noun Phrase Identification Framework Based on Chinese-Tibetan Sentence Aligned Corpus
[C12-1131]: Jian Wu | Ming Hua Nuo | Hui Dan Liu | Wei Na Zhao | Long Long Ma | Zhi Ming Ding

Pdf Export Search A Pipeline Arabic Named Entity Recognition using a Hybrid Approach
[C12-1132]: Khaled Shaalan | Mai Oudah

Pdf Export Search Attribute Extraction from Conjectural Queries
[C12-1133]: Marius Pasca

Pdf Export Search A Comprehensive Analysis of Constituent Coordination for Grammar Engineering
[C12-1134]: Adam Przepiórkowski | Agnieszka Patejuk

Pdf Export Search Simple and Effective Parameter Tuning for Domain Adaptation of Statistical Machine Translation
[C12-1135]: Josef van Genabith | Pavel Pecina | Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search A Supervised Aggregation Framework for Multi-Document Summarization
[C12-1136]: Yulong Pei | Wenpeng Yin | Qifeng Fan | Lian’en Huang

Pdf Export Search Collective Search for Concept Disambiguation
[C12-1137]: Anja Pilz | Gerhard Paaß

Pdf Export Search Who’s (Really) the Boss? Perception of Situational Power in Written Interactions
[C12-1138]: Owen Rambow | Vinodkumar Prabhakaran | Mona Diab

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Lexicon Construction from Comparable Corpora via Dependency Mapping
[C12-1139]: Longhua Qian | Guodong Zhou | Qiaoming Zhu | Hongling Wang

Pdf Export Search A MWE Acquisition and Lexicon Builder Web Service
[C12-1140]: Valeria Quochi | Francesca Frontini | Francesco Rubino

Pdf Export Search A Diverse Dirichlet Process Ensemble for Unsupervised Induction of Syntactic Categories
[C12-1141]: Roi Reichart | Ari Rappoport | Gal Elidan

Pdf Export Search From Finite-State to Inversion Transductions: Toward Unsupervised Bilingual Grammar Induction
[C12-1142]: Dekai Wu | Markus Saers | Karteek Addanki

Pdf Export Search Underspecified Query Refinement via Natural Language Question Generation
[C12-1143]: Patrick Pantel | Michael Gamon | Hassan Sajjad

Pdf Export Search Joint English Spelling Error Correction and POS Tagging for Language Learners Writing
[C12-1144]: Yuji Matsumoto | Keisuke Sakaguchi | Tomoya Mizumoto | Mamoru Komachi

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Psychological Distress Indicators and Severity Assessment from Online Forum Posts
[C12-1145]: Shirin Saleem | Rohit Prasad | Shiv Vitaladevuni | Maciej Pacula | Michael Crystal | Brian Marx | Denise Sloan | Jennifer Vasterling | Theodore Speroff

Pdf Export Search Ant Colony Algorithm for the Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation of Texts: Comparison and Evaluation
[C12-1146]: Didier Schwab | Hervé Blanchon | Jérôme Goulian | Andon Tchechmedjiev

Pdf Export Search Learnability-Based Syntactic Annotation Design
[C12-1147]: Omri Abend | Ari Rappoport | Roy Schwartz

Pdf Export Search Improving Supervised Sense Disambiguation with Web-Scale Selectors
[C12-1148]: Fernando Gomez | H. Andrew Schwartz | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search The French Social Media Bank: a Treebank of Noisy User Generated Content
[C12-1149]: Marie Candito | Djamé Seddah | Benoit Sagot | Virginie Mouilleron | Vanessa Combet

Pdf Export Search Initial Explorations on using CRFs for Turkish Named Entity Recognition
[C12-1150]: Gökhan Akın Şeker | Gülşen Eryiğit

Pdf Export Search Differential Evolution Based Feature Selection and Classifier Ensemble for Named Entity Recognition
[C12-1151]: Utpal Kumar Sikdar | Asif Ekbal | Sriparna Saha

Pdf Export Search Noun Group and Verb Group Identification for Hindi
[C12-1152]: Smriti Singh | Om P. Damani | Vaijayanthi M. Sarma

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition System for Urdu
[C12-1153]: Gurpreet Singh Lehal | UmrinderPal Singh | Vishal Goyal

Pdf Export Search Easy-first Coreference Resolution
[C12-1154]: Jason Eisner | Veselin Stoyanov

Pdf Export Search Modeling Leadership and Influence in Multi-party Online Discourse
[C12-1155]: Tomek Strzalkowski | Ting Liu | Sarah Taylor | George Aaron Broadwell | Samira Shaikh | Jenny Stromer-Galley | Umit Boz | Veena Ravishankar | Xiaoai Ren

Pdf Export Search NEER: An Unsupervised Method for Named Entity Evolution Recognition
[C12-1156]: Nina Tahmasebi | Gerhard Gossen | Nattiya Kanhabua | Helge Holzmann | Thomas Risse

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Translation Accuracy of a Novel Language-Independent MT Methodology
[C12-1157]: George Tambouratzis | Sokratis Sofianopoulos | Marina Vassiliou

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Native Tongues, Lost and Found: Resources and Empirical Evaluations in Native Language Identification
[C12-1158]: Martin Chodorow | Aoife Cahill | Joel Tetreault | Daniel Blanchard

Pdf Export Search Inverse Document Density: A Smooth Measure for Location-Dependent Term Irregularities
[C12-1159]: Dennis Thom | Harald Bosch | Thomas Ertl

Pdf Export Search Efficient Discrimination Between Closely Related Languages
[C12-1160]: Jörg Tiedemann | Nikola Ljubešić

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Semantic Role Labeling: Approaching from an Unsupervised Perspective
[C12-1161]: Alexandre Klementiev | Ivan Titov

Pdf Export Search Hunting for Entailing Pairs in the Penn Discourse Treebank
[C12-1162]: Elena Cabrio | Sara Tonelli

Pdf Export Search Implicitness of Discourse Relations
[C12-1163]: Fatemeh Torabi Asr | Vera Demberg

Pdf Export Search Combining Statistical Translation Techniques for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
[C12-1164]: Ferhan Ture | Jimmy Lin | Douglas Oard

Pdf Export Search Multi-way Tensor Factorization for Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition
[C12-1165]: Thierry Poibeau | Anna Korhonen | Laura Rimell | Tim van de Cruys

Pdf Export Search Sub-corpora Sampling with an Application to Bilingual Lexicon Extraction
[C12-1166]: Marie-Francine Moens | Ivan Vulić

Pdf Export Search The Utility of Discourse Structure in Identifying Resolved Threads in Technical User Forums
[C12-1167]: Timothy Baldwin | Su Nam Kim | Li Wang

Pdf Export Search Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition by Selecting Typical Training Examples
[C12-1168]: Wenjie Li | Jiwei Li | Sujian Li | Xun Wang

Pdf Export Search Chinese Evaluative Information Analysis
[C12-1169]: Kentaro Torisawa | Jun’ichi Kazama | Yiou Wang | Takuya Kawada

Pdf Export Search Harnessing the CRF Complexity with Domain-Specific Constraints. The Case of Morphosyntactic Tagging of a Highly Inflected Language
[C12-1170]: Jakub Waszczuk

Pdf Export Search A Latent Discriminative Model for Compositional Entailment Relation Recognition using Natural Logic
[C12-1171]: Kentaro Inui | Naoaki Okazaki | Eric Nichols | Yotaro Watanabe | Junta Mizuno

Pdf Export Search Strategies for Mixed-Initiative Conversation Management using Question-Answer Pairs
[C12-1172]: Lawrence Cavedon | Wilson Wong | John Thangarajah | Lin Padgham

Pdf Export Search Factored Language Model based on Recurrent Neural Network
[C12-1173]: Hideki Kashioka | Youzheng Wu | Shigeki Matsuda | Xugang Lu | Hitoshi Yamamoto | Chiori Hori

Pdf Export Search Multi-View AdaBoost for Multilingual Subjectivity Analysis
[C12-1174]: Min Xiao | Yuhong Guo

Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised Representation Learning for Domain Adaptation using Dynamic Dependency Networks
[C12-1175]: Alexander Yates | Min Xiao | Yuhong Guo

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Discriminative Induction of Synchronous Grammar for Machine Translation
[C12-1176]: Yang Liu | Qun Liu | Shouxun Lin | Deyi Xiong | Xinyan Xiao

Pdf Export Search Paraphrasing for Style
[C12-1177]: Ralph Grishman | Bill Dolan | Colin Cherry | Wei Xu | Alan Ritter

Pdf Export Search Modeling ESL Word Choice Similarities By Representing Word Intensions and Extensions
[C12-1178]: Huichao Xue | Rebecca Hwa

Pdf Export Search ISO-TimeML Event Extraction in Persian Text
[C12-1179]: Yadollah Yaghoobzadeh | Gholamreza Ghassem-Sani | Seyed Abolghassem Mirroshandel | Mahbaneh Eshaghzadeh

Pdf Export Search Measuring the Similarity between TV Programs using Semantic Relations
[C12-1180]: Hideki Tanaka | Ichiro Yamada | Masaru Miyazaki | Hideki Sumiyoshi | Atsushi Matsui | Hironori Furumiya

Pdf Export Search RelationListwise for Query-Focused Multi-Document Summarization
[C12-1181]: Yulong Pei | Wenpeng Yin | Lian’en Huang | Lifu Huang

Pdf Export Search SentTopic-MultiRank: a Novel Ranking Model for Multi-Document Summarization
[C12-1182]: Yulong Pei | Wenpeng Yin | Lian’en Huang | Fan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Language Modeling for Spoken Dialogue System based on Filtering using Predicate-Argument Structures
[C12-1183]: Tatsuya Kawahara | Shinsuke Mori | Koichiro Yoshino

Pdf Export Search Detecting Word Ordering Errors in Chinese Sentences for Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language
[C12-1184]: Hsin-Hsi Chen | Chi-Hsin Yu

Pdf Export Search Machine Translation by Modeling Predicate-Argument Structure Transformation
[C12-1185]: Chengqing Zong | Jiajun Zhang | Yu Zhou | Feifei Zhai

Pdf Export Search Tree-based Translation without using Parse Trees
[C12-1186]: Chengqing Zong | Jiajun Zhang | Yu Zhou | Feifei Zhai

Pdf Export Search Constructing Chinese Abbreviation Dictionary: A Stacked Approach
[C12-1187]: Xinfan Meng | Houfeng Wang | Sujian Li | Longkai Zhang | Ni Sun

Pdf Export Search Stacking Heterogeneous Joint Models of Chinese POS Tagging and Dependency Parsing
[C12-1188]: Ting Liu | Wanxiang Che | Zhenghua Li | Meishan Zhang

Pdf Export Search A Lazy Learning Model for Entity Linking using Query-Specific Information
[C12-1189]: Chin-Yew Lin | Yunbo Cao | Jian Su | Wei Zhang | Chew-Lim Tan

Pdf Export Search The Use of Dependency Relation Graph to Enhance the Term Weighting in Question Retrieval
[C12-1190]: Tat-Seng Chua | Ting Liu | Yu Zhang | Liqiang Nie | Weinan Zhang | Zhaoyan Ming

Pdf Export Search Long-Tail Distributions and Unsupervised Learning of Morphology
[C12-1191]: Qiuye Zhao | Mitch Marcus

Pdf Export Search User Behaviors Lend a Helping Hand: Learning Paraphrase Query Patterns from Search Log Sessions
[C12-1192]: Haifeng Wang | Ting Liu | Shiqi Zhao

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Bilingual Translation for Question Retrieval in Community-Based Question Answering
[C12-1193]: Guangyou Zhou | Kang Liu | Jun Zhao

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Lexical Dependencies from Large-Scale Data for Better Shift-Reduce Constituency Parsing
[C12-1194]: Jingbo Zhu | Huizhen Wang | Muhua Zhu