Martin Kay | Christian Boitet  
Mumbai, India 
The COLING 2012 Organizing Committee 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of COLING 2012: Demonstration Papers
[C12-3000]: Martin Kay | Christian Boitet

Pdf Export Search Complex Predicates in Telugu: A Computational Perspective
[C12-3001]: Rahul Balusu

Pdf Export Search Heloise — An Ariane-G5 Compatible Rnvironment for Developing Expert MT Systems Online
[C12-3002]: Vincent Berment | Christian Boitet

Pdf Export Search Keyphrase Extraction in Scientific Articles: A Supervised Approach
[C12-3003]: Pinaki Bhaskar | Kishorjit Nongmeikapam | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

Pdf Export Search IKAR: An Improved Kit for Anaphora Resolution for Polish
[C12-3004]: Bartosz Broda | Łukasz Burdka | Marek Maziarz

Pdf Export Search Intention Analysis for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
[C12-3005]: Cohan Sujay Carlos | Madhulika Yalamanchi

Pdf Export Search Authorship Identification in Bengali Literature: a Comparative Analysis
[C12-3006]: Tanmoy Chakraborty

Pdf Export Search Word Root Finder: a Morphological Segmentor Based on CRF
[C12-3007]: Joseph Z. Chang | Jason S. Chang

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Technique for De-Noising Sentences using Monolingual Corpus and Synonym Dictionary
[C12-3008]: Sanjay Chatterji | Diptesh Chatterjee | Sudeshna Sarkar

Pdf Export Search An Example-Based Japanese Proofreading System for Offshore Development
[C12-3009]: Yuchang Cheng | Tomoki Nagase

Pdf Export Search DomEx: Extraction of Sentiment Lexicons for Domains and Meta-Domains
[C12-3010]: Ilia Chetviorkin | Natalia Loukachevitch

Pdf Export Search On the Romanian Rhyme Detection
[C12-3011]: Alina Ciobanu | Liviu P. Dinu

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Dialogue Policy Learning using Flexible State Transitions and Linear Function Approximation
[C12-3012]: Heriberto Cuayáhuitl | Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová | Nina Dethlefs

Pdf Export Search Automated Paradigm Selection for FSA based Konkani Verb Morphological Analyzer
[C12-3013]: Shilpa Desai | Jyoti Pawar | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Hindi and Marathi to English NE Transliteration Tool using Phonology and Stress Analysis
[C12-3014]: Manikrao Dhore | Shantanu Dixit | Ruchi Dhore

Pdf Export Search Dealing with the Grey Sheep of the Romanian Gender System, the Neuter
[C12-3015]: Liviu P. Dinu | Vlad Niculae | Maria Sulea

Pdf Export Search Authorial Studies using Ranked Lexical Features
[C12-3016]: Liviu P. Dinu | Sergiu Nisioi

Pdf Export Search ScienQuest: a Treebank Exploitation Tool for non NLP-Specialists
[C12-3017]: Achille Falaise | Olivier Kraif | Agnès Tutin | David Rouquet

Pdf Export Search An In-Context and Collaborative Software Localisation Model
[C12-3018]: Amel Fraisse | Christian Boitet | Valérie Bellynck

Pdf Export Search Efficient Feedback-based Feature Learning for Blog Distillation as a Terabyte Challenge
[C12-3019]: Dehong Gao | Wenjie Li | Renxian Zhang

Pdf Export Search Beyond Twitter Text: A Preliminary Study on Twitter Hyperlink and its Application
[C12-3020]: Dehong Gao | Wenjie Li | Renxian Zhang

Pdf Export Search Rule Based Hindi Part of Speech Tagger
[C12-3021]: Navneet Garg | Vishal Goyal | Suman Preet

Pdf Export Search Fangorn: A System for Querying very large Treebanks
[C12-3022]: Sumukh Ghodke | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search CRAB Reader: A Tool for Analysis and Visualization of Argumentative Zones in Scientific Literature
[C12-3023]: Yufan Guo | Ilona Silins | Roi Reichart | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Automatic Punjabi Text Extractive Summarization System
[C12-3024]: Vishal Gupta | Gurpreet Lehal

Pdf Export Search Complete Pre Processing Phase of Punjabi Text Extractive Summarization System
[C12-3025]: Vishal Gupta | Gurpreet Lehal

Pdf Export Search Revisiting Arabic Semantic Role Labeling using SVM Kernel Methods
[C12-3026]: Laurel Hart | Hassan Alam | Aman Kumar

Pdf Export Search fokas: Formerly Known As – A Search Engine Incorporating Named Entity Evolution
[C12-3027]: Helge Holzmann | Gerhard Gossen | Nina Tahmasebi

Pdf Export Search An Annotation System for Development of Chinese Discourse Corpus
[C12-3028]: Hen-Hsen Huang | Hsin-Hsi Chen

Pdf Export Search Modeling Pollyanna Phenomena in Chinese Sentiment Analysis
[C12-3029]: Ting-Hao Huang | Ho-Cheng Yu | Hsin-Hsi Chen

Pdf Export Search Eating Your Own Cooking: Automatically Linking Wordnet Synsets of Two Languages
[C12-3030]: Salil Joshi | Arindam Chatterjee | Arun Karthikeyan Karra | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search I Can Sense It: a Comprehensive Online System for WSD
[C12-3031]: Salil Joshi | Mitesh M. Khapra | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Collaborative Computer-Assisted Translation Applied to Pedagogical Documents and Literary Works
[C12-3032]: Ruslan Kalitvianski | Christian Boitet | Valérie Bellynck

Pdf Export Search Discrimination-Net for Hindi
[C12-3033]: Diptesh Kanojia | Arindam Chatterjee | Salil Joshi | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Rule Based Urdu Stemmer
[C12-3034]: Rohit Kansal | Vishal Goyal | Gurpreet Singh Lehal

Pdf Export Search JMaxAlign: A Maximum Entropy Parallel Sentence Alignment Tool
[C12-3035]: Max Kaufmann

Pdf Export Search MIKE: An Interactive Microblogging Keyword Extractor using Contextual Semantic Smoothing
[C12-3036]: Osama Khan | Asim Karim

Pdf Export Search Domain Based Classification of Punjabi Text Documents
[C12-3037]: Nidhi Krail | Vishal Gupta

Pdf Export Search Open Information Extraction for SOV Language Based on Entity-Predicate Pair Detection
[C12-3038]: Woong-Ki Lee | Yeon-Su Lee | Hyoung-Gyu Lee | Won-Ho Ryu | Hae-Chang Rim

Pdf Export Search An Omni-Font Gurmukhi to Shahmukhi Transliteration System
[C12-3039]: Gurpreet Singh Lehal | Tejinder Singh Saini | Savleen Kaur Chowdhary

Pdf Export Search THUTR: A Translation Retrieval System
[C12-3040]: Chunyang Liu | Qi Liu | Yang Liu | Maosong Sun

Pdf Export Search Recognition of Named-Event Passages in News Articles
[C12-3041]: Luis Marujo | Wang Ling | Anatole Gershman | Jaime Carbonell | João P. Neto | David Matos

Pdf Export Search Nonparametric Model for Inupiaq Word Segmentation
[C12-3042]: ThuyLinh Nguyen | Stephan Vogel

Pdf Export Search Stemming Tigrinya Words for Information Retrieval
[C12-3043]: Omer Osman | Yoshiki Mikami

Pdf Export Search OpenWordNet-PT: An Open Brazilian Wordnet for Reasoning
[C12-3044]: Valeria de Paiva | Alexandre Rademaker | Gerard de Melo

Pdf Export Search WordNet Website Development And Deployment using Content Management Approach
[C12-3045]: Neha Prabhugaonkar | Apurva Nagvenkar | Venkatesh Prabhu | Ramdas Karmali

Pdf Export Search A Demo for Constructing Domain Ontology from Academic Papers
[C12-3046]: Feiliang Ren

Pdf Export Search A Practical Chinese-English ON Translation Method Based on ON’s Distribution Characteristics on the Web
[C12-3047]: Feiliang Ren

Pdf Export Search Elissa: A Dialectal to Standard Arabic Machine Translation System
[C12-3048]: Wael Salloum | Nizar Habash

Pdf Export Search Domain Based Punjabi Text Document Clustering
[C12-3049]: Saurabh Sharma | Vishal Gupta

Pdf Export Search Open source multi-platform NooJ for NLP
[C12-3050]: Max Silberztein | Tamás Váradi | Marko Tadić

Pdf Export Search Punjabi Text-To-Speech Synthesis System
[C12-3051]: Parminder Singh | Gurpreet Singh Lehal

Pdf Export Search EXCOTATE: An Add-on to MMAX2 for Inspection and Exchange of Annotated Data
[C12-3052]: Tobias Stadtfeld | Tibor Kiss

Pdf Export Search Bulgarian Inflectional Morphology in Universal Networking Language
[C12-3053]: Velislava Stoykova

Pdf Export Search Central and South-East European Resources in META-SHARE
[C12-3054]: Marko Tadić | Tamás Váradi

Pdf Export Search Markov Chains for Robust Graph-Based Commonsense Information Extraction
[C12-3055]: Niket Tandon | Dheeraj Rajagopal | Gerard de Melo

Pdf Export Search Visualization on Financial Terms via Risk Ranking from Financial Reports
[C12-3056]: Ming-Feng Tsai | Chuan-Ju Wang

Pdf Export Search UNL Explorer
[C12-3057]: Hiroshi Uchida | Meiying Zhu | Md. Anwarus Salam Khan

Pdf Export Search An SMT-driven Authoring Tool
[C12-3058]: Sriram Venkatapathy | Shachar Mirkin

Pdf Export Search Generating Questions from Web Community Contents
[C12-3059]: Baoxun Wang | Bingquan Liu | Chengjie Sun | Xiaolong Wang | Deyuan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Demo of iMAG Possibilities: MT-postediting, Translation Quality Evaluation, Parallel Corpus Production
[C12-3060]: Ling Xiao Wang | Ying Zhang | Christian Boitet | Valérie Bellynck

Pdf Export Search Jane 2: Open Source Phrase-based and Hierarchical Statistical Machine Translation
[C12-3061]: Joern Wuebker | Matthias Huck | Stephan Peitz | Malte Nuhn | Markus Freitag | Jan-Thorsten Peter | Saab Mansour | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Turkish Hypernym-Hyponym Pairs From Large Corpus
[C12-3062]: Savas Yildirim | Tugba Yildiz

Pdf Export Search Chinese Web Scale Linguistic Datasets and Toolkit
[C12-3063]: Chi-Hsin Yu | Hsin-Hsi Chen

Pdf Export Search Developing and Evaluating a Computer-Assisted Near-Synonym Learning System
[C12-3064]: Liang-Chih Yu | Kai-Hsiang Hsu

Pdf Export Search Arabic Morphological Analyzer with Agglutinative Affix Morphemes and Fusional Concatenation Rules
[C12-3065]: Fadi Zaraket | Jad Makhlouta

Pdf Export Search SMR-Cmp: Square-Mean-Root Approach to Comparison of Monolingual Contrastive Corpora
[C12-3066]: HuaRui Zhang | Chu-Ren Huang | Francesca Quattri

Pdf Export Search A Machine Learning Approach to Convert CCGbank to Penn Treebank
[C12-3067]: Xiaotian Zhang | Hai Zhao | Cong Hui