Martin Kay | Christian Boitet  
Mumbai, India 
The COLING 2012 Organizing Committee 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of COLING 2012: Posters
[C12-2000]: Martin Kay | Christian Boitet

Pdf Export Search K-Best Spanning Tree Dependency Parsing With Verb Valency Lexicon Reranking
[C12-2001]: Zeljko Agic

Pdf Export Search A Best-First Anagram Hashing Filter for Approximate String Matching with Generalized Edit Distance
[C12-2002]: Malin Ahlberg | Gerlof Bouma

Pdf Export Search Automatic Bilingual Phrase Extraction from Comparable Corpora
[C12-2003]: Ahmet Aker | Yang Feng | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search A Formalized Reference Grammar for UNL-Based Machine Translation between English and Arabic
[C12-2004]: Sameh Alansary

Pdf Export Search Mapping Arabic Wikipedia into the Named Entities Taxonomy
[C12-2005]: Fahd Alotaibi | Mark Lee

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Refinement Algorithms for the Generation of Referring Expressions
[C12-2006]: Romina Altamirano | Carlos Areces | Luciana Benotti

Pdf Export Search Measuring the Adequacy of Cross-Lingual Paraphrases in a Machine Translation Setting
[C12-2007]: Marianna Apidianaki

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Sentiment Analysis for Indian Languages using Linked WordNets
[C12-2008]: Balamurali A.R. | Aditya Joshi | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search The Creation of Large-Scale Annotated Corpora of Minority Languages using UniParser and the EANC platform
[C12-2009]: Timofey Arkhangeskiy | Oleg Belyaev | Arseniy Vydrin

Pdf Export Search Collocation Extraction using Parallel Corpus
[C12-2010]: Kavosh Asadi Atui | Heshaam Faili | Kaveh Assadi Atuie

Pdf Export Search Improved Spelling Error Detection and Correction for Arabic
[C12-2011]: Mohammed Attia | Pavel Pecina | Younes Samih | Khaled Shaalan | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Heloise — A Reengineering of Ariane-G5 SLLPs for Application to π-languages
[C12-2012]: Vincent Berment | Christian Boitet

Pdf Export Search Machine Translation for Language Preservation
[C12-2013]: Steven Bird | David Chiang

Pdf Export Search Comparing Non-projective Strategies for Labeled Graph-Based Dependency Parsing
[C12-2014]: Anders Björkelund | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Phrase Structures and Dependencies for End-to-End Coreference Resolution
[C12-2015]: Anders Björkelund | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search The Language of Power and its Cultural Influence
[C12-2016]: David Bracewell | Marc Tomlinson

Pdf Export Search Learning Opinionated Patterns for Contextual Opinion Detection
[C12-2017]: Caroline Brun

Pdf Export Search Does Similarity Matter? The Case of Answer Extraction from Technical Discussion Forums
[C12-2018]: Rose Catherine | Amit Singh | Rashmi Gangadharaiah | Dinesh Raghu | Karthik Visweswariah

Pdf Export Search Chinese Noun Phrase Coreference Resolution: Insights into the State of the Art
[C12-2019]: Chen Chen | Vincent Ng

Pdf Export Search Linguistic and Statistical Traits Characterising Plagiarism
[C12-2020]: Miranda Chong | Lucia Specia

Pdf Export Search Impact of Less Skewed Distributions on Efficiency and Effectiveness of Biomedical Relation Extraction
[C12-2021]: Md. Faisal Mahbub Chowdhury | Alberto Lavelli

Pdf Export Search Lattice Rescoring for Speech Recognition using Large Scale Distributed Language Models
[C12-2022]: Euisok Chung | Hyung-Bae Jeon | Jeon-Gue Park | Yun-Keun Lee

Pdf Export Search Morphological Analyzer for Affix Stacking Languages: A Case Study of Marathi
[C12-2023]: Raj Dabre | Archana Amberkar | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Modelling the Organization and Processing of Bangla Polymorphemic Words in the Mental Lexicon: A Computational Approach
[C12-2024]: Tirthankar Dasgupta | Manjira Sinha | Anupam Basu

Pdf Export Search Coreference Clustering using Column Generation
[C12-2025]: Jan De Belder | Marie-Francine Moens

Pdf Export Search Metric Learning for Graph-Based Domain Adaptation
[C12-2026]: Paramveer Dhillon | Partha Talukdar | Koby Crammer

Pdf Export Search Automatic Hashtag Recommendation for Microblogs using Topic-Specific Translation Model
[C12-2027]: Zhuoye Ding | Qi Zhang | Xuanjing Huang

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Feature-Rich Clustering
[C12-2028]: Vladimir Eidelman

Pdf Export Search Token Level Identification of Linguistic Code Switching
[C12-2029]: Heba Elfardy | Mona Diab

Pdf Export Search Parenthetical Classification for Information Extraction
[C12-2030]: Ismaïl El Maarouf | Jeanne Villaneau

Pdf Export Search A Dictionary-Based Approach to Identifying Aspects Implied by Adjectives for Opinion Mining
[C12-2031]: Geli Fei | Bing Liu | Meichun Hsu | Malu Castellanos | Riddhiman Ghosh

Pdf Export Search Dealing with Input Noise in Statistical Machine Translation
[C12-2032]: Lluís Formiga | José A. R. Fonollosa

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Knowledge-based Algorithms for Graded Word Sense Assignment
[C12-2033]: Annemarie Friedrich | Nikos Engonopoulos | Stefan Thater | Manfred Pinkal

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Statistical Transliteration for Dictionary-Based English-Bengali CLIR of OCR’d Text
[C12-2034]: Utpal Garain | Arjun Das | David Doermann | Douglas Oard

Pdf Export Search RU-EVAL-2012: Evaluating Dependency Parsers for Russian
[C12-2035]: Anastasia Gareyshina | Maxim Ionov | Olga Lyashevskaya | Dmitry Privoznov | Elena Sokolova | Svetlana Toldova

Pdf Export Search Assessing Sentiment Strength in Words Prior Polarities
[C12-2036]: Lorenzo Gatti | Marco Guerini

Pdf Export Search Improving Dependency Parsing with Interlinear Glossed Text and Syntactic Projection
[C12-2037]: Ryan Georgi | Fei Xia | William Lewis

Pdf Export Search Diachronic Variation in Grammatical Relations
[C12-2038]: Aaron Gerow | Khurshid Ahmad

Pdf Export Search Relation Classification using Entity Sequence Kernels
[C12-2039]: Debanjan Ghosh | Smaranda Muresan

Pdf Export Search Translating Questions to SQL Queries with Generative Parsers Discriminatively Reranked
[C12-2040]: Alessandra Giordani | Alessandro Moschitti

Pdf Export Search Classifier-Based Tense Model for SMT
[C12-2041]: Zhengxian Gong | Min Zhang | Chew-lim Tan | Guodong Zhou

Pdf Export Search Extracting and Normalizing Entity-Actions from Users’ Comments
[C12-2042]: Swapna Gottipati | Jing Jiang

Pdf Export Search Expected Divergence Based Feature Selection for Learning to Rank
[C12-2043]: Parth Gupta | Paolo Rosso

Pdf Export Search LEPOR: A Robust Evaluation Metric for Machine Translation with Augmented Factors
[C12-2044]: Aaron L. F. Han | Derek F. Wong | Lidia S. Chao

Pdf Export Search Predicting Stance in Ideological Debate with Rich Linguistic Knowledge
[C12-2045]: Kazi Saidul Hasan | Vincent Ng

Pdf Export Search FeatureForge: A Novel Tool for Visually Supported Feature Engineering and Corpus Revision
[C12-2046]: Florian Heimerl | Charles Jochim | Steffen Koch | Thomas Ertl

Pdf Export Search Verb Temporality Analysis using Reichenbach’s Tense System
[C12-2047]: André Horie | Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii | Mitsuru Ishizuka

Pdf Export Search A Metric for Evaluating Discourse Coherence based on Coreference Resolution
[C12-2048]: Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga

Pdf Export Search Comparing Word Relatedness Measures Based on Google $n$-grams
[C12-2049]: Aminul Islam | Evangelos Milios | Vlado Keselj

Pdf Export Search Two-Stage Bootstrapping for Anaphora Resolution
[C12-2050]: Balaji Jagan | T V Geetha | Ranjani Parthasarathi

Pdf Export Search Explorations in the Speakers’ Interaction Experience and Self-Assessments
[C12-2051]: Kristiina Jokinen

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Signals and Holistic Interaction Structuring
[C12-2052]: Kristiina Jokinen | Graham Wilcock

Pdf Export Search New Insights from Coarse Word Sense Disambiguation in the Crowd
[C12-2053]: Adam Kapelner | Krishna Kaliannan | H. Andrew Schwartz | Lyle Ungar | Dean Foster

Pdf Export Search A Unified Sentence Space for Categorical Distributional-Compositional Semantics: Theory and Experiments
[C12-2054]: Dimitri Kartsaklis | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh | Stephen Pulman

Pdf Export Search A Knowledge-Based Approach to Syntactic Disambiguation of Biomedical Noun Compounds
[C12-2055]: Ramakanth Kavuluru | Daniel Harris

Pdf Export Search Classification of Inconsistent Sentiment Words using Syntactic Constructions
[C12-2056]: Wiltrud Kessler | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Learning Semantics with Deep Belief Network for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
[C12-2057]: Jungi Kim | Jinseok Nam | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Detection of Acoustic-Phonetic Landmarks in Mismatched Conditions using a Biomimetic Model of Human Auditory Processing
[C12-2058]: Sarah King | Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

Pdf Export Search Learning Verbs on the Fly
[C12-2059]: Zornitsa Kozareva

Pdf Export Search Decoder-based Discriminative Training of Phrase Segmentation for Statistical Machine Translation
[C12-2060]: Hyoung-Gyu Lee | Hae-Chang Rim

Pdf Export Search Glimpses of Ancient China from Classical Chinese Poems
[C12-2061]: John Lee | Tak-sum Wong

Pdf Export Search Conversion between Scripts of Punjabi: Beyond Simple Transliteration
[C12-2062]: Gurpreet Singh Lehal | Tejinder Singh Saini

Pdf Export Search Development of a Complete Urdu-Hindi Transliteration System
[C12-2063]: Gurpreet Singh Lehal | Tejinder Singh Saini

Pdf Export Search Random Walks on Context-Aware Relation Graphs for Ranking Social Tags
[C12-2064]: Han Li | Zhiyuan Liu | Maosong Sun

Pdf Export Search Phrase-Based Evaluation for Machine Translation
[C12-2065]: Liangyou Li | Zhengxian Gong | Guodong Zhou

Pdf Export Search A Beam Search Algorithm for ITG Word Alignment
[C12-2066]: Peng Li | Yang Liu | Maosong Sun

Pdf Export Search Active Learning for Chinese Word Segmentation
[C12-2067]: Shoushan Li | Guodong Zhou | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Fine-Grained Classification of Named Entities by Fusing Multi-Features
[C12-2068]: Wenjie Li | Jiwei Li | Ye Tian | Zhifang Sui

Pdf Export Search Expert Finding for Microblog Misinformation Identification
[C12-2069]: Chen Liang | Zhiyuan Liu | Maosong Sun

Pdf Export Search Improving Relative-Entropy Pruning using Statistical Significance
[C12-2070]: Wang Ling | Nadi Tomeh | Guang Xiang | Isabel Trancoso | Alan Black

Pdf Export Search Expected Error Minimization with Ultraconservative Update for SMT
[C12-2071]: Lemao Liu | Tiejun Zhao | Taro Watanabe | Hailong Cao | Conghui Zhu

Pdf Export Search Generalized Sentiment-Bearing Expression Features for Sentiment Analysis
[C12-2072]: Shizhu Liu | Gady Agam | David Grossman

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Joint Segmentation and POS-Tagging
[C12-2073]: Yang Liu | Yue Zhang

Pdf Export Search Tag Dispatch Model with Social Network Regularization for Microblog User Tag Suggestion
[C12-2074]: Zhiyuan Liu | Cunchao Tu | Maosong Sun

Pdf Export Search Summarization of Business-Related Tweets: A Concept-Based Approach
[C12-2075]: Annie Louis | Todd Newman

Pdf Export Search Towards the Automatic Detection of the Source Language of a Literary Translation.
[C12-2076]: Gerard Lynch | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search Fourth-Order Dependency Parsing
[C12-2077]: Xuezhe Ma | Hai Zhao

Pdf Export Search A Subjective Logic Framework for Multi-Document Summarization
[C12-2078]: Sukanya Manna | Byron J. Gao | Reed Coke

Pdf Export Search Manual Corpus Annotation: Giving Meaning to the Evaluation Metrics
[C12-2079]: Yann Mathet | Antoine Widlöcher | Karën Fort | Claire François | Olivier Galibert | Cyril Grouin | Juliette Kahn | Sophie Rosset | Pierre Zweigenbaum

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Boosting from Dictionary and Raw Text – A Novel Approach to Build A Chinese Word Segmenter
[C12-2080]: Fandong Meng | Wenbin Jiang | Hao Xiong | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search Lost in Translations? Building Sentiment Lexicons using Context Based Machine Translation
[C12-2081]: Xinfan Meng | Furu Wei | Ge Xu | Longkai Zhang | Xiaohua Liu | Ming Zhou | Houfeng Wang

Pdf Export Search How Does the Granularity of an Annotation Scheme Influence Dependency Parsing Performance?
[C12-2082]: Simon Mille | Alicia Burga | Gabriela Ferraro | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search Does Tectogrammatics Help the Annotation of Discourse?
[C12-2083]: Jiří Mírovský | Pavlína Jínová | Lucie Poláková

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Learner Corpus Size in Grammatical Error Correction of ESL Writings
[C12-2084]: Tomoya Mizumoto | Yuta Hayashibe | Mamoru Komachi | Masaaki Nagata | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search GRAFIX: Automated Rule-Based Post Editing System to Improve English-Persian SMT Output
[C12-2085]: Mahsa Mohaghegh | Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh | Mehdi Mohammadi

Pdf Export Search Relational Structures and Models for Coreference Resolution
[C12-2086]: Truc-Vien T. Nguyen | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Text Summarization Model based on Redundancy-Constrained Knapsack Problem
[C12-2087]: Hitoshi Nishikawa | Tsutomu Hirao | Toshiro Makino | Yoshihiro Matsuo

Pdf Export Search Lexical Categories for Improved Parsing of Web Data
[C12-2088]: Lilja Øvrelid | Arne Skjærholt

Pdf Export Search Text-To-Speech for Languages without an Orthography
[C12-2089]: Sukhada Palkar | Alan Black | Alok Parlikar

Pdf Export Search Part of Speech (POS) Tagger for Kokborok
[C12-2090]: Braja Gopal Patra | Khumbar Debbarma | Dipankar Das | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

Pdf Export Search Forced Derivations for Hierarchical Machine Translation
[C12-2091]: Stephan Peitz | Arne Mauser | Joern Wuebker | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search On Panini and the Generative Capacity of Contextualized Replacement Systems
[C12-2092]: Gerald Penn | Paul Kiparsky

Pdf Export Search Joint Segmentation and Tagging with Coupled Sequences Labeling
[C12-2093]: Xipeng Qiu | Feng Ji | Jiayi Zhao | Xuanjing Huang

Pdf Export Search Defining Syntax for Learner Language Annotation
[C12-2094]: Marwa Ragheb | Markus Dickinson

Pdf Export Search How Good are Typological Distances for Determining Genealogical Relationships among Languages?
[C12-2095]: Taraka Rama | Prasanth Kolachina

Pdf Export Search Sentence Boundary Detection: A Long Solved Problem?
[C12-2096]: Jonathon Read | Rebecca Dridan | Stephan Oepen | Lars Jørgen Solberg

Pdf Export Search Document and Corpus Level Inference For Unsupervised and Transductive Learning of Information Structure of Scientific Documents
[C12-2097]: Roi Reichart | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Light Textual Inference for Semantic Parsing
[C12-2098]: Kyle Richardson | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Korektor – A System for Contextual Spell-Checking and Diacritics Completion
[C12-2099]: Michal Richter | Pavel Straňák | Alexandr Rosen

Pdf Export Search Using Qualia Information to Identify Lexical Semantic Classes in an Unsupervised Clustering Task
[C12-2100]: Lauren Romeo | Sara Mendes | Núria Bel

Pdf Export Search A Strategy of Mapping Polish WordNet onto Princeton WordNet
[C12-2101]: Ewa Rudnicka | Marek Maziarz | Maciej Piasecki | Stan Szpakowicz

Pdf Export Search A Hierarchical Domain Model-Based Multi-Domain Selection Framework for Multi-Domain Dialog Systems
[C12-2102]: Seonghan Ryu | Donghyeon Lee | Injae Lee | Sangdo Han | Gary Geunbae Lee | Myungjae Kim | Kyungduk Kim

Pdf Export Search A Fully Coreference-annotated Corpus of Scholarly Papers from the ACL Anthology
[C12-2103]: Ulrich Schäfer | Christian Spurk | Jörg Steffen

Pdf Export Search Continuous Space Translation Models for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
[C12-2104]: Holger Schwenk

Pdf Export Search Data-driven Dependency Parsing With Empty Heads
[C12-2105]: Wolfgang Seeker | Richárd Farkas | Bernd Bohnet | Helmut Schmid | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Extension of TSVM to Multi-Class and Hierarchical Text Classification Problems With General Losses
[C12-2106]: Sathiya Keerthi Selvaraj | Sundararajan Sellamanickam | Shirish Shevade

Pdf Export Search Calculation of Phrase Probabilities for Statistical Machine Translation by using Belief Functions
[C12-2107]: Christophe Servan | Simon Petitrenaud

Pdf Export Search Sense and Reference Disambiguation in Wikipedia
[C12-2108]: Hui Shen | Razvan Bunescu | Rada Mihalcea

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Metaphor Paraphrasing using a Vector Space Model
[C12-2109]: Ekaterina Shutova | Tim van de Cruys | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Memory-Efficient Katakana Compound Segmentation using Conditional Random Fields
[C12-2110]: Krauchanka Siarhei | Artsimenya Artsiom

Pdf Export Search New Readability Measures for Bangla and Hindi Texts
[C12-2111]: Manjira Sinha | Sakshi Sharma | Tirthankar Dasgupta | Anupam Basu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Question Generation in Multimedia-Based Learning
[C12-2112]: Yvonne Skalban | Le An Ha | Lucia Specia | Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search A More Cohesive Summarizer
[C12-2113]: Christian Smith | Henrik Danielsson | Arne Jönsson

Pdf Export Search Robust Learning in Random Subspaces: Equipping NLP for OOV Effects
[C12-2114]: Anders Søgaard | Anders Johannsen

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Etudy of Non-Lexical Extensions to Delexicalized Transfer
[C12-2115]: Anders Søgaard | Julie Wulff

Pdf Export Search Entropy-based Training Data Selection for Domain Adaptation
[C12-2116]: Yan Song | Prescott Klassen | Fei Xia | Chunyu Kit

Pdf Export Search Corpus-based Explorations of Affective Load Differences in Arabic-Hebrew-English
[C12-2117]: Carlo Strapparava | Oliviero Stock | Ilai Alon

Pdf Export Search Acquiring and Generalizing Causal Inference Rules from Deverbal Noun Constructions
[C12-2118]: Shohei Tanaka | Naoaki Okazaki | Mitsuru Ishizuka

Pdf Export Search Advertising Legality Recognition
[C12-2119]: Yi-jie Tang | Cong-kai Lin | Hsin-Hsi Chen

Pdf Export Search A Joint Phrasal and Dependency Model for Paraphrase Alignment
[C12-2120]: Kapil Thadani | Scott Martin | Michael White

Pdf Export Search Sourcing the Crowd for a Few Good Ones: Event Type Detection
[C12-2121]: Caselli Tommaso | Huang Chu-Ren

Pdf Export Search Combining Multiple Alignments to Improve Machine Translation
[C12-2122]: Zhaopeng Tu | Yang Liu | Yifan He | Josef van Genabith | Qun Liu | Shouxun Lin

Pdf Export Search A New Search Approach for Interactive-Predictive Computer-Assisted Translation
[C12-2123]: Zeinab Vakil | Shahram Khadivi

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Polar Adjectives for the Creation of Polarity Lexicons
[C12-2124]: Silvia Vázquez | Muntsa Padró | Núria Bel | Julio Gonzalo

Pdf Export Search Optimal Scheduling of Information Extraction Algorithms
[C12-2125]: Henning Wachsmuth | Benno Stein

Pdf Export Search Update Summarization Based on Co-Ranking with Constraints
[C12-2126]: Xiaojun Wan

Pdf Export Search Sentence Realization with Unlexicalized Tree Linearization Grammars
[C12-2127]: Rui Wang | Yi Zhang

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Discourse Relations for Sentiment Analysis
[C12-2128]: Fei Wang | Yunfang Wu | Likun Qiu

Pdf Export Search Expansion Methods for Job-Candidate Matching Amidst Unreliable and Sparse Data
[C12-2129]: Jerome White | Krishna Kummamuru | Nitendra Rajput

Pdf Export Search A Unified Framework for Discourse Argument Identification via Shallow Semantic Parsing
[C12-2130]: Fan Xu | Qiaoming Zhu | Guodong Zhou

Pdf Export Search Using Deep Linguistic Features for Finding Deceptive Opinion Spam
[C12-2131]: Qiongkai Xu | Hai Zhao

Pdf Export Search Latent Community Discovery with Network Regularization for Core Actors Clustering
[C12-2132]: Guangxu Xun | Yujiu Yang | Liangwei Wang | Wenhuang Liu

Pdf Export Search HYENA: Hierarchical Type Classification for Entity Names
[C12-2133]: Mohamed Amir Yosef | Sandro Bauer | Johannes Hoffart | Marc Spaniol | Gerhard Weikum

Pdf Export Search Identifying Temporal Relations by Sentence and Document Optimizations
[C12-2134]: Katsumasa Yoshikawa | Masayuki Asahara | Ryu Iida

Pdf Export Search Affect Detection from Semantic Interpretation of Drama Improvisation
[C12-2135]: Li Zhang | Ming Jiang

Pdf Export Search Analyzing the Effect of Global Learning and Beam-Search on Transition-Based Dependency Parsing
[C12-2136]: Yue Zhang | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search Chinese Word Sense Disambiguation based on Context Expansion
[C12-2137]: Yang Zhizhuo | Huang Heyan

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Identification of Ambiguous Discourse Connectives for Resource-Poor Language
[C12-2138]: Lanjun Zhou | Wei Gao | Binyang Li | Zhongyu Wei | Kam-Fai Wong