Hideo Watanabe  
Osaka, Japan 
The COLING 2016 Organizing Committee 
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Pdf Export Search A Customizable Editor for Text Simplification
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Pdf Export Search What topic do you want to hear about? A bilingual talking robot using English and Japanese Wikipedias
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Pdf Export Search Annotating Discourse Relations with the PDTB Annotator
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Pdf Export Search Opinion Retrieval Systems using Tweet-external Factors
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Pdf Export Search TextPro-AL: An Active Learning Platform for Flexible and Efficient Production of Training Data for NLP Tasks
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Pdf Export Search Sensing Emotions in Text Messages: An Application and Deployment Study of EmotionPush
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Pdf Export Search Illinois Cross-Lingual Wikifier: Grounding Entities in Many Languages to the English Wikipedia
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Pdf Export Search A Meaning-based English Math Word Problem Solver with Understanding, Reasoning and Explanation
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Pdf Export Search A Framework for Mining Enterprise Risk and Risk Factors from News Documents
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Pdf Export Search papago: A Machine Translation Service with Word Sense Disambiguation and Currency Conversion
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Pdf Export Search TopoText: Interactive Digital Mapping of Literary Text
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Pdf Export Search ACE: Automatic Colloquialism, Typographical and Orthographic Errors Detection for Chinese Language
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Pdf Export Search A Tool for Efficient Content Compilation
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Pdf Export Search MAGES: A Multilingual Angle-integrated Grouping-based Entity Summarization System
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Pdf Export Search Botta: An Arabic Dialect Chatbot
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Pdf Export Search What’s up on Twitter? Catch up with TWIST!
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Pdf Export Search Praat on the Web: An Upgrade of Praat for Semi-Automatic Speech Annotation
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Pdf Export Search Towards Non-projective High-Order Dependency Parser
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Pdf Export Search Using Synthetically Collected Scripts for Story Generation
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Pdf Export Search CaseSummarizer: A System for Automated Summarization of Legal Texts
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Pdf Export Search WISDOM X, DISAANA and D-SUMM: Large-scale NLP Systems for Analyzing Textual Big Data
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Pdf Export Search Multilingual Information Extraction with PolyglotIE
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Pdf Export Search WordForce: Visualizing Controversial Words in Debates
[C16-2057]: Wei-Fan Chen | Fang-Yu Lin | Lun-Wei Ku

Pdf Export Search Zara: A Virtual Interactive Dialogue System Incorporating Emotion, Sentiment and Personality Recognition
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Pdf Export Search NL2KB: Resolving Vocabulary Gap between Natural Language and Knowledge Base in Knowledge Base Construction and Retrieval
[C16-2059]: Sheng-Lun Wei | Yen-Pin Chiu | Hen-Hsen Huang | Hsin-Hsi Chen

Pdf Export Search PKUSUMSUM : A Java Platform for Multilingual Document Summarization
[C16-2060]: Jianmin Zhang | Tianming Wang | Xiaojun Wan

Pdf Export Search Kotonush: Understanding Concepts Based on Values behind Social Media
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Pdf Export Search Exploring a Continuous and Flexible Representation of the Lexicon
[C16-2062]: Pierre Marchal | Thierry Poibeau

Pdf Export Search Automatically Suggesting Example Sentences of Near-Synonyms for Language Learners
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Pdf Export Search Kyoto-NMT: a Neural Machine Translation implementation in Chainer
[C16-2064]: Fabien Cromieres