Mari Ostendorf | Michael Collins | Shri Narayanan | Douglas W. Oard | Lucy Vanderwende  
Boulder, Colorado 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of Human Language Technologies: The 2009 Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
[N09-1000]: Mari Ostendorf | Michael Collins | Shri Narayanan | Douglas W. Oard | Lucy Vanderwende

Pdf Export Search Subjectivity Recognition on Word Senses via Semi-supervised Mincuts
[N09-1001]: Fangzhong Su | Katja Markert

Pdf Export Search Integrating Knowledge for Subjectivity Sense Labeling
[N09-1002]: Yaw Gyamfi | Janyce Wiebe | Rada Mihalcea | Cem Akkaya

Pdf Export Search A Study on Similarity and Relatedness Using Distributional and WordNet-based Approaches
[N09-1003]: Eneko Agirre | Enrique Alfonseca | Keith Hall | Jana Kravalova | Marius Pasca | Aitor Soroa

Pdf Export Search A Fully Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation Method Using Dependency Knowledge
[N09-1004]: Ping Chen | Wei Ding | Chris Bowes | David Brown

Pdf Export Search Learning Phoneme Mappings for Transliteration without Parallel Data
[N09-1005]: Sujith Ravi | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search A Corpus-Based Approach for the Prediction of Language Impairment in Monolingual English and Spanish-English Bilingual Children
[N09-1006]: Keyur Gabani | Melissa Sherman | Thamar Solorio | Yang Liu | Lisa Bedore | Elizabeth Peña

Pdf Export Search A Discriminative Latent Variable Chinese Segmenter with Hybrid Word/Character Information
[N09-1007]: Xu Sun | Yaozhong Zhang | Takuya Matsuzaki | Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Improved Reconstruction of Protolanguage Word Forms
[N09-1008]: Alexandre Bouchard-Côté | Thomas L. Griffiths | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Shared Logistic Normal Distributions for Soft Parameter Tying in Unsupervised Grammar Induction
[N09-1009]: Shay Cohen | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Adding More Languages Improves Unsupervised Multilingual Part-of-Speech Tagging: a Bayesian Non-Parametric Approach
[N09-1010]: Benjamin Snyder | Tahira Naseem | Jacob Eisenstein | Regina Barzilay

Pdf Export Search Efficiently Parsable Extensions to Tree-Local Multicomponent TAG
[N09-1011]: Rebecca Nesson | Stuart Shieber

Pdf Export Search Improving Unsupervised Dependency Parsing with Richer Contexts and Smoothing
[N09-1012]: William P. Headden III | Mark Johnson | David McClosky

Pdf Export Search Context-Dependent Alignment Models for Statistical Machine Translation
[N09-1013]: Jamie Brunning | Adrià de Gispert | William Byrne

Pdf Export Search Graph-based Learning for Statistical Machine Translation
[N09-1014]: Andrei Alexandrescu | Katrin Kirchhoff

Pdf Export Search Intersecting Multilingual Data for Faster and Better Statistical Translations
[N09-1015]: Yu Chen | Martin Kay | Andreas Eisele

Pdf Export Search Without a ’doubt’? Unsupervised Discovery of Downward-Entailing Operators
[N09-1016]: Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil | Lillian Lee | Richard Ducott

Pdf Export Search The Role of Implicit Argumentation in Nominal SRL
[N09-1017]: Matthew Gerber | Joyce Chai | Adam Meyers

Pdf Export Search Jointly Identifying Predicates, Arguments and Senses using Markov Logic
[N09-1018]: Ivan Meza-Ruiz | Sebastian Riedel

Pdf Export Search Structured Generative Models for Unsupervised Named-Entity Clustering
[N09-1019]: Micha Elsner | Eugene Charniak | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Dirichlet Trees for Information Retrieval
[N09-1020]: Gholamreza Haffari | Yee Whye Teh

Pdf Export Search Phrase-Based Query Degradation Modeling for Vocabulary-Independent Ranked Utterance Retrieval
[N09-1021]: J. Scott Olsson | Douglas W. Oard

Pdf Export Search Japanese Query Alteration Based on Lexical Semantic Similarity
[N09-1022]: Masato Hagiwara | Hisami Suzuki

Pdf Export Search Context-based Message Expansion for Disentanglement of Interleaved Text Conversations
[N09-1023]: Lidan Wang | Douglas W. Oard

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation with Log-Linear Models
[N09-1024]: Hoifung Poon | Colin Cherry | Kristina Toutanova

Pdf Export Search 11,001 New Features for Statistical Machine Translation
[N09-1025]: David Chiang | Kevin Knight | Wei Wang

Pdf Export Search Efficient Parsing for Transducer Grammars
[N09-1026]: John DeNero | Mohit Bansal | Adam Pauls | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Preference Grammars: Softening Syntactic Constraints to Improve Statistical Machine Translation
[N09-1027]: Ashish Venugopal | Andreas Zollmann | Noah A. Smith | Stephan Vogel

Pdf Export Search Using a Dependency Parser to Improve SMT for Subject-Object-Verb Languages
[N09-1028]: Peng Xu | Jaeho Kang | Michael Ringgaard | Franz Och

Pdf Export Search Learning Bilingual Linguistic Reordering Model for Statistical Machine Translation
[N09-1029]: Han-Bin Chen | Jian-Cheng Wu | Jason S. Chang

Pdf Export Search May All Your Wishes Come True: A Study of Wishes and How to Recognize Them
[N09-1030]: Andrew B. Goldberg | Nathanael Fillmore | David Andrzejewski | Zhiting Xu | Bryan Gibson | Xiaojin Zhu

Pdf Export Search Predicting Risk from Financial Reports with Regression
[N09-1031]: Shimon Kogan | Dimitry Levin | Bryan R. Routledge | Jacob S. Sagi | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Domain Adaptation with Latent Semantic Association for Named Entity Recognition
[N09-1032]: Honglei Guo | Huijia Zhu | Zhili Guo | Xiaoxun Zhang | Xian Wu | Zhong Su

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic Entity Set Refinement
[N09-1033]: Vishnu Vyas | Patrick Pantel

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Constraint Driven Learning For Transliteration Discovery
[N09-1034]: Ming-Wei Chang | Dan Goldwasser | Dan Roth | Yuancheng Tu

Pdf Export Search On the Syllabification of Phonemes
[N09-1035]: Susan Bartlett | Grzegorz Kondrak | Colin Cherry

Pdf Export Search Improving nonparameteric Bayesian inference: experiments on unsupervised word segmentation with adaptor grammars
[N09-1036]: Mark Johnson | Sharon Goldwater

Pdf Export Search Joint Parsing and Named Entity Recognition
[N09-1037]: Jenny Rose Finkel | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Minimal-length linearizations for mildly context-sensitive dependency trees
[N09-1038]: Y. Albert Park | Roger Levy

Pdf Export Search Positive Results for Parsing with a Bounded Stack using a Model-Based Right-Corner Transform
[N09-1039]: William Schuler

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Text Segmentation from Multi-Scale Lexical Cohesion
[N09-1040]: Jacob Eisenstein

Pdf Export Search Exploring Content Models for Multi-Document Summarization
[N09-1041]: Aria Haghighi | Lucy Vanderwende

Pdf Export Search Global Models of Document Structure using Latent Permutations
[N09-1042]: Harr Chen | S.R.K. Branavan | Regina Barzilay | David R. Karger

Pdf Export Search Assessing and Improving the Performance of Speech Recognition for Incremental Systems
[N09-1043]: Timo Baumann | Michaela Atterer | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search Geo-Centric Language Models for Local Business Voice Search
[N09-1044]: Amanda Stent | Ilija Zeljkovic | Diamantino Caseiro | Jay Wilpon

Pdf Export Search Improving the Arabic Pronunciation Dictionary for Phone and Word Recognition with Linguistically-Based Pronunciation Rules
[N09-1045]: Fadi Biadsy | Nizar Habash | Julia Hirschberg

Pdf Export Search Using a maximum entropy model to build segmentation lattices for MT
[N09-1046]: Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search Active Learning for Statistical Phrase-based Machine Translation
[N09-1047]: Gholamreza Haffari | Maxim Roy | Anoop Sarkar

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Lexicon Mining from Parenthetical Expressions in Monolingual Web Pages
[N09-1048]: Xianchao Wu | Naoaki Okazaki | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation with Weighted Finite State Transducers
[N09-1049]: Gonzalo Iglesias | Adrià de Gispert | Eduardo R. Banga | William Byrne

Pdf Export Search Improved pronunciation features for construct-driven assessment of non-native spontaneous speech
[N09-1050]: Lei Chen | Klaus Zechner | Xiaoming Xi

Pdf Export Search Performance Prediction for Exponential Language Models
[N09-1051]: Stanley Chen

Pdf Export Search Tied-Mixture Language Modeling in Continuous Space
[N09-1052]: Ruhi Sarikaya | Mohamed Afify | Brian Kingsbury

Pdf Export Search Shrinking Exponential Language Models
[N09-1053]: Stanley Chen

Pdf Export Search Predicting Response to Political Blog Posts with Topic Models
[N09-1054]: Tae Yano | William W. Cohen | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search An Iterative Reinforcement Approach for Fine-Grained Opinion Mining
[N09-1055]: Weifu Du | Songbo Tan

Pdf Export Search For a few dollars less: Identifying review pages sans human labels
[N09-1056]: Luciano Barbosa | Ravi Kumar | Bo Pang | Andrew Tomkins

Pdf Export Search More than Words: Syntactic Packaging and Implicit Sentiment
[N09-1057]: Stephan Greene | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search Streaming for large scale NLP: Language Modeling
[N09-1058]: Amit Goyal | Hal Daume III | Suresh Venkatasubramanian

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Corpus Size on Case Frame Acquisition for Discourse Analysis
[N09-1059]: Ryohei Sasano | Daisuke Kawahara | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Semantic-based Estimation of Term Informativeness
[N09-1060]: Kirill Kireyev

Pdf Export Search Optimal Reduction of Rule Length in Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems
[N09-1061]: Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez | Marco Kuhlmann | Giorgio Satta | David Weir

Pdf Export Search Inducing Compact but Accurate Tree-Substitution Grammars
[N09-1062]: Trevor Cohn | Sharon Goldwater | Phil Blunsom

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Search for Parsing
[N09-1063]: Adam Pauls | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search An effective Discourse Parser that uses Rich Linguistic Information
[N09-1064]: Rajen Subba | Barbara Di Eugenio

Pdf Export Search Graph-Cut-Based Anaphoricity Determination for Coreference Resolution
[N09-1065]: Vincent Ng

Pdf Export Search Using Citations to Generate surveys of Scientific Paradigms
[N09-1066]: Saif Mohammad | Bonnie Dorr | Melissa Egan | Ahmed Hassan | Pradeep Muthukrishan | Vahed Qazvinian | Dragomir Radev | David Zajic

Pdf Export Search Non-Parametric Bayesian Areal Linguistics
[N09-1067]: Hal Daume III

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Bayesian Domain Adaptation
[N09-1068]: Jenny Rose Finkel | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Online EM for Unsupervised Models
[N09-1069]: Percy Liang | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Approaches for Automatic Keyword Extraction Using Meeting Transcripts
[N09-1070]: Feifan Liu | Deana Pennell | Fei Liu | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search A Finite-State Turn-Taking Model for Spoken Dialog Systems
[N09-1071]: Antoine Raux | Maxine Eskenazi

Pdf Export Search Extracting Social Meaning: Identifying Interactional Style in Spoken Conversation
[N09-1072]: Dan Jurafsky | Rajesh Ranganath | Dan McFarland

Pdf Export Search Linear Complexity Context-Free Parsing Pipelines via Chart Constraints
[N09-1073]: Brian Roark | Kristy Hollingshead

Pdf Export Search Improved Syntactic Models for Parsing Speech with Repairs
[N09-1074]: Tim Miller

Pdf Export Search A model of local coherence effects in human sentence processing as consequences of updates from bottom-up prior to posterior beliefs
[N09-1075]: Klinton Bicknell | Roger Levy