Jan Alexandersson | Ercan Altinsoy | Heidi Christensen | Peter Ljunglöf | François Portet | Frank Rudzicz  
Dresden, Germany 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of SLPAT 2015: 6th Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
[W15-5100]: Jan Alexandersson | Ercan Altinsoy | Heidi Christensen | Peter Ljunglöf | François Portet | Frank Rudzicz

Pdf Export Search Talking Heads, Signing Avatars and Social Robots
[W15-5101]: Jonas Beskow

Pdf Export Search Bridging the gap between sign language machine translation and sign language animation using sequence classification
[W15-5102]: Sarah Ebling | Matt Huenerfauth

Pdf Export Search Synthesizing the finger alphabet of Swiss German Sign Language and evaluating the comprehensibility of the resulting animations
[W15-5103]: Sarah Ebling | Rosalee Wolfe | Jerry Schnepp | Souad Baowidan | John McDonald | Robyn Moncrief | Sandra Sidler-Miserez | Katja Tissi

Pdf Export Search Contour-based Hand Pose Recognition for Sign Language Recognition
[W15-5104]: Mika Hatano | Shinji Sako | Tadashi Kitamura

Pdf Export Search Synthesizing and Evaluating Animations of American Sign Language Verbs Modeled from Motion-Capture Data
[W15-5105]: Matt Huenerfauth | Pengfei Lu | Hernisa Kacorri

Pdf Export Search Evaluating a Dynamic Time Warping Based Scoring Algorithm for Facial Expressions in ASL Animations
[W15-5106]: Hernisa Kacorri | Matt Huenerfauth

Pdf Export Search Qualitative investigation of the display of speech recognition results for communication with deaf people
[W15-5107]: Agnès Piquard-Kipffer | Odile Mella | Jérémy Miranda | Denis Jouvet | Luiza Orosanu

Pdf Export Search Predicting disordered speech comprehensibility from Goodness of Pronunciation scores
[W15-5108]: Lionel Fontan | Thomas Pellegrini | Julia Olcoz | Alberto Abad

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Dysarthric Speech due to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis with Across-Speaker Articulatory Normalization
[W15-5109]: Seongjun Hahm | Daragh Heitzman | Jun Wang

Pdf Export Search Vowel Enhancement in Early Stage Spanish Esophageal Speech Using Natural Glottal Flow Pulse and Vocal Tract Frequency Warping
[W15-5110]: Rizwan Ishaq | Dhanananjaya Gowda | Paavo Alku | Begonya Garcia Zapirain

Pdf Export Search Automatic dysfluency detection in dysarthric speech using deep belief networks
[W15-5111]: Stacey Oue | Ricard Marxer | Frank Rudzicz

Pdf Export Search Model adaptation and adaptive training for the recognition of dysarthric speech
[W15-5112]: Siddharth Sehgal | Stuart Cunningham

Pdf Export Search Pronunciation Adaptation For Disordered Speech Recognition Using State-Specific Vectors of Phone-Cluster Adaptive Training
[W15-5113]: R. Sriranjani | S. Umesh | M. Ramasubba Reddy

Pdf Export Search Determining an Optimal Set of Flesh Points on Tongue, Lips, and Jaw for Continuous Silent Speech Recognition
[W15-5114]: Jun Wang | Seongjun Hahm | Ted Mau

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Dysarthric Speech using Distinctive Feature Recognition
[W15-5115]: Ka-Ho Wong | Yu Ting Yeung | Patrick C. M. Wong | Gina-Anne Levow | Helen Meng

Pdf Export Search Generating acceptable Arabic Core Vocabularies and Symbols for AAC users
[W15-5116]: E.A. Draffan | Mike Wald | Nawar Halabi | Ouadie Sabia | Wajdi Zaghouani | Amatullah Kadous | Amal Idris | Nadine Zeinoun | David Banes | Dana Lawand

Pdf Export Search Remote Speech Technology for Speech Professionals - the CloudCAST initiative
[W15-5117]: Phil Green | Ricard Marxer | Stuart Cunningham | Heidi Christensen | Frank Rudzicz | Maria Yancheva | André Coy | Massimuliano Malavasi | Lorenzo Desideri

Pdf Export Search Speech and language technologies for the automatic monitoring and training of cognitive functions
[W15-5118]: Anna Pompili | Cristiana Amorim | Alberto Abad | Isabel Trancoso

Pdf Export Search Extending a Dutch Text-to-Pictograph Converter to English and Spanish
[W15-5119]: Leen Sevens | Vincent Vandeghinste | Ineke Schuurman | Frank Van Eynde

Pdf Export Search Individuality-Preserving Spectrum Modification for Articulation Disorders Using Phone Selective Synthesis
[W15-5120]: Reina Ueda | Ryo Aihara | Tetsuya Takiguchi | Yasuo Ariki

Pdf Export Search Recognition of Distress Calls in Distant Speech Setting: a Preliminary Experiment in a Smart Home
[W15-5121]: Michel Vacher | Benjamin Lecouteux | Frédéric Aman | Solange Rossato | François Portet

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Manual and Automatic Voice Repair for Individual with Vocal Disabilities
[W15-5122]: Christophe Veaux | Junichi Yamagishi | Simon King

Pdf Export Search Using linguistic features longitudinally to predict clinical scores for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias
[W15-5123]: Maria Yancheva | Kathleen Fraser | Frank Rudzicz

Pdf Export Search From European Portuguese to Portuguese Sign Language
[W15-5124]: Inês Almeida | Luísa Coheur | Sara Candeias