Alexander Erk, Katrin and Koller  
Potsdam, Germany 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2013) – Long Papers
[W13-0100]: Alexander Erk, Katrin and Koller

Pdf Export Search UCCA: A Semantics-based Grammatical Annotation Scheme
[W13-0101]: Omri Abend | Ari Rappoport

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Topic Coherence Using Distributional Semantics
[W13-0102]: Nikolaos Aletras | Mark Stevenson

Pdf Export Search Automatically Deriving Event Ontologies for a CommonSense Knowledge Base
[W13-0103]: James Allen | Will de Beaumont | Lucian Galescu | Jansen Orfan | Mary Swift | Choh Man Teng

Pdf Export Search Intensionality was only alleged: On adjective-noun composition in distributional semantics
[W13-0104]: Gemma Boleda | Marco Baroni | The Nghia Pham | Louise McNally

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Composition Using a Parabolic Model
[W13-0105]: Baptiste Chardon | Farah Benamara | Yannick Mathieu | Vladimir Popescu | Nicholas Asher

Pdf Export Search Temporal Relation Classification Based on Temporal Reasoning
[W13-0106]: Francisco Costa | António Branco

Pdf Export Search Empirical Validation of Reichenbach’s Tense Framework
[W13-0107]: Leon Derczynski | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search Generating Natural Language from Linked Data: Unsupervised template extraction
[W13-0108]: Daniel Duma | Ewan Klein

Pdf Export Search Towards a semantics for distributional representations
[W13-0109]: Katrin Erk

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic induction for an incremental semantic grammar
[W13-0110]: Arash Eshghi | Matthew Purver | Julian Hough

Pdf Export Search Towards Weakly Supervised Resolution of Null Instantiations
[W13-0111]: Philip Gorinski | Josef Ruppenhofer | Caroline Sporleder

Pdf Export Search Multi-Step Regression Learning for Compositional Distributional Semantics
[W13-0112]: E. Grefenstette | G. Dinu | Y. Zhang | M. Sadrzadeh | M. Baroni

Pdf Export Search Domain Adaptable Semantic Clustering in Statistical NLG
[W13-0113]: Blake Howald | Ravikumar Kondadadi | Frank Schilder

Pdf Export Search Sources of Evidence for Implicit Argument Resolution
[W13-0114]: Egoitz Laparra | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search Recognising Sets and Their Elements: Tree Kernels for Entity Instantiation Identification
[W13-0115]: Andrew McKinlay | Katja Markert

Pdf Export Search A corpus study of clause combination
[W13-0116]: Olga Nikitina | Sebastian Padó

Pdf Export Search Learning Corpus Patterns Using Finite State Automata
[W13-0117]: Octavian Popescu

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Selectional Preference Agreement on Semantic Relational Similarity
[W13-0118]: Bryan Rink | Sanda Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Spatial Containment Relations between Event Mentions
[W13-0119]: Kirk Roberts | Michael A. Skinner | Sanda M. Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search Regular Meaning Shifts in German Particle Verbs: A Case Study
[W13-0120]: Sylvia Springorum | Jason Utt | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Semantic Annotation of Textual Entailment
[W13-0121]: Assaf Toledo | Stavroula Alexandropoulou | Sophia Katrenko | Heidi Klockmann | Pepijn Kokke | Yoad Winter

Pdf Export Search Parsimonious Semantic Representations with Projection Pointers
[W13-0122]: Noortje J. Venhuizen | Johan Bos | Harm Brouwer

Pdf Export Search Subgraph-based Classification of Explicit and Implicit Discourse Relations
[W13-0123]: Yannick Versley

Pdf Export Search What excludes an Alternative in Coherence Relations?
[W13-0124]: Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search A Search Task Dataset for German Textual Entailment
[W13-0125]: Britta D. Zeller | Sebastian Padó