Nathan Schneider | Nianwen Xue  
WS | LAW  
Valencia, Spain 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 11th Linguistic Annotation Workshop
[W17-0800]: Nathan Schneider | Nianwen Xue

Pdf Export Search Readers vs. Writers vs. Texts: Coping with Different Perspectives of Text Understanding in Emotion Annotation
[W17-0801]: Sven Buechel | Udo Hahn

Pdf Export Search Finding Good Conversations Online: The Yahoo News Annotated Comments Corpus
[W17-0802]: Courtney Napoles | Joel Tetreault | Aasish Pappu | Enrica Rosato | Brian Provenzale

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing discourse interpretations: On the influence of context and the reliability of a connective insertion task
[W17-0803]: Merel Scholman | Vera Demberg

Pdf Export Search A Code-Switching Corpus of Turkish-German Conversations
[W17-0804]: Özlem Çetinoğlu

Pdf Export Search Annotating omission in statement pairs
[W17-0805]: Héctor Martínez Alonso | Amaury Delamaire | Benoît Sagot

Pdf Export Search Annotating Speech, Attitude and Perception Reports
[W17-0806]: Corien Bary | Leopold Hess | Kees Thijs | Peter Berck | Iris Hendrickx

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Consistent Classification of Translation Revisions: A Case Study of English-Japanese Student Translations
[W17-0807]: Atsushi Fujita | Kikuko Tanabe | Chiho Toyoshima | Mayuka Yamamoto | Kyo Kageura | Anthony Hartley

Pdf Export Search Representation and Interchange of Linguistic Annotation. An In-Depth, Side-by-Side Comparison of Three Designs
[W17-0808]: Richard Eckart de Castilho | Nancy Ide | Emanuele Lapponi | Stephan Oepen | Keith Suderman | Erik Velldal | Marc Verhagen

Pdf Export Search TDB 1.1: Extensions on Turkish Discourse Bank
[W17-0809]: Deniz Zeyrek | Murathan Kurfalı

Pdf Export Search Two Layers of Annotation for Representing Event Mentions in News Stories
[W17-0810]: Maria Pia di Buono | Martin Tutek | Jan Šnajder | Goran Glavaš | Bojana Dalbelo Bašić | Natasa Milic-Frayling

Pdf Export Search Word Similarity Datasets for Indian Languages: Annotation and Baseline Systems
[W17-0811]: Syed Sarfaraz Akhtar | Arihant Gupta | Avijit Vajpayee | Arjit Srivastava | Manish Shrivastava

Pdf Export Search The BECauSE Corpus 2.0: Annotating Causality and Overlapping Relations
[W17-0812]: Jesse Dunietz | Lori Levin | Jaime Carbonell

Pdf Export Search Catching the Common Cause: Extraction and Annotation of Causal Relations and their Participants
[W17-0813]: Ines Rehbein | Josef Ruppenhofer

Pdf Export Search Assessing SRL Frameworks with Automatic Training Data Expansion
[W17-0814]: Silvana Hartmann | Éva Mújdricza-Maydt | Ilia Kuznetsov | Iryna Gurevych | Anette Frank