Janice Campbell | Alex Yanishevsky | Jennifer Doyon | Doug Jones  
Association for Machine Translation in the Americas 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 13th Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (Volume 2: User Papers)
[W18-1900]: Janice Campbell | Alex Yanishevsky | Jennifer Doyon | Doug Jones

Pdf Export Search Keynote: Machine Translation Beyond the Sentence
[W18-1901]: Macduff Hughes

Pdf Export Search Keynote: Setting up a Machine Translation Program for IARPA
[W18-1902]: Carl Rubino

Pdf Export Search Keynote: Use more Machine Translation and Keep Your Customers Happy
[W18-1903]: Glen Poor

Pdf Export Search Technology Showcase and Presentations
[W18-1904]: Jennifer DeCamp

Pdf Export Search Augmented Translation: A New Approach to Combining Human and Machine Capabilities
[W18-1905]: Arle Lommel

Pdf Export Search Training, feedback and productivity measurement with NMT and Adaptive MT
[W18-1906]: Jean-Luc Saillard

Pdf Export Search The Collision of Quality and Technology with Reality
[W18-1907]: Don DePalma

Pdf Export Search Same-language machine translation for local flavours/flavors
[W18-1908]: Gema Ramírez-Sánchez | Janice Campbell

Pdf Export Search Thinking of Going Neural? Factors Honda R&D Americas is Considering before Making the Switch
[W18-1909]: Phil Soldini

Pdf Export Search Developing a Neural Machine Translation Service for the 2017-2018 European Union Presidency
[W18-1910]: Mārcis Pinnis | Rihards Kalnins

Pdf Export Search Neural Won! Now What?
[W18-1911]: Alex Yanishevsky

Pdf Export Search MT for L10n: How we build and evaluate MT systems at eBay
[W18-1912]: José Sánchez

Pdf Export Search VMware MT Tiered Model
[W18-1913]: Lynn Ma

Pdf Export Search Turning NMT Research into Commercial Products
[W18-1914]: Dragos Munteanu | Adrià Gispert

Pdf Export Search Beyond Quality, Considerations for an MT solution
[W18-1915]: Quinn Lam

Pdf Export Search Towards Less Post-Editing
[W18-1916]: Bill Lafferty

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Data Resources for Cross-Linguistic Information Retrieval Using Statistical Machine Translation
[W18-1917]: Steve Sloto | Ann Clifton | Greg Hanneman | Patrick Porter | Donna Gates | Almut Hildebrand | Anish Kumar

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Advances in Neural and Statistical MT on the Translation Workforce
[W18-1918]: Jennifer DeCamp

Pdf Export Search PEMT for the Public Sector - Evolution of a Solution
[W18-1919]: Konstantine Boukhvalov | Sandy Hogg

Pdf Export Search Embedding Register-Aware MT into the CAT Workflow
[W18-1920]: Corey Miller | Danielle Silverman | Vanesa Jurica | Elizabeth Richerson | Rodney Morris | Elisabeth Mallard

Pdf Export Search Challenges in Speech Recognition and Translation of High-Value Low-Density Polysynthetic Languages
[W18-1921]: Judith Klavans | John Morgan | Stephen LaRocca | Jeffrey Micher | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Automatic Speech Recognition in Translation
[W18-1922]: Evelyne Tzoukermann | Corey Miller

Pdf Export Search Portable Speech-to-Speech Translation on an Android Smartphone: The MFLTS System
[W18-1923]: Ralf Meermeier | Sean Colbath | Martha Lillie

Pdf Export Search Tutorial: De-mystifying Neural MT
[W18-1924]: Dragos Munteanu | Ling Tsou

Pdf Export Search Tutorial: MQM-DQF: A Good Marriage (Translation Quality for the 21st Century)
[W18-1925]: Arle Lommel | Alan Melby

Pdf Export Search Tutorial: Corpora Quality Management for MT - Practices and Roles
[W18-1926]: Silvio Picinini | Pete Smith | Nicola Ueffing