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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 13th Joint ISO-ACL Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (ISA-13)

Pdf Export Search Evaluating discourse annotation: Some recent insights and new approaches
[W17-7401]: Jet Hoek | Merel Scholman

Pdf Export Search A semantically-based approach to the annotation of narrative style
[W17-7402]: Rodolfo Delmonte | Giulia Marchesi

Pdf Export Search Annotating similes in literary texts
[W17-7403]: Suzanne Mpouli

Pdf Export Search Revisiting the ISO standard for dialogue act annotation
[W17-7404]: Harry Bunt | Volha Petukhova | Alex Chengyu Fang

Pdf Export Search Annotation of greeting, introduction, and leavetaking in dialogues
[W17-7405]: Emer Gilmartin | Brendan Spillane | Maria O'Reilly | Christian Saam | Ketung Su | Benjamin R. Cowan | Killian Levacher | Arturo Calvo Devesa | Lodana Cerrato | Nick Campbell | Vincent Wade

Pdf Export Search Classification of modal meaning in negotiation dialogues
[W17-7406]: Valeria Lapina | Volha Petukhova

Pdf Export Search Project Notes on building a conversational parser on top of a text parser: Towards a causal language tagger for spoken Chinese
[W17-7407]: Andreas Liesenfeld

Pdf Export Search The representation and extraction of qunatitative information
[W17-7408]: Tianyong Hao | Yunyan We | Jiaqi Qiang | Haitao Wang | Kiyong Lee

Pdf Export Search Towards interoperable annotation of quantification
[W17-7409]: Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search PACTE: A colloaborative platform for textual annotation
[W17-7410]: Pierre Andre Menard | Caroline Barriere

Pdf Export Search Interoperable annotation of (co)references in the Democrat project
[W17-7411]: Loic Grobol | Frederic Landragin | Serge Heiden

Pdf Export Search Four types of emporal signals
[W17-7412]: Kiyong Lee

Pdf Export Search Temporal@ODIL project: Adapting ISO-TimeML to syntactic treebanks for the temporal annotation of spoken speech
[W17-7413]: Jean-Yves Antoine | Jakub Wasczuk | Anais Lefeuvre-Haftermeyer | Lotfi Abouda | Emmanuel Schang | Agata Savary

Pdf Export Search Towards efficient string processing of annotated events
[W17-7414]: David Woods | Tim Fernando | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search Enriching the Notion of Path in ISO-Space
[W17-7415]: James Pustejovsky | Kiyong Lee