Israel Shuly Wintner, University of Haifa | Germany Stefan Riezler, Heidelberg University | UK Sharon Goldwater, University of Edinburgh  
Gothenburg, Sweden 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, volume 2: Short Papers
[E14-4000]: Israel Shuly Wintner, University of Haifa | Germany Stefan Riezler, Heidelberg University | UK Sharon Goldwater, University of Edinburgh

Pdf Export Search Easy Web Search Results Clustering: When Baselines Can Reach State-of-the-Art Algorithms
[E14-4001]: Jose G. Moreno | Gaël Dias

Pdf Export Search Propagation Strategies for Building Temporal Ontologies
[E14-4002]: Mohammed Hasanuzzaman | Gaël Dias | Stéphane Ferrari | Yann Mathet

Pdf Export Search Chinese Open Relation Extraction for Knowledge Acquisition
[E14-4003]: Yuen-Hsien Tseng | Lung-Hao Lee | Shu-Yen Lin | Bo-Shun Liao | Mei-Jun Liu | Hsin-Hsi Chen | Oren Etzioni | Anthony Fader

Pdf Export Search Temporal Text Ranking and Automatic Dating of Texts
[E14-4004]: Vlad Niculae | Marcos Zampieri | Liviu Dinu | Alina Maria Ciobanu

Pdf Export Search Measuring the Similarity between Automatically Generated Topics
[E14-4005]: Nikolaos Aletras | Mark Stevenson

Pdf Export Search Projecting the Knowledge Graph to Syntactic Parsing
[E14-4006]: Andrea Gesmundo | Keith Hall

Pdf Export Search A Vague Sense Classifier for Detecting Vague Definitions in Ontologies
[E14-4007]: Panos Alexopoulos | John Pavlopoulos

Pdf Export Search Chasing Hypernyms in Vector Spaces with Entropy
[E14-4008]: Enrico Santus | Alessandro Lenci | Qin Lu | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Tight Integration of Speech Disfluency Removal into SMT
[E14-4009]: Eunah Cho | Jan Niehues | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Non-Monotonic Parsing of Fluent Umm I mean Disfluent Sentences
[E14-4010]: Mohammad Sadegh Rasooli | Joel Tetreault

Pdf Export Search Lightly-Supervised Word Sense Translation Error Detection for an Interactive Conversational Spoken Language Translation System
[E14-4011]: Dennis Mehay | Sankaranarayanan Ananthakrishnan | Sanjika Hewavitharana

Pdf Export Search Map Translation Using Geo-tagged Social Media
[E14-4012]: Sunyou Lee | Taesung Lee | Seung-won Hwang

Pdf Export Search Predicting Romanian Stress Assignment
[E14-4013]: Alina Maria Ciobanu | Anca Dinu | Liviu Dinu

Pdf Export Search Passive-Aggressive Sequence Labeling with Discriminative Post-Editing for Recognising Person Entities in Tweets
[E14-4014]: Leon Derczynski | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search Accelerated Estimation of Conditional Random Fields using a Pseudo-Likelihood-inspired Perceptron Variant
[E14-4015]: Teemu Ruokolainen | Miikka Silfverberg | mikko kurimo | Krister Linden

Pdf Export Search Deterministic Word Segmentation Using Maximum Matching with Fully Lexicalized Rules
[E14-4016]: Manabu Sassano

Pdf Export Search Painless Semi-Supervised Morphological Segmentation using Conditional Random Fields
[E14-4017]: Teemu Ruokolainen | Oskar Kohonen | Sami Virpioja | mikko kurimo

Pdf Export Search Inference of Phrase-Based Translation Models via Minimum Description Length
[E14-4018]: Jesús González-Rubio | Francisco Casacuberta

Pdf Export Search Chinese Native Language Identification
[E14-4019]: Shervin Malmasi | Mark Dras

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Parsing for Generating Surface-Based Relation Extraction Patterns
[E14-4020]: Jens Illig | Benjamin Roth | Dietrich Klakow

Pdf Export Search Automatic Selection of Reference Pages in Wikipedia for Improving Targeted Entities Disambiguation
[E14-4021]: Takuya Makino

Pdf Export Search Using a Random Forest Classifier to Compile Bilingual Dictionaries of Technical Terms from Comparable Corpora
[E14-4022]: Georgios Kontonatsios | Ioannis Korkontzelos | Jun'ichi Tsujii | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Comparing methods for deriving intensity scores for adjectives
[E14-4023]: Josef Ruppenhofer | Michael Wiegand | Jasper Brandes

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Word Alignment for Massively Parallel Texts
[E14-4024]: Robert Östling

Pdf Export Search Acquiring a Dictionary of Emotion-Provoking Events
[E14-4025]: Hoa Trong Vu | Graham Neubig | Sakriani Sakti | Tomoki Toda | Satoshi Nakamura

Pdf Export Search Chinese Temporal Tagging with HeidelTime
[E14-4026]: Hui Li | Jannik Strötgen | Julian Zell | Michael Gertz

Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Approach to Persian Ezafe Recognition
[E14-4027]: Habibollah Asghari | Jalal Maleki | Heshaam Faili

Pdf Export Search Converting Russian Dependency Treebank to Stanford Typed Dependencies Representation
[E14-4028]: Janna Lipenkova | Milan Souček

Pdf Export Search Integrating an Unsupervised Transliteration Model into Statistical Machine Translation
[E14-4029]: Nadir Durrani | Hassan Sajjad | Hieu Hoang | Philipp Koehn

Pdf Export Search Improving Dependency Parsers with Supertags
[E14-4030]: Hiroki Ouchi | Kevin Duh | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Improving Dependency Parsers using Combinatory Categorial Grammar
[E14-4031]: Bharat Ram Ambati | Tejaswini Deoskar | Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Fast and Accurate Unlexicalized Parsing via Structural Annotations
[E14-4032]: Maximilian Schlund | Michael Luttenberger | Javier Esparza

Pdf Export Search Data Driven Language Transfer Hypotheses
[E14-4033]: Ben Swanson | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Simple and Effective Approach for Consistent Training of Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Models
[E14-4034]: Stephan Peitz | David Vilar | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Some Experiments with a Convex IBM Model 2
[E14-4035]: Andrei Simion | Michael Collins | Cliff Stein

Pdf Export Search Active Learning for Post-Editing Based Incrementally Retrained MT
[E14-4036]: Aswarth Abhilash Dara | Josef van Genabith | Qun Liu | John Judge | Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search Analysis and Prediction of Unalignable Words in Parallel Text
[E14-4037]: Frances Yung | Kevin Duh | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Authorship Attribution By Utilizing Syntax Tree Profiles
[E14-4038]: Michael Tschuggnall | Günther Specht

Pdf Export Search Multi-Domain Sentiment Relevance Classification with Automatic Representation Learning
[E14-4039]: Christian Scheible | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search A New Entity Salience Task with Millions of Training Examples
[E14-4040]: Jesse Dunietz | Daniel Gillick

Pdf Export Search Finding middle ground? Multi-objective Natural Language Generation from time-series data
[E14-4041]: Dimitra Gkatzia | Helen Hastie | Oliver Lemon

Pdf Export Search One Sense per Tweeter ... and Other Lexical Semantic Tales of Twitter
[E14-4042]: Spandana Gella | Paul Cook | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Zero subject detection for Polish
[E14-4043]: Mateusz Kopeć

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing Annotation of Non-Local Semantic Roles
[E14-4044]: Parvin Sadat Feizabadi | Sebastian Padó

Pdf Export Search Coreference Resolution Evaluation for Higher Level Applications
[E14-4045]: Don Tuggener

Pdf Export Search Efficient Online Summarization of Microblogging Streams
[E14-4046]: Andrei Olariu