Albert Gatt | Horacio Saggion  
Sofia, Bulgaria 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation
[W13-2100]: Albert Gatt | Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search Aligning Formal Meaning Representations with Surface Strings for Wide-Coverage Text Generation
[W13-2101]: Valerio Basile | Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Ontology Lexica for Generating Natural Language Texts from RDF Data
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Pdf Export Search Generating Elliptic Coordination
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Pdf Export Search Generating and Interpreting Referring Expressions as Belief State Planning and Plan Recognition
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Pdf Export Search Graphs and Spatial Relations in the Generation of Referring Expressions
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Pdf Export Search What and Where: An Empirical Investigation of Pointing Gestures and Descriptions in Multimodal Referring Actions
[W13-2109]: Albert Gatt | Patrizia Paggio

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Generation and Summarization at RALI
[W13-2110]: Guy Lapalme

Pdf Export Search The KBGen Challenge
[W13-2111]: Eva Banik | Claire Gardent | Eric Kow

Pdf Export Search Overview of the First Content Selection Challenge from Open Semantic Web Data
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Pdf Export Search Narrative Composition: Achieving the Perceived Linearity of Narrative
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Pdf Export Search Generating Natural Language Questions to Support Learning On-Line
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Pdf Export Search Generating Student Feedback from Time-Series Data Using Reinforcement Learning
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Pdf Export Search Deconstructing Human Literature Reviews – A Framework for Multi-Document Summarization
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Pdf Export Search Abstractive Meeting Summarization with Entailment and Fusion
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Pdf Export Search Automatic Voice Selection in Japanese based on Various Linguistic Information
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Pdf Export Search MIME - NLG in Pre-Hospital Care
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Pdf Export Search Generation of Quantified Referring Expressions: Evidence from Experimental Data
[W13-2120]: Dale Barr | Kees van Deemter | Raquel Fernandez

Pdf Export Search POS-Tag Based Poetry Generation with WordNet
[W13-2121]: Manex Agirrezabal | Bertol Arrieta | Aitzol Astigarraga | Mans Hulden

Pdf Export Search Greetings Generation in Video Role Playing Games
[W13-2122]: Björn Schlünder | Ralf Klabunde

Pdf Export Search On the Feasibility of Automatically Describing n-dimensional Objects
[W13-2123]: Pablo Duboue

Pdf Export Search GenNext: A Consolidated Domain Adaptable NLG System
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Pdf Export Search Adapting SimpleNLG for Bilingual English-French Realisation
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Pdf Export Search A Case Study Towards Turkish Paraphrase Alignment
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Pdf Export Search Towards NLG for Physiological Data Monitoring with Body Area Networks
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Pdf Export Search MIME- NLG Support for Complex and Unstable Pre-hospital Emergencies
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Pdf Export Search Thoughtland: Natural Language Descriptions for Machine Learning n-dimensional Error Functions
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Pdf Export Search An Automatic Method for Building a Data-to-Text Generator
[W13-2130]: Sina Zarriess | Kyle Richardson

Pdf Export Search LOR-KBGEN, A Hybrid Approach To Generating from the KBGen Knowledge-Base
[W13-2131]: Bikash Gyawali | Claire Gardent

Pdf Export Search Team UDEL KBGen 2013 Challenge
[W13-2132]: Keith Butler | Priscilla Moraes | Ian Tabolt | Kathy McCoy

Pdf Export Search Content Selection Challenge - University of Aberdeen Entry
[W13-2133]: Roman Kutlak | Chris Mellish | Kees van Deemter

Pdf Export Search UIC-CSC: The Content Selection Challenge Entry from the University of Illinois at Chicago
[W13-2134]: Hareen Venigalla | Barbara Di Eugenio