Stefan Werner  
WS | NoDaLiDa  
Joensuu, Finland 
University of Joensuu, Finland 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 15th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2005)
[W05-1700]: Stefan Werner

Pdf Export Search Robust stochastic parsing: Comparing and combining two approaches for processing extra-grammatical sentences
[W05-1701]: Marita Ailomaa | Vladimír Kadlec | Martin Rajman | Jean-Cédric Chappelier

Pdf Export Search A new semantic similarity measure evaluated in word sense disambiguation
[W05-1702]: Ergin Altintas | Elif Karsligil | Vedat Coskun

Pdf Export Search Reformulations of Finnish questions for question answering
[W05-1703]: Lili Aunimo | Reeta Kuuskoski

Pdf Export Search Dictionary acquisition using parallel text and co-occurrence statistics
[W05-1704]: Chris Biemann | Uwe Quasthoff

Pdf Export Search The influence of written task descriptions in Wizard of Oz experiments
[W05-1705]: Heidi Brøseth

Pdf Export Search Improving search engine retrieval using a compound splitter for Swedish
[W05-1706]: Hercules Dalianis

Pdf Export Search Improbable morphological forms in a computational lexicon
[W05-1707]: Kristin Hagen | Lars Nygaard

Pdf Export Search A generic architecture for data-driven dependency parsing
[W05-1708]: Johan Hall | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search The `Specifier' in an HPSG grammar implementation of Norwegian
[W05-1709]: Lars Hellan | Dorothee Beermann

Pdf Export Search LiSa–morphological analysis for information retrieval
[W05-1710]: Hans Hjelm | Christoph Schwarz

Pdf Export Search Creating bilingual lexica using reference wordlists for alignment of monolingual semantic vector spaces
[W05-1711]: Jon Holmlund | Magnus Sahlgren | Jussi Karlgren

Pdf Export Search Naive Bayes spam filtering using word-position-based attributes and length-sensitive classification thresholds
[W05-1712]: Johan Hovold

Pdf Export Search An analytical relation between analogical modeling and memory based learning
[W05-1713]: Christer Johansson | Lars G. Johnsen

Pdf Export Search Dependency treebanks: methods, annotation schemes and tools
[W05-1714]: Tuomo Kakkonen

Pdf Export Search Free construction of a free Swedish dictionary of synonyms
[W05-1715]: Viggo Kann | Magnus Rosell

Pdf Export Search Compound terms and their constituent elements in information retrieval
[W05-1716]: Jussi Karlgren

Pdf Export Search Synthetic regional Danish
[W05-1717]: Bodil Kyst | Peter Juel Henrichsen

Pdf Export Search Compounds and other oddities in machine translation
[W05-1718]: Hanne Moa

Pdf Export Search Towards modeling the semantics of calendar expressions as extended regular expressions
[W05-1719]: Jyrki Niemi | Lauri Carlson

Pdf Export Search SUiS–cross-language ontology-driven information retrieval in a restricted domain
[W05-1720]: Kristina Nilsson | Hans Hjelm | Henrik Oxhammar

Pdf Export Search Towards automatic recognition of product names: an exploratory study of brand names in economic texts
[W05-1721]: Kristina Nilsson | Aisha Malmgren

Pdf Export Search Detecting reference chains in Norwegian
[W05-1722]: Anders Nøklestad | Christer Johansson

Pdf Export Search Mapping product descriptions to a large ontology
[W05-1723]: Henrik Oxhammar

Pdf Export Search The impact of phrases in document clustering for Swedish
[W05-1724]: Magnus Rosell | Sumithra Velupillai

Pdf Export Search Chunking: an unsupervised method to find errors in text
[W05-1725]: Jonas Sjöbergh

Pdf Export Search DanPO–a transcription-based dictionary for Danish speech technology
[W05-1726]: Peter Rossen Skadhauge | Peter Juel Henrichsen

Pdf Export Search Functionality in grammar design
[W05-1727]: Anders Søgaard | Petter Haugereid

Pdf Export Search Optimizing the finite-state description of Estonian morphology
[W05-1728]: Heli Uibo

Pdf Export Search Rigorous dimensionality reduction through linguistically motivated feature selection for text categorization
[W05-1729]: Hans Friedrich Witschel | Chris Biemann