Bolette Sandford Pedersen | Gunta Nešpore | Inguna Skadiņa  
WS | NoDaLiDa  
Riga, Latvia 
Northern European Association for Language Technology (NEALT) 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 18th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2011)
[W11-4600]: Bolette Sandford Pedersen | Gunta Nešpore | Inguna Skadiņa

Pdf Export Search Invited Paper: When FrameNet meets a Controlled Natural Language
[W11-4601]: Guntis Bārzdiņš

Pdf Export Search Invited Paper: Bare-Bones Dependency Parsing – A Case for Occam's Razor?
[W11-4602]: Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search Invited Paper: Discourse Structures and Language Technologies
[W11-4603]: Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Identification of sense selection in regular polysemy using shallow features
[W11-4604]: Hector Martinez Alonso | Núria Bel | Bolette Sandford Pedersen

Pdf Export Search Decision Strategies for Incremental POS Tagging
[W11-4605]: Niels Beuck | Arne Köhn | Wolfgang Menzel

Pdf Export Search A FrameNet for Danish
[W11-4606]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Extraction from relative and embedded interrogative clauses in Danish
[W11-4607]: Anne Bjerre

Pdf Export Search The Formal Patterns of the Lithuanian Verb Forms
[W11-4608]: Loïc Boizou

Pdf Export Search Semantic search in literature as an e-Humanities research tool: CONPLISIT – Consumption patterns and life-style in 19th century Swedish literature
[W11-4609]: Lars Borin | Markus Forsberg | Christer Ahlberger

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of terminologies acquired from comparable corpora: an application perspective
[W11-4610]: Estelle Delpech

Pdf Export Search A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Nordic Surnames
[W11-4611]: Eirini Florou | Stasinos Konstantopoulos

Pdf Export Search Experiments on Lithuanian Term Extraction
[W11-4612]: Gintarė Grigonytė | Erika Rimkutė | Andrius Utka | Loïc Boizou

Pdf Export Search Fishing in a Speech Stream – Angling for a Lexicon
[W11-4613]: Peter Juel Henrichsen

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Part-of-Speech Filtering on Generation of a Swedish-Japanese Dictionary Using English as Pivot Language
[W11-4614]: Ingemar Hjälmstad | Martin Duneld | Maria Skeppstedt

Pdf Export Search A Gold Standard for English-Swedish Word Alignment
[W11-4615]: Maria Holmqvist | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search Relevance Prediction in Information Extraction using Discourse and Lexical Features
[W11-4616]: Silja Huttunen | Arto Vihavainen | Peter von Etter | Roman Yangarber

Pdf Export Search What kind of corpus is a web corpus?
[W11-4617]: Janne Bondi Johannessen | Emiliano Raúl Guevara

Pdf Export Search Morphological analysis of a non-standard language variety
[W11-4618]: Heiki-Jaan Kaalep | Kadri Muischnek

Pdf Export Search Editing Syntax Trees on the Surface
[W11-4619]: Peter Ljunglöf

Pdf Export Search Do wordnets also improve human performance on NLP tasks?
[W11-4620]: Kristiina Muhonen | Krister Lindén

Pdf Export Search Creating Comparable Multimodal Corpora for Nordic Languages
[W11-4621]: Costanza Navarretta | Elisabeth Ahlsén | Jens Allwood | Kristiina Jokinen | Patrizia Paggio

Pdf Export Search Estimating Language Relationships from a Parallel Corpus. A Study of the Europarl Corpus
[W11-4622]: Taraka Rama | Lars Borin

Pdf Export Search Improving Sentence-level Subjectivity Classification through Readability Measurement
[W11-4623]: Robert Remus

Pdf Export Search Iterative, MT-based Sentence Alignment of Parallel Texts
[W11-4624]: Rico Sennrich | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Combining Statistical Models for POS Tagging using Finite-State Calculus
[W11-4625]: Miikka Silfverberg | Krister Lindén

Pdf Export Search Toponym Disambiguation in an English-Lithuanian SMT System with Spatial Knowledge
[W11-4626]: Raivis Skadiņš | Tatiana Gornostay | Valters Šics

Pdf Export Search Automatic summarization as means of simplifying texts, an evaluation for Swedish
[W11-4627]: Christian Smith | Arne Jönsson

Pdf Export Search Using graphical models for PP attachment
[W11-4628]: Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Corrective re-synthesis of deviant speech using unit selection
[W11-4629]: Sofia Strömbergsson

Pdf Export Search Psycho-acoustically motivated formant feature extraction
[W11-4630]: Bea Valkenier | Dirkjan Krijnders | Ronald A.J. van Elburg | Tjeerd C. Andringa

Pdf Export Search Random Indexing Re-Hashed
[W11-4631]: Erik Velldal

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the effect of word frequencies in a probabilistic generative model of morphology
[W11-4632]: Sami Virpioja | Oskar Kohonen | Krista Lagus

Pdf Export Search Disambiguation of English Contractions for Machine Translation of TV Subtitles
[W11-4633]: Martin Volk | Rico Sennrich

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Models for Alignment of Etymological Data
[W11-4634]: Hannes Wettig | Roman Yangarber

Pdf Export Search Convolution Kernels for Subjectivity Detection
[W11-4635]: Michael Wiegand | Dietrich Klakow

Pdf Export Search Explorations on Positionwise Flag Diacritics in Finite-State Morphology
[W11-4636]: Anssi Yli-Jyrä

Pdf Export Search Experiments to investigate the utility of nearest neighbour metrics based on linguistically informed features for detecting textual plagiarism
[W11-4637]: Per Almquist | Jussi Karlgren

Pdf Export Search CFG based grammar checker for Latvian
[W11-4638]: Daiga Deksne | Raivis Skadiņš

Pdf Export Search Query Constraining Aspects of Knowledge–A Case Study
[W11-4639]: Ann-Marie Eklund

Pdf Export Search A First Effort to Create A Categorization Scheme for Analyzing a Handbook of Swedish Writing Rules
[W11-4640]: Jody Foo

Pdf Export Search Something Old, Something New – Applying a Pre-trained Parsing Model to Clinical Swedish
[W11-4641]: Martin Duneld | Aron Henriksson | Sumithra Velupillai

Pdf Export Search Knowledge-free Verb Detection through Tag Sequence Alignment
[W11-4642]: Christian Hänig

Pdf Export Search “Andre ord” – a wordnet browser for the Danish wordnet, DanNet
[W11-4643]: Anders Johannsen | Bolette Sandford Pedersen

Pdf Export Search Modularisation of Finnish Finite-State Language Description – Towards Wide Collaboration in Open Source Development of a Morphological Analyser
[W11-4644]: Tommi Pirinen

Pdf Export Search A Prague Markup Language profile for the SemTi-Kamols grammar model
[W11-4645]: Lauma Pretkalniņa | Gunta Nešpore | Kristīne Levāne-Petrova | Baiba Saulīte

Pdf Export Search Dialect classification in the Himalayas: a computational approach
[W11-4646]: Anju Saxena | Lars Borin

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Knowledge-Rich Contexts in Russian – A Study in the Automotive Domain
[W11-4647]: Anne-Kathrin Schumann

Pdf Export Search Iterative reordering and word alignment for statistical MT
[W11-4648]: Sara Stymne

Pdf Export Search A double-blind experiment on interannotator agreement: the case of dependency syntax and Finnish
[W11-4649]: Atro Voutilainen | Tanja Purtonen

Pdf Export Search Automatic Question Generation from Swedish Documents as a Tool for Information Extraction
[W11-4650]: Kenneth Wilhelmsson

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Motivation in Automatic Sentence Alignment of Parallel Corpora: the Case of Danish-Bulgarian and English-Bulgarian
[W11-4651]: Angel Genov | Georgi Iliev

Pdf Export Search Finding statistically motivated features influencing subtree alignment performance
[W11-4652]: Gideon Kotzé

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the speech quality of the Norwegian synthetic voice Brage
[W11-4653]: Marius Olaussen

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Part-of-Speech Tagger for Persian
[W11-4654]: Mojgan Seraji

Pdf Export Search Identification of context markers for Russian nouns
[W11-4655]: Anastasia Shimorina | Maria Grachkova