Mirella Lapata | Hwee Tou Ng  
Honolulu, Hawaii 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search HotSpots: Visualizing Edits to a Text
[D08-1028]: Srinivas Bangalore | David Smith

Pdf Export Search Who is Who and What is What: Experiments in Cross-Document Co-Reference
[D08-1029]: Alex Baron | Marjorie Freedman

Pdf Export Search Arabic Named Entity Recognition using Optimized Feature Sets
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Pdf Export Search Understanding the Value of Features for Coreference Resolution
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Pdf Export Search Improving Chinese Semantic Role Classification with Hierarchical Feature Selection Strategy
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Pdf Export Search Bayesian Unsupervised Topic Segmentation
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Pdf Export Search A comparison of Bayesian estimators for unsupervised Hidden Markov Model POS taggers
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Pdf Export Search Transliteration as Constrained Optimization
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Pdf Export Search Bridging Lexical Gaps between Queries and Questions on Large Online Q&A Collections with Compact Translation Models
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Pdf Export Search Scalable Language Processing Algorithms for the Masses: A Case Study in Computing Word Co-occurrence Matrices with MapReduce
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Pdf Export Search Online Acquisition of Japanese Unknown Morphemes using Morphological Constraints
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Pdf Export Search Legal Docket Classification: Where Machine Learning Stumbles
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Pdf Export Search A Discriminative Candidate Generator for String Transformations
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Pdf Export Search Multimodal Subjectivity Analysis of Multiparty Conversation
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Pdf Export Search Adapting a Lexicalized-Grammar Parser to Contrasting Domains
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Pdf Export Search Improving Interactive Machine Translation via Mouse Actions
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Pdf Export Search LTAG Dependency Parsing with Bidirectional Incremental Construction
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Pdf Export Search Improved Sentence Alignment on Parallel Web Pages Using a Stochastic Tree Alignment Model
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Pdf Export Search HTM: A Topic Model for Hypertexts
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Pdf Export Search A Japanese Predicate Argument Structure Analysis using Decision Lists
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Pdf Export Search Seeded Discovery of Base Relations in Large Corpora
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Pdf Export Search Mention Detection Crossing the Language Barrier
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Pdf Export Search Decomposability of Translation Metrics for Improved Evaluation and Efficient Algorithms
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Pdf Export Search Phrase Translation Probabilities with ITG Priors and Smoothing as Learning Objective
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Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Models for Coreference Resolution
[D08-1067]: Vincent Ng

Pdf Export Search Joint Unsupervised Coreference Resolution with Markov Logic
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Pdf Export Search Specialized Models and Ranking for Coreference Resolution
[D08-1069]: Pascal Denis | Jason Baldridge

Pdf Export Search Learning with Probabilistic Features for Improved Pipeline Models
[D08-1070]: Razvan Bunescu

Pdf Export Search Cross-Task Knowledge-Constrained Self Training
[D08-1071]: Hal Daumé III

Pdf Export Search Online Methods for Multi-Domain Learning and Adaptation
[D08-1072]: Mark Dredze | Koby Crammer

Pdf Export Search Jointly Combining Implicit Constraints Improves Temporal Ordering
[D08-1073]: Nathanael Chambers | Daniel Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Automatic Inference of the Temporal Location of Situations in Chinese Text
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Pdf Export Search Learning the Scope of Negation in Biomedical Texts
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Pdf Export Search Lattice-based Minimum Error Rate Training for Statistical Machine Translation
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Pdf Export Search Syntactic Models for Structural Word Insertion and Deletion during Translation
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Pdf Export Search Predicting Success in Machine Translation
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Pdf Export Search An Exploration of Document Impact on Graph-Based Multi-Document Summarization
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Pdf Export Search Topic-Driven Multi-Document Summarization with Encyclopedic Knowledge and Spreading Activation
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Pdf Export Search Summarizing Spoken and Written Conversations
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Pdf Export Search A Generative Model for Parsing Natural Language to Meaning Representations
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Pdf Export Search Learning with Compositional Semantics as Structural Inference for Subsentential Sentiment Analysis
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Pdf Export Search A Phrase-Based Alignment Model for Natural Language Inference
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Pdf Export Search Language and Translation Model Adaptation using Comparable Corpora
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Pdf Export Search Sparse Multi-Scale Grammars for Discriminative Latent Variable Parsing
[D08-1091]: Slav Petrov | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Two Languages are Better than One (for Syntactic Parsing)
[D08-1092]: David Burkett | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Automatic Prediction of Parser Accuracy
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Pdf Export Search A Structured Vector Space Model for Word Meaning in Context
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Pdf Export Search Learning Graph Walk Based Similarity Measures for Parsed Text
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Pdf Export Search A Graph-theoretic Model of Lexical Syntactic Acquisition
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Pdf Export Search Question Classification using Head Words and their Hypernyms
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Pdf Export Search CoCQA: Co-Training over Questions and Answers with an Application to Predicting Question Subjectivity Orientation
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Pdf Export Search Automatic Set Expansion for List Question Answering
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Pdf Export Search Acquiring Domain-Specific Dialog Information from Task-Oriented Human-Human Interaction through an Unsupervised Learning
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Pdf Export Search Relative Rank Statistics for Dialog Analysis
[D08-1101]: Juan Huerta

Pdf Export Search Learning to Predict Code-Switching Points
[D08-1102]: Thamar Solorio | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search Computing Word-Pair Antonymy
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Pdf Export Search Construction of an Idiom Corpus and its Application to Idiom Identification based on WSD Incorporating Idiom-Specific Features
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Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation Using OntoNotes: An Empirical Study
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Pdf Export Search Graph-based Analysis of Semantic Drift in Espresso-like Bootstrapping Algorithms
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Pdf Export Search The Linguistic Structure of English Web-Search Queries
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Pdf Export Search Mining and Modeling Relations between Formal and Informal Chinese Phrases from Web Corpora
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Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Multilingual Learning for POS Tagging
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Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging for English-Spanish Code-Switched Text
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Pdf Export Search Information Retrieval Oriented Word Segmentation based on Character Association Strength Ranking
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Pdf Export Search An Analysis of Active Learning Strategies for Sequence Labeling Tasks
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Pdf Export Search Latent-Variable Modeling of String Transductions with Finite-State Methods
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Pdf Export Search Soft-Supervised Learning for Text Classification
[D08-1114]: Amarnag Subramanya | Jeff Bilmes