David Yarowsky | Timothy Baldwin | Anna Korhonen | Karen Livescu | Steven Bethard  
Seattle, Washington, USA 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2013 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
[D13-1000]: Timothy Baldwin | David Yarowsky | Anna Korhonen | Steven Bethard | Karen Livescu

Pdf Export Search Event-Based Time Label Propagation for Automatic Dating of News Articles
[D13-1001]: Zhifang Sui | Sujian Li | Baobao Chang | Tao Ge

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Discourse Analysis for Article-Wide Temporal Classification
[D13-1002]: Jian Su | Chew Lim Tan | Bin Chen | Min-Yen Kan | Jun-Ping Ng | Ziheng Lin | Wei Feng

Pdf Export Search Combining Generative and Discriminative Model Scores for Distant Supervision
[D13-1003]: Dietrich Klakow | Benjamin Roth

Pdf Export Search Exploring the Utility of Joint Morphological and Syntactic Learning from Child-directed Speech
[D13-1004]: Sharon Goldwater | Frank Keller | Stella Frank

Pdf Export Search A Joint Learning Model of Word Segmentation, Lexical Acquisition, and Phonetic Variability
[D13-1005]: Sharon Goldwater | Micha Elsner | Naomi Feldman | Frank Wood

Pdf Export Search Animacy Detection with Voting Models
[D13-1006]: Wen-tau Yih | Joshua Moore | Christopher J.C. Burges | Erin Renshaw

Pdf Export Search A Log-Linear Model for Unsupervised Text Normalization
[D13-1007]: Jacob Eisenstein | Yi Yang

Pdf Export Search Paraphrasing 4 Microblog Normalization
[D13-1008]: Chris Dyer | Wang Ling | Isabel Trancoso | Alan W Black

Pdf Export Search Question Difficulty Estimation in Community Question Answering Services
[D13-1009]: Chin-Yew Lin | Quan Wang | Jing Liu | Hsiao-Wuen Hon

Pdf Export Search Measuring Ideological Proportions in Political Speeches
[D13-1010]: Noah A. Smith | Yanchuan Sim | Brice D. L. Acree | Justin H. Gross

Pdf Export Search Learning to Freestyle: Hip Hop Challenge-Response Induction via Transduction Rule Segmentation
[D13-1011]: Dekai Wu | Markus Saers | Karteek Addanki | Meriem Beloucif

Pdf Export Search Modeling Scientific Impact with Topical Influence Regression
[D13-1012]: James Foulds | Padhraic Smyth

Pdf Export Search Joint Parsing and Disfluency Detection in Linear Time
[D13-1013]: Joel Tetreault | Mohammad Sadegh Rasooli

Pdf Export Search Modeling and Learning Semantic Co-Compositionality through Prototype Projections and Neural Networks
[D13-1014]: Yuji Matsumoto | Kevin Duh | Masashi Shimbo | Masashi Tsubaki

Pdf Export Search Studying the Recursive Behaviour of Adjectival Modification with Compositional Distributional Semantics
[D13-1015]: Marco Baroni | Roberto Zamparelli | Eva Maria Vecchi

Pdf Export Search Learning Latent Word Representations for Domain Adaptation using Supervised Word Clustering
[D13-1016]: Min Xiao | Yuhong Guo | Feipeng Zhao

Pdf Export Search Appropriately Incorporating Statistical Significance in PMI
[D13-1017]: Om P. Damani | Shweta Ghonge

Pdf Export Search Growing Multi-Domain Glossaries from a Few Seeds using Probabilistic Topic Models
[D13-1018]: Roberto Navigli | Stefano Faralli

Pdf Export Search Joint Learning of Phonetic Units and Word Pronunciations for ASR
[D13-1019]: Yu Zhang | James Glass | Chia-ying Lee

Pdf Export Search MCTest: A Challenge Dataset for the Open-Domain Machine Comprehension of Text
[D13-1020]: Christopher J.C. Burges | Erin Renshaw | Matthew Richardson

Pdf Export Search Noise-Aware Character Alignment for Bootstrapping Statistical Machine Transliteration from Bilingual Corpora
[D13-1021]: Shinsuke Mori | Masaaki Nagata | Katsuhito Sudoh

Pdf Export Search Optimal Beam Search for Machine Translation
[D13-1022]: Michael Collins | Yin-Wen Chang | Alexander Rush

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Language Model Using Double-Array Structures
[D13-1023]: Makoto Yasuhara | Toru Tanaka | Jun-ya Norimatsu | Mikio Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search Structured Penalties for Log-Linear Language Models
[D13-1024]: Francis Bach | Guillaume Bouchard | Anil Kumar Nelakanti | Cedric Archambeau | Julien Mairal

Pdf Export Search Interactive Machine Translation using Hierarchical Translation Models
[D13-1025]: Francisco Casacuberta | Jesús González-Rubio | Daniel Ortíz-Martinez | José-Miguel Benedí

Pdf Export Search Max-Margin Synchronous Grammar Induction for Machine Translation
[D13-1026]: Deyi Xiong | Xinyan Xiao

Pdf Export Search Error-Driven Analysis of Challenges in Coreference Resolution
[D13-1027]: Jonathan K. Kummerfeld | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Zero Pronouns to Improve Chinese Coreference Resolution
[D13-1028]: Hwee Tou Ng | Fang Kong

Pdf Export Search Joint Coreference Resolution and Named-Entity Linking with Multi-Pass Sieves
[D13-1029]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Hannaneh Hajishirzi | Leila Zilles | Daniel S. Weld

Pdf Export Search Interpreting Anaphoric Shell Nouns using Antecedents of Cataphoric Shell Nouns as Training Data
[D13-1030]: Graeme Hirst | Varada Kolhatkar | Heike Zinsmeister

Pdf Export Search Exploring Representations from Unlabeled Data with Co-training for Chinese Word Segmentation
[D13-1031]: Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang | Longkai Zhang | Mairgup Mansur

Pdf Export Search Efficient Higher-Order CRFs for Morphological Tagging
[D13-1032]: Helmut Schmid | Hinrich Schütze | Thomas Mueller

Pdf Export Search The Effects of Syntactic Features in Automatic Prediction of Morphology
[D13-1033]: Wolfgang Seeker | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Adaptor Grammars for Learning Non-Concatenative Morphology
[D13-1034]: Jan A. Botha | Phil Blunsom

Pdf Export Search Grounding Strategic Conversation: Using Negotiation Dialogues to Predict Trades in a Win-Lose Game
[D13-1035]: Alex Lascarides | Farah Benamara | Nicholas Asher | Anais Cadilhac

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Induction of Contingent Event Pairs from Film Scenes
[D13-1036]: Marilyn A. Walker | Zhichao Hu | Elahe Rahimtoroghi | Larissa Munishkina | Reid Swanson

Pdf Export Search Latent Anaphora Resolution for Cross-Lingual Pronoun Prediction
[D13-1037]: Joakim Nivre | Jörg Tiedemann | Christian Hardmeier

Pdf Export Search Towards Situated Dialogue: Revisiting Referring Expression Generation
[D13-1038]: Joyce Y. Chai | Rui Fang | Changsong Liu | Lanbo She

Pdf Export Search Open-Domain Fine-Grained Class Extraction from Web Search Queries
[D13-1039]: Marius Pasca

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Relation Extraction with General Domain Knowledge
[D13-1040]: Oier Lopez de Lacalle | Mirella Lapata

Pdf Export Search Efficient Collective Entity Linking with Stacking
[D13-1041]: Ming Zhou | Shujie Liu | Mu Li | Houfeng Wang | Zhengyan He | Yang Song

Pdf Export Search Joint Bootstrapping of Corpus Annotations and Entity Types
[D13-1042]: Hrushikesh Mohapatra | Siddhanth Jain | Soumen Chakrabarti

Pdf Export Search Effectiveness and Efficiency of Open Relation Extraction
[D13-1043]: Filipe Mesquita | Jordan Schmidek | Denilson Barbosa

Pdf Export Search Automatic Feature Engineering for Answer Selection and Extraction
[D13-1044]: Alessandro Moschitti | Aliaksei Severyn

Pdf Export Search Improving Web Search Ranking by Incorporating Structured Annotation of Queries
[D13-1045]: Ting Liu | Bing Qin | Xiao Ding | Zhicheng Dou | Ji-rong Wen

Pdf Export Search Building Specialized Bilingual Lexicons Using Large Scale Background Knowledge
[D13-1046]: Pierre Zweigenbaum | Nasredine Semmar | Dhouha Bouamor | Adrian Popescu

Pdf Export Search Document Summarization via Guided Sentence Compression
[D13-1047]: Yang Liu | Fuliang Weng | Chen Li | Fei Liu

Pdf Export Search {Anchor Graph}: Global Reordering Contexts for Statistical Machine Translation
[D13-1048]: Bing Xiang | Bowen Zhou | Hendra Setiawan

Pdf Export Search Source-Side Classifier Preordering for Machine Translation
[D13-1049]: Slav Petrov | Uri Lerner

Pdf Export Search Improving Pivot-Based Statistical Machine Translation Using Random Walk
[D13-1050]: Hua Wu | Tiejun Zhao | Haifeng Wang | Zhongjun He | Conghui Zhu | Xiaoning Zhu

Pdf Export Search Improving Alignment of System Combination by Using Multi-objective Optimization
[D13-1051]: Qun Liu | Tian Xia | Zongcheng Ji | Shaodan Zhai | Yidong Chen | Shaojun Wang

Pdf Export Search Flexible and Efficient Hypergraph Interactions for Joint Hierarchical and Forest-to-String Decoding
[D13-1052]: Haitao Mi | Martin Cmejrek | Bowen Zhou

Pdf Export Search Factored Soft Source Syntactic Constraints for Hierarchical Machine Translation
[D13-1053]: Zhongqiang Huang | Jacob Devlin | Rabih Zbib

Pdf Export Search Recursive Autoencoders for ITG-Based Translation
[D13-1054]: Maosong Sun | Yang Liu | Peng Li

Pdf Export Search Automatically Classifying Edit Categories in Wikipedia Revisions
[D13-1055]: Iryna Gurevych | Johannes Daxenberger

Pdf Export Search Semi-Markov Phrase-Based Monolingual Alignment
[D13-1056]: Chris Callison-Burch | Benjamin Van Durme | Peter Clark | Xuchen Yao

Pdf Export Search A Constrained Latent Variable Model for Coreference Resolution
[D13-1057]: Dan Roth | Kai-Wei Chang | Rajhans Samdani

Pdf Export Search Centering Similarity Measures to Reduce Hubs
[D13-1058]: Kazuo Hara | Ikumi Suzuki | Masashi Shimbo | Marco Saerens | Kenji Fukumizu

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Spectral Learning of WCFG as Low-rank Matrix Completion
[D13-1059]: Xavier Carreras | Ariadna Quattoni | Raphaël Bailly | Franco M. Luque

Pdf Export Search Identifying Phrasal Verbs Using Many Bilingual Corpora
[D13-1060]: John DeNero | Karl Pichotta

Pdf Export Search Deep Learning for Chinese Word Segmentation and POS Tagging
[D13-1061]: Xiaoqing Zheng | Hanyang Chen | Tianyu Xu

Pdf Export Search Joint Chinese Word Segmentation and POS Tagging on Heterogeneous Annotated Corpora with Multiple Task Learning
[D13-1062]: Xuanjing Huang | Xipeng Qiu | Jiayi Zhao

Pdf Export Search The Topology of Semantic Knowledge
[D13-1063]: Hinrich Schütze | Christian Scheible | Jimmy Dubuisson | Jean-Pierre Eckmann

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Induction of Cross-Lingual Semantic Relations
[D13-1064]: Mark Steedman | Mike Lewis

Pdf Export Search Two-Stage Method for Large-Scale Acquisition of Contradiction Pattern Pairs using Entailment
[D13-1065]: Kentaro Torisawa | Jong-Hoon Oh | Kiyonori Ohtake | Stijn De Saeger | Motoki Sano | Julien Kloetzer | Chikara Hashimoto

Pdf Export Search Sarcasm as Contrast between a Positive Sentiment and Negative Situation
[D13-1066]: Ellen Riloff | Ruihong Huang | Ashequl Qadir | Prafulla Surve | Lalindra De Silva | Nathan Gilbert

Pdf Export Search Collective Personal Profile Summarization with Social Networks
[D13-1067]: Guodong Zhou | Fang Kong | Zhongqing Wang | Shoushan LI

Pdf Export Search Optimized Event Storyline Generation based on Mixture-Event-Aspect Model
[D13-1068]: Lifu Huang | Lian'en Huang

Pdf Export Search Automatically Determining a Proper Length for Multi-Document Summarization: A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach
[D13-1069]: Hiroshi Nakagawa | Tengfei Ma

Pdf Export Search A Discourse-Driven Content Model for Summarising Scientific Articles Evaluated in a Complex Question Answering Task
[D13-1070]: Maria Liakata | Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann | Colin Batchelor | Simon Dobnik | Shyamasree Saha

Pdf Export Search Optimal Incremental Parsing via Best-First Dynamic Programming
[D13-1071]: Kai Zhao | Liang Huang | James Cross

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Language Models for Visual Recognition
[D13-1072]: Raffaella Bernardi | Dieu-Thu Le | Jasper Uijlings

Pdf Export Search Mining Scientific Terms and their Definitions: A Study of the ACL Anthology
[D13-1073]: Min-Yen Kan | Jun-Ping Ng | Yiping Jin | Xiangnan He

Pdf Export Search Joint Learning and Inference for Grammatical Error Correction
[D13-1074]: Dan Roth | Alla Rozovskaya

Pdf Export Search With Blinkers on: Robust Prediction of Eye Movements across Readers
[D13-1075]: Anders Søgaard | Franz Matthies

Pdf Export Search Using Paraphrases and Lexical Semantics to Improve the Accuracy and the Robustness of Supervised Models in Situated Dialogue Systems
[D13-1076]: Claire Gardent | Lina M. Rojas Barahona

Pdf Export Search Cascading Collective Classification for Bridging Anaphora Recognition using a Rich Linguistic Feature Set
[D13-1077]: Michael Strube | Katja Markert | Yufang Hou

Pdf Export Search A Synchronous Context Free Grammar for Time Normalization
[D13-1078]: Steven Bethard

Pdf Export Search Rule-Based Information Extraction is Dead! Long Live Rule-Based Information Extraction Systems!
[D13-1079]: Yunyao Li | Laura Chiticariu | Frederick R. Reiss

Pdf Export Search Improving Learning and Inference in a Large Knowledge-Base using Latent Syntactic Cues
[D13-1080]: Tom Mitchell | Partha Pratim Talukdar | Matt Gardner | Bryan Kisiel

Pdf Export Search What is Hidden among Translation Rules
[D13-1081]: Bowen Zhou | Libin Shen

Pdf Export Search Converting Continuous-Space Language Models into N-Gram Language Models for Statistical Machine Translation
[D13-1082]: Masao Utiyama | Isao Goto | Hai Zhao | Rui Wang | Bao-Liang Lu | Eiichro Sumita

Pdf Export Search A Corpus Level MIRA Tuning Strategy for Machine Translation
[D13-1083]: Bowen Zhou | Ming Tan | Tian Xia | Shaojun Wang

Pdf Export Search Word Level Language Identification in Online Multilingual Communication
[D13-1084]: Dong Nguyen | A. Seza Doğruöz

Pdf Export Search Microblog Entity Linking by Leveraging Extra Posts
[D13-1085]: Sheng Li | Ting Liu | Bing Qin | Yuhang Guo

Pdf Export Search Automatic Domain Partitioning for Multi-Domain Learning
[D13-1086]: William Yang Wang | Di Wang | Chenyan Xiong

Pdf Export Search Decipherment with a Million Random Restarts
[D13-1087]: Dan Klein | Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

Pdf Export Search Russian Stress Prediction using Maximum Entropy Ranking
[D13-1088]: Richard Sproat | Keith Hall

Pdf Export Search Scaling to Large³ Data: An Efficient and Effective Method to Compute Distributional Thesauri
[D13-1089]: Chris Biemann | Martin Riedl

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Improvements to Distributional Sentence Similarity
[D13-1090]: Jacob Eisenstein | Yangfeng Ji

Pdf Export Search Is Twitter A Better Corpus for Measuring Sentiment Similarity?
[D13-1091]: Kam-Fai Wong | Binyang Li | Shi Feng | Le Zhang | Daling Wang | Ge Yu

Pdf Export Search Implicit Feature Detection via a Constrained Topic Model and SVM
[D13-1092]: Wei Wang | Hua Xu | Xiaoqiu Huang

Pdf Export Search Online Learning for Inexact Hypergraph Search
[D13-1093]: Hao Zhang | Kai Zhao | Liang Huang | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Predicting the Presence of Discourse Connectives
[D13-1094]: Gary Patterson | Andrew Kehler

Pdf Export Search Japanese Zero Reference Resolution Considering Exophora and Author/Reader Mentions
[D13-1095]: Sadao Kurohashi | Daisuke Kawahara | Masatsugu Hangyo

Pdf Export Search A Dataset for Research on Short-Text Conversations
[D13-1096]: Hang Li | Enhong Chen | Zhengdong Lu | Hao Wang

Pdf Export Search Discourse Level Explanatory Relation Extraction from Product Reviews Using First-Order Logic
[D13-1097]: Qi Zhang | Xuanjing Huang | Jin Qian | Huan Chen | Jihua Kang

Pdf Export Search Building Event Threads out of Multiple News Articles
[D13-1098]: Xavier Tannier | Véronique Moriceau

Pdf Export Search Tree Kernel-based Negation and Speculation Scope Detection with Structured Syntactic Parse Features
[D13-1099]: Guodong Zhou | Qiaoming Zhu | Bowei Zou

Pdf Export Search A temporal model of text periodicities using Gaussian Processes
[D13-1100]: Trevor Cohn | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro

Pdf Export Search Automatically Detecting and Attributing Indirect Quotations
[D13-1101]: James R. Curran | Silvia Pareti | Irena Koprinska | Tim O'Keefe | Ioannis Konstas

Pdf Export Search Identifying Web Search Query Reformulation using Concept based Matching
[D13-1102]: Ahmed Hassan

Pdf Export Search The Answer is at your Fingertips: Improving Passage Retrieval for Web Question Answering with Search Behavior Data
[D13-1103]: Eugene Agichtein | Mikhail Ageev | Dmitry Lagun

Pdf Export Search Assembling the Kazakh Language Corpus
[D13-1104]: Olzhas Makhambetov | Aibek Makazhanov | Zhandos Yessenbayev | Bakhyt Matkarimov | Islam Sabyrgaliyev | Anuar Sharafudinov

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Morphological Lexicons from Morphologically Annotated Corpora
[D13-1105]: Owen Rambow | Nizar Habash | Ramy Eskander

Pdf Export Search Joint Language and Translation Modeling with Recurrent Neural Networks
[D13-1106]: Chris Quirk | Michel Galley | Michael Auli | Geoffrey Zweig

Pdf Export Search Multi-Domain Adaptation for SMT Using Multi-Task Learning
[D13-1107]: Ming Zhou | Shujie Liu | Mu Li | Dongdong Zhang | Lei Cui | Xilun Chen

Pdf Export Search Translation with Source Constituency and Dependency Trees
[D13-1108]: Yajuan Lü | Qun Liu | Fandong Meng | Jun Xie | Linfeng Song

Pdf Export Search Monolingual Marginal Matching for Translation Model Adaptation
[D13-1109]: Chris Quirk | Hal Daumé III | Ann Irvine

Pdf Export Search Efficient Left-to-Right Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation with Improved Reordering
[D13-1110]: Anoop Sarkar | Maryam Siahbani | Baskaran Sankaran

Pdf Export Search A Systematic Exploration of Diversity in Machine Translation
[D13-1111]: Chris Dyer | Kevin Gimpel | Dhruv Batra | Gregory Shakhnarovich

Pdf Export Search Max-Violation Perceptron and Forced Decoding for Scalable MT Training
[D13-1112]: Haitao Mi | Kai Zhao | Liang Huang | Heng Yu

Pdf Export Search Identifying Multiple Userids of the Same Author
[D13-1113]: Bing Liu | Tieyun Qian

Pdf Export Search Gender Inference of Twitter Users in Non-English Contexts
[D13-1114]: Morgane Ciot | Morgan Sonderegger | Derek Ruths

Pdf Export Search A Multimodal LDA Model integrating Textual, Cognitive and Visual Modalities
[D13-1115]: Stephen Roller | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Combining PCFG-LA Models with Dual Decomposition: A Case Study with Function Labels and Binarization
[D13-1116]: Joseph Le Roux | Antoine Rozenknop | Jennifer Foster

Pdf Export Search Feature Noising for Log-Linear Structured Prediction
[D13-1117]: Christopher D. Manning | Mengqiu Wang | Percy Liang | Sida Wang | Stefan Wager

Pdf Export Search Improvements to the Bayesian Topic N-Gram Models
[D13-1118]: Yusuke Miyao | Hiroshi Noji | Daichi Mochihashi

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study Of Semi-Supervised Chinese Word Segmentation Using Co-Training
[D13-1119]: Fan Yang | Paul Vozila

Pdf Export Search Ubertagging: Joint Segmentation and Supertagging for English
[D13-1120]: Rebecca Dridan

Pdf Export Search Automatic Knowledge Acquisition for Case Alternation between the Passive and Active Voices in Japanese
[D13-1121]: Sadao Kurohashi | Daisuke Kawahara | Manabu Okumura | Ryohei Sasano

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Multiple Sources for Open-Domain Hypernym Discovery
[D13-1122]: Ting Liu | Bing Qin | Ruiji Fu

Pdf Export Search A Semantically Enhanced Approach to Determine Textual Similarity
[D13-1123]: Dan Moldovan | Eduardo Blanco

Pdf Export Search Understanding and Quantifying Creativity in Lexical Composition
[D13-1124]: Yejin Choi | Polina Kuznetsova | Jianfu Chen

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis: How to Derive Prior Polarities from SentiWordNet
[D13-1125]: Lorenzo Gatti | Marco Guerini | Marco Turchi

Pdf Export Search Simulating Early-Termination Search for Verbose Spoken Queries
[D13-1126]: Jerome White | Nitendra Rajput | Douglas W. Oard | Marion Zalk

Pdf Export Search Summarizing Complex Events: a Cross-Modal Solution of Storylines Extraction and Reconstruction
[D13-1127]: Yan Zhang | Shize Xu | Shanshan Wang

Pdf Export Search Image Description using Visual Dependency Representations
[D13-1128]: Desmond Elliott | Frank Keller

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Feature Transformation for Dependency Parsing
[D13-1129]: Min Zhang | Wenliang Chen | Yue Zhang

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Lexical Cohesion and Disruption for Topic Segmentation
[D13-1130]: Pascale Sébillot | Anca-Roxana Simon | Guillaume Gravier

Pdf Export Search This Text Has the Scent of Starbucks: A Laplacian Structured Sparsity Model for Computational Branding Analytics
[D13-1131]: William Yang Wang | Edward Lin | John Kominek

Pdf Export Search Mining New Business Opportunities: Identifying Trend related Products by Leveraging Commercial Intents from Microblogs
[D13-1132]: Wayne Xin Zhao | Hongfei Yan | Xiaoming Li | Jinpeng Wang | Haitian Wei

Pdf Export Search Using Topic Modeling to Improve Prediction of Neuroticism and Depression in College Students
[D13-1133]: Philip Resnik | Anderson Garron | Rebecca Resnik

Pdf Export Search Predicting the Resolution of Referring Expressions from User Behavior
[D13-1134]: Alexander Koller | Ivan Titov | Nikos Engonopoulos | Martin Villalba

Pdf Export Search Chinese Zero Pronoun Resolution: Some Recent Advances
[D13-1135]: Vincent Ng | Chen Chen

Pdf Export Search Connecting Language and Knowledge Bases with Embedding Models for Relation Extraction
[D13-1136]: Jason Weston | Antoine Bordes | Oksana Yakhnenko | Nicolas Usunier

Pdf Export Search Simple Customization of Recursive Neural Networks for Semantic Relation Classification
[D13-1137]: Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | Makoto Miwa | Kazuma Hashimoto | Takashi Chikayama

Pdf Export Search Improving Statistical Machine Translation with Word Class Models
[D13-1138]: Hermann Ney | Stephan Peitz | Joern Wuebker | Felix Rietig

Pdf Export Search Shift-Reduce Word Reordering for Machine Translation
[D13-1139]: Jun Suzuki | Masaaki Nagata | Katsuhiko Hayashi | Hajime Tsukada | Katsuhito Sudoh

Pdf Export Search Decoding with Large-Scale Neural Language Models Improves Translation
[D13-1140]: David Chiang | Yinggong Zhao | Ashish Vaswani | Victoria Fossum

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Word Embeddings for Phrase-Based Machine Translation
[D13-1141]: Christopher D. Manning | Richard Socher | Will Y. Zou | Daniel Cer

Pdf Export Search Application of Localized Similarity for Web Documents
[D13-1142]: Peter Reberšek | Mateja Verlic

Pdf Export Search Dependency Language Models for Sentence Completion
[D13-1143]: Andreas Vlachos | Joseph Gubbins

Pdf Export Search A Walk-Based Semantically Enriched Tree Kernel Over Distributed Word Representations
[D13-1144]: Eduard Hovy | Dirk Hovy | Shashank Srivastava

Pdf Export Search Automatic Idiom Identification in Wiktionary
[D13-1145]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Grace Muzny

Pdf Export Search Elephant: Sequence Labeling for Word and Sentence Segmentation
[D13-1146]: Johan Bos | Kilian Evang | Grzegorz Chrupała | Valerio Basile

Pdf Export Search Detecting Compositionality of Multi-Word Expressions using Nearest Neighbours in Vector Space Models
[D13-1147]: Stephen Clark | Douwe Kiela

Pdf Export Search Naive Bayes Word Sense Induction
[D13-1148]: Eugene Charniak | Do Kook Choe

Pdf Export Search The VerbCorner Project: Toward an Empirically-Based Semantic Decomposition of Verbs
[D13-1149]: Martha Palmer | Claire Bonial | Joshua K. Hartshorne

Pdf Export Search Where Not to Eat? Improving Public Policy by Predicting Hygiene Inspections Using Online Reviews
[D13-1150]: Yejin Choi | Polina Kuznetsova | Jun Seok Kang | Michael Luca

Pdf Export Search Automatically Identifying Pseudepigraphic Texts
[D13-1151]: Moshe Koppel | Shachar Seidman

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Feature Selection for Dependency Parsing
[D13-1152]: Jason Eisner | Hal Daumé III | He He

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Representation Learning for Cross-Lingual Text Classification
[D13-1153]: Min Xiao | Yuhong Guo

Pdf Export Search Using Crowdsourcing to get Representations based on Regular Expressions
[D13-1154]: Jakob Elming | Anders Søgaard | Anders Johannsen | Hector Martinez

Pdf Export Search Overcoming the Lack of Parallel Data in Sentence Compression
[D13-1155]: Katja Filippova | Yasemin Altun

Pdf Export Search Fast Joint Compression and Summarization via Graph Cuts
[D13-1156]: Yang Liu | Xian Qian

Pdf Export Search Inducing Document Plans for Concept-to-Text Generation
[D13-1157]: Mirella Lapata | Ioannis Konstas

Pdf Export Search Single-Document Summarization as a Tree Knapsack Problem
[D13-1158]: Tsutomu Hirao | Masaaki Nagata | Masaaki Nishino | Yasuhisa Yoshida | Norihito Yasuda

Pdf Export Search A Hierarchical Entity-Based Approach to Structuralize User Generated Content in Social Media: A Case of Yahoo! Answers
[D13-1159]: Chin-Yew Lin | Jing Liu | Baichuan Li | Irwin King | Michael R. Lyu

Pdf Export Search Semantic Parsing on Freebase from Question-Answer Pairs
[D13-1160]: Jonathan Berant | Percy Liang | Andrew Chou | Roy Frostig

Pdf Export Search Scaling Semantic Parsers with On-the-Fly Ontology Matching
[D13-1161]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Yoav Artzi | Tom Kwiatkowski | Eunsol Choi

Pdf Export Search Classifying Message Board Posts with an Extracted Lexicon of Patient Attributes
[D13-1162]: Ellen Riloff | Ruihong Huang

Pdf Export Search Lexical Chain Based Cohesion Models for Document-Level Statistical Machine Translation
[D13-1163]: Min Zhang | Chew Lim Tan | Deyi Xiong | Yang Ding

Pdf Export Search A Convex Alternative to IBM Model 2
[D13-1164]: Michael Collins | Andrei Simion | Cliff Stein

Pdf Export Search Pair Language Models for Deriving Alternative Pronunciations and Spellings from Pronunciation Dictionaries
[D13-1165]: Brian Roark | Russell Beckley

Pdf Export Search Prior Disambiguation of Word Tensors for Constructing Sentence Vectors
[D13-1166]: Dimitri Kartsaklis | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh

Pdf Export Search Multi-Relational Latent Semantic Analysis
[D13-1167]: Wen-tau Yih | Kai-Wei Chang | Christopher Meek

Pdf Export Search A Study on Bootstrapping Bilingual Vector Spaces from Non-Parallel Data (and Nothing Else)
[D13-1168]: Marie-Francine Moens | Ivan Vulić

Pdf Export Search Deriving Adjectival Scales from Continuous Space Word Representations
[D13-1169]: Marie-Catherine de Marneffe | Joo-Kyung Kim

Pdf Export Search Recursive Deep Models for Semantic Compositionality Over a Sentiment Treebank
[D13-1170]: Christopher D. Manning | Christopher Potts | Andrew Ng | Richard Socher | Alex Perelygin | Jean Wu | Jason Chuang

Pdf Export Search Open Domain Targeted Sentiment
[D13-1171]: Benjamin Van Durme | Theresa Wilson | Margaret Mitchell | Jacqui Aguilar

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Domain Knowledge in Aspect Extraction
[D13-1172]: Bing Liu | Arjun Mukherjee | Meichun Hsu | Malu Castellanos | Riddhiman Ghosh | Zhiyuan Chen

Pdf Export Search Dependency-Based Decipherment for Resource-Limited Machine Translation
[D13-1173]: Kevin Knight | Qing Dou

Pdf Export Search Translating into Morphologically Rich Languages with Synthetic Phrases
[D13-1174]: Noah A. Smith | Chris Dyer | Victor Chahuneau | Eva Schlinger

Pdf Export Search Boosting Cross-Language Retrieval by Learning Bilingual Phrase Associations from Relevance Rankings
[D13-1175]: Stefan Riezler | Laura Jehl | Artem Sokokov | Felix Hieber

Pdf Export Search Recurrent Continuous Translation Models
[D13-1176]: Phil Blunsom | Nal Kalchbrenner

Pdf Export Search Learning Biological Processes with Global Constraints
[D13-1177]: Christopher D. Manning | Jonathan Berant | Mengqiu Wang | Peter Clark | Aju Thalappillil Scaria | Justin Lewis | Brittany Harding

Pdf Export Search Generating Coherent Event Schemas at Scale
[D13-1178]: Oren Etzioni | Niranjan Balasubramanian | Stephen Soderland | Mausam

Pdf Export Search Orthonormal Explicit Topic Analysis for Cross-Lingual Document Matching
[D13-1179]: John Philip McCrae | Roman Klinger | Philipp Cimiano

Pdf Export Search Automated Essay Scoring by Maximizing Human-Machine Agreement
[D13-1180]: Hongbo Chen | Ben He

Pdf Export Search Success with Style: Using Writing Style to Predict the Success of Novels
[D13-1181]: Yejin Choi | Song Feng | Vikas Ganjigunte Ashok

Pdf Export Search A Generative Joint, Additive, Sequential Model of Topics and Speech Acts in Patient-Doctor Communication
[D13-1182]: Eugene Charniak | Byron C. Wallace | Thomas A Trikalinos | M. Barton Laws | Ira B. Wilson

Pdf Export Search Harvesting Parallel News Streams to Generate Paraphrases of Event Relations
[D13-1183]: Daniel S. Weld | Congle Zhang

Pdf Export Search Relational Inference for Wikification
[D13-1184]: Dan Roth | Xiao Cheng

Pdf Export Search Event Schema Induction with a Probabilistic Entity-Driven Model
[D13-1185]: Nathanael Chambers

Pdf Export Search Using Soft Constraints in Joint Inference for Clinical Concept Recognition
[D13-1186]: Dan Roth | Prateek Jindal

Pdf Export Search Exploring Demographic Language Variations to Improve Multilingual Sentiment Analysis in Social Media
[D13-1187]: David Yarowsky | Svitlana Volkova | Theresa Wilson

Pdf Export Search Opinion Mining in Newspaper Articles by Entropy-Based Word Connections
[D13-1188]: Thomas Scholz | Stefan Conrad

Pdf Export Search Collective Opinion Target Extraction in Chinese Microblogs
[D13-1189]: Xiaojun Wan | Jianguo Xiao | Xinjie Zhou

Pdf Export Search Detecting Promotional Content in Wikipedia
[D13-1190]: Raymond Mooney | Shruti Bhosale | Heath Vinicombe

Pdf Export Search Learning Topics and Positions from Debatepedia
[D13-1191]: Noah A. Smith | Swapna Gottipati | Jing Jiang | Minghui Qiu | Yanchuan Sim

Pdf Export Search A Unified Model for Topics, Events and Users on Twitter
[D13-1192]: Jing Jiang | Qiming Diao

Pdf Export Search Authorship Attribution of Micro-Messages
[D13-1193]: Ari Rappoport | Oren Tsur | Roy Schwartz | Moshe Koppel

Pdf Export Search Detection of Product Comparisons - How Far Does an Out-of-the-Box Semantic Role Labeling System Take You?
[D13-1194]: Jonas Kuhn | Wiltrud Kessler

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Teraflop Constituency Parser using GPUs
[D13-1195]: Dan Klein | David Hall | John Canny

Pdf Export Search Fish Transporters and Miracle Homes: How Compositional Distributional Semantics can Help NP Parsing
[D13-1196]: Marco Baroni | Eva Maria Vecchi | Angeliki Lazaridou

Pdf Export Search Learning Distributions over Logical Forms for Referring Expression Generation
[D13-1197]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Yoav Artzi | Nicholas FitzGerald

Pdf Export Search Learning to Rank Lexical Substitutions
[D13-1198]: György Szarvas | Róbert Busa-Fekete | Eyke Hüllermeier

Pdf Export Search Identifying Manipulated Offerings on Review Portals
[D13-1199]: Claire Cardie | Jiwei Li | Myle Ott

Pdf Export Search Well-Argued Recommendation: Adaptive Models Based on Words in Recommender Systems
[D13-1200]: Julien Gaillard | Marc El-Beze | Eitan Altman | Emmanuel Ethis

Pdf Export Search Regularized Minimum Error Rate Training
[D13-1201]: Kristina Toutanova | Chris Quirk | Colin Cherry | Michel Galley

Pdf Export Search Of Words, Eyes and Brains: Correlating Image-Based Distributional Semantic Models with Neural Representations of Concepts
[D13-1202]: Massimo Poesio | Marco Baroni | Elia Bruni | Andrew J. Anderson | Ulisse Bordignon

Pdf Export Search Easy Victories and Uphill Battles in Coreference Resolution
[D13-1203]: Dan Klein | Greg Durrett

Pdf Export Search Breaking Out of Local Optima with Count Transforms and Model Recombination: A Study in Grammar Induction
[D13-1204]: Hiyan Alshawi | Daniel Jurafsky | Valentin I. Spitkovsky

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Discriminative Learning of Sequence Models with Posterior Regularization
[D13-1205]: Kuzman Ganchev | Dipanjan Das