Matt Gerber | Catherine Havasi | Finley Lacatusu  
Denver, Colorado 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2015 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Demonstrations
[N15-3000]: Matt Gerber | Catherine Havasi | Finley Lacatusu

Pdf Export Search Two Practical Rhetorical Structure Theory Parsers
[N15-3001]: Mihai Surdeanu | Tom Hicks | Marco Antonio Valenzuela-Escarcega

Pdf Export Search Analyzing and Visualizing Coreference Resolution Errors
[N15-3002]: Sebastian Martschat | Thierry Göckel | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search hyp: A Toolkit for Representing, Manipulating, and Optimizing Hypergraphs
[N15-3003]: Markus Dreyer | Jonathan Graehl

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Instructor-Student and Student-Student Interactions with Mobile Interfaces and Summarization
[N15-3004]: Wencan Luo | Xiangmin Fan | Muhsin Menekse | Jingtao Wang | Diane Litman

Pdf Export Search RExtractor: a Robust Information Extractor
[N15-3005]: Vincent Kríž | Barbora Hladka

Pdf Export Search An AMR parser for English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese and a new AMR-annotated corpus
[N15-3006]: Lucy Vanderwende | Arul Menezes | Chris Quirk

Pdf Export Search ICE: Rapid Information Extraction Customization for NLP Novices
[N15-3007]: Yifan He | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search AMRICA: an AMR Inspector for Cross-language Alignments
[N15-3008]: Naomi Saphra | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Ckylark: A More Robust PCFG-LA Parser
[N15-3009]: Yusuke Oda | Graham Neubig | Sakriani Sakti | Tomoki Toda | Satoshi Nakamura

Pdf Export Search ELCO3: Entity Linking with Corpus Coherence Combining Open Source Annotators
[N15-3010]: Pablo Ruiz | Thierry Poibeau | Fréderique Mélanie

Pdf Export Search SETS: Scalable and Efficient Tree Search in Dependency Graphs
[N15-3011]: Juhani Luotolahti | Jenna Kanerva | Sampo Pyysalo | Filip Ginter

Pdf Export Search Visualizing Deep-Syntactic Parser Output
[N15-3012]: Juan Soler-Company | Miguel Ballesteros | Bernd Bohnet | Simon Mille | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search WOLFE: An NLP-friendly Declarative Machine Learning Stack
[N15-3013]: Sameer Singh | Tim Rocktäschel | Luke Hewitt | Jason Naradowsky | Sebastian Riedel

Pdf Export Search Lean Question Answering over Freebase from Scratch
[N15-3014]: Xuchen Yao

Pdf Export Search A Web Application for Automated Dialect Analysis
[N15-3015]: Sravana Reddy | James Stanford

Pdf Export Search An Open-source Framework for Multi-level Semantic Similarity Measurement
[N15-3016]: Mohammad Taher Pilehvar | Roberto Navigli

Pdf Export Search Brahmi-Net: A transliteration and script conversion system for languages of the Indian subcontinent
[N15-3017]: Anoop Kunchukuttan | Ratish Puduppully | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search A Concrete Chinese NLP Pipeline
[N15-3018]: Nanyun Peng | Francis Ferraro | Mo Yu | Nicholas Andrews | Jay DeYoung | Max Thomas | Matthew R. Gormley | Travis Wolfe | Craig Harman | Benjamin Van Durme | Mark Dredze

Pdf Export Search CroVeWA: Crosslingual Vector-Based Writing Assistance
[N15-3019]: Hubert Soyer | Goran Topić | Pontus Stenetorp | Akiko Aizawa

Pdf Export Search Online Readability and Text Complexity Analysis with TextEvaluator
[N15-3020]: Diane Napolitano | Kathleen Sheehan | Robert Mundkowsky

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Question Answering and Analytics for Diverse and Interlinked Datasets
[N15-3021]: Dezhao Song | Frank Schilder | Charese Smiley | Chris Brew

Pdf Export Search WriteAhead2: Mining Lexical Grammar Patterns for Assisted Writing
[N15-3022]: Jim Chang | Jason Chang

Pdf Export Search Question Answering System using Multiple Information Source and Open Type Answer Merge
[N15-3023]: Seonyeong Park | Soonchoul Kwon | Byungsoo Kim | Sangdo Han | Hyosup Shim | Gary Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search Using Word Semantics To Assist English as a Second Language Learners
[N15-3024]: Mahmoud Azab | Chris Hokamp | Rada Mihalcea