Rada Mihalcea | Joyce Chai | Anoop Sarkar  
Denver, Colorado 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2015 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies
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Pdf Export Search What’s Cookin’? Interpreting Cooking Videos using Text, Speech and Vision
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Pdf Export Search TopicCheck: Interactive Alignment for Assessing Topic Model Stability
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Pdf Export Search Inferring latent attributes of Twitter users with label regularization
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Pdf Export Search A Neural Network Approach to Context-Sensitive Generation of Conversational Responses
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Pdf Export Search How to Make a Frenemy: Multitape FSTs for Portmanteau Generation
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Pdf Export Search Aligning Sentences from Standard Wikipedia to Simple Wikipedia
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Pdf Export Search Inducing Lexical Style Properties for Paraphrase and Genre Differentiation
[N15-1023]: Ani Nenkova | Ellie Pavlick

Pdf Export Search Entity Linking for Spoken Language
[N15-1024]: Mark Dredze | Adrian Benton

Pdf Export Search Spinning Straw into Gold: Using Free Text to Train Monolingual Alignment Models for Non-factoid Question Answering
[N15-1025]: Peter Clark | Peter Jansen | Mihai Surdeanu | Rebecca Sharp

Pdf Export Search Personalized Page Rank for Named Entity Disambiguation
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Pdf Export Search When and why are log-linear models self-normalizing?
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Pdf Export Search Deep Multilingual Correlation for Improved Word Embeddings
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Pdf Export Search Disfluency Detection with a Semi-Markov Model and Prosodic Features
[N15-1029]: Dan Klein | Greg Durrett | James Ferguson

Pdf Export Search Empty Category Detection With Joint Context-Label Embeddings
[N15-1030]: Masaaki Nagata | Katsuhito Sudoh | Xun Wang

Pdf Export Search Incrementally Tracking Reference in Human/Human Dialogue Using Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Information
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Pdf Export Search Digital Leafleting: Extracting Structured Data from Multimedia Online Flyers
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Pdf Export Search Continuous Space Representations of Linguistic Typology and their Application to Phylogenetic Inference
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Pdf Export Search Interpreting Compound Noun Phrases Using Web Search Queries
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Pdf Export Search Lexicon-Free Conversational Speech Recognition with Neural Networks
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Pdf Export Search I Can Has Cheezburger? A Nonparanormal Approach to Combining Textual and Visual Information for Predicting and Generating Popular Meme Descriptions
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Pdf Export Search A Transition-based Algorithm for AMR Parsing
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Pdf Export Search The Geometry of Statistical Machine Translation
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Pdf Export Search Data-driven sentence generation with non-isomorphic trees
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Pdf Export Search Latent Domain Word Alignment for Heterogeneous Corpora
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Pdf Export Search Extracting Human Temporal Orientation from Facebook Language
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Pdf Export Search An In-depth Analysis of the Effect of Text Normalization in Social Media
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Pdf Export Search Using Summarization to Discover Argument Facets in Online Idealogical Dialog
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Pdf Export Search Active Learning with Rationales for Text Classification
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Pdf Export Search Corpus-based discovery of semantic intensity scales
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Pdf Export Search Déjà Image-Captions: A Corpus of Expressive Descriptions in Repetition
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Pdf Export Search Inferring Missing Entity Type Instances for Knowledge Base Completion: New Dataset and Methods
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Pdf Export Search Note Robust Morphological Tagging with Word Representations
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Pdf Export Search English orthography is not "close to optimal"
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Pdf Export Search LCCT: A Semi-supervised Model for Sentiment Classification
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Pdf Export Search Multiview LSA: Representation Learning via Generalized CCA
[N15-1058]: Benjamin Van Durme | Pushpendre Rastogi | Raman Arora

Pdf Export Search NASARI: a Novel Approach to a Semantically-Aware Representation of Items
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Pdf Export Search Towards a standard evaluation method for grammatical error detection and correction
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Pdf Export Search Using Zero-Resource Spoken Term Discovery for Ranked Retrieval
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Pdf Export Search Constraint-Based Models of Lexical Borrowing
[N15-1062]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Chris Dyer | Waleed Ammar

Pdf Export Search Model Invertibility Regularization: Sequence Alignment With or Without Parallel Data
[N15-1063]: David Chiang | Ashish Vaswani | Tomer Levinboim

Pdf Export Search Jointly Modeling Inter-Slot Relations by Random Walk on Knowledge Graphs for Unsupervised Spoken Language Understanding
[N15-1064]: William Yang Wang | Yun-Nung Chen | Alexander Rudnicky

Pdf Export Search Expanding Paraphrase Lexicons by Exploiting Lexical Variants
[N15-1065]: Atsushi Fujita | Pierre Isabelle

Pdf Export Search Diamonds in the Rough: Event Extraction from Imperfect Microblog Data
[N15-1066]: Eneko Agirre | Oier Lopez de Lacalle | Mihai Surdeanu | Ander Intxaurrondo

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Dependency Parsing: Let's Use Supervised Parsers
[N15-1067]: Phong Le | Willem Zuidema

Pdf Export Search A Linear-Time Transition System for Crossing Interval Trees
[N15-1068]: Emily Pitler | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Multi-Domain Adaptation with Feature Embeddings
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Pdf Export Search Ontologically Grounded Multi-sense Representation Learning for Semantic Vector Space Models
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Pdf Export Search Subsentential Sentiment on a Shoestring: A Crosslingual Analysis of Compositional Classification
[N15-1071]: Yannick Versley | Michael Haas

Pdf Export Search Cost Optimization in Crowdsourcing Translation: Low cost translations made even cheaper
[N15-1072]: Chris Callison-Burch | Wei Xu | Mingkun Gao

Pdf Export Search Multitask Learning for Adaptive Quality Estimation of Automatically Transcribed Utterances
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Pdf Export Search Incorporating Word Correlation Knowledge into Topic Modeling
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Pdf Export Search The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Word Representations for Twitter Named Entity Recognition
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Pdf Export Search Is Your Anchor Going Up or Down? Fast and Accurate Supervised Topic Models
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Pdf Export Search Grounded Semantic Parsing for Complex Knowledge Extraction
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Pdf Export Search Sentiment after Translation: A Case-Study on Arabic Social Media Posts
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Pdf Export Search Using External Resources and Joint Learning for Bigram Weighting in ILP-Based Multi-Document Summarization
[N15-1079]: Yang Liu | Chen Li | Lin Zhao

Pdf Export Search Transforming Dependencies into Phrase Structures
[N15-1080]: Noah A. Smith | Alexander M. Rush | Lingpeng Kong

Pdf Export Search Improving the Inference of Implicit Discourse Relations via Classifying Explicit Discourse Connectives
[N15-1081]: Nianwen Xue | Attapol Rutherford

Pdf Export Search Solving Hard Coreference Problems
[N15-1082]: Dan Roth | Daniel Khashabi | Haoruo Peng

Pdf Export Search Pragmatic Neural Language Modelling in Machine Translation
[N15-1083]: Phil Blunsom | Paul Baltescu

Pdf Export Search Key Female Characters in Film Have More to Talk About Besides Men: Automating the Bechdel Test
[N15-1084]: Apoorv Agarwal | Sriramkumar Balasubramanian | Jiehan Zheng | Shruti Kamath | Shirin Ann Dey

Pdf Export Search Semantic Grounding in Dialogue for Complex Problem Solving
[N15-1085]: Xiaolong Li | Kristy Boyer

Pdf Export Search Learning Knowledge Graphs for Question Answering through Conversational Dialog
[N15-1086]: Peter Clark | Hannaneh Hajishirzi | Ben Hixon

Pdf Export Search Sentence segmentation of aphasic speech
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Pdf Export Search Semantic parsing of speech using grammars learned with weak supervision
[N15-1088]: Philipp Cimiano | Judith Gaspers | Britta Wrede

Pdf Export Search Note Early Gains Matter: A Case for Preferring Generative over Discriminative Crowdsourcing Models
[N15-1089]: Eric Ringger | Paul Felt | Kevin Seppi | Robbie Haertel | Kevin Black

Pdf Export Search Optimizing Multivariate Performance Measures for Learning Relation Extraction Models
[N15-1090]: Gholamreza Haffari | Ajay Nagesh | Ganesh Ramakrishnan

Pdf Export Search Convolutional Neural Network for Paraphrase Identification
[N15-1091]: Hinrich Schütze | Wenpeng Yin

Pdf Export Search Representation Learning Using Multi-Task Deep Neural Networks for Semantic Classification and Information Retrieval
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Pdf Export Search Dataset Inflection Generation as Discriminative String Transduction
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Pdf Export Search Note Penalized Expectation Propagation for Graphical Models over Strings
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Pdf Export Search Joint Generation of Transliterations from Multiple Representations
[N15-1095]: Grzegorz Kondrak | Lei Yao

Pdf Export Search Prosodic boundary information helps unsupervised word segmentation
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Pdf Export Search So similar and yet incompatible: Toward the automated identification of semantically compatible words
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Pdf Export Search Do Supervised Distributional Methods Really Learn Lexical Inference Relations?
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Pdf Export Search A Word Embedding Approach to Predicting the Compositionality of Multiword Expressions
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Pdf Export Search Word Embedding-based Antonym Detection using Thesauri and Distributional Information
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Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Word Similarity Performance Using Explanatory and Non-explanatory Texts
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Pdf Export Search Morphological Modeling for Machine Translation of English-Iraqi Arabic Spoken Dialogs
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Pdf Export Search Continuous Adaptation to User Feedback for Statistical Machine Translation
[N15-1103]: Holger Schwenk | Loïc Barrault | Amir Hazem | Frédéric Blain | Fethi Bougares

Pdf Export Search Normalized Word Embedding and Orthogonal Transform for Bilingual Word Translation
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Pdf Export Search Fast and Accurate Preordering for SMT using Neural Networks
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Pdf Export Search APRO: All-Pairs Ranking Optimization for MT Tuning
[N15-1106]: Markus Dreyer | Yuanzhe Dong

Pdf Export Search Paradigm classification in supervised learning of morphology
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Pdf Export Search Shift-Reduce Constituency Parsing with Dynamic Programming and POS Tag Lattice
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Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Code-Switching for Multilingual Historical Document Transcription
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Pdf Export Search Matching Citation Text and Cited Spans in Biomedical Literature: a Search-Oriented Approach
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Pdf Export Search Effective Feature Integration for Automated Short Answer Scoring
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Pdf Export Search Note Socially-Informed Timeline Generation for Complex Events
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Pdf Export Search Movie Script Summarization as Graph-based Scene Extraction
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Pdf Export Search Toward Abstractive Summarization Using Semantic Representations
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Pdf Export Search Encoding World Knowledge in the Evaluation of Local Coherence
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Pdf Export Search Chinese Event Coreference Resolution: An Unsupervised Probabilistic Model Rivaling Supervised Resolvers
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Pdf Export Search Removing the Training Wheels: A Coreference Dataset that Entertains Humans and Challenges Computers
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Pdf Export Search Injecting Logical Background Knowledge into Embeddings for Relation Extraction
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Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Entity Linking with Abstract Meaning Representation
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Pdf Export Search Idest: Learning a Distributed Representation for Event Patterns
[N15-1120]: Katja Filippova | Enrique Alfonseca | Sebastian Krause | Daniele Pighin

Pdf Export Search High-Order Low-Rank Tensors for Semantic Role Labeling
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Pdf Export Search Lexical Event Ordering with an Edge-Factored Model
[N15-1122]: Mark Steedman | Omri Abend | Shay B. Cohen

Pdf Export Search Bag-of-Words Forced Decoding for Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval
[N15-1123]: Stefan Riezler | Felix Hieber

Pdf Export Search Accurate Evaluation of Segment-level Machine Translation Metrics
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Pdf Export Search Leveraging Small Multilingual Corpora for SMT Using Many Pivot Languages
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Pdf Export Search Why Read if You Can Scan? Trigger Scoping Strategy for Biographical Fact Extraction
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Pdf Export Search Lachmannian Archetype Reconstruction for Ancient Manuscript Corpora
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Pdf Export Search Distributed Representations of Words to Guide Bootstrapped Entity Classifiers
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Pdf Export Search Multi-Task Word Alignment Triangulation for Low-Resource Languages
[N15-1129]: David Chiang | Tomer Levinboim

Pdf Export Search Automatic cognate identification with gap-weighted string subsequences.
[N15-1130]: Taraka Rama

Pdf Export Search Short Text Understanding by Leveraging Knowledge into Topic Model
[N15-1131]: Shansong Yang | Weiming Lu | Dezhi Yang | Liang Yao | Baogang Wei

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Most Frequent Sense Detection using Word Embeddings
[N15-1132]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Sudha Bhingardive | Dhirendra Singh | Rudramurthy V | Hanumant Redkar

Pdf Export Search Chain Based RNN for Relation Classification
[N15-1133]: Javid Ebrahimi | Dejing Dou

Pdf Export Search LR Parsing for LCFRS
[N15-1134]: Laura Kallmeyer | Wolfgang Maier

Pdf Export Search Mining for unambiguous instances to adapt part-of-speech taggers to new domains
[N15-1135]: Anders Søgaard | Dirk Hovy | Barbara Plank | Héctor Martínez Alonso

Pdf Export Search Clustering Sentences with Density Peaks for Multi-document Summarization
[N15-1136]: Yunqing Xia | Yi Liu | Yang Zhang | Wenmin Wang

Pdf Export Search Development of the Multilingual Semantic Annotation System
[N15-1137]: Paul Rayson | Scott Piao | Carmen Dayrell | Francesca Bianchi | Angela D'Egidio

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Sparse Vector Densification for Short Text Similarity
[N15-1138]: Dan Roth | Yangqiu Song

Pdf Export Search #WhyIStayed, #WhyILeft: Microblogging to Make Sense of Domestic Abuse
[N15-1139]: Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm | Christopher Homan | Nicolas Schrading | Raymond Ptucha

Pdf Export Search Morphological Word-Embeddings
[N15-1140]: Hinrich Schütze | Ryan Cotterell

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Social Constructs from Textual Conversation
[N15-1141]: Chitta Baral | Somak Aditya | Nguyen Ha Vo | Joohyung Lee | Jieping Ye | Zaw Naung | Barry Lumpkin | Jenny Hastings | Richard Scherl | Dawn M. Sweet | Daniela Inclezan

Pdf Export Search Two/Too Simple Adaptations of Word2Vec for Syntax Problems
[N15-1142]: Chris Dyer | Wang Ling | Isabel Trancoso | Alan W Black

Pdf Export Search Estimating Numerical Attributes by Bringing Together Fragmentary Clues
[N15-1143]: Jun'ichi Tsujii | Hiroya Takamura

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised POS Induction with Word Embeddings
[N15-1144]: Chris Dyer | Chu-Cheng Lin | Lori Levin | Waleed Ammar

Pdf Export Search Improving Update Summarization via Supervised ILP and Sentence Reranking
[N15-1145]: Yang Liu | Chen Li | Lin Zhao

Pdf Export Search MPQA 3.0: An Entity/Event-Level Sentiment Corpus
[N15-1146]: Janyce Wiebe | Lingjia Deng

Pdf Export Search Everyone Likes Shopping! Multi-class Product Categorization for e-Commerce
[N15-1147]: Zornitsa Kozareva

Pdf Export Search GPU-Friendly Local Regression for Voice Conversion
[N15-1148]: Dan Klein | Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

Pdf Export Search Response-based Learning for Machine Translation of Open-domain Database Queries
[N15-1149]: Stefan Riezler | Carolin Haas

Pdf Export Search Context-Dependent Automatic Response Generation Using Statistical Machine Translation Techniques
[N15-1150]: Manabu Okumura | Ryohei Sasano | Hiroya Takamura | Andrew Shin

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Open Relation Extraction Using Cross-lingual Projection
[N15-1151]: Shankar Kumar | Manaal Faruqui

Pdf Export Search Learning to parse with IAA-weighted loss
[N15-1152]: Anders Søgaard | Arne Skjærholt | Barbara Plank | Héctor Martínez Alonso

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Text and Network Context for Geolocation of Social Media Users
[N15-1153]: Timothy Baldwin | Trevor Cohn | Afshin Rahimi | Duy Vu

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Phrase Embedding for Paraphrase Identification
[N15-1154]: Hinrich Schütze | Wenpeng Yin

Pdf Export Search Combining Word Embeddings and Feature Embeddings for Fine-grained Relation Extraction
[N15-1155]: Mark Dredze | Mo Yu | Matthew R. Gormley

Pdf Export Search CASSA: A Context-Aware Synonym Simplification Algorithm
[N15-1156]: Luz Rello | Ricardo Baeza-Yates | Julia Dembowski

Pdf Export Search Simple task-specific bilingual word embeddings
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Pdf Export Search Sampling Techniques for Streaming Cross Document Coreference Resolution
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Pdf Export Search On the Automatic Learning of Sentiment Lexicons
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Pdf Export Search Large-Scale Native Language Identification with Cross-Corpus Evaluation
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Pdf Export Search Unediting: Detecting Disfluencies Without Careful Transcripts
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Pdf Export Search Type-Driven Incremental Semantic Parsing with Polymorphism
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Pdf Export Search Template Kernels for Dependency Parsing
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Pdf Export Search Embedding a Semantic Network in a Word Space
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Pdf Export Search Random Walks and Neural Network Language Models on Knowledge Bases
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Pdf Export Search Identification and Characterization of Newsworthy Verbs in World News
[N15-1166]: Ani Nenkova | Benjamin Nye

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Sumerian Lemmatization by Unsupervised Named-Entity Recognition
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Pdf Export Search Extracting Information about Medication Use from Veterinary Discussions
[N15-1168]: Ellen Riloff | Haibo Ding

Pdf Export Search Reserating the awesometastic: An automatic extension of the WordNet taxonomy for novel terms
[N15-1169]: David Jurgens | Mohammad Taher Pilehvar

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Text Classification Using Topic-Dependent Word Probabilities
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Pdf Export Search Testing and Comparing Computational Approaches for Identifying the Language of Framing in Political News
[N15-1171]: Ying Qin | Eric Baumer | Elisha Elovic | Francesca Polletta | Geri Gay

Pdf Export Search Echoes of Persuasion: The Effect of Euphony in Persuasive Communication
[N15-1172]: Carlo Strapparava | Marco Guerini | Gözde Özbal

Pdf Export Search Translating Videos to Natural Language Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
[N15-1173]: Raymond Mooney | Subhashini Venugopalan | Kate Saenko | Marcus Rohrbach | Huijuan Xu | Jeff Donahue

Pdf Export Search Learning to Interpret and Describe Abstract Scenes
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Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Update Strategies for Large-Scale Maximum Expected BLEU Training
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Pdf Export Search Learning Translation Models from Monolingual Continuous Representations
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Pdf Export Search A Corpus and Model Integrating Multiword Expressions and Supersenses
[N15-1177]: Noah A. Smith | Nathan Schneider

Pdf Export Search Good News or Bad News: Using Affect Control Theory to Analyze Readers' Reaction Towards News Articles
[N15-1178]: Areej Alhothali | Jesse Hoey

Pdf Export Search Do We Really Need Lexical Information? Towards a Top-down Approach to Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews
[N15-1179]: Hyopil Shin | Yulia Otmakhova

Pdf Export Search How to Memorize a Random 60-Bit String
[N15-1180]: Kevin Knight | Marjan Ghazvininejad

Pdf Export Search A Bayesian Model for Joint Learning of Categories and their Features
[N15-1181]: Mirella Lapata | Lea Frermann

Pdf Export Search Shared common ground influences information density in microblog texts
[N15-1182]: Gabriel Doyle | Michael Frank

Pdf Export Search Hierarchic syntax improves reading time prediction
[N15-1183]: William Schuler | Marten van Schijndel

Pdf Export Search Retrofitting Word Vectors to Semantic Lexicons
[N15-1184]: Eduard Hovy | Noah A. Smith | Chris Dyer | Sujay Kumar Jauhar | Manaal Faruqui | Jesse Dodge

Pdf Export Search "You’re Mr. Lebowski, I’m the Dude": Inducing Address Term Formality in Signed Social Networks
[N15-1185]: Jacob Eisenstein | Vinodh Krishnan

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Morphology Induction Using Word Embeddings
[N15-1186]: Franz Och | Radu Soricut