Lluís Màrquez | Chris Callison-Burch | Jian Su  
Lisbon, Portugal 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Online Sentence Novelty Scoring for Topical Document Streams
[D15-1067]: Sungjin Lee

Pdf Export Search Global Thread-level Inference for Comment Classification in Community Question Answering
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Pdf Export Search Key Concept Identification for Medical Information Retrieval
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Pdf Export Search Image-Mediated Learning for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Document Retrieval
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Pdf Export Search A large annotated corpus for learning natural language inference
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Pdf Export Search Name List Only? Target Entity Disambiguation in Short Texts
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Pdf Export Search Corpus-level Fine-grained Entity Typing Using Contextual Information
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Pdf Export Search Attachment Mr. Bennet, his coachman, and the Archbishop walk into a bar but only one of them gets recognized: On The Difficulty of Detecting Characters in Literary Texts
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Pdf Export Search Predicting the Structure of Cooking Recipes
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Pdf Export Search Summarizing Topical Contents from PubMed Documents Using a Thematic Analysis
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Pdf Export Search Learn to Solve Algebra Word Problems Using Quadratic Programming
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Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Method for Discovering Lexical Variations in Roman Urdu Informal Text
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Pdf Export Search Component-Enhanced Chinese Character Embeddings
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Pdf Export Search Multi-label Text Categorization with Joint Learning Predictions-as-Features Method
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Pdf Export Search A Framework for Comparing Groups of Documents
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Pdf Export Search C3EL: A Joint Model for Cross-Document Co-Reference Resolution and Entity Linking
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Pdf Export Search Joint Mention Extraction and Classification with Mention Hypergraphs
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Pdf Export Search FINET: Context-Aware Fine-Grained Named Entity Typing
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Pdf Export Search How Much Information Does a Human Translator Add to the Original?
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Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Network for Document Modeling
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Pdf Export Search Alignment-Based Compositional Semantics for Instruction Following
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Pdf Export Search Do we need bigram alignment models? On the effect of alignment quality on transduction accuracy in G2P
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Pdf Export Search Keyboard Logs as Natural Annotations for Word Segmentation
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Pdf Export Search Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Chinese Word Segmentation
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Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised Chinese Word Segmentation based on Bilingual Information
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Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Back-off Modeling of Hiero Grammar based on Non-parametric Bayesian Model
[D15-1143]: Eiichiro Sumita | Manabu Okumura | Taro Watanabe | Hiroya Takamura | Hidetaka Kamigaito

Pdf Export Search Consistency-Aware Search for Word Alignment
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Pdf Export Search Graph-Based Collective Lexical Selection for Statistical Machine Translation
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Pdf Export Search Bilingual Correspondence Recursive Autoencoder for Statistical Machine Translation
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Pdf Export Search How to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies: Domain Adaptation using Neural Network Models
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Pdf Export Search Detecting Content-Heavy Sentences: A Cross-Language Case Study
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Pdf Export Search Search-Aware Tuning for Hierarchical Phrase-based Decoding
[D15-1149]: Kai Zhao | Liang Huang | Feifei Zhai

Pdf Export Search Part-of-speech Taggers for Low-resource Languages using CCA Features
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Pdf Export Search An Improved Tag Dictionary for Faster Part-of-Speech Tagging
[D15-1151]: Robert Moore

Pdf Export Search Improving Arabic Diacritization through Syntactic Analysis
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Pdf Export Search Combining Discrete and Continuous Features for Deterministic Transition-based Dependency Parsing
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Pdf Export Search Efficient Inner-to-outer Greedy Algorithm for Higher-order Labeled Dependency Parsing
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Pdf Export Search Online Updating of Word Representations for Part-of-Speech Tagging
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Pdf Export Search Empty Category Detection using Path Features and Distributed Case Frames
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Pdf Export Search Foreebank: Syntactic Analysis of Customer Support Forums
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Pdf Export Search Syntactic Parse Fusion
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Pdf Export Search Fine-grained Opinion Mining with Recurrent Neural Networks and Word Embeddings
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Pdf Export Search Joint A* CCG Parsing and Semantic Role Labelling
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Pdf Export Search Solving Geometry Problems: Combining Text and Diagram Interpretation
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Pdf Export Search Do You See What I Mean? Visual Resolution of Linguistic Ambiguities
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Pdf Export Search Efficient and Expressive Knowledge Base Completion Using Subgraph Feature Extraction
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Pdf Export Search Representing Text for Joint Embedding of Text and Knowledge Bases
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Pdf Export Search A Utility Model of Authors in the Scientific Community
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Pdf Export Search Attachment Finding Function in Form: Compositional Character Models for Open Vocabulary Word Representation
[D15-1176]: Chris Dyer | Wang Ling | Isabel Trancoso | Luis Marujo | Alan W Black | Silvio Amir | Ramon Fermandez | Tiago Luis

Pdf Export Search Syntax-Aware Multi-Sense Word Embeddings for Deep Compositional Models of Meaning
[D15-1177]: Dimitri Kartsaklis | Jianpeng Cheng

Pdf Export Search Conversation Trees: A Grammar Model for Topic Structure in Forums
[D15-1178]: Annie Louis | Shay B. Cohen

Pdf Export Search Fast, Flexible Models for Discovering Topic Correlation across Weakly-Related Collections
[D15-1179]: Aaron Gerow | Jingwei Zhang | Jaan Altosaar | James Evans | Richard Jean So

Pdf Export Search Molding CNNs for text: non-linear, non-consecutive convolutions
[D15-1180]: Regina Barzilay | Tommi Jaakkola | Tao Lei

Pdf Export Search Multi-Perspective Sentence Similarity Modeling with Convolutional Neural Networks
[D15-1181]: Jimmy Lin | Kevin Gimpel | Hua He

Pdf Export Search Attachment Posterior calibration and exploratory analysis for natural language processing models
[D15-1182]: Khanh Nguyen | Brendan O'Connor

Pdf Export Search A Generative Word Embedding Model and its Low Rank Positive Semidefinite Solution
[D15-1183]: Shaohua Li | Jun Zhu | Chunyan Miao

Pdf Export Search Reading Documents for Bayesian Online Change Point Detection
[D15-1184]: Taehoon Kim | Jaesik Choi

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Textual Entailment Using Probabilistic Inference
[D15-1185]: Zhifang Sui | Sujian Li | Baobao Chang | Tingsong Jiang | Lei Sha

Pdf Export Search Chinese Semantic Role Labeling with Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks
[D15-1186]: Zhifang Sui | Baobao Chang | Tingsong Jiang | Zhen Wang

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Negation Focus Identification with Word-Topic Graph Model
[D15-1187]: Guodong Zhou | Qiaoming Zhu | Bowei Zou

Pdf Export Search Reverse-engineering Language: A Study on the Semantic Compositionality of German Compounds
[D15-1188]: Corina Dima

Pdf Export Search Event Detection and Factuality Assessment with Non-Expert Supervision
[D15-1189]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Yejin Choi | Yoav Artzi | Kenton Lee

Pdf Export Search Large-Scale Acquisition of Entailment Pattern Pairs by Exploiting Transitivity
[D15-1190]: Kentaro Torisawa | Jong-Hoon Oh | Julien Kloetzer | Chikara Hashimoto

Pdf Export Search Context-Dependent Knowledge Graph Embedding
[D15-1191]: Bin Wang | Quan Wang | Li Guo | Yuanfei Luo

Pdf Export Search Learning to Identify the Best Contexts for Knowledge-based WSD
[D15-1192]: Einat Minkov | William Cohen | Evgenia Wasserman Pritsker

Pdf Export Search Measuring Prerequisite Relations Among Concepts
[D15-1193]: C. Lee Giles | Chen Liang | Wenyi Huang | Zhaohui Wu

Pdf Export Search Attachment Adapting Phrase-based Machine Translation to Normalise Medical Terms in Social Media Messages
[D15-1194]: Nigel Collier | Nut Limsopatham

Pdf Export Search Script Induction as Language Modeling
[D15-1195]: Benjamin Van Durme | Francis Ferraro | Rachel Rudinger | Pushpendre Rastogi

Pdf Export Search Online Learning of Interpretable Word Embeddings
[D15-1196]: Maosong Sun | Zhiyuan Liu | Huanbo Luan | Hongyin Luo

Pdf Export Search A Strong Lexical Matching Method for the Machine Comprehension Test
[D15-1197]: Andreas Vlachos | Ellery Smith | Nicola Greco | Matko Bosnjak

Pdf Export Search Attachment Broad-coverage CCG Semantic Parsing with AMR
[D15-1198]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Yoav Artzi | Kenton Lee

Pdf Export Search Attachment Semantically Conditioned LSTM-based Natural Language Generation for Spoken Dialogue Systems
[D15-1199]: Milica Gasic | Nikola Mrkšić | Pei-Hao Su | Tsung-Hsien Wen | Steve Young | David Vandyke

Pdf Export Search Do Multi-Sense Embeddings Improve Natural Language Understanding?
[D15-1200]: Dan Jurafsky | Jiwei Li

Pdf Export Search Learning Semantic Composition to Detect Non-compositionality of Multiword Expressions
[D15-1201]: James Henderson | Majid Yazdani | Meghdad Farahmand

Pdf Export Search Solving General Arithmetic Word Problems
[D15-1202]: Dan Roth | Subhro Roy

Pdf Export Search Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction via Piecewise Convolutional Neural Networks
[D15-1203]: Kang Liu | Jun Zhao | Yubo Chen | Daojian Zeng

Pdf Export Search CORE: Context-Aware Open Relation Extraction with Factorization Machines
[D15-1204]: Rainer Gemulla | Luciano Del Corro | Fabio Petroni

Pdf Export Search Attachment Improved Relation Extraction with Feature-Rich Compositional Embedding Models
[D15-1205]: Mark Dredze | Mo Yu | Matthew R. Gormley

Pdf Export Search Classifying Relations via Long Short Term Memory Networks along Shortest Dependency Paths
[D15-1206]: Yan Xu | Lili Mou | Ge Li | Yunchuan Chen | Zhi Jin | Hao Peng

Pdf Export Search A Computational Cognitive Model of Novel Word Generalization
[D15-1207]: Suzanne Stevenson | Aida Nematzadeh | Erin Grant

Pdf Export Search Personality Profiling of Fictional Characters using Sense-Level Links between Lexical Resources
[D15-1208]: Iryna Gurevych | Lucie Flekova

Pdf Export Search Leave-one-out Word Alignment without Garbage Collector Effects
[D15-1209]: Eiichiro Sumita | Masao Utiyama | Taro Watanabe | Andrew Finch | Xiaolin Wang

Pdf Export Search Generalized Agreement for Bidirectional Word Alignment
[D15-1210]: Maosong Sun | Yang Liu | Chunyang Liu | Heng Yu | Huanbo Luan

Pdf Export Search A Transition-based Model for Joint Segmentation, POS-tagging and Normalization
[D15-1211]: Donghong Ji | Yue Zhang | Meishan Zhang | Tao Qian | Yafeng Ren

Pdf Export Search Multilingual discriminative lexicalized phrase structure parsing
[D15-1212]: Benoit Crabbé

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Low-Rank Tensors for Multilingual Transfer Parsing
[D15-1213]: Regina Barzilay | Yuan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Diversity in Spectral Learning for Natural Language Parsing
[D15-1214]: Shashi Narayan | Shay B. Cohen

Pdf Export Search Transition-based Dependency Parsing Using Two Heterogeneous Gated Recursive Neural Networks
[D15-1215]: Xuanjing Huang | Xipeng Qiu | Yaqian Zhou | Xinchi Chen | Chenxi Zhu

Pdf Export Search Turn-taking phenomena in incremental dialogue systems
[D15-1216]: Hatim Khouzaimi | Romain Laroche | Fabrice Lefevre

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Latent Words Language Models for Robust Modeling to Out-Of Domain Tasks
[D15-1217]: Ryo Masumura | Hirokazu Masataki | Taichi Asami | Takanobu Oba | Sumitaka Sakauchi | Akinori Ito

Pdf Export Search A Coarse-Grained Model for Optimal Coupling of ASR and SMT Systems for Speech Translation
[D15-1218]: Graeme Blackwood | Sanjeev Khudanpur | Gaurav Kumar | Jan Trmal | Daniel Povey

Pdf Export Search Abstractive Multi-document Summarization with Semantic Information Extraction
[D15-1219]: Wei Li

Pdf Export Search Concept-based Summarization using Integer Linear Programming: From Concept Pruning to Multiple Optimal Solutions
[D15-1220]: Florian Boudin | Hugo Mougard | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search GhostWriter: Using an LSTM for Automatic Rap Lyric Generation
[D15-1221]: Anna Rumshisky | Alexey Romanov | Peter Potash

Pdf Export Search Better Summarization Evaluation with Word Embeddings for ROUGE
[D15-1222]: Jun-Ping Ng | Viktoria Abrecht

Pdf Export Search Krimping texts for better summarization
[D15-1223]: Marina Litvak | Natalia Vanetik | Mark Last

Pdf Export Search From the Virtual to the RealWorld: Referring to Objects in Real-World Spatial Scenes
[D15-1224]: Verena Rieser | Dimitra Gkatzia | Phil Bartie | William Mackaness

Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Bayesian Modelling Approach for Storyline Detection on News Articles
[D15-1225]: Deyu Zhou | Yulan He | Haiyang Xu

Pdf Export Search Topical Coherence for Graph-based Extractive Summarization
[D15-1226]: Michael Strube | Daraksha Parveen | Hans-Martin Ramsl

Pdf Export Search Attachment Summarizing Student Responses to Reflection Prompts
[D15-1227]: Diane Litman | Wencan Luo

Pdf Export Search Extractive Summarization by Maximizing Semantic Volume
[D15-1228]: Noah A. Smith | Fei Liu | Dani Yogatama

Pdf Export Search LCSTS: A Large Scale Chinese Short Text Summarization Dataset
[D15-1229]: Qingcai Chen | Baotian Hu | Fangze Zhu

Pdf Export Search Discourse Planning with an N-gram Model of Relations
[D15-1230]: Kathleen McKeown | Or Biran

Pdf Export Search Experiments with Generative Models for Dependency Tree Linearization
[D15-1231]: Edward Gibson | Richard Futrell

Pdf Export Search Summarization Based on Embedding Distributions
[D15-1232]: Hayato Kobayashi | Masaki Noguchi | Taichi Yatsuka

Pdf Export Search Reversibility reconsidered: finite-state factors for efficient probabilistic sampling in parsing and generation
[D15-1233]: Marc Dymetman | Sriram Venkatapathy | Chunyang Xiao

Pdf Export Search A quantitative analysis of gender differences in movies using psycholinguistic normatives
[D15-1234]: Shrikanth Narayanan | Anil Ramakrishna | Nikolaos Malandrakis | Elizabeth Staruk

Pdf Export Search Attachment EMNLP versus ACL: Analyzing NLP research over time
[D15-1235]: Xiaoli Li | Sujatha Das Gollapalli

Pdf Export Search Answering Elementary Science Questions by Constructing Coherent Scenes using Background Knowledge
[D15-1236]: Peter Clark | Yang Li

Pdf Export Search WikiQA: A Challenge Dataset for Open-Domain Question Answering
[D15-1237]: Wen-tau Yih | Yi Yang | Christopher Meek

Pdf Export Search Personalized Machine Translation: Predicting Translational Preferences
[D15-1238]: Shachar Mirkin | Jean-Luc Meunier

Pdf Export Search Talking to the crowd: What do people react to in online discussions?
[D15-1239]: Hannaneh Hajishirzi | Hao Fang | Mari Ostendorf | Aaron Jaech | Victoria Zayats

Pdf Export Search What Your Username Says About You
[D15-1240]: Mari Ostendorf | Aaron Jaech

Pdf Export Search Knowledge Base Inference using Bridging Entities
[D15-1241]: Partha P. Talukdar | Bhushan Kotnis | Pradeep Bansal

Pdf Export Search Specializing Word Embeddings for Similarity or Relatedness
[D15-1242]: Stephen Clark | Douwe Kiela | Felix Hill

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Word Vector Representations by Subspace Alignment
[D15-1243]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Chris Dyer | Wang Ling | Manaal Faruqui | Guillaume Lample

Pdf Export Search Higher-order logical inference with compositional semantics
[D15-1244]: Yusuke Miyao | Pascual Martínez-Gómez | Koji Mineshima | Daisuke Bekki

Pdf Export Search Any-language frame-semantic parsing
[D15-1245]: Anders Søgaard | Anders Johannsen | Héctor Martínez Alonso

Pdf Export Search What’s in an Embedding? Analyzing Word Embeddings through Multilingual Evaluation
[D15-1246]: Arne Köhn

Pdf Export Search Attachment Joint Event Trigger Identification and Event Coreference Resolution with Structured Perceptron
[D15-1247]: Teruko Mitamura | Jun Araki

Pdf Export Search A Joint Dependency Model of Morphological and Syntactic Structure for Statistical Machine Translation
[D15-1248]: Rico Sennrich | Barry Haddow

Pdf Export Search Variable-Length Word Encodings for Neural Translation Models
[D15-1249]: John DeNero | Rohan Chitnis

Pdf Export Search A Binarized Neural Network Joint Model for Machine Translation
[D15-1250]: Eiichiro Sumita | Masao Utiyama | Satoshi Nakamura | Graham Neubig | Jingyi Zhang

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Optimization of Text Representations
[D15-1251]: Noah A. Smith | Dani Yogatama | Lingpeng Kong

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study on Regularization Strategies for Embedding-based Neural Networks
[D15-1252]: Lili Mou | Ge Li | Yunchuan Chen | Yangyang Lu | Zhi Jin | Hao Peng

Pdf Export Search Efficient Hyper-parameter Optimization for NLP Applications
[D15-1253]: Bing Xiang | Bowen Zhou | Minwei Feng | Lidan Wang | Sridhar Mahadevan

Pdf Export Search Attachment Improved Arabic Dialect Classification with Social Media Data
[D15-1254]: Fei Huang

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Debate Portals for Semi-Supervised Argumentation Mining in User-Generated Web Discourse
[D15-1255]: Iryna Gurevych | Ivan Habernal

Pdf Export Search Confounds and Consequences in Geotagged Twitter Data
[D15-1256]: Jacob Eisenstein | Umashanthi Pavalanathan

Pdf Export Search Modeling Reportable Events as Turning Points in Narrative
[D15-1257]: Kathleen McKeown | Jessica Ouyang

Pdf Export Search Towards the Extraction of Customer-to-Customer Suggestions from Reviews
[D15-1258]: Paul Buitelaar | Sapna Negi

Pdf Export Search Using Content-level Structures for Summarizing Microblog Repost Trees
[D15-1259]: Kam-Fai Wong | Wei Gao | Zhongyu Wei | Baolin Peng | Jing Li

Pdf Export Search Intra-sentential Zero Anaphora Resolution using Subject Sharing Recognition
[D15-1260]: Kentaro Torisawa | Jong-Hoon Oh | Ryu Iida | Julien Kloetzer | Chikara Hashimoto

Pdf Export Search Estimation of Discourse Segmentation Labels from Crowd Data
[D15-1261]: Rebecca J. Passonneau | Ziheng Huang | Jialu Zhong

Pdf Export Search Comparing Word Representations for Implicit Discourse Relation Classification
[D15-1262]: Pascal Denis | Chloé Braud

Pdf Export Search Better Document-level Sentiment Analysis from RST Discourse Parsing
[D15-1263]: Jacob Eisenstein | Yangfeng Ji | Parminder Bhatia

Pdf Export Search Closing the Gap: Domain Adaptation from Explicit to Implicit Discourse Relations
[D15-1264]: Jacob Eisenstein | Yangfeng Ji | Gongbo Zhang

Pdf Export Search Wikification of Concept Mentions within Spoken Dialogues Using Domain Constraints from Wikipedia
[D15-1265]: Haizhou Li | Seokhwan Kim | Rafael E. Banchs

Pdf Export Search Shallow Convolutional Neural Network for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition
[D15-1266]: Deyi Xiong | Jinsong Su | Biao Zhang | Hong Duan | Junfeng Yao | Yaojie Lu

Pdf Export Search On the Role of Discourse Markers for Discriminating Claims and Premises in Argumentative Discourse
[D15-1267]: Iryna Gurevych | Judith Eckle-Kohler | Roland Kluge

Pdf Export Search Fatal or not? Finding errors that lead to dialogue breakdowns in chat-oriented dialogue systems
[D15-1268]: Kotaro Funakoshi | Ryuichiro Higashinaka | Masahiro Mizukami | Masahiro Araki | Hiroshi Tsukahara | Yuka Kobayashi

Pdf Export Search Learning Word Meanings and Grammar for Describing Everyday Activities in Smart Environments
[D15-1269]: Daichi Mochihashi | Muhammad Attamimi | Yuji Ando | Tomoaki Nakamura | Takayuki Nagai | Ichiro Kobayashi | Hideki Asoh

Pdf Export Search Discourse Element Identification in Student Essays based on Global and Local Cohesion
[D15-1270]: Ting Liu | Wei Song | Ruiji Fu | Lizhen Liu

Pdf Export Search Adapting Coreference Resolution for Narrative Processing
[D15-1271]: Marie-Francine Moens | Steven Bethard | Quynh Ngoc Thi Do

Pdf Export Search Attachment Joint Lemmatization and Morphological Tagging with Lemming
[D15-1272]: Hinrich Schütze | Alexander Fraser | Ryan Cotterell | Thomas Müller

Pdf Export Search Transducer Disambiguation with Sparse Topological Features
[D15-1273]: Adrià de Gispert | Bill Byrne | Gonzalo Iglesias

Pdf Export Search Arabic Diacritization with Recurrent Neural Networks
[D15-1274]: Yonatan Belinkov | James Glass

Pdf Export Search Automatic Diacritics Restoration for Hungarian
[D15-1275]: Attila Novák | Borbála Siklósi

Pdf Export Search Morphological Analysis for Unsegmented Languages using Recurrent Neural Network Language Model
[D15-1276]: Sadao Kurohashi | Daisuke Kawahara | Hajime Morita

Pdf Export Search Can Symbol Grounding Improve Low-Level NLP? Word Segmentation as a Case Study
[D15-1277]: Shinsuke Mori | Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | Hirotaka Kameko

Pdf Export Search When Are Tree Structures Necessary for Deep Learning of Representations?
[D15-1278]: Eduard Hovy | Dan Jurafsky | Jiwei Li | Thang Luong

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Neural Sentence Modeling by Tree-Based Convolution
[D15-1279]: Yan Xu | Lili Mou | Ge Li | Zhi Jin | Lu Zhang | Hao Peng

Pdf Export Search Multi-Timescale Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network for Modelling Sentences and Documents
[D15-1280]: Xuanjing Huang | Xipeng Qiu | Xinchi Chen | Shiyu Wu | Pengfei Liu

Pdf Export Search Verbal and Nonverbal Clues for Real-life Deception Detection
[D15-1281]: Rada Mihalcea | Verónica Pérez-Rosas | Mohamed Abouelenien | Yao Xiao | CJ Linton | Mihai Burzo

Pdf Export Search Social Media Text Classification under Negative Covariate Shift
[D15-1282]: Bing Liu | Geli Fei

Pdf Export Search Co-Training for Topic Classification of Scholarly Data
[D15-1283]: Rada Mihalcea | Cornelia Caragea | Florin Bulgarov

Pdf Export Search Humor Recognition and Humor Anchor Extraction
[D15-1284]: Eduard Hovy | Chris Dyer | Alon Lavie | Diyi Yang

Pdf Export Search Attachment Topic Identification and Discovery on Text and Speech
[D15-1285]: Benjamin Van Durme | Francis Ferraro | Chandler May | Alan McCree | Jonathan Wintrode | Daniel Garcia-Romero

Pdf Export Search A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Computing N-gram Posteriors from Lattices
[D15-1286]: Shrikanth Narayanan | Dogan Can

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Structured Language Models for Statistical Machine Translation
[D15-1287]: Christof Monz | Ekaterina Garmash

Pdf Export Search Attachment Compact, Efficient and Unlimited Capacity: Language Modeling with Compressed Suffix Trees
[D15-1288]: Trevor Cohn | Gholamreza Haffari | Matthias Petri | Ehsan Shareghi

Pdf Export Search ERSOM: A Structural Ontology Matching Approach Using Automatically Learned Entity Representation
[D15-1289]: Zhifang Sui | Baobao Chang | Tingsong Jiang | Chuncheng Xiang

Pdf Export Search A Single Word is not Enough: Ranking Multiword Expressions Using Distributional Semantics
[D15-1290]: Chris Biemann | Martin Riedl

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Dependencies and Distributed Word Representations for Analogy Detection and Mining
[D15-1291]: Likun Qiu | Yue Zhang | Yanan Lu

Pdf Export Search Navigating the Semantic Horizon using Relative Neighborhood Graphs
[D15-1292]: Magnus Sahlgren | Amaru Cuba Gyllensten

Pdf Export Search Multi- and Cross-Modal Semantics Beyond Vision: Grounding in Auditory Perception
[D15-1293]: Stephen Clark | Douwe Kiela

Pdf Export Search Automatic recognition of habituals: a three-way classification of clausal aspect
[D15-1294]: Annemarie Friedrich | Manfred Pinkal

Pdf Export Search Distributed Representations for Unsupervised Semantic Role Labeling
[D15-1295]: Mirella Lapata | Kristian Woodsend

Pdf Export Search A Tableau Prover for Natural Logic and Language
[D15-1296]: Lasha Abzianidze

Pdf Export Search JEAM: A Novel Model for Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification Based on Emotion Analysis
[D15-1297]: Zhi-Hong Deng | Kun-Hu Luo | Hongliang Yu | Liang-Chen Wei

Pdf Export Search PhraseRNN: Phrase Recursive Neural Network for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
[D15-1298]: Kiyoaki Shirai | Thien Hai Nguyen

Pdf Export Search ASTD: Arabic Sentiment Tweets Dataset
[D15-1299]: Mahmoud Nabil | Mohamed Aly | Amir Atiya

Pdf Export Search Adjective Intensity and Sentiment Analysis
[D15-1300]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Raksha Sharma | Mohit Gupta | Astha Agarwal

Pdf Export Search The Rating Game: Sentiment Rating Reproducibility from Text
[D15-1301]: Dirk Hovy | Lasse Borgholt | Peter Simonsen

Pdf Export Search A Multi-lingual Annotated Dataset for Aspect-Oriented Opinion Mining
[D15-1302]: Diego Marcheggiani | Salud M. Jiménez-Zafra | Giacomo Berardi | Andrea Esuli | María Teresa Martín-Valdivia | Alejandro Moreo Fernández

Pdf Export Search Deep Convolutional Neural Network Textual Features and Multiple Kernel Learning for Utterance-level Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
[D15-1303]: Erik Cambria | Soujanya Poria | Alexander Gelbukh

Pdf Export Search SLSA: A Sentiment Lexicon for Standard Arabic
[D15-1304]: Owen Rambow | Ramy Eskander

Pdf Export Search Reinforcing the Topic of Embeddings with Theta Pure Dependence for Text Classification
[D15-1305]: Wenjie Li | Yuexian Hou | Ning Xing | Peng Zhang | Dawei Song

Pdf Export Search That's So Annoying!!!: A Lexical and Frame-Semantic Embedding Based Data Augmentation Approach to Automatic Categorization of Annoying Behaviors using #petpeeve Tweets
[D15-1306]: William Yang Wang | Diyi Yang

Pdf Export Search Detection of Steganographic Techniques on Twitter
[D15-1307]: Phil Blunsom | Alex Wilson | Andrew Ker

Pdf Export Search #SupportTheCause: Identifying Motivations to Participate in Online Health Campaigns
[D15-1308]: Dong Nguyen | Tijs van den Broek | Claudia Hauff | Djoerd Hiemstra | Michel Ehrenhard

Pdf Export Search An Analysis of Domestic Abuse Discourse on Reddit
[D15-1309]: Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm | Christopher Homan | Nicolas Schrading | Ray Ptucha

Pdf Export Search Twitter-scale New Event Detection via K-term Hashing
[D15-1310]: Miles Osborne | Victor Lavrenko | Dominik Wurzer

Pdf Export Search Classifying Tweet Level Judgements of Rumours in Social Media
[D15-1311]: Trevor Cohn | Kalina Bontcheva | Michal Lukasik

Pdf Export Search Identification and Verification of Simple Claims about Statistical Properties
[D15-1312]: Andreas Vlachos | Sebastian Riedel