Jian Su | Kevin Duh | Xavier Carreras  
Austin, Texas 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
[D16-1000]: Kevin Duh | Jian Su | Xavier Carreras

Pdf Export Search Span-Based Constituency Parsing with a Structure-Label System and Provably Optimal Dynamic Oracles
[D16-1001]: Liang Huang | James Cross

Pdf Export Search Rule Extraction for Tree-to-Tree Transducers by Cost Minimization
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Pdf Export Search A Neural Network for Coordination Boundary Prediction
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Pdf Export Search Using Left-corner Parsing to Encode Universal Structural Constraints in Grammar Induction
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Pdf Export Search Attachment Learning to Recognize Discontiguous Entities
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Pdf Export Search Modeling Human Reading with Neural Attention
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Pdf Export Search Comparing Computational Cognitive Models of Generalization in a Language Acquisition Task
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Pdf Export Search Rationalizing Neural Predictions
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Pdf Export Search Deep Multi-Task Learning with Shared Memory for Text Classification
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Pdf Export Search Natural Language Comprehension with the EpiReader
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Pdf Export Search Creating Causal Embeddings for Question Answering with Minimal Supervision
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Pdf Export Search Improving Semantic Parsing via Answer Type Inference
[D16-1015]: Semih Yavuz | Izzeddin Gur | Yu Su | Mudhakar Srivatsa | Xifeng Yan

Pdf Export Search Semantic Parsing to Probabilistic Programs for Situated Question Answering
[D16-1016]: Jayant Krishnamurthy | Oyvind Tafjord | Aniruddha Kembhavi

Pdf Export Search Event participant modelling with neural networks
[D16-1017]: Stefan Thater | Vera Demberg | Dietrich Klakow | Asad Sayeed | Ottokar Tilk

Pdf Export Search Context-Dependent Sense Embedding
[D16-1018]: Yong Yu | Kewei Tu | Lin Qiu

Pdf Export Search Attachment Jointly Embedding Knowledge Graphs and Logical Rules
[D16-1019]: Bin Wang | Quan Wang | Li Guo | Shu Guo | Lihong Wang

Pdf Export Search Learning Connective-based Word Representations for Implicit Discourse Relation Identification
[D16-1020]: Pascal Denis | Chloé Braud

Pdf Export Search Aspect Level Sentiment Classification with Deep Memory Network
[D16-1021]: Ting Liu | Duyu Tang | Bing Qin

Pdf Export Search Lifelong-RL: Lifelong Relaxation Labeling for Separating Entities and Aspects in Opinion Targets
[D16-1022]: Bing Liu | Lei Shu | Hu Xu | Annice Kim

Pdf Export Search Learning Sentence Embeddings with Auxiliary Tasks for Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification
[D16-1023]: Jing Jiang | Jianfei Yu

Pdf Export Search Attention-based LSTM Network for Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification
[D16-1024]: Xiaojun Wan | Jianguo Xiao | Xinjie Zhou

Pdf Export Search Neural versus Phrase-Based Machine Translation Quality: a Case Study
[D16-1025]: Luisa Bentivogli | Arianna Bisazza | Marcello Federico | Mauro Cettolo

Pdf Export Search Zero-Resource Translation with Multi-Lingual Neural Machine Translation
[D16-1026]: Kyunghyun Cho | Yaser Al-Onaizan | Baskaran Sankaran | Orhan Firat | Fatos T. Yarman Vural

Pdf Export Search Memory-enhanced Decoder for Neural Machine Translation
[D16-1027]: Hang Li | Qun Liu | Zhengdong Lu | Mingxuan Wang

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Learning of Sequence Models with Method of Moments
[D16-1028]: Noah A. Smith | Shay B. Cohen | Zita Marinho | André F. T. Martins

Pdf Export Search Learning from Explicit and Implicit Supervision Jointly For Algebra Word Problems
[D16-1029]: Wen-tau Yih | Shyam Upadhyay | Ming-Wei Chang | Kai-Wei Chang

Pdf Export Search TweeTime : A Minimally Supervised Method for Recognizing and Normalizing Time Expressions in Twitter
[D16-1030]: Wei Xu | Alan Ritter | Jeniya Tabassum

Pdf Export Search Language as a Latent Variable: Discrete Generative Models for Sentence Compression
[D16-1031]: Phil Blunsom | Yishu Miao

Pdf Export Search Globally Coherent Text Generation with Neural Checklist Models
[D16-1032]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Yejin Choi | Chloé Kiddon

Pdf Export Search A Dataset and Evaluation Metrics for Abstractive Compression of Sentences and Short Paragraphs
[D16-1033]: Chris Brockett | Kristina Toutanova | Ke M. Tran | Saleema Amershi

Pdf Export Search PaCCSS-IT: A Parallel Corpus of Complex-Simple Sentences for Automatic Text Simplification
[D16-1034]: Dominique Brunato | Andrea Cimino | Felice Dell'Orletta | Giulia Venturi

Pdf Export Search Discourse Parsing with Attention-based Hierarchical Neural Networks
[D16-1035]: Baobao Chang | Qi Li | Tianshi Li

Pdf Export Search Multi-view Response Selection for Human-Computer Conversation
[D16-1036]: Hua Wu | Shiqi Zhao | Rui Yan | Hao Tian | Daxiang Dong | Dianhai Yu | Xiangyang Zhou | Xuan Liu

Pdf Export Search Variational Neural Discourse Relation Recognizer
[D16-1037]: Min Zhang | Qun Liu | Deyi Xiong | Biao Zhang | jinsong su | Hong Duan | Rongrong Ji

Pdf Export Search Attachment Event Detection and Co-reference with Minimal Supervision
[D16-1038]: Dan Roth | Haoruo Peng | Yangqiu Song

Pdf Export Search Learning Term Embeddings for Taxonomic Relation Identification Using Dynamic Weighting Neural Network
[D16-1039]: Tuan Luu Anh | See Kiong Ng | Yi Tay | Siu Cheung Hui

Pdf Export Search Relation Schema Induction using Tensor Factorization with Side Information
[D16-1040]: Partha Talukdar | Madhav Nimishakavi | Uday Singh Saini

Pdf Export Search Supervised Distributional Hypernym Discovery via Domain Adaptation
[D16-1041]: Horacio Saggion | Luis Espinosa Anke | Jose Camacho-Collados | Claudio Delli Bovi

Pdf Export Search Latent Tree Language Model
[D16-1042]: Tomáš Brychcín

Pdf Export Search Comparing Data Sources and Architectures for Deep Visual Representation Learning in Semantics
[D16-1043]: Stephen Clark | Douwe Kiela | Anita Lilla Verő

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Compact Bilinear Pooling for Visual Question Answering and Visual Grounding
[D16-1044]: Akira Fukui | Dong Huk Park | Daylen Yang | Anna Rohrbach | Trevor Darrell | Marcus Rohrbach

Pdf Export Search Attachment The Structured Weighted Violations Perceptron Algorithm
[D16-1045]: Roi Reichart | Rotem Dror

Pdf Export Search How Transferable are Neural Networks in NLP Applications?
[D16-1046]: Yan Xu | Lili Mou | Ge Li | Zhi Jin | Rui Yan | Lu Zhang | Zhao Meng

Pdf Export Search Morphological Priors for Probabilistic Neural Word Embeddings
[D16-1047]: Jacob Eisenstein | Parminder Bhatia | Robert Guthrie

Pdf Export Search Automatic Cross-Lingual Similarization of Dependency Grammars for Tree-based Machine Translation
[D16-1048]: Wenbin Jiang | Jinan Xu | Wen Zhang | Rangjia Cai

Pdf Export Search Attachment IRT-based Aggregation Model of Crowdsourced Pairwise Comparison for Evaluating Machine Translations
[D16-1049]: Sadao Kurohashi | Daisuke Kawahara | Toshiaki Nakazawa | Naoki Otani

Pdf Export Search Variational Neural Machine Translation
[D16-1050]: Min Zhang | Deyi Xiong | Biao Zhang | jinsong su | Hong Duan

Pdf Export Search Towards a Convex HMM Surrogate for Word Alignment
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Pdf Export Search Solving Verbal Questions in IQ Test by Knowledge-Powered Word Embedding
[D16-1052]: Jiang Bian | Bin Gao | Tie-Yan Liu | Fei Tian | Huazheng Wang | Chengjieren Zhu

Pdf Export Search Long Short-Term Memory-Networks for Machine Reading
[D16-1053]: Mirella Lapata | Li Dong | Jianpeng Cheng

Pdf Export Search Attachment On Generating Characteristic-rich Question Sets for QA Evaluation
[D16-1054]: Izzeddin Gur | Yu Su | Mudhakar Srivatsa | Xifeng Yan | Huan Sun | Brian Sadler | Zenghui Yan

Pdf Export Search Learning to Translate for Multilingual Question Answering
[D16-1055]: Ferhan Ture | Elizabeth Boschee

Pdf Export Search A Semiparametric Model for Bayesian Reader Identification
[D16-1056]: Niels Landwehr | Reinhold Kliegl | Ahmed Abdelwahab

Pdf Export Search Inducing Domain-Specific Sentiment Lexicons from Unlabeled Corpora
[D16-1057]: Dan Jurafsky | William L. Hamilton | Kevin Clark | Jure Leskovec

Pdf Export Search Attention-based LSTM for Aspect-level Sentiment Classification
[D16-1058]: Minlie Huang | xiaoyan zhu | Li Zhao | Yequan Wang

Pdf Export Search Recursive Neural Conditional Random Fields for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
[D16-1059]: Daniel Dahlmeier | Sinno Jialin Pan | Wenya Wang | Xiaokui Xiao

Pdf Export Search Extracting Aspect Specific Opinion Expressions
[D16-1060]: Arjun Mukherjee | Abhishek Laddha

Pdf Export Search Emotion Distribution Learning from Texts
[D16-1061]: Deyu ZHOU | Xuan Zhang | Yin Zhou | Quan Zhao | Xin Geng

Pdf Export Search Building an Evaluation Scale using Item Response Theory
[D16-1062]: John Lalor | Hao Wu | hong yu

Pdf Export Search Attachment WordRank: Learning Word Embeddings via Robust Ranking
[D16-1063]: Shihao Ji | Hyokun Yun | Pinar Yanardag | Shin Matsushima | S. V. N. Vishwanathan

Pdf Export Search Exploring Semantic Representation in Brain Activity Using Word Embeddings
[D16-1064]: Zhen-Hua Ling | Yu-Ping Ruan | Yu Hu

Pdf Export Search AMR Parsing with an Incremental Joint Model
[D16-1065]: Hans Uszkoreit | Feiyu Xu | Yanhui Gu | Junsheng Zhou | Weiguang QU | Ran Li

Pdf Export Search Identifying Dogmatism in Social Media: Signals and Models
[D16-1066]: Ethan Fast | Eric Horvitz

Pdf Export Search Enhanced Personalized Search using Social Data
[D16-1067]: Dong Zhou | Séamus Lawless | Xuan Wu | Wenyu Zhao | Jianxun Liu

Pdf Export Search Effective Greedy Inference for Graph-based Non-Projective Dependency Parsing
[D16-1068]: Roi Reichart | Ilan Tchernowitz | Liron Yedidsion

Pdf Export Search Generating Abbreviations for Chinese Named Entities Using Recurrent Neural Network with Dynamic Dictionary
[D16-1069]: Qi Zhang | Xuanjing Huang | Yaqian Zhou | Ya Guo | Jin Qian

Pdf Export Search Neural Network for Heterogeneous Annotations
[D16-1070]: Qun Liu | Yue Zhang | Hongshen Chen

Pdf Export Search LAMB: A Good Shepherd of Morphologically Rich Languages
[D16-1071]: Hinrich Schütze | Sebastian Ebert | Thomas Müller

Pdf Export Search Fast Coupled Sequence Labeling on Heterogeneous Annotations via Context-aware Pruning
[D16-1072]: Min Zhang | Zhenghua Li | Jiayuan Chao | Jiwen Yang

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Neural Dependency Parsing
[D16-1073]: Kewei Tu | Yong Jiang | Wenjuan Han

Pdf Export Search Attachment Generating Coherent Summaries of Scientific Articles Using Coherence Patterns
[D16-1074]: Michael Strube | Daraksha Parveen | Mohsen Mesgar

Pdf Export Search News Stream Summarization using Burst Information Networks
[D16-1075]: Ming Zhou | Zhifang Sui | Lei Cui | Sujian Li | Baobao Chang | Tao Ge

Pdf Export Search Rationale-Augmented Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Classification
[D16-1076]: Byron C. Wallace | Ye Zhang | Iain Marshall

Pdf Export Search Transferring User Interests Across Websites with Unstructured Text for Cold-Start Recommendation
[D16-1077]: Yu-Yang Huang | Shou-De Lin

Pdf Export Search Attachment Speculation and Negation Scope Detection via Convolutional Neural Networks
[D16-1078]: Guodong Zhou | Qiaoming Zhu | Peifeng Li | Zhunchen Luo | Zhong Qian | Wei Luo

Pdf Export Search Analyzing Linguistic Knowledge in Sequential Model of Sentence
[D16-1079]: Xuanjing Huang | Xipeng Qiu | Peng Qian

Pdf Export Search Keyphrase Extraction Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks on Twitter
[D16-1080]: Qi Zhang | Yang Wang | Xuanjing Huang | Yeyun Gong

Pdf Export Search Solving and Generating Chinese Character Riddles
[D16-1081]: Ming Zhou | Furu Wei | Li Dong | Chuanqi Tan | Weifeng Lv

Pdf Export Search Structured prediction models for RNN based sequence labeling in clinical text
[D16-1082]: hong yu | Abhyuday Jagannatha

Pdf Export Search Learning to Represent Review with Tensor Decomposition for Spam Detection
[D16-1083]: Kang Liu | Jun Zhao | Shizhu He | Xuepeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Stance Detection with Bidirectional Conditional Encoding
[D16-1084]: Kalina Bontcheva | Andreas Vlachos | Isabelle Augenstein | Tim Rocktäschel

Pdf Export Search Modeling Skip-Grams for Event Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks
[D16-1085]: Ralph Grishman | Thien Huu Nguyen

Pdf Export Search Porting an Open Information Extraction System from English to German
[D16-1086]: Ido Dagan | Iryna Gurevych | Gabriel Stanovsky | Tobias Falke

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition for Novel Types by Transfer Learning
[D16-1087]: Timothy Baldwin | Lizhen Qu | Gabriela Ferraro | Liyuan Zhou | Weiwei Hou

Pdf Export Search Extracting Subevents via an Effective Two-phase Approach
[D16-1088]: Ruihong Huang | Allison Badgett

Pdf Export Search Gaussian Visual-Linguistic Embedding for Zero-Shot Recognition
[D16-1089]: Tanmoy Mukherjee | Timothy Hospedales

Pdf Export Search Attachment Question Relevance in VQA: Identifying Non-Visual And False-Premise Questions
[D16-1090]: Mohit Bansal | Dhruv Batra | Arijit Ray | Gordon Christie | Devi Parikh

Pdf Export Search Attachment Sort Story: Sorting Jumbled Images and Captions into Stories
[D16-1091]: Mohit Bansal | Dhruv Batra | Devi Parikh | Harsh Agrawal | Arjun Chandrasekaran

Pdf Export Search Attachment Human Attention in Visual Question Answering: Do Humans and Deep Networks look at the same regions?
[D16-1092]: Dhruv Batra | Devi Parikh | Harsh Agrawal | Abhishek Das | Larry Zitnick

Pdf Export Search Recurrent Residual Learning for Sequence Classification
[D16-1093]: Fei Tian | Yiren Wang

Pdf Export Search Richer Interpolative Smoothing Based on Modified Kneser-Ney Language Modeling
[D16-1094]: Trevor Cohn | Gholamreza Haffari | Ehsan Shareghi

Pdf Export Search Attachment A General Regularization Framework for Domain Adaptation
[D16-1095]: Hai Leong Chieu | Wei Lu | Jonathan Löfgren

Pdf Export Search Coverage Embedding Models for Neural Machine Translation
[D16-1096]: Haitao Mi | Zhiguo Wang | Baskaran Sankaran | Abe Ittycheriah

Pdf Export Search Neural Morphological Analysis: Encoding-Decoding Canonical Segments
[D16-1097]: Hinrich Schütze | Ryan Cotterell | Katharina Kann

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Mutual Benefits between Syntax and Semantic Roles using Neural Network
[D16-1098]: Yue Zhang | Zhiyang Teng | Peng Shi

Pdf Export Search The Effects of Data Size and Frequency Range on Distributional Semantic Models
[D16-1099]: Magnus Sahlgren | Alessandro Lenci

Pdf Export Search Attachment Multi-Granularity Chinese Word Embedding
[D16-1100]: Peng Li | Bin Wang | Quan Wang | Rongchao Yin | Rui Li

Pdf Export Search Numerically Grounded Language Models for Semantic Error Correction
[D16-1101]: Sebastian Riedel | Isabelle Augenstein | Georgios Spithourakis

Pdf Export Search Towards Semi-Automatic Generation of Proposition Banks for Low-Resource Languages
[D16-1102]: Alan Akbik | Yunyao Li | vishwajeet kumar

Pdf Export Search A Hierarchical Model of Reviews for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
[D16-1103]: Sebastian Ruder | Parsa Ghaffari | John G. Breslin

Pdf Export Search Are Word Embedding-based Features Useful for Sarcasm Detection?
[D16-1104]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Aditya Joshi | Kevin Patel | Vaibhav Tripathi | Mark Carman

Pdf Export Search Weakly Supervised Tweet Stance Classification by Relational Bootstrapping
[D16-1105]: Javid Ebrahimi | Dejing Dou | Daniel Lowd

Pdf Export Search Attachment The Gun Violence Database: A new task and data set for NLP
[D16-1106]: Chris Callison-Burch | Heng Ji | Xiaoman Pan | Ellie Pavlick

Pdf Export Search Fluency detection on communication networks
[D16-1107]: Benjamin Van Durme | Tom Lippincott

Pdf Export Search Characterizing the Language of Online Communities and its Relation to Community Reception
[D16-1108]: Mari Ostendorf | Trang Tran

Pdf Export Search Joint Transition-based Dependency Parsing and Disfluency Detection for Automatic Speech Recognition Texts
[D16-1109]: Yuji Matsumoto | Hiroyuki Shindo | Masashi Yoshikawa

Pdf Export Search Real-Time Speech Emotion and Sentiment Recognition for Interactive Dialogue Systems
[D16-1110]: Pascale Fung | Farhad Bin Siddique | Dario Bertero | Yan Wan | Ricky Ho Yin Chan | Chien-Sheng Wu

Pdf Export Search A Neural Network Architecture for Multilingual Punctuation Generation
[D16-1111]: Leo Wanner | Miguel Ballesteros

Pdf Export Search Neural Headline Generation on Abstract Meaning Representation
[D16-1112]: Tsutomu Hirao | Jun Suzuki | Naoaki Okazaki | Masaaki Nagata | Sho Takase

Pdf Export Search Robust Gram Embeddings
[D16-1113]: Taygun Kekec | David M. J. Tax

Pdf Export Search Attachment SimpleScience: Lexical Simplification of Scientific Terminology
[D16-1114]: Yea Seul Kim | Jessica Hullman | Matthew Burgess | Eytan Adar

Pdf Export Search Automatic Features for Essay Scoring – An Empirical Study
[D16-1115]: Yue Zhang | Fei Dong

Pdf Export Search Semantic Parsing with Semi-Supervised Sequential Autoencoders
[D16-1116]: Chris Dyer | Phil Blunsom | Karl Moritz Hermann | Wang Ling | Edward Grefenstette | Tomáš Kočiský | Gábor Melis

Pdf Export Search Equation Parsing : Mapping Sentences to Grounded Equations
[D16-1117]: Dan Roth | Shyam Upadhyay | Subhro Roy

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Implicit Interpretations from Modal Constructions
[D16-1118]: Eduardo Blanco | Jordan Sanders

Pdf Export Search Understanding Negation in Positive Terms Using Syntactic Dependencies
[D16-1119]: Eduardo Blanco | Zahra Sarabi

Pdf Export Search Attachment Demographic Dialectal Variation in Social Media: A Case Study of African-American English
[D16-1120]: Brendan O'Connor | Su Lin Blodgett | Lisa Green

Pdf Export Search Understanding Language Preference for Expression of Opinion and Sentiment: What do Hindi-English Speakers do on Twitter?
[D16-1121]: Monojit Choudhury | Niloy Ganguly | Kalika Bali | Koustav Rudra | Shruti Rijhwani | Rafiya Begum

Pdf Export Search Attachment Detecting and Characterizing Events
[D16-1122]: David Blei | Hanna Wallach | Allison Chaney | Matthew Connelly

Pdf Export Search Convolutional Neural Network Language Models
[D16-1123]: Gemma Boleda | Ngoc-Quan Pham | Germán Kruszewski

Pdf Export Search Generalizing and Hybridizing Count-based and Neural Language Models
[D16-1124]: Chris Dyer | Graham Neubig

Pdf Export Search Reasoning about Pragmatics with Neural Listeners and Speakers
[D16-1125]: Jacob Andreas | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Generating Topical Poetry
[D16-1126]: Kevin Knight | Yejin Choi | Marjan Ghazvininejad | Xing Shi

Pdf Export Search Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Generation
[D16-1127]: Jianfeng Gao | Dan Jurafsky | Jiwei Li | Alan Ritter | Michel Galley | Will Monroe

Pdf Export Search Neural Text Generation from Structured Data with Application to the Biography Domain
[D16-1128]: Michael Auli | Rémi Lebret | David Grangier

Pdf Export Search What makes a convincing argument? Empirical analysis and detecting attributes of convincingness in Web argumentation
[D16-1129]: Iryna Gurevych | Ivan Habernal

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Implicit Discourse Relations via Repeated Reading: Neural Networks with Multi-Level Attention
[D16-1130]: Yang Liu | Sujian Li

Pdf Export Search Antecedent Selection for Sluicing: Structure and Content
[D16-1131]: Daniel Hardt | Pranav Anand

Pdf Export Search Intra-Sentential Subject Zero Anaphora Resolution using Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network
[D16-1132]: Kentaro Torisawa | Jong-Hoon Oh | Ryu Iida | Julien Kloetzer | Canasai Kruengkrai

Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Probability Model for Speech-to-Translation Alignment of Low-Resource Languages
[D16-1133]: David Chiang | Antonios Anastasopoulos | Long Duong

Pdf Export Search HUME: Human UCCA-Based Evaluation of Machine Translation
[D16-1134]: Omri Abend | Alexandra Birch | Barry Haddow | Ondřej Bojar

Pdf Export Search Improving Multilingual Named Entity Recognition with Wikipedia Entity Type Mapping
[D16-1135]: Radu Florian | Jian Ni

Pdf Export Search Learning Crosslingual Word Embeddings without Bilingual Corpora
[D16-1136]: Hiroshi Kanayama | Trevor Cohn | Tengfei Ma | Steven Bird | Long Duong

Pdf Export Search Sequence-to-Sequence Learning as Beam-Search Optimization
[D16-1137]: Alexander M. Rush | Sam Wiseman

Pdf Export Search Online Segment to Segment Neural Transduction
[D16-1138]: Phil Blunsom | Lei Yu | Jan Buys

Pdf Export Search Sequence-Level Knowledge Distillation
[D16-1139]: Alexander M. Rush | Yoon Kim

Pdf Export Search Controlling Output Length in Neural Encoder-Decoders
[D16-1140]: Manabu Okumura | Ryohei Sasano | Hiroya Takamura | Graham Neubig | Yuta Kikuchi

Pdf Export Search Poet Admits // Mute Cypher: Beam Search to find Mutually Enciphering Poetic Texts
[D16-1141]: Cole Peterson | Alona Fyshe

Pdf Export Search All Fingers are not Equal: Intensity of References in Scientific Articles
[D16-1142]: Tanmoy Chakraborty | Ramasuri Narayanam

Pdf Export Search Improving Users' Demographic Prediction via the Videos They Talk about
[D16-1143]: Yang Xiao | Zhen Xiao | Yuan Wang | Chao Ma

Pdf Export Search Attachment AFET: Automatic Fine-Grained Entity Typing by Hierarchical Partial-Label Embedding
[D16-1144]: Jiawei Han | Heng Ji | Lifu Huang | Xiang Ren | Wenqi He | Meng Qu

Pdf Export Search Mining Inference Formulas by Goal-Directed Random Walks
[D16-1145]: Kang Liu | Jun Zhao | Zhuoyu Wei

Pdf Export Search Lifted Rule Injection for Relation Embeddings
[D16-1146]: Sebastian Riedel | Tim Rocktäschel | Thomas Demeester

Pdf Export Search Key-Value Memory Networks for Directly Reading Documents
[D16-1147]: Jason Weston | Antoine Bordes | Alexander Miller | Adam Fisch | Jesse Dodge | Amir-Hossein Karimi

Pdf Export Search Attachment Analyzing Framing through the Casts of Characters in the News
[D16-1148]: Noah A. Smith | Dallas Card | Justin Gross | Amber Boydstun

Pdf Export Search Attachment The Teams Corpus and Entrainment in Multi-Party Spoken Dialogues
[D16-1149]: Diane Litman | Susannah Paletz | Zahra Rahimi | Stefani Allegretti | Caitlin Rice

Pdf Export Search Personalized Emphasis Framing for Persuasive Message Generation
[D16-1150]: Shimei Pan | Tao Ding

Pdf Export Search Cross Sentence Inference for Process Knowledge
[D16-1151]: Peter Clark | Niranjan Balasubramanian | Samuel Louvan | Chetan Naik | Sadhana Kumaravel | Heeyoung Kwon

Pdf Export Search Attachment Toward Socially-Infused Information Extraction: Embedding Authors, Mentions, and Entities
[D16-1152]: Jacob Eisenstein | Ming-Wei Chang | Yi Yang

Pdf Export Search Phonologically Aware Neural Model for Named Entity Recognition in Low Resource Transfer Settings
[D16-1153]: Jaime Carbonell | Chris Dyer | Akash Bharadwaj | David Mortensen

Pdf Export Search Long-Short Range Context Neural Networks for Language Modeling
[D16-1154]: Dietrich Klakow | Mittul Singh | Clayton Greenberg | Youssef Oualil

Pdf Export Search Jointly Learning Grounded Task Structures from Language Instruction and Visual Demonstration
[D16-1155]: Sari Saba-Sadiya | Joyce Chai | Changsong Liu | Shaohua Yang | Nishant Shukla | Yunzhong He | Song-chun Zhu

Pdf Export Search Attachment Resolving Language and Vision Ambiguities Together: Joint Segmentation & Prepositional Attachment Resolution in Captioned Scenes
[D16-1156]: Dhruv Batra | Gordon Christie | Ankit Laddha | Aishwarya Agrawal | Stanislaw Antol | Yash Goyal | Kevin Kochersberger

Pdf Export Search Attachment Charagram: Embedding Words and Sentences via Character n-grams
[D16-1157]: Mohit Bansal | Kevin Gimpel | Karen Livescu | John Wieting

Pdf Export Search Length bias in Encoder Decoder Models and a Case for Global Conditioning
[D16-1158]: Pavel Sountsov | Sunita Sarawagi

Pdf Export Search Does String-Based Neural MT Learn Source Syntax?
[D16-1159]: Kevin Knight | Xing Shi | Inkit Padhi

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Source-side Monolingual Data in Neural Machine Translation
[D16-1160]: Chengqing Zong | Jiajun Zhang

Pdf Export Search Phrase-based Machine Translation is State-of-the-Art for Automatic Grammatical Error Correction
[D16-1161]: Roman Grundkiewicz | Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Discrete Translation Lexicons into Neural Machine Translation
[D16-1162]: Satoshi Nakamura | Graham Neubig | Philip Arthur

Pdf Export Search Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation
[D16-1163]: Kevin Knight | Deniz Yuret | Jonathan May | Barret Zoph

Pdf Export Search MixKMeans: Clustering Question-Answer Archives
[D16-1164]: Deepak P

Pdf Export Search It Takes Three to Tango: Triangulation Approach to Answer Ranking in Community Question Answering
[D16-1165]: Lluís Màrquez | Preslav Nakov | Francisco Guzmán

Pdf Export Search Character-Level Question Answering with Attention
[D16-1166]: Xiaodong He | David Golub

Pdf Export Search Learning to Generate Textual Data
[D16-1167]: Guillaume Bouchard | Sebastian Riedel | Pontus Stenetorp

Pdf Export Search A Theme-Rewriting Approach for Generating Algebra Word Problems
[D16-1168]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Hannaneh Hajishirzi | Ioannis Konstas | Rik Koncel-Kedziorski

Pdf Export Search Context-Sensitive Lexicon Features for Neural Sentiment Analysis
[D16-1169]: Yue Zhang | Zhiyang Teng | Duy Tin Vo

Pdf Export Search Event-Driven Emotion Cause Extraction with Corpus Construction
[D16-1170]: Qin Lu | Yu Zhou | Lin Gui | Dongyin Wu | Ruifeng Xu

Pdf Export Search Neural Sentiment Classification with User and Product Attention
[D16-1171]: Maosong Sun | Zhiyuan Liu | Cunchao Tu | Yankai Lin | Huimin Chen

Pdf Export Search Cached Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Document-Level Sentiment Classification
[D16-1172]: Xuanjing Huang | Xipeng Qiu | Jiacheng Xu | Danlu Chen

Pdf Export Search Attachment Deep Neural Networks with Massive Learned Knowledge
[D16-1173]: Zhiting Hu | Ruslan Salakhutdinov | Eric Xing | Zichao Yang

Pdf Export Search De-Conflated Semantic Representations
[D16-1174]: Nigel Collier | Mohammad Taher Pilehvar

Pdf Export Search Improving Sparse Word Representations with Distributional Inference for Semantic Composition
[D16-1175]: David Weir | Julie Weeds | Jeremy Reffin | Thomas Kober

Pdf Export Search Modelling Interaction of Sentence Pair with Coupled-LSTMs
[D16-1176]: Xuanjing Huang | Xipeng Qiu | Yaqian Zhou | Pengfei Liu | Jifan Chen

Pdf Export Search Universal Decompositional Semantics on Universal Dependencies
[D16-1177]: Benjamin Van Durme | Tim Vieira | Keisuke Sakaguchi | Rachel Rudinger | Aaron Steven White | Drew Reisinger | Sheng Zhang | Kyle Rawlins

Pdf Export Search Attachment Friends with Motives: Using Text to Infer Influence on SCOTUS
[D16-1178]: Noah A. Smith | Yanchuan Sim | Bryan Routledge

Pdf Export Search Verb Phrase Ellipsis Resolution Using Discriminative and Margin-Infused Algorithms
[D16-1179]: Jackie Chi Kit Cheung | Kian Kenyon-Dean | Doina Precup

Pdf Export Search Distilling an Ensemble of Greedy Dependency Parsers into One MST Parser
[D16-1180]: Noah A. Smith | Chris Dyer | Miguel Ballesteros | Lingpeng Kong | Adhiguna Kuncoro

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search LSTM Shift-Reduce CCG Parsing
[D16-1181]: Wenduan Xu

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Parser Robustness for Ungrammatical Sentences
[D16-1182]: Rebecca Hwa | Homa B. Hashemi

Pdf Export Search Attachment Neural Shift-Reduce CCG Semantic Parsing
[D16-1183]: Yoav Artzi | Dipendra Kumar Misra

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Parsing of Web Queries
[D16-1184]: Zhongyuan Wang | Xiangyan Sun | Haixun Wang | Yanghua Xiao

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Text Recap Extraction for TV Series
[D16-1185]: Louis-Philippe Morency | Hongliang Yu | Shikun Zhang

Pdf Export Search On- and Off-Topic Classification and Semantic Annotation of User-Generated Software Requirements
[D16-1186]: Markus Dollmann | Michaela Geierhos

Pdf Export Search Deceptive Review Spam Detection via Exploiting Task Relatedness and Unlabeled Data
[D16-1187]: Xiao-Li Li | Zhen Hai | Peilin Zhao | Peng Cheng | Peng Yang | Guangxia Li

Pdf Export Search Regularizing Text Categorization with Clusters of Words
[D16-1188]: Francois Rousseau | Michalis Vazirgiannis | Konstantinos Skianis

Pdf Export Search Deep Reinforcement Learning with a Combinatorial Action Space for Predicting Popular Reddit Threads
[D16-1189]: Jianfeng Gao | Xiaodong He | Li Deng | Mari Ostendorf | Ji He | Jianshu Chen | Lihong Li

Pdf Export Search Non-Literal Text Reuse in Historical Texts: An Approach to Identify Reuse Transformations and its Application to Bible Reuse
[D16-1190]: Maria Moritz | Andreas Wiederhold | Barbara Pavlek | Yuri Bizzoni | Marco Büchler

Pdf Export Search A Graph Degeneracy-based Approach to Keyword Extraction
[D16-1191]: Michalis Vazirgiannis | Antoine Tixier | Fragkiskos Malliaros

Pdf Export Search Predicting the Relative Difficulty of Single Sentences With and Without Surrounding Context
[D16-1192]: Kevyn Collins-Thompson | Elliot Schumacher | Maxine Eskenazi | Gwen Frishkoff

Pdf Export Search A Neural Approach to Automated Essay Scoring
[D16-1193]: Hwee Tou Ng | Kaveh Taghipour

Pdf Export Search Non-uniform Language Detection in Technical Writing
[D16-1194]: Aminul Islam | Evangelos Milios | Abidalrahman Moh'd | Weibo Wang | Axel Soto

Pdf Export Search Adapting Grammatical Error Correction Based on the Native Language of Writers with Neural Network Joint Models
[D16-1195]: Hwee Tou Ng | Shamil Chollampatt | Duc Tam Hoang

Pdf Export Search Orthographic Syllable as basic unit for SMT between Related Languages
[D16-1196]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Anoop Kunchukuttan

Pdf Export Search Neural Generation of Regular Expressions from Natural Language with Minimal Domain Knowledge
[D16-1197]: Regina Barzilay | Nate Kushman | Karthik Narasimhan | Nicholas Locascio | Eduardo De Leon

Pdf Export Search Supervised Keyphrase Extraction as Positive Unlabeled Learning
[D16-1198]: Cornelia Caragea | Thomas Demeester | Lucas Sterckx | Chris Develder

Pdf Export Search Learning to Answer Questions from Wikipedia Infoboxes
[D16-1199]: Boris Katz | Alvaro Morales | Varot Premtoon | Cordelia Avery | Sue Felshin

Pdf Export Search Timeline extraction using distant supervision and joint inference
[D16-1200]: Andreas Vlachos | Savelie Cornegruta

Pdf Export Search Combining Supervised and Unsupervised Enembles for Knowledge Base Population
[D16-1201]: Raymond Mooney | Nazneen Fatema Rajani

Pdf Export Search Character Sequence Models for Colorful Words
[D16-1202]: Noah A. Smith | Chris Dyer | Bryan Routledge | Kazuya Kawakami

Pdf Export Search Attachment Analyzing the Behavior of Visual Question Answering Models
[D16-1203]: Dhruv Batra | Devi Parikh | Aishwarya Agrawal

Pdf Export Search Improving LSTM-based Video Description with Linguistic Knowledge Mined from Text
[D16-1204]: Raymond Mooney | Subhashini Venugopalan | Kate Saenko | Lisa Anne Hendricks

Pdf Export Search Representing Verbs with Rich Contexts: an Evaluation on Verb Similarity
[D16-1205]: Philippe Blache | Chu-Ren Huang | Alessandro Lenci | Emmanuele Chersoni | Enrico Santus

Pdf Export Search Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Tagging with Variable-Order CRFs and Structured Sparsity
[D16-1206]: Jason Eisner | Tim Vieira | Ryan Cotterell

Pdf Export Search Learning Robust Representations of Text
[D16-1207]: Timothy Baldwin | Trevor Cohn | Yitong Li

Pdf Export Search Modified Dirichlet Distribution: Allowing Negative Parameters to Induce Stronger Sparsity
[D16-1208]: Kewei Tu

Pdf Export Search Gated Word-Character Recurrent Language Model
[D16-1209]: Kyunghyun Cho | Yasumasa Miyamoto

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Word Alignment by Agreement Under ITG Constraint
[D16-1210]: Eiichiro Sumita | Manabu Okumura | Hiroya Takamura | Akihiro Tamura | Hidetaka Kamigaito

Pdf Export Search Training with Exploration Improves a Greedy Stack LSTM Parser
[D16-1211]: Noah A. Smith | Chris Dyer | Yoav Goldberg | Miguel Ballesteros

Pdf Export Search Capturing Argument Relationship for Chinese Semantic Role Labeling
[D16-1212]: Zhifang Sui | Sujian Li | Baobao Chang | Tingsong Jiang | Lei Sha

Pdf Export Search BrainBench: A Brain-Image Test Suite for Distributional Semantic Models
[D16-1213]: Brian Murphy | Alona Fyshe | Haoyan Xu

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Induced CCG Parsers on Grounded Semantic Parsing
[D16-1214]: Mark Steedman | Julia Hockenmaier | Yonatan Bisk | John Blitzer | Siva Reddy

Pdf Export Search Vector-space models for PPDB paraphrase ranking in context
[D16-1215]: Marianna Apidianaki

Pdf Export Search Attachment Interpreting Neural Networks to Improve Politeness Comprehension
[D16-1216]: Mohit Bansal | Malika Aubakirova

Pdf Export Search Does ‘well-being’ translate on Twitter?
[D16-1217]: H. Andrew Schwartz | Lyle Ungar | Johannes Eichstaedt | Laura Smith | Salvatore Giorgi | Rishi Solanki | Muhammad Abdul-Mageed | Anneke Buffone

Pdf Export Search Beyond Canonical Texts: A Computational Analysis of Fanfiction
[D16-1218]: David Bamman | Smitha Milli

Pdf Export Search Using Syntactic and Semantic Context to Explore Psychodemographic Differences in Self-reference
[D16-1219]: Masoud Rouhizadeh | H. Andrew Schwartz | Lyle Ungar | Anneke Buffone

Pdf Export Search Learning to Identify Metaphors from a Corpus of Proverbs
[D16-1220]: Carlo Strapparava | Daniele Pighin | Serra Sinem Tekiroglu | Gözde Özbal

Pdf Export Search An Embedding Model for Predicting Roll-Call Votes
[D16-1221]: Alexander M. Rush | Peter Kraft | Hirsh Jain

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Model Re-usability for Scaling to Different Domains
[D16-1222]: Young-Bum Kim | Ruhi Sarikaya | Alexandre Rochette

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Sentence-level Information with Encoder LSTM for Semantic Slot Filling
[D16-1223]: Bing Xiang | Bowen Zhou | Mo Yu | Gakuto Kurata

Pdf Export Search AMR-to-text generation as a Traveling Salesman Problem
[D16-1224]: Daniel Gildea | Zhiguo Wang | Yue Zhang | Linfeng Song | Xiaochang Peng

Pdf Export Search Attachment Learning to Capitalize with Character-Level Recurrent Neural Networks: An Empirical Study
[D16-1225]: Hai Leong Chieu | Wei Lu | Raymond Hendy Susanto

Pdf Export Search The Effects of the Content of FOMC Communications on US Treasury Rates
[D16-1226]: Christopher Rohlfs | Sunandan Chakraborty | Lakshminarayanan Subramanian

Pdf Export Search Attachment Learning to refine text based recommendations
[D16-1227]: Regina Barzilay | Tommi Jaakkola | Tao Lei | Youyang Gu

Pdf Export Search There's No Comparison: Reference-less Evaluation Metrics in Grammatical Error Correction
[D16-1228]: Joel Tetreault | Keisuke Sakaguchi | Courtney Napoles

Pdf Export Search Cultural Shift or Linguistic Drift? Comparing Two Computational Measures of Semantic Change
[D16-1229]: Dan Jurafsky | William L. Hamilton | Jure Leskovec

Pdf Export Search Attachment How NOT To Evaluate Your Dialogue System: An Empirical Study of Unsupervised Evaluation Metrics for Dialogue Response Generation
[D16-1230]: Chia-Wei Liu | Ryan Lowe | Iulian Serban | Mike Noseworthy | Laurent Charlin | Joelle Pineau

Pdf Export Search Addressee and Response Selection for Multi-Party Conversation
[D16-1231]: Yuta Tsuboi | Hiroki Ouchi

Pdf Export Search Nonparametric Bayesian Models for Spoken Language Understanding
[D16-1232]: Kotaro Funakoshi | Mikio Nakano | Kei Wakabayashi | Johane Takeuchi

Pdf Export Search Conditional Generation and Snapshot Learning in Neural Dialogue Systems
[D16-1233]: Lina M. Rojas Barahona | Milica Gasic | Nikola Mrkšić | Pei-Hao Su | Stefan Ultes | Tsung-Hsien Wen | Steve Young | David Vandyke

Pdf Export Search Relations such as Hypernymy: Identifying and Exploiting Hearst Patterns in Distributional Vectors for Lexical Entailment
[D16-1234]: Stephen Roller | Katrin Erk

Pdf Export Search Attachment SimVerb-3500: A Large-Scale Evaluation Set of Verb Similarity
[D16-1235]: Roi Reichart | Anna Korhonen | Ivan Vulić | Felix Hill | Daniela Gerz

Pdf Export Search POLY: Mining Relational Paraphrases from Multilingual Sentences
[D16-1236]: Gerhard Weikum | Adam Grycner

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Sentence Similarities for Better Alignments
[D16-1237]: Tao Li | Vivek Srikumar

Pdf Export Search Bi-directional Attention with Agreement for Dependency Parsing
[D16-1238]: Jianfeng Gao | Xiaodong He | Li Deng | Hao Cheng | Hao Fang

Pdf Export Search Anchoring and Agreement in Syntactic Annotations
[D16-1239]: Anna Korhonen | Yevgeni Berzak | Boris Katz | Andrei Barbu | Yan Huang

Pdf Export Search Attachment Tense Manages to Predict Implicative Behavior in Verbs
[D16-1240]: Chris Callison-Burch | Ellie Pavlick

Pdf Export Search Attachment Who did What: A Large-Scale Person-Centered Cloze Dataset
[D16-1241]: Mohit Bansal | Kevin Gimpel | Takeshi Onishi | Hai Wang | David McAllester

Pdf Export Search Building compositional semantics and higher-order inference system for a wide-coverage Japanese CCG parser
[D16-1242]: Yusuke Miyao | Pascual Martínez-Gómez | Koji Mineshima | Daisuke Bekki | Ribeka Tanaka

Pdf Export Search Learning to Generate Compositional Color Descriptions
[D16-1243]: Christopher Potts | Will Monroe | Noah D. Goodman

Pdf Export Search A Decomposable Attention Model for Natural Language Inference
[D16-1244]: Jakob Uszkoreit | Dipanjan Das | Oscar Täckström | Ankur Parikh

Pdf Export Search Deep Reinforcement Learning for Mention-Ranking Coreference Models
[D16-1245]: Christopher D. Manning | Kevin Clark

Pdf Export Search Attachment A Stacking Gated Neural Architecture for Implicit Discourse Relation Classification
[D16-1246]: Hai Zhao | Lianhui Qin | Zhisong Zhang

Pdf Export Search Insertion Position Selection Model for Flexible Non-Terminals in Dependency Tree-to-Tree Machine Translation
[D16-1247]: Sadao Kurohashi | Toshiaki Nakazawa | John Richardson

Pdf Export Search Why Neural Translations are the Right Length
[D16-1248]: Kevin Knight | Deniz Yuret | Xing Shi

Pdf Export Search Supervised Attentions for Neural Machine Translation
[D16-1249]: Haitao Mi | Zhiguo Wang | Abe Ittycheriah

Pdf Export Search Learning principled bilingual mappings of word embeddings while preserving monolingual invariance
[D16-1250]: Eneko Agirre | Gorka Labaka | Mikel Artetxe

Pdf Export Search Measuring the behavioral impact of machine translation quality improvements with A/B testing
[D16-1251]: Ben Russell | Duncan Gillespie

Pdf Export Search Creating a Large Benchmark for Open Information Extraction
[D16-1252]: Ido Dagan | Gabriel Stanovsky

Pdf Export Search Bilingually-constrained Synthetic Data for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition
[D16-1253]: jinsong su | Yidong Chen | Changxing Wu | xiaodong shi | Yanzhou Huang

Pdf Export Search Transition-Based Dependency Parsing with Heuristic Backtracking
[D16-1254]: Chris Dyer | Miguel Ballesteros | Jacob Buckman

Pdf Export Search Word Ordering Without Syntax
[D16-1255]: Stuart Shieber | Alexander M. Rush | Allen Schmaltz

Pdf Export Search Morphological Segmentation Inside-Out
[D16-1256]: Arun Kumar | Hinrich Schütze | Ryan Cotterell

Pdf Export Search Parsing as Language Modeling
[D16-1257]: Eugene Charniak | Do Kook Choe

Pdf Export Search Human-in-the-Loop Parsing
[D16-1258]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Mike Lewis | Luheng He | Julian Michael

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Timeline Generation for Wikipedia History Articles
[D16-1259]: Simone Teufel | Sandro Bauer

Pdf Export Search Encoding Temporal Information for Time-Aware Link Prediction
[D16-1260]: Zhifang Sui | Sujian Li | Baobao Chang | Tingsong Jiang | Tianyu Liu | Tao Ge | Lei Sha

Pdf Export Search Attachment Improving Information Extraction by Acquiring External Evidence with Reinforcement Learning
[D16-1261]: Regina Barzilay | Karthik Narasimhan | Adam Yala

Pdf Export Search Global Neural CCG Parsing with Optimality Guarantees
[D16-1262]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Mike Lewis | Kenton Lee

Pdf Export Search Learning a Lexicon and Translation Model from Phoneme Lattices
[D16-1263]: Trevor Cohn | Satoshi Nakamura | Steven Bird | Graham Neubig | Oliver Adams | Quoc Truong Do

Pdf Export Search SQuAD: 100,000+ Questions for Machine Comprehension of Text
[D16-1264]: Jian Zhang | Percy Liang | Pranav Rajpurkar | Konstantin Lopyrev