Marilyn Walker | Heng Ji | Amanda Stent  
New Orleans, Louisiana 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2018 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies, Volume 2 (Short Papers)
[N18-2000]: Marilyn Walker | Heng Ji | Amanda Stent

Pdf Export Search Enhanced Word Representations for Bridging Anaphora Resolution
[N18-2001]: Yufang Hou

Pdf Export Search Gender Bias in Coreference Resolution
[N18-2002]: Rachel Rudinger | Jason Naradowsky | Brian Leonard | Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Dataset Gender Bias in Coreference Resolution: Evaluation and Debiasing Methods
[N18-2003]: Jieyu Zhao | Tianlu Wang | Mark Yatskar | Vicente Ordonez | Kai-Wei Chang

Pdf Export Search Integrating Stance Detection and Fact Checking in a Unified Corpus
[N18-2004]: Ramy Baly | Mitra Mohtarami | James Glass | Lluís Màrquez | Alessandro Moschitti | Preslav Nakov

Pdf Export Search Is Something Better than Nothing? Automatically Predicting Stance-based Arguments Using Deep Learning and Small Labelled Dataset
[N18-2005]: Pavithra Rajendran | Danushka Bollegala | Simon Parsons

Pdf Export Search Multi-Task Learning for Argumentation Mining in Low-Resource Settings
[N18-2006]: Claudia Schulz | Steffen Eger | Johannes Daxenberger | Tobias Kahse | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Neural Models for Reasoning over Multiple Mentions Using Coreference
[N18-2007]: Bhuwan Dhingra | Qiao Jin | Zhilin Yang | William Cohen | Ruslan Salakhutdinov

Pdf Export Search Automatic Dialogue Generation with Expressed Emotions
[N18-2008]: Chenyang Huang | Osmar Zaiane | Amine Trabelsi | Nouha Dziri

Pdf Export Search Guiding Generation for Abstractive Text Summarization Based on Key Information Guide Network
[N18-2009]: Chenliang Li | Weiran Xu | Si Li | Sheng Gao

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Generation by Hierarchical Decoding with Linguistic Patterns
[N18-2010]: Shang-Yu Su | Kai-Ling Lo | Yi Ting Yeh | Yun-Nung Chen

Pdf Export Search Neural Poetry Translation
[N18-2011]: Marjan Ghazvininejad | Yejin Choi | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search RankME: Reliable Human Ratings for Natural Language Generation
[N18-2012]: Jekaterina Novikova | Ondřej Dušek | Verena Rieser

Pdf Export Search Sentence Simplification with Memory-Augmented Neural Networks
[N18-2013]: Tu Vu | Baotian Hu | Tsendsuren Munkhdalai | Hong Yu

Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Non-Native Written English Annotated for Metaphor
[N18-2014]: Beata Beigman Klebanov | Chee Wee (Ben) Leong | Michael Flor

Pdf Export Search Note A Simple and Effective Approach to the Story Cloze Test
[N18-2015]: Siddarth Srinivasan | Richa Arora | Mark Riedl

Pdf Export Search Dataset An Annotated Corpus for Machine Reading of Instructions in Wet Lab Protocols
[N18-2016]: Chaitanya Kulkarni | Wei Xu | Alan Ritter | Raghu Machiraju

Pdf Export Search Annotation Artifacts in Natural Language Inference Data
[N18-2017]: Suchin Gururangan | Swabha Swayamdipta | Omer Levy | Roy Schwartz | Samuel Bowman | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Humor Recognition Using Deep Learning
[N18-2018]: Peng-Yu Chen | Von-Wun Soo

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Intra-User and Inter-User Representation Learning for Automated Hate Speech Detection
[N18-2019]: Jing Qian | Mai ElSherief | Elizabeth Belding | William Yang Wang

Pdf Export Search Note Reference-less Measure of Faithfulness for Grammatical Error Correction
[N18-2020]: Leshem Choshen | Omri Abend

Pdf Export Search Training Structured Prediction Energy Networks with Indirect Supervision
[N18-2021]: Amirmohammad Rooshenas | Aishwarya Kamath | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Si O No, Que Penses? Catalonian Independence and Linguistic Identity on Social Media
[N18-2022]: Ian Stewart | Yuval Pinter | Jacob Eisenstein

Pdf Export Search A Transition-Based Algorithm for Unrestricted AMR Parsing
[N18-2023]: David Vilares | Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Analogies in Complex Verb Meaning Shifts: the Effect of Affect in Semantic Similarity Models
[N18-2024]: Maximilian Köper | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Character-Based Neural Networks for Sentence Pair Modeling
[N18-2025]: Wuwei Lan | Wei Xu

Pdf Export Search Determining Event Durations: Models and Error Analysis
[N18-2026]: Alakananda Vempala | Eduardo Blanco | Alexis Palmer

Pdf Export Search Dataset Diachronic Usage Relatedness (DURel): A Framework for the Annotation of Lexical Semantic Change
[N18-2027]: Dominik Schlechtweg | Sabine Schulte im Walde | Stefanie Eckmann

Pdf Export Search Software Directional Skip-Gram: Explicitly Distinguishing Left and Right Context for Word Embeddings
[N18-2028]: Yan Song | Shuming Shi | Jing Li | Haisong Zhang

Pdf Export Search Software Dataset Discriminating between Lexico-Semantic Relations with the Specialization Tensor Model
[N18-2029]: Goran Glavaš | Ivan Vulić

Pdf Export Search Evaluating bilingual word embeddings on the long tail
[N18-2030]: Fabienne Braune | Viktor Hangya | Tobias Eder | Alexander Fraser

Pdf Export Search Frustratingly Easy Meta-Embedding – Computing Meta-Embeddings by Averaging Source Word Embeddings
[N18-2031]: Joshua Coates | Danushka Bollegala

Pdf Export Search Introducing Two Vietnamese Datasets for Evaluating Semantic Models of (Dis-)Similarity and Relatedness
[N18-2032]: Kim Anh Nguyen | Sabine Schulte im Walde | Ngoc Thang Vu

Pdf Export Search Dataset Lexical Substitution for Evaluating Compositional Distributional Models
[N18-2033]: Maja Buljan | Sebastian Padó | Jan Šnajder

Pdf Export Search Software Mittens: an Extension of GloVe for Learning Domain-Specialized Representations
[N18-2034]: Nicholas Dingwall | Christopher Potts

Pdf Export Search Olive Oil is Made
[N18-2035]: Vered Shwartz | Chris Waterson

Pdf Export Search Semantic Pleonasm Detection
[N18-2036]: Omid Kashefi | Andrew T. Lucas | Rebecca Hwa

Pdf Export Search Similarity Measures for the Detection of Clinical Conditions with Verbal Fluency Tasks
[N18-2037]: Felipe Paula | Rodrigo Wilkens | Marco Idiart | Aline Villavicencio

Pdf Export Search Dataset Sluice Resolution without Hand-Crafted Features over Brittle Syntax Trees
[N18-2038]: Ola Rønning | Daniel Hardt | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search The Word Analogy Testing Caveat
[N18-2039]: Natalie Schluter

Pdf Export Search Transition-Based Chinese AMR Parsing
[N18-2040]: Chuan Wang | Bin Li | Nianwen Xue

Pdf Export Search Knowledge-Enriched Two-Layered Attention Network for Sentiment Analysis
[N18-2041]: Abhishek Kumar | Daisuke Kawahara | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Letting Emotions Flow: Success Prediction by Modeling the Flow of Emotions in Books
[N18-2042]: Suraj Maharjan | Sudipta Kar | Manuel Montes | Fabio A. Gonzalez | Thamar Solorio

Pdf Export Search Modeling Inter-Aspect Dependencies for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
[N18-2043]: Devamanyu Hazarika | Soujanya Poria | Prateek Vij | Gangeshwar Krishnamurthy | Erik Cambria | Roger Zimmermann

Pdf Export Search Multi-Task Learning Framework for Mining Crowd Intelligence towards Clinical Treatment
[N18-2044]: Shweta Yadav | Asif Ekbal | Sriparna Saha | Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Amit Sheth

Pdf Export Search Recurrent Entity Networks with Delayed Memory Update for Targeted Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
[N18-2045]: Fei Liu | Trevor Cohn | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Near Human-Level Performance in Grammatical Error Correction with Hybrid Machine Translation
[N18-2046]: Roman Grundkiewicz | Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt

Pdf Export Search Strong Baselines for Simple Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs with and without Neural Networks
[N18-2047]: Salman Mohammed | Peng Shi | Jimmy Lin

Pdf Export Search Looking for Structure in Lexical and Acoustic-Prosodic Entrainment Behaviors
[N18-2048]: Andreas Weise | Rivka Levitan

Pdf Export Search Note Modeling Semantic Plausibility by Injecting World Knowledge
[N18-2049]: Su Wang | Greg Durrett | Katrin Erk

Pdf Export Search A Bi-Model Based RNN Semantic Frame Parsing Model for Intent Detection and Slot Filling
[N18-2050]: Yu Wang | Yilin Shen | Hongxia Jin

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Two Paraphrase Models for Taxonomy Augmentation
[N18-2051]: Vassilis Plachouras | Fabio Petroni | Timothy Nugent | Jochen L. Leidner

Pdf Export Search A Laypeople Study on Terminology Identification across Domains and Task Definitions
[N18-2052]: Anna Hätty | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search A Novel Embedding Model for Knowledge Base Completion Based on Convolutional Neural Network
[N18-2053]: Dai Quoc Nguyen | Tu Dinh Nguyen | Dat Quoc Nguyen | Dinh Phung

Pdf Export Search Cross-language Article Linking Using Cross-Encyclopedia Entity Embedding
[N18-2054]: Chun-Kai Wu | Richard Tzong-Han Tsai

Pdf Export Search Identifying the Most Dominant Event in a News Article by Mining Event Coreference Relations
[N18-2055]: Prafulla Kumar Choubey | Kaushik Raju | Ruihong Huang

Pdf Export Search Improve Neural Entity Recognition via Multi-Task Data Selection and Constrained Decoding
[N18-2056]: Huasha Zhao | Yi Yang | Qiong Zhang | Luo Si

Pdf Export Search Keep Your Bearings: Lightly-Supervised Information Extraction with Ladder Networks That Avoids Semantic Drift
[N18-2057]: Ajay Nagesh | Mihai Surdeanu

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Event Extraction with Paraphrase Clusters
[N18-2058]: James Ferguson | Colin Lockard | Daniel Weld | Hannaneh Hajishirzi

Pdf Export Search Dataset Structure Regularized Neural Network for Entity Relation Classification for Chinese Literature Text
[N18-2059]: Ji Wen | Xu Sun | Xuancheng Ren | Qi Su

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Patterns Improve Information Extraction for Medical Search
[N18-2060]: Roma Patel | Yinfei Yang | Iain Marshall | Ani Nenkova | Byron Wallace

Pdf Export Search Syntactically Aware Neural Architectures for Definition Extraction
[N18-2061]: Luis Espinosa Anke | Steven Schockaert

Pdf Export Search A Dynamic Oracle for Linear-Time 2-Planar Dependency Parsing
[N18-2062]: Daniel Fernández-González | Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Software Dataset Are Automatic Methods for Cognate Detection Good Enough for Phylogenetic Reconstruction in Historical Linguistics?
[N18-2063]: Taraka Rama | Johann-Mattis List | Johannes Wahle | Gerhard Jäger

Pdf Export Search Automatically Selecting the Best Dependency Annotation Design with Dynamic Oracles
[N18-2064]: Guillaume Wisniewski | Ophélie Lacroix | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search Consistent CCG Parsing over Multiple Sentences for Improved Logical Reasoning
[N18-2065]: Masashi Yoshikawa | Koji Mineshima | Hiroshi Noji | Daisuke Bekki

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Dynamic Oracles to Train Projective Dependency Parsers on Non-Projective Trees
[N18-2066]: Lauriane Aufrant | Guillaume Wisniewski | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search Improving Coverage and Runtime Complexity for Exact Inference in Non-Projective Transition-Based Dependency Parsers
[N18-2067]: Tianze Shi | Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez | Lillian Lee

Pdf Export Search Towards a Variability Measure for Multiword Expressions
[N18-2068]: Caroline Pasquer | Agata Savary | Jean-Yves Antoine | Carlos Ramisch

Pdf Export Search Defoiling Foiled Image Captions
[N18-2069]: Pranava Swaroop Madhyastha | Josiah Wang | Lucia Specia

Pdf Export Search Pragmatically Informative Image Captioning with Character-Level Inference
[N18-2070]: Reuben Cohn-Gordon | Noah Goodman | Christopher Potts

Pdf Export Search Object Ordering with Bidirectional Matchings for Visual Reasoning
[N18-2071]: Hao Tan | Mohit Bansal

Pdf Export Search Contextual Augmentation: Data Augmentation by Words with Paradigmatic Relations
[N18-2072]: Sosuke Kobayashi

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Learning-to-Rank with Shared Representations
[N18-2073]: Shota Sasaki | Shuo Sun | Shigehiko Schamoni | Kevin Duh | Kentaro Inui

Pdf Export Search Self-Attention with Relative Position Representations
[N18-2074]: Peter Shaw | Jakob Uszkoreit | Ashish Vaswani

Pdf Export Search Text Segmentation as a Supervised Learning Task
[N18-2075]: Omri Koshorek | Adir Cohen | Noam Mor | Michael Rotman | Jonathan Berant

Pdf Export Search What’s in a Domain? Learning Domain-Robust Text Representations using Adversarial Training
[N18-2076]: Yitong Li | Timothy Baldwin | Trevor Cohn

Pdf Export Search Automated Paraphrase Lattice Creation for HyTER Machine Translation Evaluation
[N18-2077]: Marianna Apidianaki | Guillaume Wisniewski | Anne Cocos | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Note Exploiting Semantics in Neural Machine Translation with Graph Convolutional Networks
[N18-2078]: Diego Marcheggiani | Joost Bastings | Ivan Titov

Pdf Export Search Note Incremental Decoding and Training Methods for Simultaneous Translation in Neural Machine Translation
[N18-2079]: Fahim Dalvi | Nadir Durrani | Hassan Sajjad | Stephan Vogel

Pdf Export Search Learning Hidden Unit Contribution for Adapting Neural Machine Translation Models
[N18-2080]: David Vilar

Pdf Export Search Neural Machine Translation Decoding with Terminology Constraints
[N18-2081]: Eva Hasler | Adrià de Gispert | Gonzalo Iglesias | Bill Byrne

Pdf Export Search On the Evaluation of Semantic Phenomena in Neural Machine Translation Using Natural Language Inference
[N18-2082]: Adam Poliak | Yonatan Belinkov | James Glass | Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Using Word Vectors to Improve Word Alignments for Low Resource Machine Translation
[N18-2083]: Nima Pourdamghani | Marjan Ghazvininejad | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Software When and Why Are Pre-Trained Word Embeddings Useful for Neural Machine Translation?
[N18-2084]: Ye Qi | Devendra Sachan | Matthieu Felix | Sarguna Padmanabhan | Graham Neubig

Pdf Export Search Are All Languages Equally Hard to Language-Model?
[N18-2085]: Ryan Cotterell | Sebastian J. Mielke | Jason Eisner | Brian Roark

Pdf Export Search The Computational Complexity of Distinctive Feature Minimization in Phonology
[N18-2086]: Hubie Chen | Mans Hulden

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Disambiguation of Syncretism in Inflected Lexicons
[N18-2087]: Ryan Cotterell | Christo Kirov | Sebastian J. Mielke | Jason Eisner

Pdf Export Search Contextualized Word Representations for Reading Comprehension
[N18-2088]: Shimi Salant | Jonathan Berant

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing Question-Answer Meaning Representations
[N18-2089]: Julian Michael | Gabriel Stanovsky | Luheng He | Ido Dagan | Luke Zettlemoyer

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Context Information for Natural Question Generation
[N18-2090]: Linfeng Song | Zhiguo Wang | Wael Hamza | Yue Zhang | Daniel Gildea

Pdf Export Search Robust Machine Comprehension Models via Adversarial Training
[N18-2091]: Yicheng Wang | Mohit Bansal

Pdf Export Search Simple and Effective Semi-Supervised Question Answering
[N18-2092]: Bhuwan Dhingra | Danish Danish | Dheeraj Rajagopal

Pdf Export Search TypeSQL: Knowledge-Based Type-Aware Neural Text-to-SQL Generation
[N18-2093]: Tao Yu | Zifan Li | Zilin Zhang | Rui Zhang | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search Community Member Retrieval on Social Media Using Textual Information
[N18-2094]: Aaron Jaech | Shobhit Hathi | Mari Ostendorf

Pdf Export Search Cross-Domain Review Helpfulness Prediction Based on Convolutional Neural Networks with Auxiliary Domain Discriminators
[N18-2095]: Cen Chen | Yinfei Yang | Jun Zhou | Xiaolong Li | Forrest Sheng Bao

Pdf Export Search Predicting Foreign Language Usage from English-Only Social Media Posts
[N18-2096]: Svitlana Volkova | Stephen Ranshous | Lawrence Phillips

Pdf Export Search A Discourse-Aware Attention Model for Abstractive Summarization of Long Documents
[N18-2097]: Arman Cohan | Franck Dernoncourt | Doo Soon Kim | Trung Bui | Seokhwan Kim | Walter Chang | Nazli Goharian

Pdf Export Search A Mixed Hierarchical Attention Based Encoder-Decoder Approach for Standard Table Summarization
[N18-2098]: Parag Jain | Anirban Laha | Karthik Sankaranarayanan | Preksha Nema | Mitesh M. Khapra | Shreyas Shetty

Pdf Export Search Dataset Effective Crowdsourcing for a New Type of Summarization Task
[N18-2099]: Youxuan Jiang | Catherine Finegan-Dollak | Jonathan K. Kummerfeld | Walter Lasecki

Pdf Export Search Note Key2Vec: Automatic Ranked Keyphrase Extraction from Scientific Articles using Phrase Embeddings
[N18-2100]: Debanjan Mahata | John Kuriakose | Rajiv Ratn Shah | Roger Zimmermann

Pdf Export Search Learning to Generate Wikipedia Summaries for Underserved Languages from Wikidata
[N18-2101]: Lucie-Aimée Kaffee | Hady Elsahar | Pavlos Vougiouklis | Christophe Gravier | Frederique Laforest | Jonathon Hare | Elena Simperl

Pdf Export Search Multi-Reward Reinforced Summarization with Saliency and Entailment
[N18-2102]: Ramakanth Pasunuru | Mohit Bansal

Pdf Export Search Objective Function Learning to Match Human Judgements for Optimization-Based Summarization
[N18-2103]: Maxime Peyrard | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Pruning Basic Elements for Better Automatic Evaluation of Summaries
[N18-2104]: Ukyo Honda | Tsutomu Hirao | Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search Note Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction with Multipartite Graphs
[N18-2105]: Florian Boudin

Pdf Export Search Where Have I Heard This Story Before? Identifying Narrative Similarity in Movie Remakes
[N18-2106]: Snigdha Chaturvedi | Shashank Srivastava | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Emoji Prediction
[N18-2107]: Francesco Barbieri | Miguel Ballesteros | Francesco Ronzano | Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search Higher-Order Coreference Resolution with Coarse-to-Fine Inference
[N18-2108]: Kenton Lee | Luheng He | Luke Zettlemoyer

Pdf Export Search Non-Projective Dependency Parsing with Non-Local Transitions
[N18-2109]: Daniel Fernández-González | Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Detecting Linguistic Characteristics of Alzheimer’s Dementia by Interpreting Neural Models
[N18-2110]: Sweta Karlekar | Tong Niu | Mohit Bansal

Pdf Export Search Deep Dungeons and Dragons: Learning Character-Action Interactions from Role-Playing Game Transcripts
[N18-2111]: Annie Louis | Charles Sutton

Pdf Export Search Feudal Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Management in Large Domains
[N18-2112]: Iñigo Casanueva | Paweł Budzianowski | Pei-Hao Su | Stefan Ultes | Lina M. Rojas Barahona | Bo-Hsiang Tseng | Milica Gasic

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Historical Text Normalization Systems: How Well Do They Generalize?
[N18-2113]: Alexander Robertson | Sharon Goldwater

Pdf Export Search Gated Multi-Task Network for Text Classification
[N18-2114]: Liqiang Xiao | Honglun Zhang | Wenqing Chen

Pdf Export Search Note Natural Language to Structured Query Generation via Meta-Learning
[N18-2115]: Po-Sen Huang | Chenglong Wang | Rishabh Singh | Wen-tau Yih | Xiaodong He

Pdf Export Search Smaller Text Classifiers with Discriminative Cluster Embeddings
[N18-2116]: Mingda Chen | Kevin Gimpel

Pdf Export Search Role-specific Language Models for Processing Recorded Neuropsychological Exams
[N18-2117]: Tuka Al Hanai | Rhoda Au | James Glass

Pdf Export Search Slot-Gated Modeling for Joint Slot Filling and Intent Prediction
[N18-2118]: Chih-Wen Goo | Guang Gao | Yun-Kai Hsu | Chih-Li Huo | Tsung-Chieh Chen | Keng-Wei Hsu | Yun-Nung Chen

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Image-Based Verb Prediction Models against Human Eye-Tracking Data
[N18-2119]: Spandana Gella | Frank Keller

Pdf Export Search Learning to Color from Language
[N18-2120]: Varun Manjunatha | Mohit Iyyer | Jordan Boyd-Graber | Larry Davis

Pdf Export Search Dataset Punny Captions: Witty Wordplay in Image Descriptions
[N18-2121]: Arjun Chandrasekaran | Devi Parikh | Mohit Bansal

Pdf Export Search Note The Emergence of Semantics in Neural Network Representations of Visual Information
[N18-2122]: Dhanush Dharmaretnam | Alona Fyshe

Pdf Export Search Visual Referring Expression Recognition: What Do Systems Actually Learn?
[N18-2123]: Volkan Cirik | Louis-Philippe Morency | Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

Pdf Export Search Visually Guided Spatial Relation Extraction from Text
[N18-2124]: Taher Rahgooy | Umar Manzoor | Parisa Kordjamshidi

Pdf Export Search Watch, Listen, and Describe: Globally and Locally Aligned Cross-Modal Attentions for Video Captioning
[N18-2125]: Xin Wang | Yuan-Fang Wang | William Yang Wang