Chao-Lin Liu | Berlin Chen  
Taipei, Taiwan 
The Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing (ACLCLP) 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing
[O08-1000]: Chao-Lin Liu | Berlin Chen

Pdf Export Search Measuring Text Readability by Lexical Relations Retrieved from Wordnet
[O08-1001]: Shu-yen Lin | Cheng-chao Su | Yu-da Lai | Li-chin Yang | Shu-kai Hsieh

Pdf Export Search A Semantic Composition Method for Deriving Sense Representations of Determinative-Measure Compounds in E-HowNet
[O08-1002]: Chia-hung Tai | Shu-Ling Huang | Keh-Jiann Chen

Pdf Export Search A Thesaurus-Based Semantic Classification of English Collocations
[O08-1003]: Chung-chi Huang | Chiung-hui Tseng | Kate H. Kao | Jason S. Chang

Pdf Export Search 以Fujisaki模型驗證連續語流中字調及韻律詞對應於階層性韻律架構HPG的意義 (Mandarin Discourse Prosody Other than Tones and Intonation - Decomposing the F0 Constitution by Prosodic Hierarchy with the Fujisaki Model) [In Chinese]
[O08-1004]: Chiu-Yu Tseng | Zhao-Yu Su

Pdf Export Search 基於ANN之頻譜演進模型及其於國語語音合成之應用 (An ANN based Spectrum-progression Model and Its Application to Mandarin Speech Synthesis) [In Chinese]
[O08-1005]: Hung-Yan Gu | Chang-Yi Wu

Pdf Export Search 一個結合SVM 與Eigen-MLLR 新的多語者線上調適架構應用於泛在語音辨識系統 (A New On-Line Multi-Speaker Adaptation Architecture Combining SVM with Eigen-MLLR for Ubiquitous Speech Recognition System) [In Chinese]
[O08-1006]: Po-Yi Shih | Yuan-Ning Lin | Jhing-Fa Wang

Pdf Export Search 調變頻譜正規化法使用於強健語音辨識之研究 (Study of Modulation Spectrum Normalization Techniques for Robust Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
[O08-1007]: Chih-Cheng Wang | Wen-hsiang Tu | Jeih-weih Hung

Pdf Export Search 形音相近的易混淆漢字的搜尋與應用 (Identification and Applications of Visually Confusing Chinese Characters ) [In Chinese]
[O08-1008]: Chao-Lin Liu | Chih-Pin Huang | Jui-Yu Weng | Yi-Hsuan Chuang

Pdf Export Search A Realistic and Robust Model for Chinese Word Segmentation
[O08-1009]: Chu-Ren Huang | Ting-Shuo Yo | Petr Simon | Shu-Kai Hsieh

Pdf Export Search 國台語無聲調拼音輸入法實作 (An Implementation of Toneless Input for Mandarin and Taiwanese) [In Chinese]
[O08-1010]: Ming-Shing Yu | Cheng-Rong Tsai

Pdf Export Search Propositional Term Extraction over Short Text using Word Cohesiveness and Conditional Random Fields with Multi-Level Features
[O08-1011]: Ru-Yng Chang | Chung-Hsien Wu

Pdf Export Search 利用統計方法及中文訓練資料處理台語文詞性標記 (Modeling Taiwanese POS tagging with statistical methods and Mandarin training data) [In Chinese]
[O08-1012]: Un-Gian Iunn | Chia-hung Tai | Kiat-gak Lau | Keh-Jiann Chen | Cheng Yan Kao

Pdf Export Search 中文名詞組的辨識:監督式與半監督式學習法的實驗 (Chinese NP Chunking: Experiments with Supervised,and Semisupervised Learning) [In Chinese]
[O08-1013]: Yen Hsi Lin | Zhao Ming Gao | Cheng Yan Kao

Pdf Export Search 強健性語音辨識中能量相關特徵之改良式正規化技術的研究 (Study of the Improved Normalization Techniques of Energy-Related Features for Robust Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
[O08-1014]: Chi-an Pan | Wen-hsiang Tu | Jeih-weih Hung

Pdf Export Search Robust Features for Effective Speech and Music Discrimination
[O08-1015]: Zhong-hua Fu | Jhing-Fa Wang

Pdf Export Search Robust Voice Activity Detection Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
[O08-1016]: Kun-Ching Wang

Pdf Export Search 組合式倒頻譜統計正規化法於強健性語音辨識之研究 (Associative Cepstral Statistics Normalization Techniques for Robust Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]
[O08-1017]: Wen-hsiang Tu | Kuang-chieh Wu | Jeih-weih Hung