Emily M. Bender | Leon Derczynski | Pierre Isabelle  
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Genre Identification and the Compositional Effect of Genre in Literature
[C18-1167]: Jugal Kalita | Joseph Worsham

Pdf Export Search Transfer Learning for Entity Recognition of Novel Classes
[C18-1168]: Juan Diego Rodriguez | Adam Caldwell | Alexander Liu

Pdf Export Search Location Name Extraction from Targeted Text Streams using Gazetteer-based Statistical Language Models
[C18-1169]: Hussein Al-Olimat | Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan | Amit Sheth | Valerie Shalin

Pdf Export Search The APVA-TURBO Approach To Question Answering in Knowledge Base
[C18-1170]: Yue Wang | Richong Zhang | Cheng Xu | Yongyi Mao

Pdf Export Search An Interpretable Reasoning Network for Multi-Relation Question Answering
[C18-1171]: Xiaoyan Zhu | Minlie Huang | Mantong Zhou

Pdf Export Search Task-oriented Word Embedding for Text Classification
[C18-1172]: Heyan Huang | Qian Liu | Yang Gao | Xiaochi Wei | Yuxin Tian | Luyang Liu

Pdf Export Search Adaptive Learning of Local Semantic and Global Structure Representations for Text Classification
[C18-1173]: Changjian Hu | Jianyu Zhao | Zhiqiang Zhan | Qichuan Yang | Yang Zhang | Zhensheng Li | Liuxin Zhang | Zhiqiang He

Pdf Export Search Lyrics Segmentation: Textual Macrostructure Detection using Convolutions
[C18-1174]: Elena Cabrio | Michael Fell | Yaroslav Nechaev | Fabien Gandon

Pdf Export Search Learning What to Share: Leaky Multi-Task Network for Text Classification
[C18-1175]: Liqiang Xiao | Honglun Zhang | Wenqing Chen | Yongkun Wang | Yaohui Jin

Pdf Export Search Towards an argumentative content search engine using weak supervision
[C18-1176]: Ran Levy | Noam Slonim | Ben Bogin | Shai Gretz | Ranit Aharonov

Pdf Export Search Improving Named Entity Recognition by Jointly Learning to Disambiguate Morphological Tags
[C18-1177]: Onur Gungor | Suzan Uskudarli | Tunga Gungor

Pdf Export Search Farewell Freebase: Migrating the SimpleQuestions Dataset to DBpedia
[C18-1178]: Jimmy Lin | Michael Azmy | Peng Shi | Ihab Ilyas

Pdf Export Search An Analysis of Annotated Corpora for Emotion Classification in Text
[C18-1179]: Roman Klinger | Laura Ana Maria Bostan

Pdf Export Search Investigating the Working of Text Classifiers
[C18-1180]: Devendra Sachan | Manzil Zaheer | Ruslan Salakhutdinov

Pdf Export Search A Review on Deep Learning Techniques Applied to Answer Selection
[C18-1181]: Sheng Li | Tuan Manh Lai | Trung Bui

Pdf Export Search A Survey on Recent Advances in Named Entity Recognition from Deep Learning models
[C18-1182]: Steven Bethard | Vikas Yadav

Pdf Export Search Distantly Supervised NER with Partial Annotation Learning and Reinforcement Learning
[C18-1183]: Min Zhang | Wenliang Chen | Zhenghua Li | Yaosheng Yang | Zhengqiu He

Pdf Export Search Joint Neural Entity Disambiguation with Output Space Search
[C18-1184]: Hamed Shahbazi | Xiaoli Fern | Reza Ghaeini | Chao Ma | Rasha Mohammad Obeidat | Prasad Tadepalli

Pdf Export Search Learning to Progressively Recognize New Named Entities with Sequence to Sequence Models
[C18-1185]: Alessandro Moschitti | Lingzhen Chen

Pdf Export Search Responding E-commerce Product Questions via Exploiting QA Collections and Reviews
[C18-1186]: Wai Lam | Qian Yu | Zihao Wang

Pdf Export Search Aff2Vec: Affect–Enriched Distributional Word Representations
[C18-1187]: Sopan Khosla | Niyati Chhaya | Kushal Chawla

Pdf Export Search Aspect-based summarization of pros and cons in unstructured product reviews
[C18-1188]: Emiel Krahmer | Sander Wubben | Florian Kunneman | Antal van den Bosch

Pdf Export Search Learning Sentiment Composition from Sentiment Lexicons
[C18-1189]: Charles Jochim | Noam Slonim | Roy Bar-Haim | Ranit Aharonov | Orith Toledo-Ronen | Alon Halfon | Amir Menczel

Pdf Export Search Representations and Architectures in Neural Sentiment Analysis for Morphologically Rich Languages: A Case Study from Modern Hebrew
[C18-1190]: Reut Tsarfaty | Adam Amram | Anat Ben-David

Pdf Export Search Scoring and Classifying Implicit Positive Interpretations: A Challenge of Class Imbalance
[C18-1191]: Piek Vossen | Roser Morante | Chantal van Son | Lora Aroyo

Pdf Export Search Exploratory Neural Relation Classification for Domain Knowledge Acquisition
[C18-1192]: Chengyu Wang | Xiaofeng He | Yan Fan

Pdf Export Search Who is Killed by Police: Introducing Supervised Attention for Hierarchical LSTMs
[C18-1193]: Minh Nguyen | Thien Nguyen

Pdf Export Search Open Information Extraction from Conjunctive Sentences
[C18-1194]: Swarnadeep Saha | Mausam -

Pdf Export Search Graphene: Semantically-Linked Propositions in Open Information Extraction
[C18-1195]: Christina Niklaus | Siegfried Handschuh | André Freitas | Matthias Cetto

Pdf Export Search An Exploration of Three Lightly-supervised Representation Learning Approaches for Named Entity Classification
[C18-1196]: Mihai Surdeanu | Ajay Nagesh

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Grounding for Language Processing
[C18-1197]: Iryna Gurevych | Lisa Beinborn | Teresa Botschen

Pdf Export Search Stress Test Evaluation for Natural Language Inference
[C18-1198]: Norman Sadeh | Graham Neubig | Aakanksha Naik | Abhilasha Ravichander | Carolyn Rose

Pdf Export Search Grounded Textual Entailment
[C18-1199]: Albert Gatt | Raffaella Bernardi | Hoa Vu | Claudio Greco | Aliia Erofeeva | Somayeh Jafaritazehjan | Guido Linders | Marc Tanti | Alberto Testoni

Pdf Export Search Recurrent One-Hop Predictions for Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs
[C18-1200]: Hinrich Schütze | Wenpeng Yin | Yadollah Yaghoobzadeh

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Attention based Multimodal Network for Spoken Language Classification
[C18-1201]: Yue Gu | Kangning Yang | Shiyu Fu | Shuhong Chen | Xinyu Li | Ivan Marsic

Pdf Export Search Exploring the Influence of Spelling Errors on Lexical Variation Measures
[C18-1202]: Ryo Nagata | Hiroya Takamura | Taisei Sato

Pdf Export Search Stance Detection with Hierarchical Attention Network
[C18-1203]: Guodong Zhou | Qiaoming Zhu | Zhongqing Wang | Qingying Sun

Pdf Export Search Correcting Chinese Word Usage Errors for Learning Chinese as a Second Language
[C18-1204]: Hsin-Hsi Chen | Hen-Hsen Huang | Yow-Ting Shiue

Pdf Export Search Retrofitting Distributional Embeddings to Knowledge Graphs with Functional Relations
[C18-1205]: Ben Lengerich | Andrew Maas | Christopher Potts

Pdf Export Search Context-Sensitive Generation of Open-Domain Conversational Responses
[C18-1206]: Ting Liu | Weinan Zhang | Yiming Cui | Yifa Wang | Qingfu Zhu | Lingzhi Li | Lianqiang Zhou

Pdf Export Search A LSTM Approach with Sub-Word Embeddings for Mongolian Phrase Break Prediction
[C18-1207]: Feilong Bao | Guanglai Gao | Rui Liu | Hui Zhang | Yonghe Wang

Pdf Export Search Synonymy in Bilingual Context: The CzEngClass Lexicon
[C18-1208]: Jan Hajic | Eva Hajicova | Zdenka Uresova | Eva Fucikova

Pdf Export Search Convolutional Neural Network for Universal Sentence Embeddings
[C18-1209]: Xiaoqi Jiao | Fang Wang | Dan Feng

Pdf Export Search Rich Character-Level Information for Korean Morphological Analysis and Part-of-Speech Tagging
[C18-1210]: Andrew Matteson | Chanhee Lee | Youngbum Kim | Heuiseok Lim

Pdf Export Search Why does PairDiff work? - A Mathematical Analysis of Bilinear Relational Compositional Operators for Analogy Detection
[C18-1211]: Danushka Bollegala | Huda Hakami | Kohei Hayashi

Pdf Export Search Real-time Change Point Detection using On-line Topic Models
[C18-1212]: Cyril Goutte | Yunli Wang

Pdf Export Search Automatically Creating a Lexicon of Verbal Polarity Shifters: Mono- and Cross-lingual Methods for German
[C18-1213]: Josef Ruppenhofer | Michael Wiegand | Marc Schulder

Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging on an Endangered Language: a Parallel Griko-Italian Resource
[C18-1214]: David Chiang | Antonios Anastasopoulos | Marika Lekakou | Josep Quer | Eleni Zimianiti | Justin DeBenedetto

Pdf Export Search One vs. Many QA Matching with both Word-level and Sentence-level Attention Network
[C18-1215]: Min Zhang | Guodong Zhou | Shoushan Li | Lu Wang | Changlong Sun | Luo Si | Xiaozhong Liu

Pdf Export Search Learning to Generate Word Representations using Subword Information
[C18-1216]: Yeachan Kim | Kang-Min Kim | Ji-Min Lee | SangKeun Lee

Pdf Export Search Urdu Word Segmentation using Conditional Random Fields (CRFs)
[C18-1217]: Haris Bin Zia | Agha Ali Raza | Awais Athar

Pdf Export Search ReSyf: a French lexicon with ranked synonyms
[C18-1218]: Nuria Gala | Mokhtar Boumedyen BILLAMI | Thomas François

Pdf Export Search If you’ve seen some, you’ve seen them all: Identifying variants of multiword expressions
[C18-1219]: Carlos Ramisch | Agata Savary | Caroline Pasquer | Jean-Yves Antoine

Pdf Export Search Learning Multilingual Topics from Incomparable Corpora
[C18-1220]: Shudong Hao | Michael J. Paul

Pdf Export Search Using Word Embeddings for Unsupervised Acronym Disambiguation
[C18-1221]: Christian Wartena | Jean Charbonnier

Pdf Export Search Indigenous language technologies in Canada: Assessment, challenges, and successes
[C18-1222]: Roland Kuhn | Anna Kazantseva | Patrick Littell | Aidan Pine | Antti Arppe | Christopher Cox | Marie-Odile Junker

Pdf Export Search Pluralizing Nouns across Agglutinating Bantu Languages
[C18-1223]: Joan Byamugisha | C. Maria Keet | Brian DeRenzi

Pdf Export Search Automatically Extracting Qualia Relations for the Rich Event Ontology
[C18-1224]: Martha Palmer | Ghazaleh Kazeminejad | Claire Bonial | Susan Windisch Brown

Pdf Export Search SeVeN: Augmenting Word Embeddings with Unsupervised Relation Vectors
[C18-1225]: Steven Schockaert | Luis Espinosa Anke

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Unsupervised Compositional Representations
[C18-1226]: Mona Diab | Hanan Aldarmaki

Pdf Export Search Using Formulaic Expressions in Writing Assistance Systems
[C18-1227]: Akiko Aizawa | Kenichi Iwatsuki

Pdf Export Search What’s in Your Embedding, And How It Predicts Task Performance
[C18-1228]: Anna Rumshisky | Anna Rogers | Shashwath Hosur Ananthakrishna

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Word Similarity Calculation Using Word Vector Representation from a Knowledge-based Graph
[C18-1229]: Youngjoong Ko | Dongsuk O | Sunjae Kwon | Kyungsun Kim

Pdf Export Search Learning Semantic Sentence Embeddings using Sequential Pair-wise Discriminator
[C18-1230]: Badri Narayana Patro | Vinod Kumar Kurmi | Sandeep Kumar | Vinay Namboodiri

Pdf Export Search A Reassessment of Reference-Based Grammatical Error Correction Metrics
[C18-1231]: Hwee Tou Ng | Shamil Chollampatt

Pdf Export Search Information Aggregation via Dynamic Routing for Sequence Encoding
[C18-1232]: Xuanjing Huang | Xipeng Qiu | Jingjing Gong | Shaojing Wang

Pdf Export Search A Full End-to-End Semantic Role Labeler, Syntactic-agnostic Over Syntactic-aware?
[C18-1233]: Hai Zhao | Jiaxun Cai | Shexia He | Zuchao Li

Pdf Export Search Authorship Attribution By Consensus Among Multiple Features
[C18-1234]: Jagadeesh Patchala | Raj Bhatnagar

Pdf Export Search Modeling with Recurrent Neural Networks for Open Vocabulary Slots
[C18-1235]: Jun-Seong Kim | Junghoe Kim | SeungUn Park | Kwangyong Lee | Yoonju Lee

Pdf Export Search Challenges and Opportunities of Applying Natural Language Processing in Business Process Management
[C18-1236]: Lluís Padró | Han Van der Aa | Josep Carmona | Henrik Leopold | Jan Mendling

Pdf Export Search Novelty Goes Deep. A Deep Neural Solution To Document Level Novelty Detection
[C18-1237]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | George Tsatsaronis | Asif Ekbal | Tirthankar Ghosal | Vignesh Edithal | Srinivasa Satya Sameer Kumar Chivukula

Pdf Export Search What represents “style” in authorship attribution?
[C18-1238]: Kalaivani Sundararajan | Damon Woodard

Pdf Export Search Learning Target-Specific Representations of Financial News Documents For Cumulative Abnormal Return Prediction
[C18-1239]: Ting Liu | Yue Zhang | Ching-Yun Chang | Xiao Ding | Junwen Duan

Pdf Export Search Model-Free Context-Aware Word Composition
[C18-1240]: Le Sun | Xianpei Han | Bo An

Pdf Export Search Learning Features from Co-occurrences: A Theoretical Analysis
[C18-1241]: Yanpeng Li

Pdf Export Search Towards a unified framework for bilingual terminology extraction of single-word and multi-word terms
[C18-1242]: Emmanuel Morin | Jingshu Liu | Peña Saldarriaga

Pdf Export Search Neural Activation Semantic Models: Computational lexical semantic models of localized neural activations
[C18-1243]: Elias Iosif | Alexandros Potamianos | Nikos Athanasiou

Pdf Export Search Folksonomication: Predicting Tags for Movies from Plot Synopses using Emotion Flow Encoded Neural Network
[C18-1244]: Thamar Solorio | Sudipta Kar | Suraj Maharjan

Pdf Export Search Emotion Representation Mapping for Automatic Lexicon Construction (Mostly) Performs on Human Level
[C18-1245]: Udo Hahn | Sven Buechel

Pdf Export Search Emotion Detection and Classification in a Multigenre Corpus with Joint Multi-Task Deep Learning
[C18-1246]: Mona Diab | Shabnam Tafreshi

Pdf Export Search How emotional are you? Neural Architectures for Emotion Intensity Prediction in Microblogs
[C18-1247]: Devang Kulshreshtha | Pranav Goel | Anil Kumar Singh

Pdf Export Search Expressively vulgar: The socio-dynamics of vulgarity and its effects on sentiment analysis in social media
[C18-1248]: Junyi Jessy Li | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Isabel Cachola | Eric Holgate

Pdf Export Search Clausal Modifiers in the Grammar Matrix
[C18-1249]: Kristen Howell | Olga Zamaraeva

Pdf Export Search Sliced Recurrent Neural Networks
[C18-1250]: Zeping Yu | Gongshen Liu

Pdf Export Search Multi-Task Learning for Sequence Tagging: An Empirical Study
[C18-1251]: Soravit Changpinyo | Hexiang Hu | Fei Sha

Pdf Export Search Using J-K-fold Cross Validation To Reduce Variance When Tuning NLP Models
[C18-1252]: Paul Rayson | Henry Moss | David Leslie

Pdf Export Search Incremental Natural Language Processing: Challenges, Strategies, and Evaluation
[C18-1253]: Arne Köhn

Pdf Export Search Gold Standard Annotations for Preposition and Verb Sense with Semantic Role Labels in Adult-Child Interactions
[C18-1254]: Dan Roth | Christos Christodoulopoulos | Lori Moon | Fisher Cynthia | Sandra Franco

Pdf Export Search Multi-layer Representation Fusion for Neural Machine Translation
[C18-1255]: Jingbo Zhu | Tong Xiao | Qiang Wang | Fuxue Li | Yanyang Li | Yinqiao Li

Pdf Export Search Toward Better Loanword Identification in Uyghur Using Cross-lingual Word Embeddings
[C18-1256]: Chenggang Mi | Yating Yang | Lei Wang | Xi Zhou | Tonghai Jiang

Pdf Export Search Adaptive Weighting for Neural Machine Translation
[C18-1257]: Min Zhang | Junhui Li | Yachao Li

Pdf Export Search Generic refinement of expressive grammar formalisms with an application to discontinuous constituent parsing
[C18-1258]: Kilian Gebhardt

Pdf Export Search Double Path Networks for Sequence to Sequence Learning
[C18-1259]: Tao Qin | Tie-Yan Liu | Kaitao Song | Xu Tan | Di He | Jianfeng Lu

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Investigation of Error Types in Vietnamese Parsing
[C18-1260]: Yusuke Miyao | Hiroshi Noji | Quy Nguyen | Nhung Nguyen

Pdf Export Search Learning with Noise-Contrastive Estimation: Easing training by learning to scale
[C18-1261]: Matthieu Labeau | Alexandre Allauzen

Pdf Export Search Parallel Corpora for bi-lingual English-Ethiopian Languages Statistical Machine Translation
[C18-1262]: Million Meshesha | Wondwossen Mulugeta | Solomon Teferra Abate | Michael Melese | Martha Yifiru Tachbelie | Solomon Atinafu | Yaregal Assibie | Hafte Abera | Binyam Ephrem | Tewodros Abebe | Wondimagegnhue Tsegaye | Amanuel Lemma | Tsegaye Andargie | Seifedin Shifaw

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Neural Machine Translation with Task-Specific Attention
[C18-1263]: Graeme Blackwood | Miguel Ballesteros | Todd Ward

Pdf Export Search Combining Information-Weighted Sequence Alignment and Sound Correspondence Models for Improved Cognate Detection
[C18-1264]: Johannes Dellert

Pdf Export Search Tailoring Neural Architectures for Translating from Morphologically Rich Languages
[C18-1265]: Andy Way | Qun Liu | Peyman Passban

Pdf Export Search deepQuest: A Framework for Neural-based Quality Estimation
[C18-1266]: Lucia Specia | Julia Ive | Frédéric Blain

Pdf Export Search Butterfly Effects in Frame Semantic Parsing: impact of data processing on model ranking
[C18-1267]: Corentin Ribeyre | Aurélie Herbelot | Alexandre Kabbach

Pdf Export Search Sensitivity to Input Order: Evaluation of an Incremental and Memory-Limited Bayesian Cross-Situational Word Learning Model
[C18-1268]: Matthias Scheutz | Sepideh Sadeghi

Pdf Export Search Sentence Weighting for Neural Machine Translation Domain Adaptation
[C18-1269]: Deyi Xiong | Shiqi Zhang

Pdf Export Search Quantifying training challenges of dependency parsers
[C18-1270]: François Yvon | Lauriane Aufrant | Guillaume Wisniewski

Pdf Export Search Seq2seq Dependency Parsing
[C18-1271]: Hai Zhao | Jiaxun Cai | Shexia He | Zuchao Li

Pdf Export Search Revisiting the Hierarchical Multiscale LSTM
[C18-1272]: Grzegorz Chrupała | Ákos Kádár | Marc-Alexandre Côté | Afra Alishahi

Pdf Export Search Character-Level Feature Extraction with Densely Connected Networks
[C18-1273]: Young-Bum Kim | Chanhee Lee | Heuiseok Lim | Dongyub Lee

Pdf Export Search Neural Machine Translation Incorporating Named Entity
[C18-1274]: Manabu Okumura | Takashi Ninomiya | Hiroya Takamura | Arata Ugawa | Akihiro Tamura

Pdf Export Search Semantic Parsing for Technical Support Questions
[C18-1275]: Abhirut Gupta | Anupama Ray | Gargi Dasgupta | Gautam Singh | Pooja Aggarwal | Prateeti Mohapatra

Pdf Export Search Deconvolution-Based Global Decoding for Neural Machine Translation
[C18-1276]: Xu Sun | Jinsong Su | Shuming Ma | Xuancheng Ren | Junyang Lin | Qi Su

Pdf Export Search Pattern-revising Enhanced Simple Question Answering over Knowledge Bases
[C18-1277]: Kang Liu | Jun Zhao | Yanchao Hao | Hao Liu | Shizhu He

Pdf Export Search Integrating Question Classification and Deep Learning for improved Answer Selection
[C18-1278]: John Barnden | Mark Lee | Harish Tayyar Madabushi

Pdf Export Search Knowledge as A Bridge: Improving Cross-domain Answer Selection with External Knowledge
[C18-1279]: Kai Lei | Yaliang Li | Nan Du | Min Yang | Wei Fan | Ying Shen | Yang Deng

Pdf Export Search Modeling Semantics with Gated Graph Neural Networks for Knowledge Base Question Answering
[C18-1280]: Iryna Gurevych | Daniil Sorokin

Pdf Export Search Rethinking the Agreement in Human Evaluation Tasks
[C18-1281]: Paul Piwek | Alistair Willis | Jacopo Amidei

Pdf Export Search Dependent Gated Reading for Cloze-Style Question Answering
[C18-1282]: Hamed Shahbazi | Xiaoli Fern | Reza Ghaeini | Prasad Tadepalli

Pdf Export Search Automated Fact Checking: Task Formulations, Methods and Future Directions
[C18-1283]: Andreas Vlachos | James Thorne

Pdf Export Search Can Rumour Stance Alone Predict Veracity?
[C18-1284]: Kalina Bontcheva | Ahmet Aker | Sebastian Dungs | Norbert Fuhr

Pdf Export Search Attending Sentences to detect Satirical Fake News
[C18-1285]: Fan Yang | Arjun Mukherjee | Sohan De Sarkar

Pdf Export Search Predicting Stances from Social Media Posts using Factorization Machines
[C18-1286]: Kentaro Inui | Naoaki Okazaki | Akira Sasaki | Kazuaki Hanawa

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Fake News
[C18-1287]: Rada Mihalcea | Verónica Pérez-Rosas | Bennett Kleinberg | Alexandra Lefevre

Pdf Export Search All-in-one: Multi-task Learning for Rumour Verification
[C18-1288]: Maria Liakata | Arkaitz Zubiaga | Elena Kochkina

Pdf Export Search Open Information Extraction on Scientific Text: An Evaluation
[C18-1289]: Paul Groth | Mike Lauruhn | Antony Scerri | Ron Daniel, Jr.

Pdf Export Search Simple Algorithms For Sentiment Analysis On Sentiment Rich, Data Poor Domains.
[C18-1290]: Prathusha K Sarma | William Sethares

Pdf Export Search Word-Level Loss Extensions for Neural Temporal Relation Classification
[C18-1291]: Marie-Francine Moens | Artuur Leeuwenberg

Pdf Export Search Personalized Text Retrieval for Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language
[C18-1292]: John Lee | Chak Yan Yeung

Pdf Export Search Punctuation as Native Language Interference
[C18-1293]: Carlo Strapparava | Ilia Markov | Vivi Nastase

Pdf Export Search Investigating Productive and Receptive Knowledge: A Profile for Second Language Learning
[C18-1294]: Rodrigo Wilkens | Leonardo Zilio | Cédrick Fairon

Pdf Export Search iParaphrasing: Extracting Visually Grounded Paraphrases via an Image
[C18-1295]: Chenhui Chu | Mayu Otani | Yuta Nakashima

Pdf Export Search MCDTB: A Macro-level Chinese Discourse TreeBank
[C18-1296]: Guodong Zhou | Qiaoming Zhu | Peifeng Li | Sheng Xu | Xiaomin Chu | Feng Jiang

Pdf Export Search Corpus-based Content Construction
[C18-1297]: Kundan Krishna | Balaji Vasan Srinivasan | Pranav Maneriker | Natwar Modani

Pdf Export Search Bridging resolution: Task definition, corpus resources and rule-based experiments
[C18-1298]: Jonas Kuhn | Ina Roesiger | Arndt Riester

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Disfluency Detection
[C18-1299]: Bo Xu | Zhen Yang | Wei Chen | Feng Wang | Qianqian Dong | Shuang Xu

Pdf Export Search ISO-Standard Domain-Independent Dialogue Act Tagging for Conversational Agents
[C18-1300]: Giuseppe Riccardi | Stefano Mezza | Alessandra Cervone | Evgeny Stepanov | Giuliano Tortoreto

Pdf Export Search Arrows are the Verbs of Diagrams
[C18-1301]: Matthew Stone | Malihe Alikhani

Pdf Export Search Improving Feature Extraction for Pathology Reports with Precise Negation Scope Detection
[C18-1302]: Kristen Howell | Olga Zamaraeva | Adam Rhine

Pdf Export Search Bridge Video and Text with Cascade Syntactic Structure
[C18-1303]: Guolong Wang | Zheng Qin | Kaiping Xu | Kai Huang | Shuxiong Ye

Pdf Export Search Multi-task and Multi-lingual Joint Learning of Neural Lexical Utterance Classification based on Partially-shared Modeling
[C18-1304]: Ryuichiro Higashinaka | Ryo Masumura | Tomohiro Tanaka | Hirokazu Masataki | Yushi Aono

Pdf Export Search Source Critical Reinforcement Learning for Transferring Spoken Language Understanding to a New Language
[C18-1305]: Chengqing Zong | Jiajun Zhang | Yu Zhou | He Bai | Liang Zhao | Mei-Yuh Hwang

Pdf Export Search A Prospective-Performance Network to Alleviate Myopia in Beam Search for Response Generation
[C18-1306]: Baoxun Wang | Bowen Wu | Zongsheng Wang | Yunzhi Bai | Zhen Xu | Zhuoran Wang

Pdf Export Search Adaptive Multi-Task Transfer Learning for Chinese Word Segmentation in Medical Text
[C18-1307]: Kenny Zhu | Junjie Xing | Shaodian Zhang

Pdf Export Search Addressee and Response Selection for Multilingual Conversation
[C18-1308]: Yuta Tsuboi | Motoki Sato | Hiroki Ouchi

Pdf Export Search Graph Based Decoding for Event Sequencing and Coreference Resolution
[C18-1309]: Teruko Mitamura | Eduard Hovy | Zhengzhong Liu

Pdf Export Search DIDEC: The Dutch Image Description and Eye-tracking Corpus
[C18-1310]: Emiel Krahmer | Emiel van Miltenburg | Ákos Kádár | Ruud Koolen

Pdf Export Search Narrative Schema Stability in News Text
[C18-1311]: Dan Simonson | Anthony Davis

Pdf Export Search NIPS Conversational Intelligence Challenge 2017 Winner System: Skill-based Conversational Agent with Supervised Dialog Manager
[C18-1312]: Idris Yusupov | Yurii Kuratov

Pdf Export Search AMR Beyond the Sentence: the Multi-sentence AMR corpus
[C18-1313]: Ulf Hermjakob | Martha Palmer | Kevin Knight | Michael Regan | Kira Griffitt | Tim O’Gorman

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Argument-Level Interactions for Persuasion Comments Evaluation using Co-attention Model
[C18-1314]: Yang Liu | Qi Zhang | Xuanjing Huang | Zhongyu Wei | Lu Ji | Xiangkun Hu

Pdf Export Search Learning Visually-Grounded Semantics from Contrastive Adversarial Samples
[C18-1315]: Jian Sun | Haoyue Shi | Jiayuan Mao | Tete Xiao | Yuning Jiang

Pdf Export Search Structured Representation Learning for Online Debate Stance Prediction
[C18-1316]: Dan Goldwasser | Chang Li | Aldo Porco

Pdf Export Search Modeling Multi-turn Conversation with Deep Utterance Aggregation
[C18-1317]: Hai Zhao | Zhuosheng Zhang | Gongshen Liu | Jiangtong Li | Pengfei Zhu

Pdf Export Search Argumentation Synthesis following Rhetorical Strategies
[C18-1318]: Manfred Stede | Henning Wachsmuth | Benno Stein | Khalid Al Khatib | Roxanne El Baff | Maria Skeppstedt

Pdf Export Search A Dataset for Building Code-Mixed Goal Oriented Conversation Systems
[C18-1319]: Mitesh M. Khapra | Suman Banerjee | Nikita Moghe | Siddhartha Arora

Pdf Export Search Sequence-to-Sequence Learning for Task-oriented Dialogue with Dialogue State Representation
[C18-1320]: Ting Liu | Wanxiang Che | Yijia Liu | Haoyang Wen | Libo Qin

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Deep Visual Features into Multiobjective based Multi-view Search Results Clustering
[C18-1321]: Andy Way | Sriparna Saha | Sayantan Mitra | Mohammed Hasanuzzaman

Pdf Export Search Integrating Tree Structures and Graph Structures with Neural Networks to Classify Discussion Discourse Acts
[C18-1322]: Yasuhide Miura | Ryuji Kano | Motoki Taniguchi | Tomoki Taniguchi | Shotaro Misawa | Tomoko Ohkuma

Pdf Export Search AnlamVer: Semantic Model Evaluation Dataset for Turkish - Word Similarity and Relatedness
[C18-1323]: Gökhan Ercan | Olcay Taner Yıldız

Pdf Export Search Arguments and Adjuncts in Universal Dependencies
[C18-1324]: Adam Przepiórkowski | Agnieszka Patejuk

Pdf Export Search Distinguishing affixoid formations from compounds
[C18-1325]: Josef Ruppenhofer | Katja Markert | Michael Wiegand | Rebecca Wilm

Pdf Export Search A Survey on Open Information Extraction
[C18-1326]: Christina Niklaus | Siegfried Handschuh | André Freitas | Matthias Cetto

Pdf Export Search Design Challenges and Misconceptions in Neural Sequence Labeling
[C18-1327]: Yue Zhang | Jie Yang | Shuailong Liang

Pdf Export Search Neural Network Models for Paraphrase Identification, Semantic Textual Similarity, Natural Language Inference, and Question Answering
[C18-1328]: Wei Xu | Wuwei Lan

Pdf Export Search Authorless Topic Models: Biasing Models Away from Known Structure
[C18-1329]: Laure Thompson | David Mimno

Pdf Export Search SGM: Sequence Generation Model for Multi-label Classification
[C18-1330]: Wei Li | Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang | Wei Wu | Shuming Ma | Pengcheng Yang