Alexandra Balahur | Ester Boldrini | Andres Montoyo | Patricio Martinez-Barco  
Portland, Oregon 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis (WASSA 2.011)
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Pdf Export Search Cats Rule and Dogs Drool!: Classifying Stance in Online Debate
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Pdf Export Search A verb lexicon model for deep sentiment analysis and opinion mining applications
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Pdf Export Search Generating Semantic Orientation Lexicon using Large Data and Thesaurus
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Pdf Export Search Developing Robust Models for Favourability Analysis
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Pdf Export Search Detecting Implicit Expressions of Sentiment in Text Based on Commonsense Knowledge
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Pdf Export Search A Link to the Past: Constructing Historical Social Networks
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Pdf Export Search Tracking Sentiment in Mail: How Genders Differ on Emotional Axes
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Pdf Export Search Feature Selection for Sentiment Analysis Based on Content and Syntax Models
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Pdf Export Search Automatic Emotion Classification for Interpersonal Communication
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Pdf Export Search Automatic Sentiment Classification of Product Reviews Using Maximal Phrases Based Analysis
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Pdf Export Search Automatic Expansion of Feature-Level Opinion Lexicons
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Pdf Export Search Robust Sense-based Sentiment Classification
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Pdf Export Search Sentiment Classification Using Semantic Features Extracted from WordNet-based Resources
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Pdf Export Search On the Difficulty of Clustering Microblog Texts for Online Reputation Management
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Pdf Export Search EMOCause: An Easy-adaptable Approach to Extract Emotion Cause Contexts
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Pdf Export Search Sentimatrix – Multilingual Sentiment Analysis Service
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