Antti Arppe | Jeff Good | Mans Hulden | Jordan Lachler | Alexis Palmer | Lane Schwartz  
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on the Use of Computational Methods in the Study of Endangered Languages
[W17-0100]: Antti Arppe | Jeff Good | Mans Hulden | Jordan Lachler | Alexis Palmer | Lane Schwartz

Pdf Export Search A Morphological Parser for Odawa
[W17-0101]: Dustin Bowers | Antti Arppe | Jordan Lachler | Sjur Moshagen | Trond Trosterud

Pdf Export Search Creating lexical resources for polysynthetic languages—the case of Arapaho
[W17-0102]: Ghazaleh Kazeminejad | Andrew Cowell | Mans Hulden

Pdf Export Search From Small to Big Data: paper manuscripts to RDF triples of Australian Indigenous Vocabularies
[W17-0103]: Nick Thieberger | Conal Tuohy

Pdf Export Search Issues in digital text representation, on-line dissemination, sharing and re-use for African minority languages
[W17-0104]: Emmanuel Ngué Um

Pdf Export Search Developing collection management tools to create more robust and reliable linguistic data
[W17-0105]: Gary Holton | Kavon Hooshiar | Nick Thieberger

Pdf Export Search STREAMLInED Challenges: Aligning Research Interests with Shared Tasks
[W17-0106]: Gina-Anne Levow | Emily M. Bender | Patrick Littell | Kristen Howell | Shobhana Chelliah | Joshua Crowgey | Dan Garrette | Jeff Good | Sharon Hargus | David Inman | Michael Maxwell | Michael Tjalve | Fei Xia

Pdf Export Search Work With What You've Got
[W17-0107]: Lucy Bell | Lawrence Bell

Pdf Export Search Converting a comprehensive lexical database into a computational model: The case of East Cree verb inflection
[W17-0108]: Antti Arppe | Marie-Odile Junker | Delasie Torkornoo

Pdf Export Search Instant annotations in ELAN corpora of spoken and written Komi, an endangered language of the Barents Sea region
[W17-0109]: Ciprian Gerstenberger | Niko Partanen | Michael Rießler

Pdf Export Search Inferring Case Systems from IGT: Enriching the Enrichment
[W17-0110]: Kristen Howell | Emily M. Bender | Michel Lockwood | Fei Xia | Olga Zamaraeva

Pdf Export Search Case Studies in the Automatic Characterization of Grammars from Small Wordlists
[W17-0111]: Jordan Kodner | Spencer Kaplan | Hongzhi Xu | Mitchell P. Marcus | Charles Yang

Pdf Export Search Endangered Data for Endangered Languages: Digitizing Print dictionaries
[W17-0112]: Michael Maxwell | Aric Bills

Pdf Export Search A computationally-assisted procedure for discovering poetic organization within oral tradition
[W17-0113]: David Meyer

Pdf Export Search Improving Coverage of an Inuktitut Morphological Analyzer Using a Segmental Recurrent Neural Network
[W17-0114]: Jeffrey Micher

Pdf Export Search Click reduction in fluent speech: a semi-automated analysis of Mangetti Dune !Xung
[W17-0115]: Amanda Miller | Micha Elsner

Pdf Export Search DECCA Repurposed: Detecting transcription inconsistencies without an orthographic standard
[W17-0116]: C. Anton Rytting | Julie Yelle

Pdf Export Search Jejueo talking dictionary: A collaborative online database for language revitalization
[W17-0117]: Moira Saltzman

Pdf Export Search Computational Support for Finding Word Classes: A Case Study of Abui
[W17-0118]: Olga Zamaraeva | František Kratochvíl | Emily M. Bender | Fei Xia | Kristen Howell

Pdf Export Search Waldayu and Waldayu Mobile: Modern digital dictionary interfaces for endangered languages
[W17-0119]: Patrick Littell | Aidan Pine | Henry Davis

Pdf Export Search Connecting Documentation and Revitalization: A New Approach to Language Apps
[W17-0120]: Alexa N. Little

Pdf Export Search Developing a Suite of Mobile Applications for Collaborative Language Documentation
[W17-0121]: Mat Bettinson | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search Cross-language forced alignment to assist community-based linguistics for low resource languages
[W17-0122]: Timothy Kempton

Pdf Export Search A case study on using speech-to-translation alignments for language documentation
[W17-0123]: Antonios Anastasopoulos | David Chiang