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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 37th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Untangling Text Data Mining
[P99-1001]: Marti A. Hearst

[P99-1002]: Sadaoki Furu

Pdf Export Search The Lexical Component of Natural Language Processing
[P99-1003]: George A. Miller

Pdf Export Search Measures of Distributional Similarity
[P99-1004]: Lillian Lee

Pdf Export Search Distributional Similarity Models: Clustering vs. Nearest Neighbors
[P99-1005]: Lillian Lee

Pdf Export Search Discourse Relations: A Structural and Presuppositional Account Using Lexicalised TAG
[P99-1006]: Bonnie Webber | Alistair Knott | Matthew Stone | Aravind Joshi

Pdf Export Search Unifying Parallels
[P99-1007]: Claire Gardent

Pdf Export Search Finding Parts in Very Large Corpora
[P99-1008]: Matthew Berland | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Man* vs. Machine: A Case Study in Base Noun Phrase Learning
[P99-1009]: Eric Brill | Grace Ngai

Pdf Export Search Supervised Grammar Induction using Training Data with Limited Constituent Information
[P99-1010]: Rebecca Hwa

Pdf Export Search A Meta-Level Grammar: Redefining Synchronous TAG for Translation and Paraphrase
[P99-1011]: Mark Dras

Pdf Export Search Preserving Semantic Dependencies in Synchronous Tree Adjoining Grammar
[P99-1012]: William Schuler

Pdf Export Search Compositional Semantics for Linguistic Formalisms
[P99-1013]: Shuly Wintner

Pdf Export Search Inducing a Semantically Annotated Lexicon via EM-Based Clustering
[P99-1014]: Mats Rooth | Stefan Riezler | Detlef Prescher | Glenn Carroll | Franz Beil

Pdf Export Search Corpus-Based Linguistic Indicators for Aspectual Classification
[P99-1015]: Eric V. Siegel

Pdf Export Search Automatic construction of a hypernym-labeled noun hierarchy from text
[P99-1016]: Sharon A. Caraballo

Pdf Export Search Using aggregation for selecting content when generating referring expressions
[P99-1017]: John A. Bateman

Pdf Export Search Ordering Among Premodifiers
[P99-1018]: James Shaw | Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Hebrew-English Generation of Possessives and Partitives: Raising the Input Abstraction Level
[P99-1019]: Yael Dahan Netzer | Michael Elhadad

Pdf Export Search A Method for Word Sense Disambiguation of Unrestricted Text
[P99-1020]: Rada Mihalcea | Dan I. Moldovan

Pdf Export Search A Knowledge-free Method for Capitalized Word Disambiguation
[P99-1021]: Andrei Mikheev

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Nonlocal Language Modeling via Hierarchical Topic-Based Adaptation
[P99-1022]: Radu Florian | David Yarowsk

Pdf Export Search A Second-Order Hidden Markov Model for Part-of-Speech Tagging
[P99-1023]: Scott M. Thede | Mary P. Harper

Pdf Export Search The CommandTalk Spoken Dialogue System
[P99-1024]: Amanda Stent | John Doweling | Jean Mark Gawron | Elizabeth Owen Bratt | Robert Moore

Pdf Export Search Construct Algebra: Analytical Dialog Management
[P99-1025]: Alicia Abella | Allen L. Gorin

Pdf Export Search Understanding Unsegmented User Utterances in Real-Time Spoken Dialogue Systems
[P99-1026]: Mikio Nakano | Noboru Miyazaki | Jun-ichi Hirasawa | Kohji Dohsaka | Takeshi Kawabata

Pdf Export Search Should we Translate the Documents or the Queries in Cross-language Information Retrieval?
[P99-1027]: J. Scott McCarley

Pdf Export Search Resolving Translation Ambiguity and Target Polysemy in Cross-Language Information Retrieval
[P99-1028]: Hsin-Hsi Chen | Guo-Wei Bian | Wen-Cheng Lin

Pdf Export Search Using Mutual Information to Resolve Query Translation Ambiguities and Query Term Weighting
[P99-1029]: Myung-Gil Jang | Sung Hyon Myaeng | Se Young Park

Pdf Export Search Analysis System of Speech Acts and Discourse Structures Using Maximum Entropy Model
[P99-1030]: Won Seug Choi | Jeong-Mi Cho | Jungyun Sea

Pdf Export Search Measuring Conformity to Discourse Routines in Decision-Making Interactions
[P99-1031]: Sherri L. Condon | Claude G. Cech | William R. Edwards

Pdf Export Search Development and Use of a Gold-Standard Data Set for Subjectivity Classifications
[P99-1032]: Janyce M. Wiebe | Rebecca F. Bruce | Thomas P. O'Hara

Pdf Export Search Dependency Parsing with an Extended Finite State Approach
[P99-1033]: Kemal Oflazer

Pdf Export Search A Unification-based Approach to Morpho-syntactic Parsing of Agglutinative and Other (Highly) Inflectional Languages
[P99-1034]: Gabor Proszeky | Balazs Kis

Pdf Export Search Inside-Outside Estimation of a Lexicalized PCFG for German
[P99-1035]: Franz Beil | Glenn Carroll | Detlef Prescher | Stefan Riezler | Mats Rooth

Pdf Export Search A Part of Speech Estimation Method for Japanese Unknown Words using a Statistical Model of Morphology and Context
[P99-1036]: Masaaki NAGATA

Pdf Export Search Memory-Based Morphological Analysis
[P99-1037]: Antal van den Bosch | Walter Daelemans

Pdf Export Search Two Accounts of Scope Availability and Semantic Underspecification
[P99-1038]: Alistair Willis | Suresh Manandhar

Pdf Export Search Alternating Quantifier Scope in CCG
[P99-1039]: Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Poor Speech Recognition at the Dialogue Level
[P99-1040]: Diane J. Litman | Marilyn A. Walker | Michael S. Kearns

Pdf Export Search Automatic Identification of Non-compositional Phrases
[P99-1041]: Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search Deep Read: A Reading Comprehension System
[P99-1042]: Lynette Hirschman | Marc Light | Eric Breck | John D. Burger

Pdf Export Search Mixed Language Query Disambiguation
[P99-1043]: Pascale FUNG | LIU Xiaohu | CHEUNG Chi Shun

Pdf Export Search Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic Representations of Term Variation
[P99-1044]: Christian Jacquemin

Pdf Export Search Less is more: Eliminating index terms from subordinate clauses
[P99-1045]: Simon H. Corston-Oliver | William B. Dolan

Pdf Export Search Statistical Models for Topic Segmentation
[P99-1046]: Jeffrey C. Reynar

Pdf Export Search A Decision-Based Approach to Rhetorical Parsing
[P99-1047]: Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search Corpus-Based Identification of Non-Anaphoric Noun Phrases
[P99-1048]: David L. Bean | Ellen Riloff

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Statistical Speech Act Type Tagging System for Speech Translation Systems
[P99-1049]: Hideki Tanaka | Akio Yokoo

Pdf Export Search Projecting Corpus-Based Semantic Links on a Thesaurus
[P99-1050]: Emmanuel Morin

Pdf Export Search Acquiring Lexical Generalizations from Corpora: A Case Study for Diathesis Alternations
[P99-1051]: Maria Lapata

Pdf Export Search Charting the Depths of Robust Speech Parsing
[P99-1052]: W. Kasper | B. Kiefer | H.-U. Krieger | C. J. Rupp | K. L. Worm

Pdf Export Search A Syntactic Framework for Speech Repairs and Other Disruptions
[P99-1053]: Mark G. Core | Lenhart K. Schubert

Pdf Export Search Efficient probabilistic top-down and left-corner parsing
[P99-1054]: Brian Roark | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search A Selectionist Theory of Language Acquisition
[P99-1055]: Charles D. Yang

Pdf Export Search The grapho-phonological system of written French: Statistical analysis and empirical validation
[P99-1056]: Marielle Lange | Alain Content

Pdf Export Search Learning to Recognize Tables in Free Text
[P99-1057]: Hwee Tou Ng | Chung Yong Lim | Jessica Li Teng Koo

Pdf Export Search A semantically-derived subset of English for hardware verification
[P99-1058]: Alexander Holt | Ewan Klein

Pdf Export Search Efficient Parsing for Bilexical Context-Free Grammars and Head Automaton Grammars
[P99-1059]: Jason Eisner | Giorgio Satta

Pdf Export Search An Earley-style Predictive Chart Parsing Method for Lambek Grammars
[P99-1060]: Mark Hepple

Pdf Export Search A Bag of Useful Techniques for Efficient and Robust Parsing
[P99-1061]: Bernd Kiefert | Hans-Ulrich Kriegert | John Carrollt | Rob Malouf

Pdf Export Search Semantic Analysis of Japanese Noun Phrases - A New Approach to Dictionary-Based Understanding
[P99-1062]: Sadao Kurohashi | Yasuyuki Sakai

Pdf Export Search Lexical Semantics to Disambiguate Polysemous Phenomena of Japanese Adnominal Constituents
[P99-1063]: Hitoshi Isahara | Kyoko Kanzaki

Pdf Export Search Computational Lexical Semantics, Incrementality, and the So-called Punctuality of Events
[P99-1064]: Patrick CAUDAL

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Parser for Czech
[P99-1065]: Michael Collins | Jan Hajic | Lance Ramshaw | Christoph Tillmann

Pdf Export Search Automatic Compensation for Parser Figure-of-Merit Flaws
[P99-1066]: Don Blaheta | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Automatic Identification of Word Translations from Unrelated English and German Corpora
[P99-1067]: Reinhard Rapp

Pdf Export Search Mining the Web for Bilingual Text
[P99-1068]: Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search Estimators for Stochastic "Unification-Based" Grammars
[P99-1069]: Mark Johnson | Stuart Geman | Stephen Canon | Zhiyi Chi | Stefan Riezler

Pdf Export Search Relating Probabilistic Grammars and Automata
[P99-1070]: Steven Abney | David McAllester | Fernando Pereira

Pdf Export Search Information Fusion in the Context of Multi-Document Summarization
[P99-1071]: Regina Barzilay | Kathleen R. McKeown | Michael Elhadad

Pdf Export Search Improving Summaries by Revising Them
[P99-1072]: Inderjeet Mani | Barbara Gates | Eric Bloedorn

Pdf Export Search Designing a Task-Based Evaluation Methodology for a Spoken Machine Translation System
[P99-1073]: Kavita Thomas

Pdf Export Search Robust, Finite-State Parsing for Spoken Language Understanding
[P99-1074]: Edward C. Kaiser

Pdf Export Search Packing of Feature Structures for Efficient Unification of Disjunctive Feature Structures
[P99-1075]: Yusuke Miyao

Pdf Export Search Parsing preferences with Lexicalized Trey Adjoining Grammars exploiting the derivation tree
[P99-1076]: Alexandra Kinyon

Pdf Export Search Cohesion and Collocation: Using Context Vectors in Text Segmentation
[P99-1077]: Stefan Kaufmann

Pdf Export Search Using Linguistic Knowledge in Automatic Abstracting
[P99-1078]: Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Syntax-Based Pronoun Resolution Methods
[P99-1079]: Joel R. Tetreault

Pdf Export Search A Pylonic Decision-Tree Language Model- with Optimal Question Selection
[P99-1080]: Adrian Corduneanu

Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Model for Statistically Determining Coordinate Phrase Attachment
[P99-1081]: Miriam Goldberg

Pdf Export Search A flexible distributed architecture for NLP system development and use
[P99-1082]: Freddy Y. Y. Choi

Pdf Export Search Modeling Filled Pauses in Medical Dictations
[P99-1083]: Sergey V. Pakhomov