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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Invited Talk: Interpreting the Human Genome Sequence, Using Stochastic Grammars
[P01-1001]: Richard Durbin

Pdf Export Search Invited Talk: Processing Broadcast Audio for Information Access
[P01-1002]: Jean-Luc Gauvain | Lori Lamel | Gilles Adda | Martine Adda-Decker | Claude Barras | Langzhou Chen | Yannick de Kercadio

Pdf Export Search Improvement of a Whole Sentence Maximum Entropy Language Model Using Grammatical Features
[P01-1003]: Fredy A. Amaya | José Miguel Benedí

Pdf Export Search Low-cost, High-performance Translation Retrieval: Dumber is Better
[P01-1004]: Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Scaling to Very Very Large Corpora for Natural Language Disambiguation
[P01-1005]: Michele Banko | Eric Brill

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Tool for Rule-based Anaphora Resolution Methods
[P01-1006]: Catalina Barbu | Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search Guided Parsing of Range Concatenation Languages
[P01-1007]: François Barthélemy | Pierre Boullier | Philippe Deschamp | Éric Villemonte de la Clergerie

Pdf Export Search Extracting Paraphrases from a Parallel Corpus
[P01-1008]: Regina Barzilay | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search Alternative Phrases and Natural Language Information Retrieval
[P01-1009]: Gann Bierner

Pdf Export Search What is the Minimal Set of Fragments that Achieves Maximal Parse Accuracy?
[P01-1010]: Rens Bod

Pdf Export Search Underspecified Beta Reduction
[P01-1011]: Manuel Bodirsky | Katrin Erk | Alexander Koller | Joachim Niehren

Pdf Export Search Detecting Problematic Turns in Human-Machine Interactions: Rule-induction Versus Memory-based Learning Approaches
[P01-1012]: Antal van den Bosch | Emiel Krahmer | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search Chinese Text Segmentation With MBDP-1: Making the Most of Training Corpora
[P01-1013]: Michael R. Brent | Xiaopeng Tao

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Classification of Discourse Elements in Essays
[P01-1014]: Jill Burstein | Daniel Marcu | Slava Andreyev | Martin Chodorow

Pdf Export Search From RAGS to RICHES: Exploiting the Potential of a Flexible Generation Architecture
[P01-1015]: Lynne Cahill | John Carroll | Roger Evans | Daniel Paiva | Richard Power | Donia Scott | Kees van Deemter

Pdf Export Search Non-Verbal Cues for Discourse Structure
[P01-1016]: Justine Cassell | Yukiko Nakano | Timothy W. Bickmore | Candace L. Sidner | Charles Rich

Pdf Export Search Immediate-Head Parsing for Language Models
[P01-1017]: Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Constraints on Strong Generative Power
[P01-1018]: David Chiang

Pdf Export Search An Algebra for Semantic Construction in Constraint-based Grammars
[P01-1019]: Ann Copestake | Alex Lascarides | Dan Flickinger

Pdf Export Search A Machine Learning Approach to the Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation
[P01-1020]: Simon Corston-Oliver | Michael Gamon | Chris Brockett

Pdf Export Search Grammars for Local and Long Dependencies
[P01-1021]: Alexander Dikovsky

Pdf Export Search Practical Issues in Compiling Typed Unification Grammars for Speech Recognition
[P01-1022]: John Dowding | Beth Ann Hockey | Jean Mark Gawron | Christopher Culy

Pdf Export Search Empirically Estimating Order Constraints for Content Planning in Generation
[P01-1023]: Pablo A. Duboue | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search Topological Dependency Trees: A Constraint-Based Account of Linear Precedence
[P01-1024]: Denys Duchier | Ralph Debusmann

Pdf Export Search Methods for the Qualitative Evaluation of Lexical Association Measures
[P01-1025]: Stefan Evert | Brigitte Krenn

Pdf Export Search Organizing Encyclopedic Knowledge based on the Web and its Application to Question Answering
[P01-1026]: Atsushi Fujii | Tetsuya Ishikawa

Pdf Export Search Refined Lexicon Models for Statistical Machine Translation using a Maximum Entropy Approach
[P01-1027]: Ismael García-Varea | Franz J. Och | Hermann Ney | Francisco Casacuberta

Pdf Export Search Generating with a Grammar Based on Tree Descriptions: a Constraint-Based Approach
[P01-1028]: Claire Gardent | Stefan Thater

Pdf Export Search Word Order in German: A Formal Dependency Grammar Using a Topological Hierarchy
[P01-1029]: Kim Gerdes | Sylvain Kahane

Pdf Export Search Fast Decoding and Optimal Decoding for Machine Translation
[P01-1030]: Ulrich Germann | Michael Jahr | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu | Kenji Yamada

Pdf Export Search Resolving Ellipsis in Clarification
[P01-1031]: Jonathan Ginzburg | Robin Cooper

Pdf Export Search Mapping Lexical Entries in a Verbs Database to WordNet Senses
[P01-1032]: Rebecca Green | Lisa Pearl | Bonnie J. Dorr | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search Towards Abstract Categorial Grammars
[P01-1033]: Philippe de Groote

Pdf Export Search XML-Based Data Preparation for Robust Deep Parsing
[P01-1034]: Claire Grover | Alex Lascarides

Pdf Export Search Serial Combination of Rules and Statistics: A Case Study in Czech Tagging
[P01-1035]: Jan Hajic | Pavel Krbec | Pavel Kveton | Karel Oliva | Vladimir Petkevic

Pdf Export Search Topic-focus and Salience
[P01-1036]: Eva Hajicová | Petr Sgall

Pdf Export Search The Role of Lexico-Semantic Feedback in Open-Domain Textual Question-Answering
[P01-1037]: Sanda Harabagiu | Dan Moldovan | Marius Pasca | Rada Mihalcea | Mihai Surdeanu | Razvan Bunsecu | Roxana Girju | Vasile Rus | Paul Morarescu

Pdf Export Search Generation of VP Ellipsis: A Corpus-Based Approach
[P01-1038]: Daniel Hardt | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search Information Extraction from Voicemail
[P01-1039]: Jing Huang | Geoffrey Zweig | Mukund Padmanabhan

Pdf Export Search A Common Framework for Syntactic Annotation
[P01-1040]: Nancy Ide | Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search Japanese Named Entity Recognition based on a Simple Rule Generator and Decision Tree Learning
[P01-1041]: Hideki Isozaki

Pdf Export Search Joint and Conditional Estimation of Tagging and Parsing Models
[P01-1042]: Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search A Language Independent Shallow-Parser Compiler
[P01-1043]: Alexandra Kinyon

Pdf Export Search Parsing with Treebank Grammars: Empirical Bounds, Theoretical Models, and the Structure of the Penn Treebank
[P01-1044]: Dan Klein | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search From Chunks to Function-Argument Structure: A Similarity-Based Approach
[P01-1045]: Sandra Kübler | Erhard W. Hinrichs

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Smoothing Algorithms against Plausibility Judgements
[P01-1046]: Maria Lapata | Frank Keller | Scott McDonald

Pdf Export Search Extending Lambek Grammars: a Logical Account of Minimalist Grammars
[P01-1047]: Alain Lecomte | Christian Retoré

Pdf Export Search Predicting User Reactions to System Error
[P01-1048]: Diane Litman | Julia Hirschberg | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search Building Semantic Perceptron Net for Topic Spotting
[P01-1049]: Jimin Liu | Tat-Seng Chua

Pdf Export Search Towards a Unified Approach to Memory- and Statistical-Based Machine Translation
[P01-1050]: Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search Error Profiling: Toward a Model of English Acquisition for Deaf Learners
[P01-1051]: Lisa N. Michaud | Kathleen F. McCoy

Pdf Export Search Logic Form Transformation of WordNet and its Applicability to Question Answering
[P01-1052]: Dan Moldovan | Vasile Rus

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Syllable Boundaries Combining the Advantages of Treebank and Bracketed Corpora Training
[P01-1053]: Karin Müller

Pdf Export Search Tractability and Structural Closures in Attribute Logic Type Signatures
[P01-1054]: Gerald Penn

Pdf Export Search Using Machine Learning to Maintain Rule-based Named-Entity Recognition and Classification Systems
[P01-1055]: Georgios Petasis | Frantz Vichot | Francis Wolinski | Georgios Paliouras | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Constantine D. Spyropoulos

Pdf Export Search Evaluating a Trainable Sentence Planner for a Spoken Dialogue System
[P01-1056]: Owen Rambow | Monica Rogati | Marilyn A. Walker

Pdf Export Search Using a Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate an NLG System
[P01-1057]: Ehud Reiter | Roma Robertson | A. Scott Lennox | Liesl Osman

Pdf Export Search Evaluating CETEMPúblico, a Free Resource for Portuguese
[P01-1058]: Diana Santos | Paulo Rocha

Pdf Export Search Producing Biographical Summaries: Combining Linguistic Knowledge with Corpus Statistics
[P01-1059]: Barry Schiffman | Inderjeet Mani | Kristian Concepcion

Pdf Export Search Parse Forest Computation of Expected Governors
[P01-1060]: Helmut Schmid | Mats Rooth

Pdf Export Search Computational Properties of Environment-based Disambiguation
[P01-1061]: William Schuler

Pdf Export Search Incremental Construction of Compact Acyclic NFAs
[P01-1062]: Kyriakos N. Sgarbas | Nikos D. Fakotakis | George K. Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search A Bayesian Model For Morpheme and Paradigm Identification
[P01-1063]: Matthew G. Snover | Michael R. Brent

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Model for Domain-Independent Text Segmentation
[P01-1064]: Masao Utiyama | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search A Generic Approach to Parallel Chart Parsing with an Application to LinGO
[P01-1065]: Marcel P. Van Lohuizen

Pdf Export Search Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Darpa Communicator Spoken Dialogue Systems
[P01-1066]: Marilyn A. Walker | Rebecca Passonneau | Julie E. Boland

Pdf Export Search A Syntax-based Statistical Translation Model
[P01-1067]: Kenji Yamada | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Multi-Class Composite N-gram Language Model for Spoken Language Processing Using Multiple Word Clusters
[P01-1068]: Hirofumi Yamamoto | Shuntaro Isogai | Yoshinori Sagisaka

Pdf Export Search Text Chunking using Regularized Winnow
[P01-1069]: Tong Zhang | Fred Damerau | David Johnson

Pdf Export Search Using Machine Learning Techniques to Interpret WH-questions
[P01-1070]: Ingrid Zukerman | Eric Horvitz