Haizhou Li | Chin-Yew Lin | Miles Osborne | Gary Geunbae Lee | Jong C. Park  
Jeju Island, Korea 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 2: Short Papers)
[P12-2000]: Haizhou Li | Chin-Yew Lin | Miles Osborne | Gary Geunbae Lee | Jong C. Park

Pdf Export Search Higher-order Constituent Parsing and Parser Combination
[P12-2001]: Xiao Chen | Chunyu Kit

Pdf Export Search Joint Evaluation of Morphological Segmentation and Syntactic Parsing
[P12-2002]: Reut Tsarfaty | Joakim Nivre | Evelina Andersson

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Chinese Parsers for Stanford Dependencies
[P12-2003]: Wanxiang Che | Valentin Spitkovsky | Ting Liu

Pdf Export Search A Feature-Rich Constituent Context Model for Grammar Induction
[P12-2004]: Dave Golland | John DeNero | Jakob Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Private Access to Phrase Tables for Statistical Machine Translation
[P12-2005]: Nicola Cancedda

Pdf Export Search Fast and Scalable Decoding with Language Model Look-Ahead for Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation
[P12-2006]: Joern Wuebker | Hermann Ney | Richard Zens

Pdf Export Search Head-Driven Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation
[P12-2007]: Junhui Li | Zhaopeng Tu | Guodong Zhou | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Joint Learning of a Dual SMT System for Paraphrase Generation
[P12-2008]: Hong Sun | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search A Novel Burst-based Text Representation Model for Scalable Event Detection
[P12-2009]: Xin Zhao | Rishan Chen | Kai Fan | Hongfei Yan | Xiaoming Li

Pdf Export Search A Graph-based Cross-lingual Projection Approach for Weakly Supervised Relation Extraction
[P12-2010]: Seokhwan Kim | Gary Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search Pattern Learning for Relation Extraction with a Hierarchical Topic Model
[P12-2011]: Enrique Alfonseca | Katja Filippova | Jean-Yves Delort | Guillermo Garrido

Pdf Export Search Self-Disclosure and Relationship Strength in Twitter Conversations
[P12-2012]: JinYeong Bak | Suin Kim | Alice Oh

Pdf Export Search Genre Independent Subgroup Detection in Online Discussion Threads: A Study of Implicit Attitude using Textual Latent Semantics
[P12-2013]: Pradeep Dasigi | Weiwei Guo | Mona Diab

Pdf Export Search Learning to Temporally Order Medical Events in Clinical Text
[P12-2014]: Preethi Raghavan | Albert Lai | Eric Fosler-Lussier

Pdf Export Search A Context-sensitive, Multi-faceted Model of Lexico-Conceptual Affect
[P12-2015]: Tony Veale

Pdf Export Search Decoding Running Key Ciphers
[P12-2016]: Sravana Reddy | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Using Rejuvenation to Improve Particle Filtering for Bayesian Word Segmentation
[P12-2017]: Benjamin Börschinger | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Baselines and Bigrams: Simple, Good Sentiment and Topic Classification
[P12-2018]: Sida Wang | Christopher Manning

Pdf Export Search Automatically Learning Measures of Child Language Development
[P12-2019]: Sam Sahakian | Benjamin Snyder

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study of Target Dependency Structures for Statistical Machine Translation
[P12-2020]: Xianchao Wu | Katsuhito Sudoh | Kevin Duh | Hajime Tsukada | Masaaki Nagata

Pdf Export Search Robust Conversion of CCG Derivations to Phrase Structure Trees
[P12-2021]: Jonathan K. Kummerfeld | Dan Klein | James R. Curran

Pdf Export Search Estimating Compact Yet Rich Tree Insertion Grammars
[P12-2022]: Elif Yamangil | Stuart Shieber

Pdf Export Search Topic Models for Dynamic Translation Model Adaptation
[P12-2023]: Vladimir Eidelman | Jordan Boyd-Graber | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search Detecting Semantic Equivalence and Information Disparity in Cross-lingual Documents
[P12-2024]: Yashar Mehdad | Matteo Negri | Marcello Federico

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Parse Disambiguation based on Semantic Correspondence
[P12-2025]: Lea Frermann | Francis Bond

Pdf Export Search Learning to Find Translations and Transliterations on the Web
[P12-2026]: Joseph Z. Chang | Jason S. Chang | Roger Jyh-Shing Jang

Pdf Export Search Beefmoves: Dissemination, Diversity, and Dynamics of English Borrowings in a German Hip Hop Forum
[P12-2027]: Matt Garley | Julia Hockenmaier

Pdf Export Search Learning the Latent Semantics of a Concept from its Definition
[P12-2028]: Weiwei Guo | Mona Diab

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Semantic Role Induction with Global Role Ordering
[P12-2029]: Nikhil Garg | James Henderson

Pdf Export Search Humor as Circuits in Semantic Networks
[P12-2030]: Igor Labutov | Hod Lipson

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing Inference-Rule Evaluation
[P12-2031]: Naomi Zeichner | Jonathan Berant | Ido Dagan

Pdf Export Search A Comprehensive Gold Standard for the Enron Organizational Hierarchy
[P12-2032]: Apoorv Agarwal | Adinoyi Omuya | Aaron Harnly | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search A Two-step Approach to Sentence Compression of Spoken Utterances
[P12-2033]: Dong Wang | Xian Qian | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Stylometry for Deception Detection
[P12-2034]: Song Feng | Ritwik Banerjee | Yejin Choi

Pdf Export Search Transforming Standard Arabic to Colloquial Arabic
[P12-2035]: Emad Mohamed | Behrang Mohit | Kemal Oflazer

Pdf Export Search Corpus-based Interpretation of Instructions in Virtual Environments
[P12-2036]: Luciana Benotti | Martin Villalba | Tessa Lau | Julian Cerruti

Pdf Export Search Automatically Mining Question Reformulation Patterns from Search Log Data
[P12-2037]: Xiaobing Xue | Yu Tao | Daxin Jiang | Hang Li

Pdf Export Search Native Language Detection with Tree Substitution Grammars
[P12-2038]: Benjamin Swanson | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Tense and Aspect Error Correction for ESL Learners Using Global Context
[P12-2039]: Toshikazu Tajiri | Mamoru Komachi | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Movie-DiC: a Movie Dialogue Corpus for Research and Development
[P12-2040]: Rafael E. Banchs

Pdf Export Search Combining Textual Entailment and Argumentation Theory for Supporting Online Debates Interactions
[P12-2041]: Elena Cabrio | Serena Villata

Pdf Export Search Towards the Unsupervised Acquisition of Discourse Relations
[P12-2042]: Christian Chiarcos

Pdf Export Search Arabic Retrieval Revisited: Morphological Hole Filling
[P12-2043]: Kareem Darwish | Ahmed Ali

Pdf Export Search Extracting and modeling durations for habits and events from Twitter
[P12-2044]: Jennifer Williams | Graham Katz

Pdf Export Search Event Linking: Grounding Event Reference in a News Archive
[P12-2045]: Joel Nothman | Matthew Honnibal | Ben Hachey | James R. Curran

Pdf Export Search Coupling Label Propagation and Constraints for Temporal Fact Extraction
[P12-2046]: Yafang Wang | Maximilian Dylla | Marc Spaniol | Gerhard Weikum

Pdf Export Search Using Search-Logs to Improve Query Tagging
[P12-2047]: Kuzman Ganchev | Keith Hall | Ryan McDonald | Slav Petrov

Pdf Export Search Toward Automatically Assembling Hittite-Language Cuneiform Tablet Fragments into Larger Texts
[P12-2048]: Stephen Tyndall

Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Textual Revisions in Second Language Writing
[P12-2049]: John Lee | Jonathan Webster

Pdf Export Search Coarse Lexical Semantic Annotation with Supersenses: An Arabic Case Study
[P12-2050]: Nathan Schneider | Behrang Mohit | Kemal Oflazer | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Word Epoch Disambiguation: Finding How Words Change Over Time
[P12-2051]: Rada Mihalcea | Vivi Nastase

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Authorship Attribution with Author-aware Topic Models
[P12-2052]: Yanir Seroussi | Fabian Bohnert | Ingrid Zukerman

Pdf Export Search Information-theoretic Multi-view Domain Adaptation
[P12-2053]: Pei Yang | Wei Gao | Qi Tan | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Efficient Tree-Based Topic Modeling
[P12-2054]: Yuening Hu | Jordan Boyd-Graber

Pdf Export Search Learning Better Rule Extraction with Translation Span Alignment
[P12-2055]: Jingbo Zhu | Tong Xiao | Chunliang Zhang

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Statistical Machine Translation with Character Alignment
[P12-2056]: Ning Xi | Guangchao Tang | Xinyu Dai | Shujian Huang | Jiajun Chen

Pdf Export Search Translation Model Size Reduction for Hierarchical Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation
[P12-2057]: Seung-Wook Lee | Dongdong Zhang | Mu Li | Ming Zhou | Hae-Chang Rim

Pdf Export Search Heuristic Cube Pruning in Linear Time
[P12-2058]: Andrea Gesmundo | Giorgio Satta | James Henderson

Pdf Export Search Combining Word-Level and Character-Level Models for Machine Translation Between Closely-Related Languages
[P12-2059]: Preslav Nakov | Jörg Tiedemann

Pdf Export Search Improving the IBM Alignment Models Using Variational Bayes
[P12-2060]: Darcey Riley | Daniel Gildea

Pdf Export Search Post-ordering by Parsing for Japanese-English Statistical Machine Translation
[P12-2061]: Isao Goto | Masao Utiyama | Eiichiro Sumita

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search An Exploration of Forest-to-String Translation: Does Translation Help or Hurt Parsing?
[P12-2062]: Hui Zhang | David Chiang

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Morphology Rivals Supervised Morphology for Arabic MT
[P12-2063]: David Stallard | Jacob Devlin | Michael Kayser | Yoong Keok Lee | Regina Barzilay

Pdf Export Search A Meta Learning Approach to Grammatical Error Correction
[P12-2064]: Hongsuck Seo | Jonghoon Lee | Seokhwan Kim | Kyusong Lee | Sechun Kang | Gary Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search Fine Granular Aspect Analysis using Latent Structural Models
[P12-2065]: Lei Fang | Minlie Huang

Pdf Export Search Identifying High-Impact Sub-Structures for Convolution Kernels in Document-level Sentiment Classification
[P12-2066]: Zhaopeng Tu | Yifan He | Jennifer Foster | Josef van Genabith | Qun Liu | Shouxun Lin

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Latent Information to Predict Diffusions of Novel Topics on Social Networks
[P12-2067]: Tsung-Ting Kuo | San-Chuan Hung | Wei-Shih Lin | Nanyun Peng | Shou-De Lin | Wei-Fen Lin

Pdf Export Search Sentence Compression with Semantic Role Constraints
[P12-2068]: Katsumasa Yoshikawa | Ryu Iida | Tsutomu Hirao | Manabu Okumura

Pdf Export Search Fully Abstractive Approach to Guided Summarization
[P12-2069]: Pierre-Etienne Genest | Guy Lapalme

Pdf Export Search Assessing the Effect of Inconsistent Assessors on Summarization Evaluation
[P12-2070]: Karolina Owczarzak | Peter A. Rankel | Hoa Trang Dang | John M. Conroy

Pdf Export Search Fast and Robust Part-of-Speech Tagging Using Dynamic Model Selection
[P12-2071]: Jinho D. Choi | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search Lemmatisation as a Tagging Task
[P12-2072]: Andrea Gesmundo | Tanja Samardzic

Pdf Export Search How Are Spelling Errors Generated and Corrected? A Study of Corrected and Uncorrected Spelling Errors Using Keystroke Logs
[P12-2073]: Yukino Baba | Hisami Suzuki

Pdf Export Search Tokenization: Returning to a Long Solved Problem — A Survey, Contrastive Experiment, Recommendations, and Toolkit —
[P12-2074]: Rebecca Dridan | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search Unsupervized Word Segmentation: the Case for Mandarin Chinese
[P12-2075]: Pierre Magistry | Benoît Sagot

Pdf Export Search Grammar Error Correction Using Pseudo-Error Sentences and Domain Adaptation
[P12-2076]: Kenji Imamura | Kuniko Saito | Kugatsu Sadamitsu | Hitoshi Nishikawa