Iryna Gurevych | Yusuke Miyao  
Melbourne, Australia 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers)
[P18-1000]: Yusuke Miyao | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Presentation Probabilistic FastText for Multi-Sense Word Embeddings
[P18-1001]: Ben Athiwaratkun | Andrew Wilson | Anima Anandkumar

Pdf Export Search Presentation A La Carte Embedding: Cheap but Effective Induction of Semantic Feature Vectors
[P18-1002]: Mikhail Khodak | Nikunj Saunshi | Yingyu Liang | Tengyu Ma | Brandon Stewart | Sanjeev Arora

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Distributional Relation Vectors
[P18-1003]: Shoaib Jameel | Steven Schockaert | Zied Bouraoui

Pdf Export Search Software Presentation Explicit Retrofitting of Distributional Word Vectors
[P18-1004]: Ivan Vulić | Goran Glavaš

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation with Weight Sharing
[P18-1005]: Bo Xu | Zhen Yang | Wei Chen | Feng Wang

Pdf Export Search Triangular Architecture for Rare Language Translation
[P18-1006]: Ming Zhou | Shujie Liu | Mu Li | Wenhu Chen | Shuo Ren | Shuai Ma

Pdf Export Search Subword Regularization: Improving Neural Network Translation Models with Multiple Subword Candidates
[P18-1007]: Taku Kudo

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Recent Advances in Neural Machine Translation
[P18-1008]: George Foster | Ashish Vaswani | Jakob Uszkoreit | Wolfgang Macherey | Lukasz Kaiser | Orhan Firat | Llion Jones | Mia Xu Chen | Ankur Bapna | Melvin Johnson | Mike Schuster | Noam Shazeer | Niki Parmar | Zhifeng Chen | Yonghui Wu | Macduff Hughes

Pdf Export Search Presentation Ultra-Fine Entity Typing
[P18-1009]: Omer Levy | Luke Zettlemoyer | Yejin Choi | Eunsol Choi

Pdf Export Search Note Hierarchical Losses and New Resources for Fine-grained Entity Typing and Linking
[P18-1010]: Andrew McCallum | Patrick Verga | Luke Vilnis | Shikhar Murty | Irena Radovanovic

Pdf Export Search Software Presentation Note Improving Knowledge Graph Embedding Using Simple Constraints
[P18-1011]: Bin Wang | Quan Wang | Li Guo | Boyang Ding

Pdf Export Search Software Presentation Note Towards Understanding the Geometry of Knowledge Graph Embeddings
[P18-1012]: Partha Talukdar | Aditya Sharma | Chandrahas -

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note A Unified Model for Extractive and Abstractive Summarization using Inconsistency Loss
[P18-1013]: Wan-Ting Hsu | Chieh-Kai Lin | Ming-Ying Lee | Kerui Min | Jing Tang | Min Sun

Pdf Export Search Extractive Summarization with SWAP-NET: Sentences and Words from Alternating Pointer Networks
[P18-1014]: Aishwarya Jadhav | Vaibhav Rajan

Pdf Export Search Presentation Retrieve, Rerank and Rewrite: Soft Template Based Neural Summarization
[P18-1015]: Wenjie Li | Furu Wei | Sujian Li | Ziqiang Cao

Pdf Export Search Presentation Simple and Effective Text Simplification Using Semantic and Neural Methods
[P18-1016]: Omri Abend | Ari Rappoport | Elior Sulem

Pdf Export Search Presentation Obtaining Reliable Human Ratings of Valence, Arousal, and Dominance for 20,000 English Words
[P18-1017]: Saif Mohammad

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Comprehensive Supersense Disambiguation of English Prepositions and Possessives
[P18-1018]: Omri Abend | Nathan Schneider | Vivek Srikumar | Jena D. Hwang | Jakob Prange | Austin Blodgett | Sarah R. Moeller | Aviram Stern | Adi Bitan

Pdf Export Search Note A Corpus with Multi-Level Annotations of Patients, Interventions and Outcomes to Support Language Processing for Medical Literature
[P18-1019]: Ani Nenkova | Junyi Jessy Li | Yinfei Yang | Iain Marshall | Byron Wallace | Benjamin Nye | Roma Patel

Pdf Export Search Efficient Online Scalar Annotation with Bounded Support
[P18-1020]: Benjamin Van Durme | Keisuke Sakaguchi

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Neural Argument Generation Augmented with Externally Retrieved Evidence
[P18-1021]: Lu Wang | Xinyu Hua

Pdf Export Search Presentation A Stylometric Inquiry into Hyperpartisan and Fake News
[P18-1022]: Benno Stein | Martin Potthast | Johannes Kiesel | Kevin Reinartz | Janek Bevendorff

Pdf Export Search Note Retrieval of the Best Counterargument without Prior Topic Knowledge
[P18-1023]: Henning Wachsmuth | Benno Stein | Shahbaz Syed

Pdf Export Search Poster Note LinkNBed: Multi-Graph Representation Learning with Entity Linkage
[P18-1024]: Christos Faloutsos | Rakshit Trivedi | Bunyamin Sisman | Xin Luna Dong | Jun Ma | Hongyuan Zha

Pdf Export Search Note Probabilistic Embedding of Knowledge Graphs with Box Lattice Measures
[P18-1025]: Andrew McCallum | Xiang Li | Luke Vilnis | Shikhar Murty

Pdf Export Search Poster Graph-to-Sequence Learning using Gated Graph Neural Networks
[P18-1026]: Trevor Cohn | Gholamreza Haffari | Daniel Beck

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Sharp Nearby, Fuzzy Far Away: How Neural Language Models Use Context
[P18-1027]: Dan Jurafsky | He He | Peng Qi | Urvashi Khandelwal

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Bridging CNNs, RNNs, and Weighted Finite-State Machines
[P18-1028]: Noah A. Smith | Roy Schwartz | Sam Thomson

Pdf Export Search Poster Zero-shot Learning of Classifiers from Natural Language Quantification
[P18-1029]: Tom Mitchell | Shashank Srivastava | Igor Labutov

Pdf Export Search Poster Sentence-State LSTM for Text Representation
[P18-1030]: Yue Zhang | Qi Liu | Linfeng Song

Pdf Export Search Poster Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification
[P18-1031]: Sebastian Ruder | Jeremy Howard

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Evaluating neural network explanation methods using hybrid documents and morphosyntactic agreement
[P18-1032]: Hinrich Schütze | Benjamin Roth | Nina Poerner

Pdf Export Search Poster Improving Text-to-SQL Evaluation Methodology
[P18-1033]: Dragomir Radev | Jonathan K. Kummerfeld | Li Zhang | Rui Zhang | Catherine Finegan-Dollak | Karthik Ramanathan | Sesh Sadasivam

Pdf Export Search Semantic Parsing with Syntax- and Table-Aware SQL Generation
[P18-1034]: Ming Zhou | Guihong Cao | Ting Liu | Nan Duan | Duyu Tang | Bing Qin | Xiaocheng Feng | Yibo Sun | Jianshu Ji

Pdf Export Search Software Poster Note Multitask Parsing Across Semantic Representations
[P18-1035]: Omri Abend | Ari Rappoport | Daniel Hershcovich

Pdf Export Search Poster Character-Level Models versus Morphology in Semantic Role Labeling
[P18-1036]: Mark Steedman | Gozde Gul Sahin

Pdf Export Search Poster Note AMR Parsing as Graph Prediction with Latent Alignment
[P18-1037]: Ivan Titov | Chunchuan Lyu

Pdf Export Search Software Poster Accurate SHRG-Based Semantic Parsing
[P18-1038]: Weiwei Sun | Xiaojun Wan | Yufei Chen

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Using Intermediate Representations to Solve Math Word Problems
[P18-1039]: Chin-Yew Lin | Danqing Huang | Jian Yin | Qingyu Zhou | Jin-Ge Yao

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Discourse Representation Structure Parsing
[P18-1040]: Mirella Lapata | Shay B. Cohen | Jiangming Liu

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Baseline Needs More Love: On Simple Word-Embedding-Based Models and Associated Pooling Mechanisms
[P18-1041]: Ricardo Henao | Chunyuan Li | Lawrence Carin | Qinliang Su | Dinghan Shen | Guoyin Wang | Wenlin Wang | Martin Renqiang Min | Yizhe Zhang

Pdf Export Search Note ParaNMT-50M: Pushing the Limits of Paraphrastic Sentence Embeddings with Millions of Machine Translations
[P18-1042]: Kevin Gimpel | John Wieting

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Event2Mind: Commonsense Inference on Events, Intents, and Reactions
[P18-1043]: Noah A. Smith | Yejin Choi | Maarten Sap | Hannah Rashkin | Emily Allaway

Pdf Export Search Poster Neural Adversarial Training for Semi-supervised Japanese Predicate-argument Structure Analysis
[P18-1044]: Sadao Kurohashi | Daisuke Kawahara | Shuhei Kurita

Pdf Export Search Poster Improving Event Coreference Resolution by Modeling Correlations between Event Coreference Chains and Document Topic Structures
[P18-1045]: Ruihong Huang | Prafulla Kumar Choubey

Pdf Export Search Poster DSGAN: Generative Adversarial Training for Distant Supervision Relation Extraction
[P18-1046]: William Yang Wang | Weiran XU | Pengda Qin

Pdf Export Search Poster Extracting Relational Facts by an End-to-End Neural Model with Copy Mechanism
[P18-1047]: Kang Liu | Jun Zhao | Daojian Zeng | Shizhu He | Xiangrong Zeng

Pdf Export Search Poster Self-regulation: Employing a Generative Adversarial Network to Improve Event Detection
[P18-1048]: Guodong Zhou | Qiaoming Zhu | Yu Hong | Wenxuan Zhou | Jingli Zhang

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Context-Aware Neural Model for Temporal Information Extraction
[P18-1049]: Anna Rumshisky | Yuanliang Meng

Pdf Export Search Poster Temporal Event Knowledge Acquisition via Identifying Narratives
[P18-1050]: Ruihong Huang | Wenlin Yao

Pdf Export Search Poster Textual Deconvolution Saliency (TDS) : a deep tool box for linguistic analysis
[P18-1051]: Laurent Vanni | Mélanie Ducoffe | Carlos Aguilar | Frederic Precioso | Damon Mayaffre

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Coherence Modeling of Asynchronous Conversations: A Neural Entity Grid Approach
[P18-1052]: Shafiq Joty | Dat Tien Nguyen | Muhammad Tasnim Mohiuddin

Pdf Export Search Poster Deep Reinforcement Learning for Chinese Zero Pronoun Resolution
[P18-1053]: Ting Liu | William Yang Wang | Yu Zhang | Qingyu Yin | Wei-Nan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Poster Entity-Centric Joint Modeling of Japanese Coreference Resolution and Predicate Argument Structure Analysis
[P18-1054]: Sadao Kurohashi | Tomohide Shibata

Pdf Export Search Poster Constraining MGbank: Agreement, L-Selection and Supertagging in Minimalist Grammars
[P18-1055]: John Torr

Pdf Export Search Poster Not that much power: Linguistic alignment is influenced more by low-level linguistic features rather than social power
[P18-1056]: Yang Xu | David Reitter | Jeremy Cole

Pdf Export Search Poster TutorialBank: A Manually-Collected Corpus for Prerequisite Chains, Survey Extraction and Resource Recommendation
[P18-1057]: Dragomir Radev | Alexander Fabbri | Irene Li | Prawat Trairatvorakul | Yijiao He | Weitai Ting | Robert Tung | Caitlin Westerfield

Pdf Export Search Poster Give Me More Feedback: Annotating Argument Persuasiveness and Related Attributes in Student Essays
[P18-1058]: Vincent Ng | Winston Carlile | Nishant Gurrapadi | Zixuan Ke

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Inherent Biases in Reference-based Evaluation for Grammatical Error Correction
[P18-1059]: Omri Abend | Leshem Choshen

Pdf Export Search Poster Note The price of debiasing automatic metrics in natural language evalaution
[P18-1060]: Percy Liang | Arun Chaganty | Stephen Mussmann

Pdf Export Search Poster Neural Document Summarization by Jointly Learning to Score and Select Sentences
[P18-1061]: Tiejun Zhao | Ming Zhou | Furu Wei | Nan Yang | Shaohan Huang | Qingyu Zhou

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Unsupervised Abstractive Meeting Summarization with Multi-Sentence Compression and Budgeted Submodular Maximization
[P18-1062]: Michalis Vazirgiannis | Antoine Tixier | Polykarpos Meladianos | Guokan Shang | Wensi Ding | Zekun Zhang | Jean-Pierre Lorré

Pdf Export Search Note Fast Abstractive Summarization with Reinforce-Selected Sentence Rewriting
[P18-1063]: Mohit Bansal | Yen-Chun Chen

Pdf Export Search Note Soft Layer-Specific Multi-Task Summarization with Entailment and Question Generation
[P18-1064]: Mohit Bansal | Han Guo | Ramakanth Pasunuru

Pdf Export Search Modeling and Prediction of Online Product Review Helpfulness: A Survey
[P18-1065]: Vincent Ng | Gerardo Ocampo Diaz

Pdf Export Search Poster Mining Cross-Cultural Differences and Similarities in Social Media
[P18-1066]: Seung-won Hwang | Kenny Zhu | Bill Yuchen Lin | Frank F. Xu

Pdf Export Search Classification of Moral Foundations in Microblog Political Discourse
[P18-1067]: Kristen Johnson | Dan Goldwasser

Pdf Export Search Presentation Coarse-to-Fine Decoding for Neural Semantic Parsing
[P18-1068]: Mirella Lapata | Li Dong

Pdf Export Search Presentation Confidence Modeling for Neural Semantic Parsing
[P18-1069]: Chris Quirk | Mirella Lapata | Li Dong

Pdf Export Search Note StructVAE: Tree-structured Latent Variable Models for Semi-supervised Semantic Parsing
[P18-1070]: Graham Neubig | Chunting Zhou | Pengcheng Yin | Junxian He

Pdf Export Search Presentation Sequence-to-Action: End-to-End Semantic Graph Generation for Semantic Parsing
[P18-1071]: Le Sun | Xianpei Han | Bo Chen

Pdf Export Search Presentation On the Limitations of Unsupervised Bilingual Dictionary Induction
[P18-1072]: Anders Søgaard | Ivan Vulić | Sebastian Ruder

Pdf Export Search Presentation A robust self-learning method for fully unsupervised cross-lingual mappings of word embeddings
[P18-1073]: Eneko Agirre | Gorka Labaka | Mikel Artetxe

Pdf Export Search Presentation A Multi-lingual Multi-task Architecture for Low-resource Sequence Labeling
[P18-1074]: Veselin Stoyanov | Heng Ji | Ying Lin | Shengqi Yang

Pdf Export Search Presentation Two Methods for Domain Adaptation of Bilingual Tasks: Delightfully Simple and Broadly Applicable
[P18-1075]: Hinrich Schütze | Fabienne Braune | Alexander Fraser | Viktor Hangya

Pdf Export Search Note Knowledgeable Reader: Enhancing Cloze-Style Reading Comprehension with External Commonsense Knowledge
[P18-1076]: Anette Frank | Todor Mihaylov

Pdf Export Search Multi-Relational Question Answering from Narratives: Machine Reading and Reasoning in Simulated Worlds
[P18-1077]: Bishan Yang | Igor Labutov | Anusha Prakash | Amos Azaria

Pdf Export Search Presentation Simple and Effective Multi-Paragraph Reading Comprehension
[P18-1078]: Matt Gardner | Christopher Clark

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Semantically Equivalent Adversarial Rules for Debugging NLP models
[P18-1079]: Sameer Singh | Carlos Guestrin | Marco Tulio Ribeiro

Pdf Export Search Note Style Transfer Through Back-Translation
[P18-1080]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Ruslan Salakhutdinov | Alan W Black | Shrimai Prabhumoye

Pdf Export Search Presentation Generating Fine-Grained Open Vocabulary Entity Type Descriptions
[P18-1081]: Gerard de Melo | Rajarshi Bhowmik

Pdf Export Search Note Hierarchical Neural Story Generation
[P18-1082]: Mike Lewis | Yann Dauphin | Angela Fan

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note No Metrics Are Perfect: Adversarial Reward Learning for Visual Storytelling
[P18-1083]: William Yang Wang | Xin Wang | Wenhu Chen | Yuan-Fang Wang

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Bridging Languages through Images with Deep Partial Canonical Correlation Analysis
[P18-1084]: Roi Reichart | Ivan Vulić | Guy Rotman

Pdf Export Search Note Illustrative Language Understanding: Large-Scale Visual Grounding with Image Search
[P18-1085]: Jamie Kiros | William Chan | Geoffrey Hinton

Pdf Export Search Presentation What Action Causes This? Towards Naive Physical Action-Effect Prediction
[P18-1086]: Lucy Vanderwende | Joyce Chai | Shaohua Yang | Qiaozi Gao

Pdf Export Search Presentation Transformation Networks for Target-Oriented Sentiment Classification
[P18-1087]: Wai Lam | Xin Li | Bei Shi | Lidong Bing

Pdf Export Search Target-Sensitive Memory Networks for Aspect Sentiment Classification
[P18-1088]: Bing Liu | Yi Chang | Shuai Wang | Sahisnu Mazumder | Mianwei Zhou

Pdf Export Search Presentation Identifying Transferable Information Across Domains for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification
[P18-1089]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Sandipan Dandapat | Raksha Sharma | Himanshu Sharad Bhatt

Pdf Export Search Presentation Unpaired Sentiment-to-Sentiment Translation: A Cycled Reinforcement Learning Approach
[P18-1090]: Wenjie Li | Houfeng Wang | Xuancheng Ren | Xiaodong Zhang | Jingjing Xu | Xu SUN | Qi Zeng

Pdf Export Search Presentation Discourse Marker Augmented Network with Reinforcement Learning for Natural Language Inference
[P18-1091]: Zhou Zhao | Yueting Zhuang | Deng Cai | Boyuan Pan | Yazheng Yang | Xiaofei He

Pdf Export Search Presentation Working Memory Networks: Augmenting Memory Networks with a Relational Reasoning Module
[P18-1092]: Juan Pavez | Hector Alllende | Hector Allende-Cid

Pdf Export Search Presentation Reasoning with Sarcasm by Reading In-Between
[P18-1093]: Jian Su | Yi Tay | Siu Cheung Hui | Anh Tuan Luu

Pdf Export Search Presentation Adversarial Contrastive Estimation
[P18-1094]: Avishek Joey Bose | Yanshuai Cao | Huan Ling

Pdf Export Search Adaptive Scaling for Sparse Detection in Information Extraction
[P18-1095]: Le Sun | Xianpei Han | Yaojie Lu | Hongyu Lin

Pdf Export Search Presentation Strong Baselines for Neural Semi-Supervised Learning under Domain Shift
[P18-1096]: Barbara Plank | Sebastian Ruder

Pdf Export Search Note Fluency Boost Learning and Inference for Neural Grammatical Error Correction
[P18-1097]: Ming Zhou | Furu Wei | Tao Ge

Pdf Export Search A Neural Architecture for Automated ICD Coding
[P18-1098]: Eric Xing | Pengtao Xie

Pdf Export Search Presentation Domain Adaptation with Adversarial Training and Graph Embeddings
[P18-1099]: Shafiq Joty | Firoj Alam | Muhammad Imran

Pdf Export Search Presentation TDNN: A Two-stage Deep Neural Network for Prompt-independent Automated Essay Scoring
[P18-1100]: Le Sun | Ben He | Kai Hui | Cancan Jin

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Unsupervised Discrete Sentence Representation Learning for Interpretable Neural Dialog Generation
[P18-1101]: Maxine Eskenazi | Kyusong Lee | Tiancheng Zhao

Pdf Export Search Presentation Learning to Control the Specificity in Neural Response Generation
[P18-1102]: Xueqi Cheng | Jun Xu | Jiafeng Guo | Yanyan Lan | Ruqing Zhang | Yixing Fan

Pdf Export Search Software Presentation Multi-Turn Response Selection for Chatbots with Deep Attention Matching Network
[P18-1103]: Hua Wu | Yi Liu | Ying Chen | Wayne Xin Zhao | Daxiang Dong | Dianhai Yu | Xiangyang Zhou | Lu Li

Pdf Export Search Note MojiTalk: Generating Emotional Responses at Scale
[P18-1104]: William Yang Wang | Xianda Zhou

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Taylor’s law for Human Linguistic Sequences
[P18-1105]: Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii | Tatsuru Kobayashi

Pdf Export Search Software Presentation A Framework for Representing Language Acquisition in a Population Setting
[P18-1106]: Jordan Kodner | Christopher Cerezo Falco

Pdf Export Search Note Prefix Lexicalization of Synchronous CFGs using Synchronous TAG
[P18-1107]: Anoop Sarkar | Logan Born

Pdf Export Search Presentation Straight to the Tree: Constituency Parsing with Neural Syntactic Distance
[P18-1108]: Yoshua Bengio | Alessandro Sordoni | Aaron Courville | Yikang Shen | Zhouhan Lin | Athul Paul Jacob

Pdf Export Search Note Gaussian Mixture Latent Vector Grammars
[P18-1109]: Kewei Tu | Yanpeng Zhao | Liwen Zhang

Pdf Export Search Presentation Extending a Parser to Distant Domains Using a Few Dozen Partially Annotated Examples
[P18-1110]: Mark Hopkins | Vidur Joshi | Matthew Peters

Pdf Export Search Presentation Paraphrase to Explicate: Revealing Implicit Noun-Compound Relations
[P18-1111]: Ido Dagan | Vered Shwartz

Pdf Export Search Presentation Searching for the X-Factor: Exploring Corpus Subjectivity for Word Embeddings
[P18-1112]: Maksim Tkachenko | Hady Lauw | Chong Cher Chia

Pdf Export Search Presentation Word Embedding and WordNet Based Metaphor Identification and Interpretation
[P18-1113]: Chenghua Lin | Rui Mao | Frank Guerin

Pdf Export Search Presentation Incorporating Latent Meanings of Morphological Compositions to Enhance Word Embeddings
[P18-1114]: Yang Xu | Wei Yang | Jiawei Liu | Liusheng Huang

Pdf Export Search Note A Stochastic Decoder for Neural Machine Translation
[P18-1115]: Trevor Cohn | Philip Schulz | Wilker Aziz

Pdf Export Search Presentation Forest-Based Neural Machine Translation
[P18-1116]: Eiichiro Sumita | Masao Utiyama | Tiejun Zhao | Akihiro Tamura | Chunpeng Ma

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Context-Aware Neural Machine Translation Learns Anaphora Resolution
[P18-1117]: Ivan Titov | Rico Sennrich | Pavel Serdyukov | Elena Voita

Pdf Export Search Presentation Document Context Neural Machine Translation with Memory Networks
[P18-1118]: Gholamreza Haffari | Sameen Maruf

Pdf Export Search Presentation Which Melbourne? Augmenting Geocoding with Maps
[P18-1119]: Nigel Collier | Mohammad Taher Pilehvar | Milan Gritta

Pdf Export Search Learning Prototypical Goal Activities for Locations
[P18-1120]: Ellen Riloff | Tianyu Jiang

Pdf Export Search Guess Me if You Can: Acronym Disambiguation for Enterprises
[P18-1121]: Yang Li | Fangbo Tao | Ariel Fuxman | Bo Zhao

Pdf Export Search Presentation A Multi-Axis Annotation Scheme for Event Temporal Relations
[P18-1122]: Dan Roth | Hao Wu | Qiang Ning

Pdf Export Search Presentation Exemplar Encoder-Decoder for Neural Conversation Generation
[P18-1123]: Danish Contractor | Vineet Kumar | Sachindra Joshi | Gaurav Pandey

Pdf Export Search DialSQL: Dialogue Based Structured Query Generation
[P18-1124]: Semih Yavuz | Izzeddin Gur | Yu Su | Xifeng Yan

Pdf Export Search Conversations Gone Awry: Detecting Early Signs of Conversational Failure
[P18-1125]: Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil | Justine Zhang | Jonathan Chang | Lucas Dixon | Yiqing Hua | Dario Taraborelli | Nithum Thain

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Are BLEU and Meaning Representation in Opposition?
[P18-1126]: Ondřej Bojar | Ondřej Cífka

Pdf Export Search Presentation Automatic Metric Validation for Grammatical Error Correction
[P18-1127]: Omri Abend | Leshem Choshen

Pdf Export Search Presentation The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Testing Statistical Significance in Natural Language Processing
[P18-1128]: Roi Reichart | Rotem Dror | Gili Baumer | Segev Shlomov

Pdf Export Search Presentation Distilling Knowledge for Search-based Structured Prediction
[P18-1129]: Ting Liu | Wanxiang Che | Bing Qin | Yijia Liu | Huaipeng Zhao

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Stack-Pointer Networks for Dependency Parsing
[P18-1130]: Eduard Hovy | Xuezhe Ma | Graham Neubig | Nanyun Peng | Zecong Hu | Jingzhou Liu

Pdf Export Search Twitter Universal Dependency Parsing for African-American and Mainstream American English
[P18-1131]: Brendan O’Connor | Su Lin Blodgett | Johnny Wei

Pdf Export Search Presentation LSTMs Can Learn Syntax-Sensitive Dependencies Well, But Modeling Structure Makes Them Better
[P18-1132]: Stephen Clark | Chris Dyer | Phil Blunsom | Dani Yogatama | Adhiguna Kuncoro | John Hale

Pdf Export Search Poster Sequicity: Simplifying Task-oriented Dialogue Systems with Single Sequence-to-Sequence Architectures
[P18-1133]: Min-Yen Kan | Xiangnan He | Wenqiang Lei | Xisen Jin | Zhaochun Ren | Dawei Yin

Pdf Export Search An End-to-end Approach for Handling Unknown Slot Values in Dialogue State Tracking
[P18-1134]: Puyang Xu | Qi Hu

Pdf Export Search Poster Global-Locally Self-Attentive Encoder for Dialogue State Tracking
[P18-1135]: Richard Socher | Victor Zhong | Caiming Xiong

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Mem2Seq: Effectively Incorporating Knowledge Bases into End-to-End Task-Oriented Dialog Systems
[P18-1136]: Pascale Fung | Chien-Sheng Wu | Andrea Madotto

Pdf Export Search Poster Tailored Sequence to Sequence Models to Different Conversation Scenarios
[P18-1137]: Xueqi Cheng | Jun Xu | Jiafeng Guo | Yanyan Lan | Hainan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Poster Knowledge Diffusion for Neural Dialogue Generation
[P18-1138]: Qun Liu | Yang Feng | Hongshen Chen | Zhaochun Ren | Dawei Yin | Shuman Liu

Pdf Export Search Poster Generating Informative Responses with Controlled Sentence Function
[P18-1139]: Xiaoyan Zhu | Minlie Huang | Pei Ke | Jian Guan

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Sentiment Adaptive End-to-End Dialog Systems
[P18-1140]: Weiyan Shi | Zhou Yu

Pdf Export Search Poster Embedding Learning Through Multilingual Concept Induction
[P18-1141]: Hinrich Schütze | Alexander Fraser | Philipp Dufter | Mengjie Zhao | Martin Schmitt

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Isomorphic Transfer of Syntactic Structures in Cross-Lingual NLP
[P18-1142]: Roi Reichart | Anna Korhonen | Ivan Vulić | Edoardo Maria Ponti

Pdf Export Search Poster Language Modeling for Code-Mixing: The Role of Linguistic Theory based Synthetic Data
[P18-1143]: Monojit Choudhury | Sandipan Dandapat | Kalika Bali | Sunayana Sitaram | Adithya Pratapa | Gayatri Bhat

Pdf Export Search Poster Chinese NER Using Lattice LSTM
[P18-1144]: Yue Zhang | Jie Yang

Pdf Export Search Poster Nugget Proposal Networks for Chinese Event Detection
[P18-1145]: Le Sun | Xianpei Han | Yaojie Lu | Hongyu Lin

Pdf Export Search Poster Higher-order Relation Schema Induction using Tensor Factorization with Back-off and Aggregation
[P18-1146]: Manish Gupta | Partha Talukdar | Madhav Nimishakavi

Pdf Export Search Poster Discovering Implicit Knowledge with Unary Relations
[P18-1147]: Alfio Gliozzo | Michael Glass

Pdf Export Search Poster Improving Entity Linking by Modeling Latent Relations between Mentions
[P18-1148]: Ivan Titov | Phong Le

Pdf Export Search Poster Dating Documents using Graph Convolution Networks
[P18-1149]: Partha Talukdar | Shikhar Vashishth | Shib Sankar Dasgupta | Swayambhu Nath Ray

Pdf Export Search Poster A Graph-to-Sequence Model for AMR-to-Text Generation
[P18-1150]: Daniel Gildea | Zhiguo Wang | Yue Zhang | Linfeng Song

Pdf Export Search Poster GTR-LSTM: A Triple Encoder for Sentence Generation from RDF Data
[P18-1151]: Wei Wang | Rui Zhang | Bayu Distiawan Trisedya | Jianzhong Qi

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Learning to Write with Cooperative Discriminators
[P18-1152]: Yejin Choi | Jan Buys | David Golub | Ari Holtzman | Antoine Bosselut | Maxwell Forbes

Pdf Export Search Poster A Neural Approach to Pun Generation
[P18-1153]: Xiaojun Wan | Jiwei Tan | Zhiwei Yu

Pdf Export Search Note Learning to Generate Move-by-Move Commentary for Chess Games from Large-Scale Social Forum Data
[P18-1154]: Eduard Hovy | Graham Neubig | Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick | Varun Gangal | Harsh Jhamtani

Pdf Export Search Poster Note From Credit Assignment to Entropy Regularization: Two New Algorithms for Neural Sequence Prediction
[P18-1155]: Eduard Hovy | Qizhe Xie | Zihang Dai

Pdf Export Search Note DuoRC: Towards Complex Language Understanding with Paraphrased Reading Comprehension
[P18-1156]: Mitesh M. Khapra | Amrita Saha | Karthik Sankaranarayanan | Rahul Aralikatte

Pdf Export Search Poster Stochastic Answer Networks for Machine Reading Comprehension
[P18-1157]: Jianfeng Gao | Kevin Duh | Yelong Shen | Xiaodong Liu

Pdf Export Search Poster Multi-Granularity Hierarchical Attention Fusion Networks for Reading Comprehension and Question Answering
[P18-1158]: Wei Wang | Ming Yan | Chen Wu

Pdf Export Search Joint Training of Candidate Extraction and Answer Selection for Reading Comprehension
[P18-1159]: Xinyan Xiao | Zhen Wang | Jiachen Liu | Yajuan Lyu | Tian Wu

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Efficient and Robust Question Answering from Minimal Context over Documents
[P18-1160]: Richard Socher | Victor Zhong | Caiming Xiong | Sewon Min

Pdf Export Search Poster Denoising Distantly Supervised Open-Domain Question Answering
[P18-1161]: Maosong Sun | Zhiyuan Liu | Yankai Lin | Haozhe Ji

Pdf Export Search Poster Question Condensing Networks for Answer Selection in Community Question Answering
[P18-1162]: Wei Wu | Houfeng WANG | Xu SUN

Pdf Export Search Poster Towards Robust Neural Machine Translation
[P18-1163]: Yang Liu | Zhaopeng Tu | Fandong Meng | Yong Cheng | Junjie Zhai

Pdf Export Search Poster Attention Focusing for Neural Machine Translation by Bridging Source and Target Embeddings
[P18-1164]: Deyi Xiong | Junhui Li | Shaohui Kuang | Weihua Luo | António Branco

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Reliability and Learnability of Human Bandit Feedback for Sequence-to-Sequence Reinforcement Learning
[P18-1165]: Stefan Riezler | Julia Kreutzer | Joshua Uyheng

Pdf Export Search Poster Accelerating Neural Transformer via an Average Attention Network
[P18-1166]: Deyi Xiong | Jinsong Su | Biao Zhang

Pdf Export Search Poster How Much Attention Do You Need? A Granular Analysis of Neural Machine Translation Architectures
[P18-1167]: Tobias Domhan

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Weakly Supervised Semantic Parsing with Abstract Examples
[P18-1168]: Jonathan Berant | Amir Globerson | Omer Goldman | Veronica Latcinnik | Ehud Nave

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Improving a Neural Semantic Parser by Counterfactual Learning from Human Bandit Feedback
[P18-1169]: Stefan Riezler | Carolin Lawrence

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note AMR dependency parsing with a typed semantic algebra
[P18-1170]: Mark Johnson | Alexander Koller | Jonas Groschwitz | Matthias Lindemann | Meaghan Fowlie

Pdf Export Search Presentation Sequence-to-sequence Models for Cache Transition Systems
[P18-1171]: Giorgio Satta | Daniel Gildea | Linfeng Song | Xiaochang Peng

Pdf Export Search Batch IS NOT Heavy: Learning Word Representations From All Samples
[P18-1172]: Xiangnan He | Xin Xin | Fajie Yuan | Joemon M Jose

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Backpropagating through Structured Argmax using a SPIGOT
[P18-1173]: Noah A. Smith | Hao Peng | Sam Thomson

Pdf Export Search Presentation Learning How to Actively Learn: A Deep Imitation Learning Approach
[P18-1174]: Gholamreza Haffari | Ming Liu | Wray Buntine

Pdf Export Search Presentation Training Classifiers with Natural Language Explanations
[P18-1175]: Percy Liang | Christopher Ré | Braden Hancock | Paroma Varma | Stephanie Wang | Martin Bringmann

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Did the Model Understand the Question?
[P18-1176]: Pramod Kaushik Mudrakarta | Ankur Taly | Mukund Sundararajan | Kedar Dhamdhere

Pdf Export Search Note Harvesting Paragraph-level Question-Answer Pairs from Wikipedia
[P18-1177]: Claire Cardie | Xinya Du

Pdf Export Search Presentation Multi-Passage Machine Reading Comprehension with Cross-Passage Answer Verification
[P18-1178]: Hua Wu | Haifeng Wang | Sujian Li | Wei He | Yizhong Wang | Jing Liu | Kai Liu | Yajuan Lyu

Pdf Export Search Software Presentation Language Generation via DAG Transduction
[P18-1179]: Weiwei Sun | Xiaojun Wan | Yajie Ye

Pdf Export Search Presentation A Distributional and Orthographic Aggregation Model for English Derivational Morphology
[P18-1180]: Dan Roth | John Hewitt | Daniel Deutsch

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Deep-speare: A joint neural model of poetic language, meter and rhyme
[P18-1181]: Timothy Baldwin | Trevor Cohn | Julian Brooke | Jey Han Lau | Adam Hammond

Pdf Export Search Presentation NeuralREG: An end-to-end approach to referring expression generation
[P18-1182]: Emiel Krahmer | Sander Wubben | Ákos Kádár | Thiago Castro Ferreira | Diego Moussallem

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Stock Movement Prediction from Tweets and Historical Prices
[P18-1183]: Shay B. Cohen | Yumo Xu

Pdf Export Search Presentation Rumor Detection on Twitter with Tree-structured Recursive Neural Networks
[P18-1184]: Kam-Fai Wong | Wei Gao | Jing Ma

Pdf Export Search Presentation Visual Attention Model for Name Tagging in Multimodal Social Media
[P18-1185]: Heng Ji | Ning Zhang | Di Lu | Vitor Carvalho | Leonardo Neves

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Named Entity Disambiguation for Noisy Social Media Posts
[P18-1186]: Vitor Carvalho | Seungwhan Moon | Leonardo Neves

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Semi-supervised User Geolocation via Graph Convolutional Networks
[P18-1187]: Timothy Baldwin | Trevor Cohn | Afshin Rahimi

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Document Modeling with External Attention for Sentence Extraction
[P18-1188]: Jiangsheng Yu | Mirella Lapata | Yi Chang | Shashi Narayan | Shay B. Cohen | Nikos Papasarantopoulos | Ronald Cardenas

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Neural Models for Documents with Metadata
[P18-1189]: Noah A. Smith | Dallas Card | Chenhao Tan

Pdf Export Search Presentation NASH: Toward End-to-End Neural Architecture for Generative Semantic Hashing
[P18-1190]: Ricardo Henao | Lawrence Carin | Qinliang Su | Dinghan Shen | Guoyin Wang | Wenlin Wang | Paidamoyo Chapfuwa

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Large-Scale QA-SRL Parsing
[P18-1191]: Luke Zettlemoyer | Nicholas FitzGerald | Luheng He | Julian Michael

Pdf Export Search Presentation Syntax for Semantic Role Labeling, To Be, Or Not To Be
[P18-1192]: Hai Zhao | Hongxiao Bai | Shexia He | Zuchao Li

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Situated Mapping of Sequential Instructions to Actions with Single-step Reward Observation
[P18-1193]: Yoav Artzi | Alane Suhr

Pdf Export Search Presentation Marrying Up Regular Expressions with Neural Networks: A Case Study for Spoken Language Understanding
[P18-1194]: Yansong Feng | Songfang Huang | Dongyan Zhao | Rui Yan | Bingfeng Luo | Zheng Wang

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Token-level and sequence-level loss smoothing for RNN language models
[P18-1195]: Laurent Besacier | Maha ELBAYAD | Jakob Verbeek

Pdf Export Search Presentation Numeracy for Language Models: Evaluating and Improving their Ability to Predict Numbers
[P18-1196]: Sebastian Riedel | Georgios Spithourakis

Pdf Export Search Presentation To Attend or not to Attend: A Case Study on Syntactic Structures for Semantic Relatedness
[P18-1197]: Zhu Zhang | Amulya Gupta

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note What you can cram into a single $&!#* vector: Probing sentence embeddings for linguistic properties
[P18-1198]: Marco Baroni | Loïc Barrault | Guillaume Lample | Germán Kruszewski | Alexis Conneau

Pdf Export Search Presentation Robust Distant Supervision Relation Extraction via Deep Reinforcement Learning
[P18-1199]: William Yang Wang | Weiran XU | Pengda Qin

Pdf Export Search Presentation Interpretable and Compositional Relation Learning by Joint Training with an Autoencoder
[P18-1200]: Kentaro Inui | Ran Tian | Ryo Takahashi

Pdf Export Search Presentation Zero-Shot Transfer Learning for Event Extraction
[P18-1201]: Ido Dagan | Heng Ji | Clare Voss | Lifu Huang | Kyunghyun Cho | Sebastian Riedel

Pdf Export Search Presentation Recursive Neural Structural Correspondence Network for Cross-domain Aspect and Opinion Co-Extraction
[P18-1202]: Sinno Jialin Pan | Wenya Wang

Pdf Export Search Presentation Deep Dyna-Q: Integrating Planning for Task-Completion Dialogue Policy Learning
[P18-1203]: Jianfeng Gao | Kam-Fai Wong | Baolin Peng | Jingjing Liu | Xiujun Li

Pdf Export Search Presentation Learning to Ask Questions in Open-domain Conversational Systems with Typed Decoders
[P18-1204]: Minlie Huang | Liqiang Nie | Yansen Wang | Chenyi Liu

Pdf Export Search Note Personalizing Dialogue Agents: I have a dog, do you have pets too?
[P18-1205]: Douwe Kiela | Jason Weston | Saizheng Zhang | Emily Dinan | Jack Urbanek | Arthur Szlam

Pdf Export Search Efficient Large-Scale Neural Domain Classification with Personalized Attention
[P18-1206]: Young-Bum Kim | Ruhi Sarikaya | Dongchan Kim | Anjishnu Kumar

Pdf Export Search Presentation Multimodal Affective Analysis Using Hierarchical Attention Strategy with Word-Level Alignment
[P18-1207]: Yue Gu | Kangning Yang | Shiyu Fu | Shuhong Chen | Xinyu Li | Ivan Marsic

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Language Analysis in the Wild: CMU-MOSEI Dataset and Interpretable Dynamic Fusion Graph
[P18-1208]: Louis-Philippe Morency | Erik Cambria | Soujanya Poria | AmirAli Bagher Zadeh | Paul Pu Liang

Pdf Export Search Presentation Efficient Low-rank Multimodal Fusion With Modality-Specific Factors
[P18-1209]: Louis-Philippe Morency | Ying Shen | AmirAli Bagher Zadeh | Paul Pu Liang | Zhun Liu | Varun Bharadhwaj Lakshminarasimhan

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Discourse Coherence: Concurrent Explicit and Implicit Relations
[P18-1210]: Bonnie Webber | Nathan Schneider | Hannah Rohde | Alexander Johnson

Pdf Export Search A Spatial Model for Extracting and Visualizing Latent Discourse Structure in Text
[P18-1211]: Shashank Srivastava | Nebojsa Jojic

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Joint Reasoning for Temporal and Causal Relations
[P18-1212]: Dan Roth | Hao Wu | Qiang Ning | Zhili Feng

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Modeling Naive Psychology of Characters in Simple Commonsense Stories
[P18-1213]: Kevin Knight | Yejin Choi | Maarten Sap | Hannah Rashkin | Antoine Bosselut

Pdf Export Search Poster A Deep Relevance Model for Zero-Shot Document Filtering
[P18-1214]: Feng Ji | Chenliang Li | Haiqing Chen | Wei Zhou | Yu Duan

Pdf Export Search Poster Disconnected Recurrent Neural Networks for Text Categorization
[P18-1215]: Baoxin Wang

Pdf Export Search Poster Joint Embedding of Words and Labels for Text Classification
[P18-1216]: Ricardo Henao | Chunyuan Li | Lawrence Carin | Dinghan Shen | Guoyin Wang | Wenlin Wang | Yizhe Zhang | Xinyuan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Poster Neural Sparse Topical Coding
[P18-1217]: Hua Wang | Min Peng | Qianqian Xie | Yanchun Zhang | Xiuzhen Zhang | Jimin Huang | Gang Tian

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Document Similarity for Texts of Varying Lengths via Hidden Topics
[P18-1218]: Suma Bhat | Hongyu Gong | Tarek Sakakini | JinJun Xiong

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Eyes are the Windows to the Soul: Predicting the Rating of Text Quality Using Gaze Behaviour
[P18-1219]: Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Diptesh Kanojia | Kevin Patel | Abhijit Mishra | Sandeep Mathias | Samarth Agrawal

Pdf Export Search Poster Multi-Input Attention for Unsupervised OCR Correction
[P18-1220]: David Smith | Rui Dong

Pdf Export Search Poster Building Language Models for Text with Named Entities
[P18-1221]: Kai-Wei Chang | Md Rizwan Parvez | Saikat Chakraborty | Baishakhi Ray

Pdf Export Search Poster hyperdoc2vec: Distributed Representations of Hypertext Documents
[P18-1222]: Shuming Shi | Yan Song | Wayne Xin Zhao | Haisong Zhang | Jialong Han

Pdf Export Search Poster Entity-Duet Neural Ranking: Understanding the Role of Knowledge Graph Semantics in Neural Information Retrieval
[P18-1223]: Maosong Sun | Zhiyuan Liu | Chenyan Xiong | Zhenghao Liu

Pdf Export Search Poster Neural Natural Language Inference Models Enhanced with External Knowledge
[P18-1224]: Diana Inkpen | Xiaodan Zhu | Qian Chen | Zhen-Hua Ling | Si Wei

Pdf Export Search Poster Note AdvEntuRe: Adversarial Training for Textual Entailment with Knowledge-Guided Examples
[P18-1225]: Eduard Hovy | Tushar Khot | Ashish Sabharwal | Dongyeop Kang

Pdf Export Search Poster Subword-level Word Vector Representations for Korean
[P18-1226]: Alice Oh | Sungjoon Park | Jeongmin Byun | Sion Baek | Yongseok Cho

Pdf Export Search Poster Incorporating Chinese Characters of Words for Lexical Sememe Prediction
[P18-1227]: Maosong Sun | Zhiyuan Liu | Ruobing Xie | Huiming Jin | Hao Zhu | Fen Lin | Leyu Lin

Pdf Export Search Poster SemAxis: A Lightweight Framework to Characterize Domain-Specific Word Semantics Beyond Sentiment
[P18-1228]: Jisun An | Haewoon Kwak | Yong-Yeol Ahn

Pdf Export Search Poster End-to-End Reinforcement Learning for Automatic Taxonomy Induction
[P18-1229]: Jiawei Han | Xiang Ren | Jiaming Shen | Yuning Mao | Xiaotao Gu

Pdf Export Search Poster Incorporating Glosses into Neural Word Sense Disambiguation
[P18-1230]: Zhifang Sui | Baobao Chang | Tianyu Liu | Qiaolin Xia | Fuli Luo

Pdf Export Search Poster Bilingual Sentiment Embeddings: Joint Projection of Sentiment Across Languages
[P18-1231]: Jeremy Barnes | Sabine Schulte im Walde | Roman Klinger

Pdf Export Search Poster Learning Domain-Sensitive and Sentiment-Aware Word Embeddings
[P18-1232]: Wai Lam | Bei Shi | Lidong Bing | Zihao Fu

Pdf Export Search Poster Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification with Target Domain Specific Information
[P18-1233]: Qi Zhang | Xuanjing Huang | Minlong Peng | Yu-gang Jiang

Pdf Export Search Poster Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis with Gated Convolutional Networks
[P18-1234]: Tao Li | Wei Xue

Pdf Export Search A Helping Hand: Transfer Learning for Deep Sentiment Analysis
[P18-1235]: Gerard de Melo | Xin Dong

Pdf Export Search Poster Cold-Start Aware User and Product Attention for Sentiment Classification
[P18-1236]: Seung-won Hwang | Reinald Kim Amplayo | Jihyeok Kim | Sua Sung

Pdf Export Search Poster Modeling Deliberative Argumentation Strategies on Wikipedia
[P18-1237]: Henning Wachsmuth | Benno Stein | Khalid Al Khatib | Matthias Hagen | Kevin Lang | Jakob Herpel

Pdf Export Search Conceptual Captions: A Cleaned, Hypernymed, Image Alt-text Dataset For Automatic Image Captioning
[P18-1238]: Radu Soricut | Nan Ding | Piyush Sharma | Sebastian Goodman

Pdf Export Search Poster Learning Translations via Images with a Massively Multilingual Image Dataset
[P18-1239]: Chris Callison-Burch | Derry Tanti Wijaya | Brendan Callahan | John Hewitt | Reno Kriz | Daphne Ippolito

Pdf Export Search Poster On the Automatic Generation of Medical Imaging Reports
[P18-1240]: Eric Xing | Pengtao Xie | Baoyu Jing

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Attacking Visual Language Grounding with Adversarial Examples: A Case Study on Neural Image Captioning
[P18-1241]: Cho-Jui Hsieh | Jinfeng Yi | Hongge Chen | Huan Zhang | Pin-Yu Chen

Pdf Export Search Note Think Visually: Question Answering through Virtual Imagery
[P18-1242]: Jian Wang | Jia Deng | Ankit Goyal

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Interactive Language Acquisition with One-shot Visual Concept Learning through a Conversational Game
[P18-1243]: Wei Xu | Haonan Yu | Haichao Zhang

Pdf Export Search Poster Note A Purely End-to-End System for Multi-speaker Speech Recognition
[P18-1244]: Shinji Watanabe | Jonathan Le Roux | Takaaki Hori | Hiroshi Seki | John R Hershey

Pdf Export Search Poster Note A Structured Variational Autoencoder for Contextual Morphological Inflection
[P18-1245]: Jason Naradowsky | Ryan Cotterell | Sebastian J. Mielke | Lawrence Wolf-Sonkin

Pdf Export Search Poster Morphosyntactic Tagging with a Meta-BiLSTM Model over Context Sensitive Token Encodings
[P18-1246]: Emily Pitler | Bernd Bohnet | Ryan McDonald | Daniel Andor | Gonçalo Simões | Joshua Maynez

Pdf Export Search Poster Neural Factor Graph Models for Cross-lingual Morphological Tagging
[P18-1247]: Graham Neubig | Matthew R. Gormley | Chaitanya Malaviya

Pdf Export Search Note Global Transition-based Non-projective Dependency Parsing
[P18-1248]: Lillian Lee | Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez | Tianze Shi

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Constituency Parsing with a Self-Attentive Encoder
[P18-1249]: Dan Klein | Nikita Kitaev

Pdf Export Search Software Poster Pre- and In-Parsing Models for Neural Empty Category Detection
[P18-1250]: Weiwei Sun | Xiaojun Wan | Yufei Chen | Yuanyuan Zhao

Pdf Export Search Poster Composing Finite State Transducers on GPUs
[P18-1251]: David Chiang | Arturo Argueta

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Supervised Treebank Conversion: Data and Approaches
[P18-1252]: Sheng Li | Min Zhang | Zhenghua Li | Luo Si | Xinzhou Jiang | Bo Zhang

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Object-oriented Neural Programming (OONP) for Document Understanding
[P18-1253]: Zhengdong Lu | Xianggen Liu | Haotian Cui | Yukun Yan | Daqi Zheng

Pdf Export Search Finding syntax in human encephalography with beam search
[P18-1254]: Chris Dyer | Adhiguna Kuncoro | John Hale | Jonathan Brennan

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note Learning to Ask Good Questions: Ranking Clarification Questions using Neural Expected Value of Perfect Information
[P18-1255]: Sudha Rao | Hal Daumé III

Pdf Export Search Presentation Let’s do it “again”: A First Computational Approach to Detecting Adverbial Presupposition Triggers
[P18-1256]: Jackie Chi Kit Cheung | Jad Kabbara | Yulan Feng | Andre Cianflone