Sumithra Velupillai | Martin Duneld | Maria Kvist | Hercules Dalianis | Maria Skeppstedt | Aron Henriksson  
WS | Louhi  
Gothenburg, Sweden 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis (Louhi)
[W14-1100]: Sumithra Velupillai | Martin Duneld | Maria Kvist | Hercules Dalianis | Maria Skeppstedt | Aron Henriksson

Pdf Export Search Keynote: Supporting evidence-based medicine using text mining
[W14-1101]: Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search A Graph-Based Analysis of Medical Queries of a Swedish Health Care Portal
[W14-1102]: Farnaz Moradi | Ann-Marie Eklund | Dimitrios Kokkinakis | Tomas Olovsson | Philippas Tsigas

Pdf Export Search The impact of near domain transfer on biomedical named entity recognition
[W14-1103]: Nigel Collier | Mai-vu Tran | Ferdinand Paster

Pdf Export Search Domain Adaptation with Active Learning for Coreference Resolution
[W14-1104]: Shanheng Zhao | Hwee Tou Ng

Pdf Export Search Towards Cross-Domain PDTB-Style Discourse Parsing
[W14-1105]: Evgeny Stepanov | Giuseppe Riccardi

Pdf Export Search Translating SNOMED CT Terminology into a Minor Language
[W14-1106]: Olatz Perez-de-Viñaspre | Maite Oronoz

Pdf Export Search A System for Building FrameNet-like Corpus for the Biomedical Domain
[W14-1107]: He Tan

Pdf Export Search Gene–disease association extraction by text mining and network analysis
[W14-1108]: Changqin Quan | Fuji Ren

Pdf Export Search Negation scope and spelling variation for text-mining of Danish electronic patient records
[W14-1109]: Cecilia Engel Thomas | Peter Bjødstrup Jensen | Thomas Werge | Søren Brunak

Pdf Export Search Building a semantically annotated corpus for congestive heart and renal failure from clinical records and the literature
[W14-1110]: Noha Alnazzawi | Paul Thompson | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Precise Medication Extraction using Agile Text Mining
[W14-1111]: Chaitanya Shivade | James Cormack | David Milward

Pdf Export Search Applying UMLS for Distantly Supervised Relation Detection
[W14-1112]: Roland Roller | Mark Stevenson

Pdf Export Search Adverse Drug Event prediction combining shallow analysis and machine learning
[W14-1113]: Sara Santiso | Arantza Casillas | Alicia Perez | Maite Oronoz | Koldo Gojenola

Pdf Export Search Reducing VSM data sparseness by generalizing contexts: application to health text mining
[W14-1114]: Amandine Périnet | Thierry Hamon

Pdf Export Search Disambiguation of Period Characters in Clinical Narratives
[W14-1115]: Markus Kreuzthaler | Stefan Schulz

Pdf Export Search Tuning HeidelTime for identifying time expressions in clinical texts in English and French
[W14-1116]: Thierry Hamon | Natalia Grabar

Pdf Export Search Detecting drugs and adverse events from Spanish social media streams
[W14-1117]: Isabel Segura-Bedmar | Ricardo Revert | Paloma Martínez

Pdf Export Search Care Episode Retrieval
[W14-1118]: Hans Moen | Erwin Marsi | Filip Ginter | Laura-Maria Murtola | Tapio Salakoski | Sanna Salanterä