Nancy Ide | Aurélie Herbelot | Lluís Màrquez  
Vancouver, Canada 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 6th Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM 2017)
[S17-1000]: Nancy Ide | Aurélie Herbelot | Lluís Màrquez

Pdf Export Search What Analogies Reveal about Word Vectors and their Compositionality
[S17-1001]: Gregory Finley | Stephanie Farmer | Serguei Pakhomov

Pdf Export Search Learning Antonyms with Paraphrases and a Morphology-Aware Neural Network
[S17-1002]: Sneha Rajana | Chris Callison-Burch | Marianna Apidianaki | Vered Shwartz

Pdf Export Search Decoding Sentiment from Distributed Representations of Sentences
[S17-1003]: Edoardo Maria Ponti | Ivan Vulić | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Detecting Asymmetric Semantic Relations in Context: A Case-Study on Hypernymy Detection
[S17-1004]: Yogarshi Vyas | Marine Carpuat

Pdf Export Search Domain-Specific New Words Detection in Chinese
[S17-1005]: Ao Chen | Maosong Sun

Pdf Export Search Deep Learning Models For Multiword Expression Identification
[S17-1006]: Waseem Gharbieh | Virendrakumar Bhavsar | Paul Cook

Pdf Export Search Emotion Intensities in Tweets
[S17-1007]: Saif Mohammad | Felipe Bravo-Marquez

Pdf Export Search Deep Active Learning for Dialogue Generation
[S17-1008]: Nabiha Asghar | Pascal Poupart | Xin Jiang | Hang Li

Pdf Export Search Mapping the Paraphrase Database to WordNet
[S17-1009]: Anne Cocos | Marianna Apidianaki | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Semantic Frame Labeling with Target-based Neural Model
[S17-1010]: Yukun Feng | Dong Yu | Jian Xu | Chunhua Liu

Pdf Export Search Frame-Based Continuous Lexical Semantics through Exponential Family Tensor Factorization and Semantic Proto-Roles
[S17-1011]: Francis Ferraro | Adam Poliak | Ryan Cotterell | Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Distributed Prediction of Relations for Entities: The Easy, The Difficult, and The Impossible
[S17-1012]: Abhijeet Gupta | Gemma Boleda | Sebastian Padó

Pdf Export Search Comparing Approaches for Automatic Question Identification
[S17-1013]: Angel Maredia | Kara Schechtman | Sarah Ita Levitan | Julia Hirschberg

Pdf Export Search Poster Does Free Word Order Hurt? Assessing the Practical Lexical Function Model for Croatian
[S17-1014]: Zoran Medić | Jan Šnajder | Sebastian Padó

Pdf Export Search A Mixture Model for Learning Multi-Sense Word Embeddings
[S17-1015]: Dai Quoc Nguyen | Dat Quoc Nguyen | Ashutosh Modi | Stefan Thater | Manfred Pinkal

Pdf Export Search Aligning Script Events with Narrative Texts
[S17-1016]: Simon Ostermann | Michael Roth | Stefan Thater | Manfred Pinkal

Pdf Export Search The (too Many) Problems of Analogical Reasoning with Word Vectors
[S17-1017]: Anna Rogers | Aleksandr Drozd | Bofang Li

Pdf Export Search Semantic Frames and Visual Scenes: Learning Semantic Role Inventories from Image and Video Descriptions
[S17-1018]: Ekaterina Shutova | Andreas Wundsam | Helen Yannakoudakis

Pdf Export Search Acquiring Predicate Paraphrases from News Tweets
[S17-1019]: Vered Shwartz | Gabriel Stanovsky | Ido Dagan

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Semantic Parsing against a Simple Web-based Question Answering Model
[S17-1020]: Alon Talmor | Mor Geva | Jonathan Berant

Pdf Export Search Logical Metonymy in a Distributional Model of Sentence Comprehension
[S17-1021]: Emmanuele Chersoni | Alessandro Lenci | Philippe Blache

Pdf Export Search Presentation Double Trouble: The Problem of Construal in Semantic Annotation of Adpositions
[S17-1022]: Jena D. Hwang | Archna Bhatia | Na-Rae Han | Tim O'Gorman | Vivek Srikumar | Nathan Schneider

Pdf Export Search Issues of Mass and Count: Dealing with `Dual-Life' Nouns
[S17-1023]: Tibor Kiss | Francis Jeffry Pelletier | Halima Husic | Johanna Poppek

Pdf Export Search Parsing Graphs with Regular Graph Grammars
[S17-1024]: Sorcha Gilroy | Adam Lopez | Sebastian Maneth

Pdf Export Search Embedded Semantic Lexicon Induction with Joint Global and Local Optimization
[S17-1025]: Sujay Kumar Jauhar | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search Generating Pattern-Based Entailment Graphs for Relation Extraction
[S17-1026]: Kathrin Eichler | Feiyu Xu | Hans Uszkoreit | Sebastian Krause

Pdf Export Search Classifying Semantic Clause Types: Modeling Context and Genre Characteristics with Recurrent Neural Networks and Attention
[S17-1027]: Maria Becker | Michael Staniek | Vivi Nastase | Alexis Palmer | Anette Frank

Pdf Export Search Predictive Linguistic Features of Schizophrenia
[S17-1028]: Efsun Sarioglu Kayi | Mona Diab | Luca Pauselli | Michael Compton | Glen Coppersmith

Pdf Export Search Learning to Solve Geometry Problems from Natural Language Demonstrations in Textbooks
[S17-1029]: Mrinmaya Sachan | Eric Xing

Pdf Export Search Ways of Asking and Replying in Duplicate Question Detection
[S17-1030]: João António Rodrigues | Chakaveh Saedi | Vladislav Maraev | João Silva | António Branco