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Institut for Datalingvistik, Handelshøjskolen i København, Denmark 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1987)

Pdf Export Search What good is Syntactic Information in the Lexicon of a Syntactic Parser?
[W87-0101]: Gunnel Källgren

Pdf Export Search Referentgrammatik – en kort presentation (Reference grammar – A short presentation) [In Swedish]
[W87-0102]: Bengt Sigurd

Pdf Export Search Parsing Danish Text in EUROTRA
[W87-0103]: Ole Togeby

Pdf Export Search AWARE – DAG-transformations for Semantic Analysis
[W87-0104]: Aarno Lehtola | Timo Honkela

Pdf Export Search Predication Graphs as Canonical Representation of Query Sentences
[W87-0105]: Timo Honkela | Aarno Lehtola | K. Valkonen

Pdf Export Search Nominalsyntagmespecificitet og diskursuniverser (Nominal syntagm specificity and universe of discourse) [In Danish]
[W87-0106]: Henrik Prebensen

Pdf Export Search A system for object-oriented dialogue in Swedish
[W87-0107]: Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search A constraint-based approach to morphological analysis (preliminaries)
[W87-0108]: Lars Borin

Pdf Export Search Symbolic Representation and Natural Language
[W87-0109]: Torben Thrane

Pdf Export Search Processing Sentences Clause by Clause
[W87-0110]: Eva Ejerhed

Pdf Export Search Disambiguering i human oversættelse og i maskinoversættelse (Disambiguation in human translation and in machine translation) [In Danish]
[W87-0111]: Frede Boje

Pdf Export Search A strategy for solving translation relevant ambiguities in a multilingual machine translation system
[W87-0112]: Poul Andersen | Annelise Bech

Pdf Export Search Att knyta nordens språk till ett mångspråkigt datoröversättningssystem (Connecting the Nordic languages to a multilingual computer translation system) [In Swedish]
[W87-0113]: Klaus Schubert

Pdf Export Search Bruk av språkbaserte hjelpemidler i informasjonssøking (Use of language-based aids in information retrieval) [In Norwegian]
[W87-0114]: Tove Fjeldvig | Anne Golden

Pdf Export Search Lexika, baserade på semantiska relationer (Lexica, based on semantic relations) [In Swedish]
[W87-0115]: Lennart Lönngren

Pdf Export Search Læsning af maskinlæsbare tekster (Scanning of machine-readable texts) [In Danish]
[W87-0116]: Ole Norling-Christensen

Pdf Export Search Ordbøger i Danmark: datamatstøttet leksikografi i praksis (Dictionaries in Denmark: Computer-assisted lexicography in practice) [In Danish]
[W87-0117]: Hanne Ruus | Dorthe Duncker

Pdf Export Search Terminologi, arbeidsinstrukser og lagerstyring – om kodeuttrykk i fagspråk (Terminology, work instructions and inventory control – on coded expressions in jargon) [In Norwegian]
[W87-0118]: Ivar Utne

Pdf Export Search Simulering af relationel database (Simulation of relational databases) [In Danish]
[W87-0119]: Bodil Nistrup Madsen

Pdf Export Search Term banks, text banks and bank users
[W87-0120]: Krista Varantola

Pdf Export Search JURAPROJEKTET, erfaringer og resultater (The JURA project, experiences and results) [In Danish]
[W87-0121]: Inge Gorm Hansen