Jörgen Pind | Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson  
WS | NoDaLiDa  
Reykjavík, Iceland 
Institute of Lexicography, Institute of Linguistics, University of Iceland, Iceland 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1989)
[W89-0100]: Jörgen Pind | Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson

Pdf Export Search Automatisk morfologisk analyse af islandsk tekst (Automatic morphological analysis of Icelandic text) [In Danish]
[W89-0101]: Stefán Briem

Pdf Export Search A Swedish Clause Grammar And Its Implementation
[W89-0102]: Eva Ejerhed

Pdf Export Search Händelsestyrd textgenerering (Event-driven text generation) [In Swedish]
[W89-0103]: Lars M Gustafsson

Pdf Export Search På vej mod en fagsproglig tekstfortolker? (Towards a specialized text interpreter?) [In Danish]
[W89-0104]: Steffen Leo Hansen

Pdf Export Search Is Two-level Morphology a Morphological Model?
[W89-0105]: Janne Bondi Johannessen

Pdf Export Search Automatic Indexing and Generating of Content Graphs from Unrestricted Text
[W89-0106]: Gunnel Källgren

Pdf Export Search Computational Man-Machine Interaction in Simple Natural Language
[W89-0107]: Gregers Koch

Pdf Export Search Criteria for Computational Models of Morphology: The Two-Level Model as an NLP Framework
[W89-0108]: Jordan Zlatev

Pdf Export Search How Close Can We Get to the Ideal of Simple Transfer in Multi-lingual Machine Translation (MT)?
[W89-0109]: Poul Andersen

Pdf Export Search The Design and Application of a Domain Specific Knowledgebase in the TACITUS Text Understanding System
[W89-0110]: Annelise Bech

Pdf Export Search Udnyttelse af maskinlæsbare ordbogsdata til maskinoversættelse (Utilization of machine-readable dictionary data for machine translation) [In Danish]
[W89-0111]: Anna Braasch

Pdf Export Search Maskinoversættelse fra esperanto til islandsk (Machine translation from Esperanto to Icelandic) [In Danish]
[W89-0112]: Stefán Briem

Pdf Export Search Valence Frames Used for Syntactic Disambiguation in the EUROTRA-DK Model
[W89-0113]: Boel Victoria Bøggild-Andersen

Pdf Export Search Representational Issues within Eurotra
[W89-0114]: Hanne Fersøe

Pdf Export Search Identifiering av diskursrefenter vid maskinöversättning från ryska till svenska (Identification of dicourse references in machine translation from Russian to Swedish) [In Swedish]
[W89-0115]: Barbara Gawrońska-Werngren

Pdf Export Search Text Treatment and Morphology in the Analysis of Danish within EUROTRA
[W89-0116]: Niels Jæger

Pdf Export Search Coordination in Eurotra
[W89-0117]: Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen

Pdf Export Search Collocations in Knowledge Based Machine Translation
[W89-0118]: Guðrún Magnúsdóttir

Pdf Export Search The Treatment of Support Verbs and Predicative Nouns in Danish
[W89-0119]: Susanne Nøhr Pedersen

Pdf Export Search Kunskap om världen eller kunskap om texten? (Knowledge about the world or knowledge about the text?) [In Swedish]
[W89-0120]: Klaus Schubert

Pdf Export Search Erfarenheter av Swetra–ett svenskt MT-experiment (Experiences from Swetra–A Swedish MT experiment) [In Swedish]
[W89-0121]: Bengt Sigurd

Pdf Export Search Translation of Prepositions by Neural Networks
[W89-0122]: Ole Togeby

Pdf Export Search Machine Aided Translation between the Two Norwegian Languages Norwegian-Bokmål and Norwegian-Nynorsk
[W89-0123]: Ivar Utne

Pdf Export Search Dansk radiærordbog (The Danish Radial Dictionary) [In Danish]
[W89-0124]: Henrik Holmboe

Pdf Export Search A Standardized Dictionary of Icelandic Verbs
[W89-0125]: Jón Hilmar Jónsson

Pdf Export Search Application-Dependent Discourse Management for Natural Language Interfaces: An Empirical Investigation
[W89-0126]: Arne Jönsson

Pdf Export Search Computers, Typesetting, and Lexicography
[W89-0127]: Jörgen Pind

Pdf Export Search Database Systems for Lexicographic Work
[W89-0128]: Björn Þ. Svavarsson | Jörgen Pind

Pdf Export Search Lemmatising the Definitions of Svensk Ordbok by Morphological and Syntactic Analysis. A Pilot Study
[W89-0129]: Anna Sågvall Hein

Pdf Export Search What Should be Included in a Commercial Word Data Base, and Why?
[W89-0130]: Ivar Utne