Alexandra Balahur | Saif M. Mohammad | Erik van der Goot  
Copenhagen, Denmark 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis
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Pdf Export Search Detecting Sarcasm Using Different Forms Of Incongruity
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Pdf Export Search WASSA-2017 Shared Task on Emotion Intensity
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Pdf Export Search Latest News in Computational Argumentation: Surfing on the Deep Learning Wave, Scuba Diving in the Abyss of Fundamental Questions
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Pdf Export Search Towards Syntactic Iberian Polarity Classification
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Pdf Export Search Mining fine-grained opinions on closed captions of YouTube videos with an attention-RNN
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Pdf Export Search Understanding human values and their emotional effect
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Pdf Export Search Did you ever read about Frogs drinking Coffee? Investigating the Compositionality of Multi-Emoji Expressions
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Pdf Export Search Investigating Redundancy in Emoji Use: Study on a Twitter Based Corpus
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Pdf Export Search Modeling Temporal Progression of Emotional Status in Mental Health Forum: A Recurrent Neural Net Approach
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Pdf Export Search Towards an integrated pipeline for aspect-based sentiment analysis in various domains
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Pdf Export Search Building a SentiWordNet for Odia
[W17-5219]: Gaurav Mohanty | Abishek Kannan | Radhika Mamidi

Pdf Export Search Lexicon Integrated CNN Models with Attention for Sentiment Analysis
[W17-5220]: Bonggun Shin | Timothy Lee | Jinho D. Choi

Pdf Export Search Explaining Recurrent Neural Network Predictions in Sentiment Analysis
[W17-5221]: Leila Arras | Grégoire Montavon | Klaus-Robert Müller | Wojciech Samek

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Pdf Export Search NUIG at EmoInt-2017: BiLSTM and SVR Ensemble to Detect Emotion Intensity
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Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Aspect Term Extraction with B-LSTM & CRF using Automatically Labelled Datasets
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Pdf Export Search PLN-PUCRS at EmoInt-2017: Psycholinguistic features for emotion intensity prediction in tweets
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Pdf Export Search Textmining at EmoInt-2017: A Deep Learning Approach to Sentiment Intensity Scoring of English Tweets
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Pdf Export Search YNU-HPCC at EmoInt-2017: Using a CNN-LSTM Model for Sentiment Intensity Prediction
[W17-5227]: You Zhang | Hang Yuan | Jin Wang | Xuejie Zhang

Pdf Export Search Poster Seernet at EmoInt-2017: Tweet Emotion Intensity Estimator
[W17-5228]: Venkatesh Duppada | Sushant Hiray

Pdf Export Search IITP at EmoInt-2017: Measuring Intensity of Emotions using Sentence Embeddings and Optimized Features
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Pdf Export Search LIPN-UAM at EmoInt-2017:Combination of Lexicon-based features and Sentence-level Vector Representations for Emotion Intensity Determination
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Pdf Export Search deepCybErNet at EmoInt-2017: Deep Emotion Intensities in Tweets
[W17-5237]: Vinayakumar R | premjith b | sachin kumar s | soman kp | Prabaharan Poornachandran