David Schlangen | Beth Ann Hockey  
Columbus, Ohio 
Association for Computational Linguistics 
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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 9th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
[W08-0100]: David Schlangen | Beth Ann Hockey

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[W08-0101]: Antoine Raux | Maxine Eskenazi

Pdf Export Search Response-Based Confidence Annotation for Spoken Dialogue Systems
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[W08-0105]: Rachel Baker | Alastair Gill | Justine Cassell

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[W08-0106]: Gregory Mills | Pat Healey

Pdf Export Search Degrees of Grounding Based on Evidence of Understanding
[W08-0107]: Antonio Roque | David Traum

Pdf Export Search Rapidly Deploying Grammar-Based Speech Applications with Active Learning and Back-off Grammars
[W08-0108]: Tim Paek | Sudeep Gandhe | Max Chickering

Pdf Export Search Persistent Information State in a Data-Centric Architecture
[W08-0109]: Sebastian Varges | Giuseppe Riccardi | Silvia Quarteroni

Pdf Export Search Speaking without knowing what to say... or when to end
[W08-0110]: Anna Hjalmarsson

Pdf Export Search Learning Contrastive Connectives in Sentence Realization Ranking
[W08-0111]: Crystal Nakatsu

Pdf Export Search What Are Meeting Summaries? An Analysis of Human Extractive Summaries in Meeting Corpus
[W08-0112]: Fei Liu | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search A Simple Method for Resolution of Definite Reference in a Shared Visual Context
[W08-0113]: Alexander Siebert | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Building Conversational Agents Based on a Multi-Expert Model
[W08-0114]: Mikio Nakano | Kotaro Funakoshi | Yuji Hasegawa | Hiroshi Tsujino

Pdf Export Search From GEMINI to DiaGen: Improving Development of Speech Dialogues for Embedded Systems
[W08-0115]: Stefan Hamerich

Pdf Export Search Quantifying Ellipsis in Dialogue: an index of mutual understanding
[W08-0116]: Marcus Colman | Arash Eshghi | Pat Healey

Pdf Export Search Implicit Proposal Filtering in Multi-Party Consensus-Building Conversations
[W08-0117]: Yasuhiro Katagiri | Yosuke Matsusaka | Yasuharu Den | Mika Enomoto | Masato Ishizaki | Katsuya Takanashi

Pdf Export Search Optimal Dialog in Consumer-Rating Systems using POMDP Framework
[W08-0118]: Zhifei Li | Patrick Nguyen | Geoffrey Zweig

Pdf Export Search Training and Evaluation of the HIS POMDP Dialogue System in Noise
[W08-0119]: Milica Gašić | Simon Keizer | Francois Mairesse | Jost Schatzmann | Blaise Thomson | Kai Yu | Steve Young

Pdf Export Search A Frame-Based Probabilistic Framework for Spoken Dialog Management Using Dialog Examples
[W08-0120]: Kyungduk Kim | Cheongjae Lee | Sangkeun Jung | Gary Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search Speaking More Like You: Lexical, Acoustic/Prosodic, and Discourse Entrainment in Spoken Dialogue Systems
[W08-0121]: Julia Hirschberg

Pdf Export Search Discourse Level Opinion Relations: An Annotation Study
[W08-0122]: Swapna Somasundaran | Josef Ruppenhofer | Janyce Wiebe

Pdf Export Search Argumentative Human Computer Dialogue for Automated Persuasion
[W08-0123]: Pierre Andrews | Suresh Manandhar | Marco De Boni

Pdf Export Search Modeling Vocal Interaction for Text-Independent Participant Characterization in Multi-Party Conversation
[W08-0124]: Kornel Laskowski | Mari Ostendorf | Tanja Schultz

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Pdf Export Search User Simulation as Testing for Spoken Dialog Systems
[W08-0126]: Hua Ai | Fuliang Weng

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Understudy for Dialogue Coherence Models
[W08-0127]: Sudeep Gandhe | David Traum

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Model-based Evaluation of Spoken Dialog Systems
[W08-0128]: Sebastian Möller | Nigel Ward

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Dialogue System Output Style Variation on Users' Evaluation Judgments and Input Style
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Pdf Export Search Making Grammar-Based Generation Easier to Deploy in Dialogue Systems
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